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https://www.google.com/maps/place/China, Press for Bing China map

Great images of China, Mongolia Japan, Siberia Bajkal Photos of Japan, Osaka Park. Tunguska Meteorite in reality was an extraterrestrial incident between Maitre,   El Manouk  and Pleyadiyans.  For 5 days and 4 nights,  near what you call  Tunguska,  the  MAITRE  had been fighting  the   DORSAY.   Other races  were starting to choose "sides" and were going to get involved.  Even the "Council of 5"  was worried with the escalation and seriousness of the event. On the day of that great explosion an EL-MANOUK ship came to Earth in order to try  ending the conflict. The  EL-MANOUK  are respected  wherever we may go,  they are wise and impartial. With them came a PLEYADIYAN ship, one of their biggest. The Maitre were warned by the Reptilians of the coming presence of the  El-Manouk and the  Pleyadiyans.  Earlier that day the Maitre had just shot down the last of the Dorsay ships. When Pleyadiyans entered Earth's atmosphere they were attacked by 3 Maitre ships and destroyed. One El-Manouk ship was also destroyed in space that day. And that is what happened in Tunguska.   How would they Fight a Nuclear War?