Artistic picture of flying object Socorro 1964 apr 24, Lonnie Zamora case by © David Sankey. ThinkAbout. Magyarul. Foto?.

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Lonnie Zamora saw a highly unusual device of unknown origin, what can only be described as a craft of some kind. He heard a whirring noise and watched the object rise up out of the arroyo. The legs he had seen moments before were no longer apparent. He watched the object rise to perhaps 20 feet above the bottom of the gully when suddenly the sound stopped completely. The flame was no longer visible, and as he watched, the now-silent vehicle moved off traveling parallel to the ground and picking up speed as it left the area. He kept watching it as it moved farther and farther away and eventually disappeared from view.
Almost immediately Zamora got on his car radio and excitedly called the dispatcher hoping that someone else might be able to see the object. Just as quickly, State Police Sergeant Sam Chavez, who had heard Zamora’s frantic call, arrived on the scene. Together, Zamora and Chavez noted the evidence left in the arroyo...a half burned bush, four angular impressions in the sandy soil where the "legs" had been, and several small footprints and other impressions.