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Gravity and Matter

János Rohán

Gravity may not be a pulling force, moreover any kind of pulling force cannot be exist in the Nature at all. Pulling forces are all virtual, it may possibly the sum of real pushing forces. All our experiments shows this, when exchanging an impulse between any kind of particles, the force will act in the direction of the motion, and never been exert the force inversely, backwards.

In any case we should stated: the gravity is a FORCEGravity causes acceleration of masses toward each other. The infantile argue of Albert Einstein, that is gravity considered as a bending of an idea, the empty space, bending of a geometrical definition like a straight line or a geometrical plane, miss all logical thinking. This consideration cannot explain the origin of gravitational energy.
The space is not a matter. The material world consists of 4 elementary particles (graviton A and B, + and - electrical charge particles) and energy. This elementary particles forms light photon, electrons and protons which are not elementary particles. Since the space is not a material, so it cannot made effect on material world. On the material world only matter can set any effect. An idea not.

The space is a notion, an idea, a definition, its virtual torsion may not be the cause, but only a consequence of the DVAG gradient arising when a mass were dropped into the Universe, filling homogeneous DVAG - graviton radiation. The DVAG is the most effective, all determining powerful radiation of the world, and gravity seems to be the weakest force because the penetration of DVAG - gravitons through masses is incredibly high. The commonly known gravitational force appear because DVAG push us with gigantic force to the direction of Earth. The Earth filter a small portion from DVAG radiation coming from beneath, through the whole Earth, and the rest graviton radiation pushes our body upward. The difference of two powerful force is our weight.

We can consider the DVAG-graviton radiation as a long-felt want and later forgotten aether. This aether naturally not rigid - as Poincare visualized - so it is not decelerate the Earth circulation around our Sun. Poincare starting point was his false conception, namely a light beam spread spherically with plonk of some unknown medium like sound in the air. Contrarily the light quantized, the photon consists of 4 elementary particles. The bearer particles are graviton A and B, carrying a positive and a negative elctrical charge particles in a straight, DNA-like double spiral trajectory but nowise spherically.
The evidence of light propagation on a straight way is the laser beam. More simple experiment is the reflection of direct sunlight with a plane mirror and we can establish: the light does not travel spherically. We would not made parallel lightbeam with parabolic mirror if light would be spread spherically also. We should rethink the slightly overestimated one photon two slot experiments, because its explanation derailed the physics.

Einstein have a groundless opinion of the velocity of gravity (ie. traveling speed of gravitons) equal to speed of light. His dictum found on Michelson interferometric experiments. However MM interferometric assembling doesnt suitable for the demonstration of our gallop in the Cosmos. Silvertooth attempts measuring the run of Solar System in Space and his method shows 380 km/s velocity toward constellation Leo. The newest COBE measurements confirms the 371 km/s rush toward Leo/Crater constellation.

Gravitons probably has much more higher velocity than speed of light, its velocity rather around c2. Gravitons slowing down to speed of light (c) as drag along + and - electrical charges, because it will become to photon this way.

The speed of light is NOT constant. We only can measure light velocity by horizontally installed rotational devices with sufficient precision. Pound and Rebka experiment proves the increment in speed of light downward (5 x 10-15 c / 22.5 meter).

Accordingly a black hole event horizon means the surface where the velocity of "streaming in" DVAG = c, so the outgoing light uselessly contest with "headwind" and cannot escape from black hole captivity. The time does not stop, events happen in the same way, just we cannot notice because the light will never arrive to the Earth.

DVAG graviton radiation pushing force matter model

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