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The tau force
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Arrived: 2008 sept 14

I get to the concept of tau force through a simple transformation of   Newton's law of gravity,   since it is hidden therein. The transformation is simple because I do the expansion, rearrangement of a particular formula, introducing new types of variables and constants without being damaged of the formula.

Where,   m = masses one and two,
r = distance between the two masses,
and gamma   is the gravitational constant, its value, dimension.

  =   ( 6,674215 ± 0,000092 ) · 10 − 11

step 1. I convert the formula into product of three factors in the following ways.

step 2. The distance is expressed as the product of speed of light with the time it takes to run the distance (the time-distance) and I substitute the form expressed in this way into the formula.

r = c o · t r [ m ] radius
t r [ s ] time-distance
co = 299 792 458 speed of light

step 3. I expand the formula with the gravitational constant and with the fourth power of the speed of light, with which the multiplied formula expands into five factors.

step 4. Converting the formula into six factors using the values available, that is, I neither expand nor simplify, this way I get the shape below.

step 5. I introduce the delta notation as the quotient of the gravitational constant by the cubic of the speed of light. Since the dimension of this is the time and mass quotient, furthermore produced only with permanent values, Im designate as perceptual constant.

  = ( 2,47706888 ± 0,00003414 ) · 10− 36 perceptual constant

step 6. Replacing the delta-perceptual constant thus defined in every possible way into the rearranged equation,

step 7. For the perceptual constant multiplied by the mass per time quotient, I introduce the phi-squared that is j2 notation to both the first and the second mass indexes, separately. As this term has no dimension, also mass and time-distance dependent, in the case of constant mass it is only time dependent, I call it with a double meaning, on the one part to shadow factor, on the other hand to detection angle.

shadow factor
detection angle

step 8. For the quotient of the speed of light and the perceptual constant I introduce the notation tau, i.e. t. Since the dimension of this is a force dimension, furthermore, it is produced only with constant values so this is also constant, I am denominates it to tau-force.

= ( 1,21027097 ± 0,00001668 ) · 10 44 tau constant force

step 9. With replaceing the latter nominations for both indices I have reached the end of the transformation activity.

F =

I have received a different format of the (pushing) gravity law, with the same force as the Newtonian form, but with a completely different interpretation.
The tau force in the formula is a constant magnitude force of the pushing gravitational field. This force acts uniformly on matter in space from all directions.
The existence of matter is ensured by this graviton radiation, the celestial bodies are held together by this huge pushing force attenuation, the connection between masses is based on this radiation.


Based on the comments of László Seres (Jan 2019, Szeged), the use of the speed of light to specify the distance is arbitrary and thus the magnitude of the tau compressive force also depends on this speed.

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