This is a timeline of weird and "Art Bell-ish" events and happenings that I have been collecting off the internet for a while. Yes, many of the entries contradict each other, and others are most likely patent lies,
but all of these are in the public literature and you can sort them out for yourselves…

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Alpha and Omega

Immanentizing of the Eschaton. Whatever the hell that means…

75 000 000 BC
Xenu ordered nuking of earth (Per Scientology).

13 000 000 BC
The Ica stones of Peru show illustrations of advanced surgery (like heart and brain transplant, Caesarean section) and men riding dinosaurs: Dr. Javier Cabrera discovers about 40 000 stone tablets detailing advanced science in the Peruvian desert of Ocucaje. These were called the Ica Stones of Peru. The tablets detail such complex ideas as astronomy, surgery (heart and kidney transplants), C section, acupuncture, genetic disorders, and more. There were descriptions of vehicles which flew through spaces without consuming fuel, descriptions of the lines drawn at Nazca. They described the evacuation of large-headed small-statured race to a planet which would now be in the Pleaides star cluster. These were found in the Peruvian state of Ica. The city of Ica is only 100 miles from the city of Nazca.

445 000 BC
According to the apocryphal "Book of Enoch", the Nephilim descended on Mount Hermon. video, video2

250 000 BC
"Eve", one single, hypothetic woman might be the sole source of the whole of mankind (homo sapiens) according to recent, genetic research. This theory is supported by a number of additional evidences.

30 000 BC
First Illuminatus, Gruad, rules in Atlantis.

Alu hammer from Nagyenyed, Romania.

15 000 BC
Tiahuanaco, the height of the Lemurian remnant, begins construction.

12 000 BC
Indian country of Rama existed. Remains of their large cities still exist in the deserts of India and Pakistan (Mohenjodaro). Indian texts from this period tell of anti-gravity space ships called Vimanas, or Astras, and a war with the Atlanteans on the moon. Curiously, Soviet scientists have discovered what they call "age-old instruments used in navigating cosmic vehicles" in caves in Turkestan and the Gobi Desert. The "devices" are hemispherical objects of glass or porcelain, ending in a cone with a drop of mercury inside. Some ancient Indian texts describe a war with Atlantis (who flew Vailixi machines) using flying machines and atomic bombs.

11 600 BC
A great flood engulfed the Earth according to Mexica--Nahuatl mythology and timetable.

ca. 11 000 BC
The flood, caused by the slippage of the Antarctic ice sheet into the sea. This was in its turn a consequence of the 12th planet, called Marduk by the Babylonians.

11 000 BC
The piece of rock blasted off the surface of Mars carrying signs of biological life that came to be called ALH84001, crashed in Antarctica.

10 000 BC
Estimated date of inscriptions on stone disks by the Dropa tribe, small-bodied, yellow-faced aliens who crash land on Tibet/China border. Remains discovered in 1938. Aligned graves contained skeletons of short, spindly people with large heads. A stone disk with tiny pictograms on it told the story of aliens crash landing in the mountains of Bayan Kara-Ula on the China Tibet border. They tried to make friends with the neighboring Ham tribe, but the Hams hunted them down and killed them. An English scientist later visited the area and learned their lore. Descendants of the Dropas still live in the area, and they don't look Mongolian or Chinese. The Dropas came from a star in the Sirius system. The small people of the Dropas were rediscovered in the same mountains in 1995.

Earliest estimated date of carving of the Crystal Skull found at Lubaantun in the Yucatan.

Worldwide floods occur approximately 10,000 BCE, Tiahuanaco partially destroyed and other cities including Atlantean empire submerged.

9000 to 10 000 BC
Date of Plato's Atlantis.

ca. 9600 BC
Plato said the Atlanteans invaded Athens this year and a great war was fought.

9600 to 7300 BC
Göbekli Tepe, the turkish Stonehenge built.

8000 BC
More evidence exists the Sphinx was built at this time, before the Egyptians. Precisely beneath the Sphinx there are secret chambers and one of the opening located at the back of the Sphinx. Other located between the forelegs.

The Mullion culture suddenly appeared approximately 10,000 years ago along the Algerian coast with the largest skeletal population in the entire prehistoric record. In addition, the Mullions also possessed the largest cranial capacity of any population the world has ever known--approximately 2,000 cc versus our present 1,400 cc. Skeletons found showed they were mostly women and children, who worked with tools never before seen and with unknown domesticated animals.

5900 BC
Ubaid period predates Sumeria, supposedly the first civilization. At the Al Ubaid site in Iraq, a mask was found which looks like it has a high, long forehead.

5000 BC
Australian Aborigene mythology tells of foreign visitors, they are paintings on caves.

ca. 3500 BC
A great meteorite hit the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Portugal. The event is mentioned in Assyrian and Babylonian scripts.

ca. 3400 BC
A great change took place in Egypt. Well-organized monarchies, the art of writing, monumental architecture were all achieved within a short period of time from little or no background.

3123 BC
June 29 -- The ancient Sumerians etched on the surface of the clay tablet details revealing they observed a massive object, visible in space, as it smashed through Earth's atmosphere and eventually impacted against the planet.

3114 BC
Mayan year 0, or the beginning of the current Great Cycle according to the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, which is supposed to end 2012 CE.

3000 BC
Trephination (cutting a hole in the skull) practiced by people all over the world.

Some Sumerian statuettes are reptilian and the Sumerians interacted with the Annunaki, who were reptilian.

ca. 2800 BC
A third millennium Assyrian clay tablet says "the world is speedily coming to an end".

ca. 2000 BC or earlyer
Radioactive dust still in geologic strata in the areas of the American southwestern deserts, African deserts, and Gobi desert. Geologists can't explain the "fused green glass" that has been found in such sites as Pierrelatte in Gabon, the Euphrates Valley, the Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert, Iraq, the Mojave Desert, Scotland, the Old and Middle Kingdoms of Egypt, and south-central Turkey. From the same time period, scientists have found a number of uranium deposits that appear to have been mined or depleted in antiquity.
When the Rishi City of Mohenjodaro in Pakistan was excavated by archeologists in the last century, they found skeletons just lying in the streets, some of them holding hands, as if some great doom had suddenly overtaken them. These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on a par with those found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ancient cities whose brick and stone walls have literally been vitrified, that is fused together like glass, can be found in India, Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical explanation for the vitrification of stone forts and cities, except from an atomic blast. The Lop Nor Desert in western China is known to be the center of a great UFO mystery. Scientists drilling down in an excavation near Babylon, in Iraq, found various strata containing evidence of different civilizations. They eventually stopped when they hit a solid wall of glass, like the sand had been fused together by a nuclear blast. (Date estimate not given.)

1800 BC
The Eleusinian Mysteries traced back to this time ("the time of Inachus").

1700 BC
Enuma Elish -- The Babylonian Epic of Creation.

1500 BC
Early references to Mithraism on cuneiform astronomical tests.

Mahabharata War. The conflict between the Pandavas and Kauravs led to the Kurukshetra war that lasted for 18 days. The Kurukshetra war is estimated to have been fought by 3.94 million warriors. The number of survivors was very small, only 12.

Cosmas and Damian, two brothers, accomplished successful leg transplants. Had they somehow acquired knowledge of the techniques of gifted surgeons from the dim past?

around 1480 BC
In Egypt, the Pharaoh Thutmose III sees silent, foul-smelling circles of fire and flying discs in the sky, according to Tulli Papyrus. See Rense.

1450 BC
Approximate date of the destruction of Thera, on which Atlantis legends are probably based, caused huge destruction to Cretan civilization.

1353 - 1336 BC
Amenhotep IV (Echnaton pharaoh) reign.

1300 BC
Approximate date the I Ching written in China, attributed to Wen Wang.

1000 to 2000 BC
Legendary Thule civilization in the Gobi region destroyed by a catastrophe, "possibly of an atomic nature".

1000 BC
Huge sacrificial table built at Mystery Hill near North Salem, New Hampshire.

950 BC
Approximate date of building of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, traditional origin of the Masonic fraternity; alleged assassination of Temple master-mason Hiram for refusing to reveal Masonic secrets.

900 BC
Approximate time settlers from Europe and the Middle East established colonies in North America.

856 BC
The first known account of the Poltergeist phenomena.

800 BC
D. Kelley, a Calgary archeologist, claims that rock carvings in Petroglyph Provincial Park were etched by European explorers circa 800 BC, rather than by Native Americans. One petroglyph, for example, depicts a Viking-like ship almost identical to those carved on a rock near Boslund, Sweden. There are also abstract symbols like those used by Northern Europeans in the same time frame.

Aerial landing strips(?) are built in the Peruvian Andes.

ca. 600 BC
Mithra born of a virgin in a stable on December 25th, according to the legend. His resurrection was celebrated at Easter.

600 to 500 BC
Time of Buddha, Lao Tse, Confucius, Zarathustra, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Zachariah and Daniel--an Illuminated century.

525 BC
Cambyses conquered Egypt with cats.

ca. 563 to ca. 483 BC
Life of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha.

390 BC
Approximate date Plato's The Republic written, featuring such Illuminoid images as the Philosopher Kings, the Divided Line and the parable of the Cave.

360 BC
The story of Atlantis first recorded by Plato in his Dialogues (specifically in Timaeus and Critias). Plato said the story of Atlantis was told to Solon by a learned priest of Egypt.

342-267 BC
Life of Greek anarchist Zeno, founder of Stoic philosophy.

329 BC
Alexander the Great, via his historians: "...told of 2 strange objects in the sky that dived repeatedly at his army as they were attempting a river crossing. (Jaxartes River). The action so panicked his elephants, horses, and men they had to abandon the river crossing until the following day. They were described as great silver shields, spitting fire around the rims."

300 BC
Invention of Mayan calendar in Yucatan, based on advanced astronomy.

The Mahabharata and Ramayana (Sanskrit).

246 BC
Primitive battery created in Iraq. Later to be found in 1938 by Dr. Wilhelm Konig in the basement of a Baghdad museum.

273 to 232 BC
Rule of Asoka, king of India who allegedly founded the Nine Unknown.

205 BC
Antikythera mechanism was fabricated, which is a Greek hand-powered orrery (planetarium), described as the first analogue computer.

170 BC
According to Medieval reporter Conrad Wolfhart, at Lanupium, a remarkable spectacle of a fleet of ships was seen in the air.

99 BC
Rome, from Prodigia of Julius Obsequens: "When C. Murius and L. Valerius were consuls in Tarquinia towards sunset, a round object, like a globe, a round or circular shield, took its path in the sky from west to east." To support this, from Pliny, Natural History: Book II, chapter 34: "In the consulship of Lucius Valerius and Caius Marius, a burning shield scattering sparks ran across the sky."

90 BC
Rome, from Prodigia of Julius Obsequens: "At Aernarie, while Livius Troso was promulgating the laws at the beginning of the Italian war, at sunrise, there came a terrific noise in the sky, and a globe of fire appeared burning in the north. In the territory of Spoletum, a globe of fire, of golden color, fell to the earth gyrating. It then seemed to increase in size, rose from the earth and ascended into the sky, where it obscured the sun with its brilliance. It revolved toward the eastern quadrant of the sky."

67 BC
Pirates based in Cilicia (a province on the southeastern coast of Asia Minor) were practicing "secret rites" of Mithras.

42 BC
Rome, from Prodigia of Julius Obsequens: "Something like a sort of weapon, or missile, rose with a great noise from the earth and soard into the sky."

4 BC
Birth of Jesus of Nazareth, accompanied by various Illuminoid trappings: three early Men-In-Black disguised as the Wise Men; strange lights in the sky; miracles such as visits from angels, prophecy and suspension of time are reported.

"Carnation-Painted Eyebrows Society", "Copper Horses", "Iron Shins" and other secret societies active in China.

Assassination of the radical Jesus, allegedly on Illuminati orders; more Illuminoid trappings; an eclipse; an earthquake; visitors from the sky roll away the stone from the sepulcher and liberate the crucified Jesus.

1st Century
Flavius Josephus, the noted Jewish historian of the first century A.D., described giants as having "bodies so large and countenances so entirely different from other men that they were surprising to the sight and terrible to the hearing." And he adds that in his day, the bones of the giants were still on display.

A cavern adjacent to the ruins of the "temple of Apollo" in Pamukkale (formerly Hierapolis), built when the ancient Grecian empire held sway in the area. Several strange disappearances have surrounded the cavern as for back as ancient Grecian times. The Greek philosopher Strabe (circa 63 BC - 24 AD) recorded that many animals who entered the cavern never emerged, and also many people who went past the mouth of the cave never returned. Only sorcerers in ancient times, who had apparently made an alliance with the "gods of the underworld", would be able to enter and would emerge glowing with a reddish aura.

The Key of Solomon, a book of incantations for invoking demons, attributed to the authorship of Solomon, was in existence. Influenced the Golden Dawn movement and was one of the sources of modern ritual magic. Some people believed these were written by King Solomon himself, whereas others believed they were written by demons and given to the king. Solomon has been widely acclaimed as a great wizard in his time and he was a master in the art of commanding demons. Some experts pretend that the many versions all derive from an original written by the Rabbi Abognazar.

The great first-century pagan philosopher and physician Apollonius of Tyana was said to have transported himself instantaneously to Ephesus to treat sufferers from a plague.

A "ship" was seen speeding across the Scottish night sky.

A disastrous fire sweeps through Rome. The Emperor Nero blames the Christians. Persecution of both Christians and Jews erupts. Tradition has it that Peter was crucified during these Neronic persecutions and buried, eventually, under the site of the present altar of St. Peter's church.

May 21 -- From Flavius Josephe Jewish War Book CXI: "On the 21st of May a demonic phantom of incredible size... for before sunset there appeared in the air over the whole country chariots and armed troops coursing through the clouds and surrounding the cities."

When a comet appeared, astrologers wondered if it would mean the death of Emperor Vespasian. Vespasion, alluding to the term "long-haired star" used for comets, joked that the comet must have been meant for the Parthian King, who wore his hair long, not for himself, Vespasian, who was bald. Despite his clever pun, Vespasian died within the year.

From medieval reporter Conrad Wolfhart: "When the Roman emperor Agricola was in Scotland, wonderous flames were seen in the skies over Caledon Wood, all one winter night. Everywhere the air burned, and on many nights, when the weather was serene, a ship was seen in the air moving fast."

From medieval reporter Conrad Wolfhart: "At sunset, a burning shield passed over the sky at Rome. It came sparkling from the west and passed over to the east."

Hero of Alexandria devises a primitive steam-engine, Aeolipile.

Basilides, a "heresiarch" (Gnostic) of Alexandria is supposed to have written twenty-four commentaries on the Gospels, wherein he claimed that Jesus did not die on the cross and that a substitute, Simon of Cyrene, took his place. The Koran held the same argument in the seventh century.

125 to 150
Simon Magus, Menander, Valentinus and others develop Gnostic religious doctrines of esoteric knowledge (illumination). Simon Magus was a contemporary of Jesus and has been called his most dangerous rival. Pope Clement I called him "God's left hand" and the counterpart of Saint Paul. He found "wisdom" in a brothel in Tyre and preached a Gnostic philosophy summed up in his work The Root of All. He has later been called the founder of all Gnostic teachings.

Roman Mithraism competes with Christianity.

Yellow Turban Society subdues northern China, Triad cult formed in opposition.

Mount Taupo in New Zealand erupts, Romans record 3 days of global darkness.

3rd Century
"The way was long, and as if enveloped in darkness," explains Chu Yan, a Chinese poet of the third century B.C. Chinese tradition narrates the extraordinary adventure of Hou Yih, an engineer of the Emperor Yao, who decided, 4,300 years ago, to go to the moon with a 'celestial bird.' In the course of the flight, the bird indicated to the traveler the exact movements of the rising, the apogee, and the setting of the sun. Hou Yih thereafter explained that he 'sailed up the current of luminous air.' Could this current have been the exhaust of a rocket? "'He no longer perceived the rotary movement of the sun,' the narrator points out. Effectively, contemporary astronauts have noted that, in space, it was not possible to discern the diurnal passage of the sun. And what did the Chinese engineer observe on the moon? He saw 'an horizon which appeared frozen.' To protect himself from the glacial air, he built the 'Palace of the Great Cold.' His wife, Chang Ngo, left to join him on the satellite, which she described as 'a luminous sphere, brilliant as glass, of an enormous size, and very cold.'"

First book of the cabala, Sepher Yetzirah, compiled.

The Holy Grail of the Last Supper kept in Aragón, Spain, according to Catholic tradition.

Emperor Constantine and his army all beheld in the heavens a luminous cross. He claimed to have been shown a cross on the Sun as a sign from Christ that he would triumph over Maxentius.

ca. 320
Constantine visits the Shrine at Delphi and leaves with a prize collection of bronze statuary. He is one of a long line of Roman plunderers of this sacred site. In spite of this, the Oracle continues to reside at Delphi.

Council of Nicaea in which Christianity begins to rigidify. The Book of Enoch, having been suppressed by the Church, was declared apocryphal by St. Jerome. Eusebius, Bishop of Caeseria, sets out the list of New Testament books still in use today. He also lists books which he considers "doubtful," such as the "Acts of Paul," "Revelation of Peter," "Gospels of Peter, Thomas, Matthias," and many other ancient books. Constantine orders Eusebius to have fifty Bibles made of vellum. The amount of vellum required would have taken the skins of about 4,500 animals. Some of these Bibles still exist today in Leipzig, St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, and London, in the British Museum.

The first major witch-hunt in the modern sense occurred by order of the Roman emperor Valerian.

Strange lights were seen in the sky in the days of the Emperor Theodosius. On a sudden, a bright globe appeared at midnight and shone brilliantly near the daystar, (Venus). This globe shone little less brilliantly than the planet, and little by little, a great number of other glowing orbs drew near the first globe. The spectacle was like a swarm of bees flying around the beekeeper, and the light of these orbs was as if they were dashing violently against each other. They blended together into one awful flame, and bodied forth to the eye as a horrible two-edged sword. The strange globe, which was first seen now appeared like the pommel to a handle, and all the little orbs, fused with the first, shone as brilliantly as the first globe.

398 probably as previous
A thing like a burning globe, presenting a sword, shown brilliantly in the sky over Istanbul. It seemed almost to touch the earth from the zenith. Such a thing was never recorded to have been seen before by man.

ca. 400
Copies of the Mandylion, "the true picture of the face of Christ", alleged to have been given to King Abgar of Mesopotamia by Christ himself, spread all over the Christian world.

The Archangel Michael, patron saint of grocers and victor over the fiery dragon of Revelations, descended with alarming instantaneity on Sant'Angelo, a small town in the boot of Italy. Legend has it that Michael landed with such force as to leave an imprint in the rocks, an event celebrated in a sanctuary that still stands. That Christian monument is on the site of a much older Greek shrine, an entrance to the underworld.

A report from Brittany in northern France, "a blazing thing like a globe was seen in the sky. Its size was immense, and on its beams hung a ball of fire like a dragon out of whose mouth proceeded two beams, one of which stretched beyond France, and the other reached toward Ireland, and ended in fire, like rays."

There is a text preserved in a Buddhist Monastery in China which tells of some monks who voyaged 7000 miles east to a new continent. The text describes them making landfall on a coast with mountains and rivers, (California?) then traveling inland to the east where they discover a large canyon with stratified colors and a great river at the bottom (the Grand Canyon?) They then travel south over a great desert with strange trees that have many thorns, (cactus?) and find a civilization far to the south. Some stone carvings with oriental features have been discovered among the civilizations of South and Central America, and the similarities between Chinese dragon sculptures and Central American dragon sculptures are striking.

Noisy meteors...also followed tremendous thunderstorms in Italy in 570 (and in Constantinople in 611), with fatal incidences of ball lightning. On both occasions, the inhabitants were visited by two 'humanoid creatures" and were afflicted with a spate of "deformed births" for months afterwards.

The Bishop of Tours in France, is perplexed by curious "domes and golden globes that raced across the sky".

ca. 610
Muhammad began to receive the Koran, from the angel Djibril, (Jibril, Gabriel), while meditating at night in a cave outside Mecca. The revelation continued for 23 years.

Noisy meteors...also followed tremendous thunderstorms in Constantinople in 611 (and in Italy in 570), with fatal incidences of ball lightning. On both occasions, the inhabitants were visited by two 'humanoid creatures" and were afflicted with a spate of "deformed births" for months afterwards.

One night in the hot season, in India, a man named Hariswami and his new wife were laying on the roof of the summer house. The veil on the woman's face slipped off in the night while a demi-god was seated in his car over head. His gaze suddenly fell upon her. The demi-god lowered the car and placed her asleep within. She was never seen again. (As told by Hariswami, translated from Hindu by J. Platts)


At a monastery at Barking near the Thames, England, "a great light appeared in the sky at night and shone over nuns who were singing in the burial-ground. They reported that it lifted up, moved to the other side of the monastery, and then ascended into the night sky. Priests said the light surpassed the brightness of day."

Estimated date of carving of stone statues found on Easter Island.

Flaming object was seen flying to north from many countries in Japan, one year before the war of the Jinshin.

673 to 735
Life of the Venerable Bede, the greatest scholar of Saxon England whose Ecclesiastical History of England (731 contained many occult and unexplained occurrences.

Al Azif (Necronomicon) a book supposed to have been written by the black wizard Abdul Al-Hazred who lived at Sanaa in Yemen. The book which has been translated by John Dee is also known as Al Azif or the whispers of demons. Today most agree that The Necromicon is a compilation of spells, recipes and other texts taken from older grimoires as The Key of Salomon or the Kitab al Uhud from Araby which were among the famous magic library of Assurbinapal.

Charles Martel defeated the Moslems with the aid of the Holy Lance, the spear that pierced Christ's side.

China: Huge flame-breathing dragons were reported being seen in skies, accompanied by men in airships.

the true Dark Age began in earnest. The Elven Holocaust was initiated and would run its course for another thousand years until, in England at least, the witchcraft laws were repealed in 1736. North of the border in Scotland, however, the persecution of witches in the 1700's was at its fiercest until the end of the century.

Meath County: While King Domnall Mac Murchada attended the fair at Teltown, ships were seen in the air.

The "Holy Vehm", a secret society founded by Charlemagne who wrote the Code and Statues of the Holy Secret Tribunal of Free Courts and Free Judges of Westphalia for this order.

From an chronicle by W. R. Drake: At Charlemagne's castle at Sigiburg, as the Saxons were laying siege to the castle, "Those watching outside in that place, of whom many still live to this very day, saw they beheld the likeness of two large shields, reddish in color in motion above the church, and when the pagans who were outside saw this sign, they were at once thrown into confusion and terrified with fear and began to flee from the castle."

St. Gregory of Tours, a historian, wrote of Charlemagne: "Alcuin, the secretary and biographer of Charlemagne, and author of the Vita karoli, states in the thirty second chapter of his work that in 810 when he was on his way from Aachen, he saw a large sphere descend like lightning from the sky. It traveled from east to west and was so bright it made the monarch's horse rear up so that Charlemagne fell and injured himself severely."

According to legend, the grave of Jacob was found at the site where the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela later was built.

The Great Pyramid of Giza was broken into for the first time. It was done by an Arab team on the orders of Caliph Ma'moun.

A synod meeting at Mantua decides to subject Venetians to a new Patriarch of Aquila on the Frankish controlled mainland. Venice however, in a bid for independence in church affairs, decided to obtain the body of a potent saint. Two merchants--Buono of Malamocco and Rustico of Torcello--sail to Alexandria, set out for the church containing the body of the apostle St. Mark, and promptly steal it, substituting into the shroud the body of St. Claudian from a nearby tomb. In order to avoid discovery by Muslim customs officials, they smuggle the holy relic back to Venice in a barrel of salt pork and cabbages.

As he was coming out of the Cathedral at Lyons, France, Archbishop Abobard saw a mob stoning three men and a woman alleged to have been seen alighting from a aerial ship.

An "evil spirit" threw stones and made the walls shake in a small farmhouse, this was the first recorded poltergeist case.

Landulf II of Capua excommunicated from Sicily when his alliance with Islam was unveiled. According to the medieval Chronicler Echempertus he had, in the mountains of Monte Castello in the south-west of Sicily, discovered the Temple of Erix at which priestesses had once guarded the Oracle of Venus. (Qal'at al-Bellut, the Fortress of the Oaks). There he is said to have performed evil rituals and according to Adolf Hitler's personal notes from c. 1910 he was the source of Klingsor in Eschenbach's Parsifal.

The last great quake in the Seattle area, a magnitude 7.4, which caused the land to heave by 20ft, when only a few scattered tribes lived nearby. Several still tell tales of a fearsome snake with antlers; a creature best avoided because, when seen, the Earth shook and all witnesses turned to stone.

An object like a flaming torch was seen in the sky in Hungary, together with spheres, which flew over giving out a brighter light than the stars.

A report from France: "In the town of Verdun, like the whole eastern part of France, saw fiery armies appearing in the sky. Flodoard's chronicle reports that they flew over eastern Reims on a Sunday morning in March. Similar phenomena happened several times under King Pepin the Short, under Charlemagne, under Louis I, the Debonair. These sovereign's capitularia mention penalties against creatures that travel on aerial ships."

August 15 -- The "Mandylion", a picture of Christ "not made by human hands" (acheiropoieton), arrived at the church of Our Lady at Blachernae in Constantinople from Edessa.

An ancient Arab historian Herodotus of the Arabs suggests that the Egyptians used levitation to transport huge blocks of stone.

August -- In Egypt, a number of "stars" were seen to fly over Cairo and the Nile Delta.

A rare typeset book from 1493 contains what may be the earliest pictorial representation of a UFO. The book Liber Chronicarum, describes a strange fiery sphere, seen in Europe, soaring through the sky in a straight course from south to east and then veering toward the setting sun. The illustration accompanying the account shows a cigar-shaped form haloed by flames, sailing through a blue sky over a green, rolling countryside. This may be the first work that actually contains actual illustrations of UFO's.

The supernova called the Crab nebula appeared on the sky and was pictured in rock paintings in some parts of the world.

From Geoffrey Gaimar's Lestoire des Englis: "In this year people saw a fire that flamed and burned fiercely in the sky. It came near the earth and for a little time brilliantly lit it up. Afterwards, it revolved, ascended on high, and then descended into the sea. In several places it burned woods and plains, and in the County of Northumberland this fire showed itself in two seasons of the year."

The "Queen of the Universe" appears in Arras, France.

The alleged Holy Lance of the Passion found by the Crusaders in Antiochia in the Church of Saint Peter.

Prince Madog of Wales brings the last of the Druids to America and erects rings of blue gray stones in the hills near what would one day be Mobile, Alabama.

Robin Hood active in England.

Vimanas (silent flying machines) written of in Indian texts.

"Dervish Orders" appeared (Islamic-mystic brotherhoods with hierarchical structure, initiations and exercises designed to bring man in direct contact and oneness with God).

A group of churchmen from Laon in France were going from town to town in Wessex, England, bearing with them relics of the Virgin Mary, which they used to perform miracles of healing. At the coastal town of Christchuch, they were astonished to see a dragon come out of the sea, "breathing fire out of its nostrils."

Hugh de Payens, a vassal of the count of Champagne, France and eight other Crusader knights form the "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon", later to be known as the "Knights Templar". They were approved as a holy order by the Vatican, and proceeded to fight in the Crusades, gain converts, and ultimately re-take the city of Jerusalem and the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. While there, they carried out what would now be called archaeological investigations, digging in and around the Temple. While no one knows for sure, they may have found a great treasure. Later authors will speculate that this treasure is the Shroud of Turin, or an occult manuscript. They were a strict order of warrior/monks, and the Rule of their Order was based on obedience, poverty and chastity. They were a major force in the Crusades, and although individual members were permitted to own nothing, the order itself grew rich. They gained lands, castles, money, power, and prestige. They were also the forerunners of the banking business. They provided such services as safe deposit, agents for collection of debts and taxes, trusts for heirs, mortgage brokers, and issued paper money which could be exchanged for hard currency with any other Templar outpost. They also had the best communications network in the world. All their outposts were connected by courier, and they used codes and ciphers for private messages between each other. This was doubly effective since most people were completely illiterate, and couldn't have even read a plain message. It was networks such as this, and similar networks in other sacred orders, which started to bring Europe out of the dark ages. During their existence, the Templars also made many enemies. They were rich, powerful and secretive. They were accused of performing occult rites in their round temples.

The first documented presence of the Templars in Spain--in the northeastern part fighting against the Moors.

The Holy Grail present at the Saint Juan de la Pena Monastery, Spain, according to catholic tradition.

Monks at the Brunia Monastery in the Trier region of ancient Prussia (now Germany), founded by Charlemagne's father Pepin the Short, reportedly captured a dark-skinned dwarf in the basement of the monastery, after they discovered several wine casks that had been emptied onto the cellar floor. They confined the little man, who refused to speak or eat, until he escaped back down through the cellar and into a sloping tunnel that was accessed via a displaced stone.

Pope Innocent II granted the Knights Templar the unique privilege to build their own churches.

The east front of Chartres cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and inside is a relic: the robe she is said to have been wearing at the moment of her Assumption into heaven.

ca. 1150
The tale of the green children dates from the middle of the twelfth century, in the realm of either King Stephen or his successor King Henry II. In Suffolk, England, according to medieval chroniclers, two green children, weeping inconsolably, were found wandering in a field. Seized by reapers, they were taken to the nearest village, Woolpit, and held in captivity at the home of Sir Richard cle Calne where local people came to gape. According to William of Newburgh, the children were clad in "garments of strange color and unknown materials." They could speak no English and refused all food offered them. A few days later, on the brink of starvation, they were brought "beans cut off or torn from stalks," wrote Abbot Ralph of Coggeshall, who allegedly had the story from the Calne himself. The children "broke open the beanstalks, not the pod or shell of the beans, evidently supposing that the beans were contained in the hollows of the stalks. But not finding beans within the stalks they again began to weep, which, when the bystanders noticed, they opened the shells and showed them the beans themselves. Whereupon, with great joyfulness, they ate beans for a long time, entirely, and would touch no other food."Soon the children were baptized, and not long afterwards the boy weakened and died. The girl learned to eat other foods and was restored both to health and to normal skin color. She learned to speak English and took employment in service to a knight and his family. She "was rather loose and wanton in her conduct," Ralph of Coggeshall wrote. Asked about her native country, "she asserted that the inhabitants, and all that they had in that country, were of a green color; and that they saw no sun, but enjoyed a degree of light like what is after sunset. Being asked how she came into this country with the aforesaid boy, she replied, that as they were following their flocks they came to a certain cavern, until they came to its mouth. When they came out of it, they were struck senseless by the excessive light of the sun, and the unusual temperature of the air; and they thus lay for a long time. Being terrified by the noise of those who came on them, they wished to fly, but they could not find the entrance of the cavern before they were caught." In William of Newburgh's account, the children said their country was called St. Martin's Land. Its people were Christians. There was no sun there, but across a broad river a bright, shining land could be seen. Eventually the woman married and reportedly lived for years at Lenna in Suffolk. Newburgh remarked, "Although the thing is asserted by many, yet I have long been in doubt about the matter, deeming it ridiculous to credit a thing supported by no rational foundation, or at least one of a mysterious character; yet, in the end, I was so overwhelmed by the weight of so many competent witnesses that I have been compelled to believe and wonder over a matter I was unable to comprehend and unravel by the powers of my intellect." A modern writer, British folklorist Katharine Briggs, says, "This is one of those curiously convincing and realistic fairy anecdotes which are occasionally to be found in the medieval chronicles." Another recent chronicler, Paul Harris, speculates that the children were not aliens from another realm but simply lost, undernourished children who had wandered into flint mines in the vicinity of Thetford Forest, near the village of Fordham St. Martin. "Perhaps from the twilight of the thick woodlands the children could see a less forested and therefore sunnier land across the river Lark," he writes. They may have spoken in an English dialect "unintelligible to the insular 12th Century farmworkers of Woolpit."

An old legend tells how the knight Owen visited a cave on Station island in County Donegal. Ireland, leading to an underground plain and a "cloister" where he met monks who warned him of the temptations ahead. The knight travels to a black, icy realm and also sulfurous pits of molten metal in which the wicked suffer, finally arriving at the earthly paradise below the earth.

A certain Welsh prince, Madoc ab Owain Gwynedd, sailed away from his homeland, which was filled with war and strife and battles between his brothers. Yearning to be away from the feuds and quarrels, he took his ships and headed west, seeking a better place. He returned to Wales brimming with tales of the new land he found--warm and golden and fair. His tales convinced more than a few of his fellow countrymen, and many left with him to return to this wondrous new land, far across the sea. This wondrous new land is believed to be what is now Mobile Bay, Alabama. Time has left several blank pages between the legend of Madoc and the "history" of America, with its reports of white Indians who speak Welsh, and these blank pages have been the subject of much controversy in certain circles over the five centuries since Columbus discovered the New World.

A term equivalent to our "flying saucer" was actually used by the Japanese approximately 700 years before it came into use in the West. Ancient documents describe an unusual shining object seen in the night as a flying "earthenware vessel." The object, which had been heading northeast from a mountain in Kii province, changed its direction and vanished below the horizon, leaving a luminous trail.

On orders of King Henry II, who had heard that the legendary King Arthur was buried there, workers began digging between two ancient, pyramid-shaped pillars located at Glastonbury, in Somerset. At a depth of seven feet they found a leaden cross which was engraved with this inscription: HIC JACET SEPULTUS INCLYTUS REX ARTURUS IN INSULA AVALLONIA ("Here lies buried the renowned King Arthur in the Isle of Avallon"). Excited over this find, the excavators doubled their efforts. At sixteen feet their shovels struck a large oaken tree trunk which had been hollowed out to serve as a coffin. Breaking the trunk coffin open, they found the skeleton of a man who once measured close to nine feet tall. Beside him lay the remains of a woman of average height, whom the excavators took to be Arthur's queen, Guinevere. About a century later the bones of the two were reinterred in the great church before the altar in the presence of King Edward I. "From that time," says the Encyclopedia Britannica, "the Isle of Avalon has been identified with Glastonbury and romances connecting Arthur and Glastonbury are still being written."

The "Teutonic Knights", (the "Order of the Hospital of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the German House of Jerusalem"), founded as a field hospital at the siege of Acre.

1192 to 1195
The "Funeral Sermon", (Halotti Beszéd), the oldest known and surviving contiguous Hungarian text.

1200 to 1300
Origin of the Mafia in Sicily.

Joseph d'Arimathie, a poem written by Robert de Boron, describing Joseph as the first keeper of the Holy Grail.

A 13th century historian, Saxo-Gammaticus, wrote down the folklore and myths of Scandinavia. He recorded the ancient Viking belief in "Hadding Land", a subterranean world where giants, superhumans, tribes of black dwarfs, and "snake people" lived. These strange beings, and even stranger animals, were said to occasionally surface in the outer world and create chaos.

A report from England: William of Newburgh describes a silvery, flat, shiny disc-like object, which appeared near the abbey and frightened everyone near it.

In the reign of King John, a large "moon" appeared in Yorkshire, and was surrounded by "blazing stars" that circled around it for the space of an hour, before vanishing.

Gervase of Tilbury, England writes in Otio Imperialia about an aerial ship which caught its anchor on a pile of stones. An occupant came down from the ship and managed to free it, however he was asphyxiated by the atmosphere.

During a Sunday mass in Gravesend, Kent, England it is said that the congregation saw an anchor descend and catch on a tombstone in the churchyard. The churchgoers rushed outside to see a strange "ship" in the sky, with people on board. One occupant of the vessel leaped over the side, but did not fall: "as if swimming in water" he made his way through the air toward the anchor. The people on the ground tried to capture him. The man then "hurried up to the ship." His companions cut the anchor rope, and the ship then "sailed out of sight." The local blacksmith made ornaments from the abandoned anchor to decorate the church lectern.

What might be called the first official investigation of a UFO sighting occurred in Japan in 1235. During the night while General Yoritsume and his army were encamped, mysterious lights were observed in the heavens. The lights were seen in the southwest for many hours, winging, circling and moving in loops. The general ordered a "full-scale scientific investigation" of these strange events. The report finally submitted to him has the "soothing" ring of many contemporary explanations offered for UFO phenomena. In essence it read: "the whole thing is completely natural, General. It is... only the wind making the stars away."

July -- A report from Matthew of Paris from England: "At dusk, but not when the stars came out, while the air was clear, serene and shining, a great star appeared. It was like a torch, rising from the south, and flying on both sides of it, there was emitted in the height of the sky a very great light. It turned quickly towards the north in the aery region, not quickly, nor, indeed, with speed, but exactly as it wished to ascend to a place high in the air."

The "Shroud of Jesus" sold to the Templars by King Bela IV of Hungary because of lack of money.

Massacre of Cathari at Montsegur, France.

Approximate beginning of "Holy Vehm" in Westphalia.

The Knights Templars threatened by Henry III of England.

January 1 -- A report from Matthew of Paris, St. Albans, England: "At midnight in the clear and serene sky with the stars shining and the moon eight days old, there suddenly appeared in the sky a kind of large ship, elegantly shaped, and well-equipped of marvelous color. Certain monks of St. Albans saw it for a long time, as if it were painted, and a ship made of planks. The ship eventually climbed into the sky and disappear."

The Assassin library at Alamut destroyed. All books of their doctrine and ritual were burned by Hulagu Khan's Mongols.

A "comet" coincided with exceptional high tides and storms, and "a great sound was heard in sundry parts of England, as if a mighty mountain had fallen into the sea."

Cathari hierarchy fades.

A spaceship was seen in Bristol, England, which landed and an occupant came down from a ladder and was suffocated in the Earth's atmosphere.

Marco Polo reported from his trip to China that on special occasions the royal chariot was pulled by dragons.

September 12 -- A priest was spared his life in Japan when a shiny, bright object appeared in the sky, causing the executioners to panic, fearing they had falsely accused the cleric of wrongdoing.

The alleged bones of Mary Magdalene found in the southern French town of Saint-Maximin after excavations in a 4th-century crypt. A cathedral was later erected on the place.

Zohar, second book of the cabala, compiled by Moses de Leon in Spain.

Roger Bacon, deviser of early eyeglasses, independently invents gunpowder.

Pope Innocent III pronounces the second coming will be this year – 666 years after the founding of Islam.

Report from Byland, North Yorkshire, from William of Newburgh's Chronicle. The text is known as The Ampleforth Manuscript, it is a very old manuscript found in Ampleforth Abbey which gives a startling account of a flying saucer over Byland Abbey in Yorkshire. It reads in part: "While the abbot and monks were in the refectorium, a flat round, shining, silvery object (discus) flew over the abbey and caused the utmost terror."

July 12 -- Acre, the last Christian fortress in Syria lost to the Moslems. Theobald Gaudin, Grand Master of the K.T., managed to escape from Acre to Cyprus with the treasure and relics the Knights Templars. Hospitallers retreat to Cyprus.

The Teutonic Knights moved the center of the order from the Holy Land to Venice.

Marco Polo hears of a giant bird capable of lifting an elephant. It is supposed that this is the Madagascar Elephant Bird. About this time they become extinct.

"White Lotus Society" founded in China at Rozan, south of the Yang Tze.

Inquisition begins suppression of witches and other pagan groups.

October 13 -- Philippe IV of France ordered arrest of all Knights Templars for witchcraft and heresies; more than 600 of the 3,000 Templars in France were imprisoned according to Inquisition records. Jacques de Molay imprisoned in the Temple in Paris. From the destruction of the Templars we get some of our modern customs. Friday the 13th is unlucky; it is the day that the Templars were arrested.

June 24 -- Knights Templars held an annual chapter in Poitiers for three days, displaying "The Mysterious Head", according to Etienne de Troyes.

Hospitallers acquire the Isle of Rhodes.

September -- The Teutonic Knights moved their headquarters to Marienberg, Prussia.

October 6 -- Edward II ordered arrest of all Templars in Scotland.

Knights Templars dissolved by papal decree.

March 18 -- Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charnay roasted to death over a slow fire on the Ile de la Cité in the Seine.

The Portuguese Templars became the "Order of Christ" and received the approval of Pope John XXII.

England, Durham: After the abbot of Durham Abbey died and was buried, a strange light was seen to descend from the sky and move about over his grave.

The Damburrow Abbey is destroyed by a sinkhole in 1327, and of its magnificent constructions only scattered ruins remain.

First appearance of the Tarot in Germany. Egyptian Tarot meanings. Illuminati Tarot, Chariot

November 4 -- A report from Robert of Reading: "In the first hours of the night, there was seen in the skies over Uxbridge England, a pillar of fire the size of a small boat, pallid, and livid in color. It rose from the south, crossed the sky with a slow and grave motion, and went north. Out of the front of the pillar, a fervent red flame burst forth with great beams of light. Its speed increased and it flew through the air."

Book of Jacques Legrant, France: "Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs"

A wild boy found in the woods of Hesse, Germany. According to the records kept by the local monks, he appeared to be about 7-years old and supposedly had been kept by wolves. This boy apparently died soon after being captured, but a second wild boy - this time a 12-year old - seized three years later (1344) in the same region (but in the woods of Wetterau this time) reportedly lived to the age of 80 years. According to records, both children were wild and immune to cold and discomfort, besides not being able to stand upright, consequently having to move around on all fours.

Edward III vowed to establish an order like Arthur's at Windsor. (The round table still exists and was decorated in 1486 with the figure of Arthur and the names of 24 knights.)

April 23 -- The "Order of the Garter" formally founded on St. George Day, by Edward III of England. The members consisted of twenty-four knights, the monarch and the Prince of Wales. The symbolism of the garter itself still remains obscure. A record of the Order, compiled in Henry VIII's reign, relates that Richard I, during his crusade, gave garters to certain knights as tokens of honor, and it was supposed that Edward III followed this example.

A fresco from Visoki Dečani the Crucifixion of Jesus with heavenly bodies.

Pope Innocent VI ordered a grimoire called The Book of Solomon, probably The Key of Solomon, to be burned.

January -- The "Order of the Star", or the "Order of Our Lady of the Noble Lineage" founded.

Approximate date of the earliest known Satanic cults with black masses celebrated in France.

A flying object described as being "shaped like a drum, about twenty feet in diameter" emerged from the inland sea off western Japan.

The first known record of the concept "Freemasons" in the city archives of London.

The "Zeno Map" was drawn, it covered a vast area of the north as far as Greenland with amazing accuracy.

December -- A "fire in the sky, like a burning and revolving wheel..." was seen in Leicester and Northamptonshire, England. The objects "emitted fire from above, and others in the shape of long, fiery beams".

August 5 -- Across the centuries there have been persistent reports of a phantom army at Otterburn, in Northumberland, England. In August 1388, the area around a small village became the site of The Battle of Otterburn, one of many border skirmishes between the Scots and the English. The Scottish led raid into English territory was a success, but only at the cost of the Scot’s leader and over 2,000 other casualties. According to numerous reports, these lost souls still haunt the area.
Exactly 500 years after the battle, in 1888, an action replay of the conflict was supposedly witnessed by two farmers, Percival Hall and John Ellesden, who were moving their sheep through the area close to the battleground. Hoofbeats and trumpets were heard in the distance by the two men. Then, on the high ground above them, they saw a column of cavalry. According to the farmers’ description, the soldiers broke off into three sections and began to march down the ridge, out of sight. Captivated by the spectral scene, the men rushed up the incline. It was late in the day, and the sun had just set. By the light of the moon, which poured down onto the field below, Percival Hall claimed that he saw shadowy men fighting. Both farmers described hearing the sound of metal on metal, as well as the ear piercing noise of horses shrieking and men in the midst of bloody combat shouting.

A report from England: "A certain thing appeared in the likeness of fire in many parts of England every night. This fiery apparition, oftentimes when anybody went alone, it would go with him, and would stand still when he stood still. To some it appeared in the likeness of a turning wheel burning; to other some a round object, the likeness of a barrel, flashing out flames of fire at the head; to others, the likeness of a long burning lance."

The Holy Grail brought to Martin the Humane, King of Aragón, to his palace in Zaragoza, Spain, according to catholic tradition.

A mermaid was apparently found stranded in the mud after a storm in West Friesland. She was then taken, clothed and fed ordinary food. Some say that she lived for fifteen years in capture, trying to escape constantly; she was also taught to kneel before the crucifix and spin but she was never able to speak.

The first known printed reference on the Almas was made by a Bavarian named Hans Schiltberger. He traveled through the Tien Shan mountains as a captive to the Mongols. During his imprisonment he kept a journal in which he wrote: "In the mountains themselves live a wild people, who have nothing in common with other human beings, a pelt covers the entire body of these creatures. Only the hands and face are free of hair. They run around in the hills like animals and eat foliage and grass and whatever else they can find. The Lord of the Territory made Egidi a present of a couple of forest people, a man and a woman, together with three untamed horses the sizes of asses and all sorts of other animals which are not found in German lands and which I cannot therefore put a name to."

The magician Abramelin, also called "Abraham the Jew", authors The Book of Sacred Magic, said to have been delivered to his son Lamech. His book offers readers cabalistic magic squares that will purportedly perform such feats as raising tempests, causing spirits to appear, changing men into animals and vice versa, procuring visions, raising the dead, rousing love or hate, demolishing buildings, walking under water, and even making stage performances appear.

Latin translation of Corpus Hermeticum, which had just been rediscovered in Macedonia. The Corpus Hermeticum is a collection of texts from the second and third centuries of our era that survived from a more extensive literature. Reflecting the generalized spiritual orientation of late Hellenistic gnosis rather than a tradition in any organized sense, these sometimes contradictory texts share only their claim to a common source of revelation, Hermes Trismegistus.

Egyptian Tulli Papyrus - one of the earliest written accounts of a UFO sighting - contains the annals of Pharaoh Thutmose III. Chroniclers described a circle of fire coming from the sky. It emitted bad breath but had no head. It was one rod long and one rod wide. Confused, the scribes bowed down to it and reported it to the pharaoh. Thutmose meditated on the event, and days later, the UFOs were more numerous than ever. The pharaoh and his army looked on as the fire circles raised higher into the sky. Incense was burned, and the pharaoh told the scribes to remember the day as a day of importance.

Carlo Crivelli: The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius

The term "Illuminati" was used by one writer, Menendez Pelayo, as early as 1492 and is attributable to a group known as the "Alumbrados" of Spain. The Alumbrados were said to receive secret knowledge from an unknown higher source, resulting in superior human intelligence.

October 11, 10:00 PM, -- from The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus and Pedro Gutierrez while on the deck of the Santa Maria, observed, "a light glimmering at a great distance." It vanished and reappeared several times during the night, moving up and down, "in sudden and passing gleams." It was sighted 4 hours before land was sighted, and taken by Columbus as a sign they would soon come to land.

Beginning of "Alumbrados" in Spain and "Charcoal-Burners" in Scotland.

1503 to 1566
Life of Nostradamus, visionary prophet.

An ancient tomb that some ditch diggers uncovered in Rouen, France, contained the skeleton of a man over seventeen-feet tall, in his armor. Affixed to the tomb was this engraved identification: "In this tomb lies the noble and puissant lord, the Chevalier Ricon de Vallemont, and his bones."

February 1 -- Thousands of Londoners abandon their homes after predictions of an apocalyptic flood. They return when it fails to rain.

At the Siege of Utrecht in Holland: "A cruel and strange sight was seen in the sky, which terrified the townspeople and made the enemy think he would get the city. It was the form of a Burgundian cross right over the city, high in the sky, yellow in color, and fearful to behold."

Contemporary accounts disagree about the actual date, but all concur that Magister Georgius Sabellicus Faustus Junior, "Faust" as he styled himself, had been famous for decades throughout Europe for either fraud or true wizardry. He died in 1541. A wall plaque at the inn in Wilatemberg, Germany reads "One of the most powerful devils, Mephistopheles, whom he had called brother-in-law during his lifetime, had broken his neck, as the pact had expired after 24 years, and delivered his soul to eternal damnation."

The first mention of South America's mysterious hominid creature called mono grande (big monkey) or didi, appears to be in a book written by Pedro de Cieza de Leon in 1553. De Leon recounts native superstitions about these creatures, and goes on to tell of a Spaniard who found a carcass of one in the forests.

March 10 -- A report from France: "There appeared between 6 and 8 PM, about the moon, a burning fire, emitting a great noise, what seemed to be the point of a lance, turning form side to side, from east to west, casting out flames on all sides."

Though sea serpents are ubiquitous in myths and legends, the first attempt to describe them as figures in natural history appears in a 1555 work by Olaus Magnus, the exiled Catholic archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden. The archbishop wrote that sailors off the coast of Norway had often seen a "Serpent... of vast magnitude, namely 200 feet long, and moreover 20 feet thick." A dangerous beast, it lived in caves along the shore and devoured both land and ocean creatures, including an occasional seaman. "This Snake disquiets the shippers," Olaus Magnus wrote, "and he puts up his head on high like a pillar."

Story of the Blessed Margaret of Metola. Margaret was a blind dwarf, hunchbacked and lame, but that didn't stop her from living a life of heroic service to the poor. She died in 1330, but in 1558 her remains had to be transferred because her coffin was rotting away. At the exhumation, witnesses were amazed to find that like the coffin, the clothes had rotted, but Margaret's crippled body hadn't.

April 14 -- One of the most astounding of documented sightings of aerial phenomena took place over Nuremberg, Germany. What was described could only be called a war in the heavens, with a wide variety of craft ranging from spheres to spear-like cylinders to crosses. The sky was apparently filled with the machines, clashing in battle. Comets and such were well identified and charted in this period, so it is highly unlikely that what the people witnessed was merely a celestial phenomenon like a 'meteor shower', as some debunkers suggest. Rather, what is described are physical objects of unique detail and shapes, in 'battle' for over an hour. The battle was such that a winner was perceived as well. Spheroid UFOs were seen emerging from cylindrical 'motherships'. At the conclusion of the battle, it seems a magnificent, black, spear-like super-ship of some kind came upon the scene... It began at dawn, as dozens, if not hundreds, of crosses, globes and tubes fought each other above the city. It ended an hour later, when "the globes in the small and large rods flew into the sun," and several of the other objects crashed to earth and vanished in a thick cloud of smoke. According to the Nuremberg Gazette, the "dreadful apparition" filled the morning sky with "cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about." Between the spheres, there were "crosses with the color of blood." This "frightful spectacle" was witnessed by "numerous men and women." Afterwards, a "black, spear-like object" appeared. The author of the Gazette warned that "the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Annunciation with St. Emidius Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that he avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may, temporarily here and perpetually there, live as His children."

August 7 -- A student in Basel, Switzerland reported that just after dawn, "many large, black globes were seen in the air, moving before the sun at great speed and turning against each other as if fighting. Some of them became red and fiery and afterwards faded and went out."

May 13 -- A famous naturalist, Ulysses Aldrovandus, recorded the details of a peasant killing a small dragon along a farm road in northern Italy on this day. He obtained the dragon carcass, thoroughly documented the encounter, and had it mounted and placed in a museum.

English colony established at Roanoke Island, Virginia; no trace of the "lost colony" was found when supply ships returned three years later.

The last recorded appearance of a cockatrice (or Basilisk) was in 1587 in Warsaw. There, two girls were killed by its breath, while playing in their cellar. Frightened citizens organized a hunt for the monster, but after finding and killing a small snake, declared the affair finished.

Raphael Holinshed in his Chronicles, wrote that in the reign of either John or Henry II, some fishers of Oreford in Suffolk, caught a man-shaped fish, who would not or could not speak, ate fish be it raw or cooked and finally escaped after two months, back to the sea.

Stubbe Peeter was tried in Germany in 1589 for 25 years of hideous crimes, including murder of adults and children (including his own son), cannibalism, incest, and attacks on animals. Peeter claimed to have made a pact with Satan, who provided him with a girdle which turned him into a wolf.

North Berwick witches coven attempts to sink King James' ship.

The "Phiri Rhis Map" is drawn which shows the coastline of Africa and South America accurate to within a .5 degree of longitude. The map clearly shows features of the earth that nobody should have known in the late 1500's. On the map he wrote that he had borrowed and copied from 20 earlier ancient maps. Some of the maps dating back to Alexander the Great and older. Without an accurate timepiece there was no way to figure longitude on a sailing ship. It wasn't until 1790 that the first accurate marine timepiece was invented. Piri Reis video

England, London: A "flying dragon" surrounded by flames was seen over the city.

French authorities arrested Jacques Roulet, a beggar, after they found him crouched in a bush and covered with blood from the badly mutilated nearby body of a 15-year-old boy. In his confession Roulet said he had slain the youth while a werewolf, a state he entered via the application of ointment.

A seventeenth-century account from China's Hubei province notes, "In the remote mountains of Fangxian County, there are rock caves, in which live hairy men as tall as three meters. They often come down to hunt dogs and chickens in the villages. They fight with whoever resists."

King James of England declares witchcraft a capital crime.

Rosicrucian constitution published.

June 15 -- In an attempt to find a northern passage to the East Indies, Henry Hudson's log reported on this day that two of his company, Thoms Hill and Robert Raynor said that they had seen a mermaid, their descritption read: "From the Navill upward, her backe and breasts were like a womans, her skin was very white and long haire hanging down behinde, of colour blacke, in her going downe they saw her tayle, which was like the tayle of a Porposse, and speckled like a Macrell".

August 5, evening -- In the sky of Nice above the sea there are three flying object elongated and oval, which came closer and hovered on the coast fortifications of the fortress for hours. The fortress artillery fired 800 shots at uninvited guests, but they didn’t even pay attention to the roar of cannon. Two strange aliens were holding some sort of long tube like snakes, they totally ignored the audience on the shore a crowd of local residents, and then out of the water and climbed into his flying machine, which then flew into the air, quickly picked up speed and disappeared on the horizon.

First recorded sighting of "Champ", or the Lake Champlain Monster, by Pierre de Champlain.

The Wood manuscript written, traces the history of the Order from two pillars that were found after Noah's Flood.

At Lüttich, Germany two sorcerers were executed because they had turned themselves into werewolves and had killed many children. With them they had a boy of twelve years whom the devil turned into a raven whenever they were tearing apart and eating their prey.

As late as this date, the Chinese emperor was still appointing the post of a "Royal Dragon Feeder."

A pamphlet begins circulating describing an ancient secret society begins to circulate. Worthy people are invited to join. No address or instructions are given on how to contact the Rosicrucian order, but it is promised that published inquiries will be answered. The "Fraternity of the Rosy Cross" allegedly dates back to the time of the Egyptian ruler Akhnaten, who worshipped the sun.

Lakota Indian tribe puts star map on buffalo hide.

In this year one James Everett, sober, discreet man, and two others, saw a "great light in the night at Muddy River in New England. When it stood still, it flamed up, and was about three yards square; when it ran, it was contracted into the figure of a swine: it ran as swift as an arrow towards Charlton, and so up and down about two or three hours. They were come down in their lighter about a mile, and, when it was over, they found themselves carried quite back against the tide to the place they came from. Divers and other credible persons saw the same light, after, about the same place."

Beginning of subliminal persuasion when Rembrandt imbeds the word "sex" in a painting.

March 11 -- From the diarist John Evelyn: "I must not forget what amazed us exceedingly the night before, namely, a shining cloud in the air in a shape resembling a sword, the point reaching to the north. It was as bright as the moon, the rest of the sky being very serene. It began about 11 at night and vanished not till about one, being seen by all the south of England."

Reliable sightings of flying dragons (pterosaur-like creature) in Europe are recorded as recently as this year. The woods around Penllin Castle, Glamorgan, had the reputation of being frequented by winged serpents, and these were the terror of old and young alike. The winged serpents were described as very beautiful. They were coiled when in repose, and "looked as if they were covered with jewels of all sorts. Some of them had crests sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow". When disturbed they glided swiftly, "sparkling all over," to their hiding places. When angry, they "flew over people's heads, with outspread wings, bright, and sometimes with eyes too, like the feathers in a peacock's tail". Locals had killed some of them, for they were as bad as foxes for poultry, and the extinction of the winged serpents was due to the fact that they were "terrors in the farmyards and coverts."

The following is the text of a sworn statement by a seventeenth-century Swedish clergyman, P. Rahm: "In the year 1660, when I and my wife had gone to my farm, which is three quarters of a mile from Ragunda parsonage, and we were sitting there and talking awhile, late in the evening, there came a little man in at the door, who begged of my wife to go and aid his wife, who was just in the pains of labor. The fellow was of small size, of a dark complexion, and dressed in old gray clothes. My wife and I sat awhile, and wondered at the man; for we were aware that he was a Troll, and we had heard tell that such like, called by the peasantry Vettar (spirits), always used to keep in the farmhouses, when people left them in harvest-time. But when he had urged his request four or five times, and we thought on what evil the country folk say that they have at times suffered from the Vettar, when they have chanced to swear at them, or with uncivil words bid them to go to hell, I took the resolution to read some prayers over my wife, and to bless her, and bid her in God's name go with him. She took in haste some old linen with her, and went along with him, and I remained sitting there. When she returned, she told me that when she went with the man out at the gate, it seemed to her as if she was carried for a time along in the wind, and so she came to a room, on one side of which was a little dark chamber, in which his wife lay in bed in great agony. My wife went up to her, and, after a little while, aided her till she brought forth the child after the same manner as other human beings. The man then offered her food, and when she refused it, he thanked her, and accompanied her out, and then she was carried along, in the same way in the wind, and after a while came again to the gate, just at 10 o'clock. Meanwhile, a quantity of old pieces and clippings of silver were laid on a shelf, in the sittingroom, and my wife found them next day, when she was putting the room in order. It is supposed that they were laid there by the Vettar."

August 15 -- The Robozero Marvel of 1663, a report from Russia published in the St Petersburg Archaeographic Society Archives for 1842. The report actually exists and went on record long before ideas of UFOs could influence the account. A cleric writing to his superiors of his investigation of the incident, which they had heard second-hand, spoke to eyewitnesses and learned that people gathered in church heard a rumbling noise at midmorning and went outside to see what was the matter. In the clear and sunny sky, a glowing red spherical object with blue smoke emerging from its sides and rays of light extending from the front crossed over the lake and disappeared. Less than an hour later, the people came out of church again to see the same or a similar object going in another direction. About noon, the object returned a third time, this time to hover over the lake for 45 minutes. The diameter of the sphere was enormous, equivalent to the height of a 15-storey building; the light rays illuminated the lake all the way to the bottom; and men in a boat could not approach near the object because the heat was so strong. The fish in the lake fled toward the shore and the red light from the object covered parts of the lake with a rusty colour. Despite the inconvenience of historic distance, this account is credible reporting for any age. The details are plentiful and striking. The description is like nothing of the standard marvels and prodigies of the era, and even allowing for exaggeration, the object was still huge and impressive. Attempts to account for it as a big meteor or ball lightning definitely do not fit. Here is evidence that something strange happened long before any earthly aircraft existed.

Adam Oschlager wrote of a sighting of a "large serpent, which seen from afar, had the thickness of a wine barrel, and 25 windings. These serpents are said to appear on the surface of the water only in calm weather and at certain times."

Russian Old Believers begin setting themselves alight to protect themselves from the Antichrist. By 1690, 20,000 are dead.

The Hope Diamond is believed to have come from the Kollur mine near Golconda in India. It first came to attention in the 1660's when a French explorer Tavernier noticed the then 112 carats of golf ball shaped blue stone, gleaming on the forehead of a temple idol. At that point in time it was roughly three times the size that it is today. Tavernier took the diamond back to France where in 1669 he sold it to Louis XIV for the modern day equivalent of Ł71 million.

A Dutchman named Jan Struys, captured and enslaved by bandits in Armenia, met a hermit--or so he would claim later--on Ararat. Struys, believed by his captors to possess magical healing powers, treated the old man, who in gratitude handed him a "piece of hard wood of a dark color" and a sparkling stone, both of which "he told me he had taken from under the Ark."

In An Account of Two Voyages to New England, published in 1674, John Josselyn recalled a 1639 conversation with residents of the Massachusetts colony: "They told me of a sea-serpent or snake, that lay coiled upon a rock at Cape Ann."

A Dr Goldsmith in Bologna, Italy; witnessed a giant globe, appearing twice the size of the moon, had passed overhead.

The earliest known crop circle, known as the "Mowing Devil," is shown on a woodcut from Hertfordshire, England. The inscription reads, "Being a True Relation of a Farmer, who Bargaining with a Poor Mower, about the Cutting down Three Half Acres of Oats: upon the Mower's asking too much, the Farmer swore That the Devil should Mow it rather than He. And so it fell out, that very Night, the Crop of Oat shew'd as if it had been all of a flame: but next Morning appear'd so neatly mow'd by the Devil or some Infernal Spirit, that no Mortal Man was able to do the like. Also, How the said Oats ly now in the Field, and the Owner has not Power to fetch them away."

The witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts. 20 people are executed for witchcraft. Nineteen are hanged, not burned, and one is crushed under heavy stones.

One of the great early studies of Fairies was Robert Kirk's The Secret Common-Wealth. Kirk, a Presbyterian clergyman who served in Scotland's Highlands and who had a keen interest in the supernatural lore of the region, was convinced of the reality of fairies. After all, he asked, how could such a widespread belief, even if "not the tenth part true, yet could not spring of nothing?" He conducted his inquiries on the assumption that once he had enough information, he could accurately describe the nature of fairy life down to its smallest details. According to Kirk, fairies were of a "middle nature between man and angel" with bodies "somewhat of the nature of a condensed cloud." They dressed and spoke "like the people and country under which they live." Sometimes passing fairies could be heard but not seen. They traveled often, frequently through the air, could steal anything they liked (from food to human babies), and had no particular religion. Mortals with "second sight" (clairvoyance) were most likely to see them, since they were usually invisible to the human eye. In fact, the word "fairy" comes from a much earlier word, faierie, which meant a state of enchantment rather than an individual supernatural entity.

A giant skeleton found in a tomb near Angers, France, measured seventeen feet four inches.

Teleportations of human beings are not hard to find in folkloric and religious contexts. One early example of the former, recorded by the Rev. Robert Kirk in his classic work on seventeenth-century Scottish fairy traditions, The Secret Comnion-Wealth (1692), remarks on one unfortunate man's plight: His neighbours often perceaved this man to disappear at a certane Place, and about one Hour after to become visible, and discover himself near a Bowshot from the first Place. It was in that Place where he became invisible, said he, that the Subterraneans (fairies) did encounter and combate with him.

"Kap Dwa" was allegedly a 12-foot tall two-headed giant, who lived in the 17th century, and was captured by Spanish sailors in 1693. It was said he had a pike driven through his heart after managing to kill four of his captors. Since then his stuffed body has been displayed at various sideshows in England from 1900 onwards, and in America since 1980.

November 4 -- Sighting of two UFOs over Hamburg, Germany. The objects were described as "two glowing wheels".

In the US, there is an 18th century Indian legend about luminous humanoid beings who paralyzed people with a small tube. In variations of these tales, Indian women were even said to have married a couple of these "star people".

Montanus, an eighteenth century writer on German folklore, told of wizards flying in the clouds, who were shot down.

January 27 -- Around midnight a mysterious tsunami stole through several villages on the eastern coast of Japan. The waves reached as high as 12 feet and flooded rice paddies, washed away buildings and damaged fishing shacks and salt kilns. Sleeping villagers awoke startled and wet and had to hastily scramble to high ground. The waters knocked down oil lamps and started a fire in one village and destroyed 20 houses in another. The waves pounded the villages all through that night and into the late morning of the next day. They swept through Miho, a village about 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of what is now Tokyo, about seven times.

September 27 -- A phantom army was seen in Durham, England.

January -- Scottland's Laird of Kingswells, Alexander Jaffray, and his riding companion both reported witnessing an army of some 7000 soldiers west of Aberdeen. It was early in the morning, and a clear sunny day. What he saw was so real that he could make out the battalions colours, see the drums carried by the drummers and clearly identify the commanding officer, who was riding a white horse. The two men watched the army for two hours until it eventually disappeared behind a hill. The same army, led by the same commander was sighted in October of the same year. Then it was said that smoke could clearly be seen from the muskets they had fired but no sound was heard to indicate shots had been fired.

March -- Another sighting of a flying fireball "was very surprising to the western parts of England."

A wild boy who was captured in the woods near the German town of Hameln, in Hanover, on July 27, 1724. He appeared to be about 12 years old. He could not speak and ate only vegetables and grass and sucked the juice of green stalks; at first he rejected bread. There were rumors that he had been born dumb or retarded and abandoned in the local woods by his father. The story of the wild boy spread, and in February 1726 King George I of England (who was also the king of Hanover) sent for him. He was briefly a court favorite and learned to identify his benefactor as "ki scho" and Queen Caroline as "qui ca," although he never learned to speak articulately. Wild Peter died in 1785. A German naturalist and scholar later examined all the earliest documents on Wild Peter and concluded that he must have lived with people until shortly before he was captured, because he wore a rag around his neck and parts of his body were pale rather than tanned, suggesting that he had worn breeches. But not all agreed. Peter's case (like that of other "wild children,") strongly influenced contemporary views of how humans came to be civilized. French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau considered Wild Peter a model of an unspoiled "natural man," and Scotland's Lord Monboddo wrote: "I consider his history as a brief chronicle or abstract of the progress of human nature, from the mere animal to the first stage of civilized life."

Jonathan Swift in his book Gulliver's Travels, accurately "predicted" the previously unknown existence of the two moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos). These were not discovered by telescope until 1877. There is no way Swift could have known the moons were real yet he described Phobos' orbital period as 10 hours (very close to the real figure of 7.6) and Deimos' as 21.5 (close to the real 30.2). Both seem to be very lucky guesses. How was Swift able to predict the existence of the moons and their attributes so well? Some have seriously suggested he had psychic powers.

Last official burning of a witch in Scotland.

Strange subterranean thundering noise phenomena has been reported since at least 1729 and even before by natives, centered near Mt. Tom and especially Cave Hill, six miles the NW near Leesville, Connecticut, where there is a cavern where witches once congregated that has not been fully penetrated to any great depth because of its "bad air".

Hans Egede, a Protestant missionary known as the Apostle of Greenland, recorded this 1734 manifestation, witnessed while he was on his second voyage to Greenland: "This Monster was of so huge a Size, that coming out of the Water, its Head reached as high as the Mast-Head; its Body was bulky as the Ship, and three or four times as long. It had a long pointed Snout, and spouted like a Whale-Fish; great broad Paws, and the Body seemed covered with shell-work, its skin very rugged and uneven. The under Part of its Body was shaped like an enormous huge Serpent, and when it dived again under Water, it plunged backwards into the Sea, and so raised its Tail aloft, which seemed a whole Ship's Length distant from the bulkiest part of its Body."

According to legend, Ms. Leeds of Burlington, New Jersey, gives birth to a baby boy but he transforms into a monster with the head of a horse, feet of a pig and the body of a snake.

December 16 -- From an account by a Fellow of the Royal Society, England: "I was crossing St. James park when a light rose from behind the trees and houses, from the south and west, which at first I thought was a rocket of large size. But when it rose 20 degrees, it moved parallel to the horizon, but waved like this (the speaker drew an undulating line) and went on in the direction of north-by-east. It seemed very near. Its motion was very slow. I had it for about half a mile in view. A light flame was turned backwards by the resistance the air made to it. From one of burning charcoal. That end was a frame like bars of iron, and quite opaque in my sight. At one point on the longitudinal frame, or cylinder, it issued a train in the shape of a tail of light more bright at one point on the rod or cylinder; so that it was transparent for more than half of its length. The head of this strange object seemed about a half a degree in diameter and the tail near three degrees in length."

A man calling himself the Count of St. Germain turned up in Paris, looking about thirty, he claimed he was two thousand years old. He told the court that he had developed an elixir to keep him thirty forever. He graced many dinner tables, but would never eat; he said he never touched food but lived on his magic elixir. He did add that he had partaken of one wedding dinner-the one that Christ attended at Cana. He opened a scientific laboratory outside St. Antoine to various society visitors, but no one could figure out what he was doing. Even when the king of France gave him laboratory space at Versailles, they were no wiser. Nor Charles of Hesse-Cassel later. He told eighteenth-century Parisians that he had known Henry IV (1550-1610). If that was true, then perhaps he was also the man who scared Catherine de Medicis to death in 1589, for she was Henry's mother-in-law. An astrologer had told Catherine (1519-1589) "to beware of St. Germain," so the queen carefully avoided the Faubourg St. Germain, a district of Paris. Then she fell ill and sent for a priest to hear her confession. He appeared and announced that his name was St. Germain, and she dropped dead. He got involved in diplomatic intrigues and went on several confidential missions for the French king, journeying mysteriously to Vienna, Constantinople, Moscow, and other exotic capitals. In Paris, he made lots of friends, mostly ladies. They kept him so busy (he told Casanova, also an agent of Louis XV) that he didn't have time to invent the steamboat, but he would get to that in the next century. Meanwhile, he distributed to them a wash that took away wrinkles and warned Marie Antoinette of the impending revolution (she didn't believe him).

In Rio de Janeiro, a modern-day researcher named Fawcett found a report of the long forgotten discovery by the Spanish in 1753 of the ruins of a monumental stone city; there was no record of it ever having been visited again. Given a 10-inch tall figure carved of black basalt, Fawcett had it evaluated by a psychometrist, one who claims he can divine an object's origin by holding it. Undoubtedly, he was told, it came from the lost continent of Atlantis, taken along when its inhabitants had fled destruction to find refuge and build a great city in the Brazilian wilderness. Since the name was unknown, Fawcett called it "Z" for convenience. A civilization older than Egypt's waited to be uncovered.

While working in a new tin mine at Tregoney-on-Fal, in Cornwall, reports the Annual Register for 1761, a miner discovered a stone coffin on which some unrecognizable characters were inscribed. Inside the ancient eleven-foot-three-inch casket he saw the gigantic skeleton of a man, which, when exposed to the air, crumbled to dust-except for one tooth, which measured two and one-half inches in length.

August 9 -- First UFO photograph and a most unusual sighting was reported by Monsieur de Rostan, an amateur astronomer and member of the Medicophysical Society of Basel, Switzerland. On August 9, 1762, at Lausanne, Switzerland, he observed through a telescope a spindle-shaped object crossing and eclipsing the sun. Monsieur de Rostan was able to observe this object almost daily for close to a month. He also managed to trace its outline with a camera obscure and sent the picture to the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris. Unfortunately, his image -- probably the first one ever obtained of a UFO -- no longer exists. A friend of Monsieur de Rostan, living at Sole near Basel, also observed the spindle-shaped object against the sun, but it seemed to present more of an edge and was not quite as broad. Oddly enough, the UFO was not visible to a third astronomer, a Monsieur Messier who studied the sun, during the same time, from Paris -- an indication that the object was not a sunspot, since it was visible only from certain angles.

In the mountains of Germany, a peasant couple left their three-year-old daughter lying asleep by a stream as they cut grass a short distance away. When they went to check on her, they were horrified to find her missing. A frantic search proved fruitless until a man passing by on the other side of the hill heard a child crying. As he went to investigate, he was startled at the sight of a huge eagle flying up before him. At the spot from which it had ascended, he found the little girl, her arm torn and bruised. When the child was reunited with her parents, they and her rescuer estimated that the bird had carried her well over 1,400 feet.

One of the most perplexing cryptozoological mysteries of all time, the Beast of Gévaudan was a cow-sized, wolf-like monster which terrorized the district of Gévaudan (Lozčre), France, from 1764 until 1767. This tiny province, in the Margeride Mountains of south-central France, first became aware of the Beast in June, 1764. That month, a young woman was attacked by a large, wolf-like monster in the Foręt de Merçoire near Langogne. She was one of the few people who survived an encounter with la Bęte, a creature which was, peculiarly, referred to in the feminine. In October of that year, two hunters came across the Beast and shot at it from close range. The Beast was hit a total of four times, but it seemed relatively untouched. A Capt. Duhamel, who commanded nearly 60 soldiers, began his own hunt for La Bęte, and on several occasions wounded it--but it was still not killed. King Louis XV himself sent an experienced wolf-hunter named Denneval to Gévaudan to kill the Beast. Before Denneval himself managed to track down the Beast, a man named de la Chaumette saw the Beast near his home, near St.-Chely. He and his two brothers went out to a pasture in hopes of killing the Beast. They shot it twice, but it still didn't die. In June, 1765, Denneval gave up his hunt. The previous month, King Louis sent out his chief gun-carrier, Antoine de Beauterne. On September 21, he launched a hunt in the Béal Ravine, near Pommier. He shot what he believed was the Beast. It was an extremely large wolf, 6 feet long. De Beauterne's kill was preserved up until this century in the Museum of Natural History in Paris. But the killings still continued. In the summer of 1767, hundreds of peasants made pilgrimages to Notre-Dame de Beaulieu Cathedral near Mount Chauvet to pray for deliverance from the creature, which was widely believed to be either punishment sent by God, or possibly a loup-garou (werewolf). One of the peasants who went to the cathedral was a hermit named Jean Chastel. He had his rifle and three bullets blessed. On June 19, 1767, an area noble organized a huge hunt, with more than 300 participants. Chastel, at the Sogne d'Aubert, waited for the Beast to appear, praying all the while. When it appeared, he shot it. Finally, it died. What was the Beast? The French peasants of the area believed it to be some sort of demon, but an English account from about the same time said the Beast was most likely a member of "a new species", which they said was a hybrid of tiger and hyena. Learned men believed it to have been a wolverine, a bear, or even a baboon.

Edward Bancroft's An Essay on the Natural History of Guiana makes mention of what might be the a species of South American mystery hominids when he recounts tribal superstitions that creatures "near five feet in height, maintaining an erect position, and having a human form, thinly covered with short, black hair" dwelt in the forest.

In Staffordshire, England, a laborer moved a large flat stone he encountered in a field while digging a trench, beneath which he discovered a descending stone staircase which he followed deep into the earth, finding that the staircase switch-backed now and then until he emerged into a large underground chamber several hundred feel below that was filled with strange objects and large machines and illuminated by a strange ever-luminous sphere which revealed a man on a throne like chair, dressed in a hooded robe. The man in the chair saw the intruder and stood up with a baton like object in his hand as he went over to the luminous sphere and smashed it, plunging the cavern into darkness, as the laborer stumbled back up to the surface in surprise and terror. The story spread that one of the secret chambers where the Rosicrucians hoarded their scientific secrets had been discovered, i.e. the "Rosicrucius Sepulchre".

Another phantom army appeared, seemingly floating above a mountain in Scotland, it was witnessed by a man named D. Stricket. Stricket had witnessed a lone phantom horseman the previous year in the same area. Like the 1719 sighting, the apparition lasted for a couple of hours until again, the army disappeared behind a hill.

The first written record of the mysterious creature called mokele mbembe (literally, "stopper of rivers") appears in a book written in 1776 by French priest Abbé Lievain Bonaventure Proyart describing the natural history of the Congo Basin of Africa. He described a creature "which was not seen but which must have been monstrous: the marks of the claws were noted on the ground, and these formed a print about three feet in circumference."

George Washington has his mystical vision of the future of the United States while at Valley Forge.

May -- Report from Capt. George Little of the frigate Boston: In May, 1780, 1 was lying in Round Pond, in Broad Bay [off the Maine coast], in a public armed ship. At sunrise, I discovered a huge Serpent, or monster, coming down the Bay, on the surface of the water. The cutter was manned and armed. I went myself in the boat, and proceeded after the Serpent. When within a hundred feet, the mariners were ordered to fire on him, but before they could make ready, the Serpent dove. He was not less than from 45 to 50 feet in length; the largest diameter of his body, I should judge, 15 inches; his head nearly the size of that of a man, which he carried four or five feet above the water. He wore every appearance of a common black snake.

President Hanson commissions the "Eye in the Pyramid" Great Seal.

Windsor Castle, England: Members of the Royal Academy reported and illustrated the UFO they witnessed.

The summer of 1783 was disturbingly hot throughout Europe. The Gentleman's Magazine calmly reported on the "thick hot fog" that had settled from London to Madrid during June and July, making both sun and moon appear a dull red. The storms which broke early in August were some of the fiercest ever known and notable for the violence of the lightning which accompanied them.

August 18 -- A UFO sighting occurred at 9:45pm in the evening when four witnesses on the terrace of Windsor Castle observed a luminous object in the skies of the Home Counties of England. The sighting was recorded the following year in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, who relates what witnesses observed: "An oblong cloud moving more or less parallel to the horizon. Under this cloud could be seen a luminous object which soon became spherical, brilliantly lit, which came to a halt; this strange sphere seemed at first to be pale blue in color but then its luminosity increased and soon it set off again towards the East. Then the object changed direction and moved parallel to the horizon before disappearing to the South-East; the light it gave out was prodigious, it lit us everything on the ground."

November 21 -- Paris: Balloon of Montgolfier brothers fly away, on board with two friends of the brothers, Rozier and Laurnet.

The Elector of Bavaria suppressed the Illuminati Order by edict, June 22, 1784, many Illuminati being imprisoned and some, including Weishaupt, being forced to flee the country.

Public attention was first drawn to the existence of the Illuminati and their diabolical plan for world conquest as the result of a bizarre accident in 1785. History records that a courier for the Illuminati, named Lanze, was racing on horseback from Frankfurt to Paris carrying documents relating to Illuminati activities in general, and specific instructions for the planned French Revolution in particular. He was killed by lightning and his papers fell into government hands.

Anonymous pamphlet appears in Germany revealing secrets of ancient Egyptian ceremonies.

Both the Gentleman's Magazine, in November, and the Annual Register for the same year reported that while English workers were removing a ridge of limestone and rubbish in the lime quarries near Fullwell-hills, close to Durham, they unearthed a human skeleton nine feet six inches long with some teeth still in the skull.

The crew of the American gunship Protector had an extraordinary encounter in Penobscot Bay. One of the witnesses was an 18-year-old ensign, Edward Preble, who would go on to become a commoclore and a notable figure in U.S. naval history. In his biography of Preble, James Fenimore Cooper recounts this event: The day was clear and calm, when a large serpent was discovered outside the ship. The animal was lying on the water quite motionless. After inspecting it with the glasses for some time, Capt. John Foster Williams ordered Preble to man and arm a large boat, and endeavor to destroy the creature; or at least to go as near to it as he could... The boat thus employed pulled twelve oars, and carried a swivel in its bows, besides having its crew armed as boarders. Preble shoved off, and pulled directly towards the monster. As the boat neared it, the serpent raised its head about ten feet above the surface of the water, looking about it. It then began to move slowly away from the boat. Preble pushed on, his men pulling with all their force, and the animal being at no great distance, the swivel was discharged loaded with bullets. The discharge produced no other effect than to quicken the speed of the monster, which soon ran the boat out of sight.

The Annual Register for 1790 informed its readers that in July of that year some workers in a peat bog at Donnadea, near the seat of Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer, uncovered at a depth of seventeen feet the sepulchre of an Irish chieftain. Inside the coffin they found an eight-foot-two-inch skeleton with a seven-foot spear at his side. The sepulchre, according to local tradition, was built after the introduction of Christianity into Ireland.

Summer -- French Police Inspector Liabeuf witnessed and investigated a large red globe as it flew over farmland. The globe landed and a man came out and spoke in a language none understood. The globe then exploded and the man disappeared. The event was witnessed by many and is well documented. (Probably the Alencon case, jun 12.)

June 12 -- A strange entity witnessed by a crowd of people in Alencon, France. It was said that at around that time a large metal sphere descended from the sky and crash landed into a nearby hillside. After a crowd had gathered, a "hatch" slid open and a being emerged dressed in an odd tight fitting costume. It mumbled something in a strange language, before bolting off towards some nearby woods. Seconds later the sphere exploded, fragments of which were said to have "sizzled" on the grass and melted. A wide search of the area yielded no further sign of the mysterious visitor.

The French Blue Diamond mysteriously vanishes during the revolution. Later was cut into Hope Diamond.

Johann Rockerfeller of Germany comes to the USA, probably the deadliest immigrant America will ever know. Not because he was a German but because he was a German racist with some very dangerous international banking cult connections.

Robespierre's enemies accuse him of attempting to have himself declared divine by Catherine Theot, an old woman who preached a mystery religion; Robespierre guillotined.

July 16: 19.00 -- Stones fall from a cloud in Sienna, Italy.

Double hemisphere wall map of the world by Samuel Dunn.

Daniel McGiniss discovers a clearing on Oak Island, where he figured must be some buried treasure. He returned the next day with John Smith and Anthony Vaughan. They only manage to dig down 30'.

The first real "break" as far as inside information on the Illuminati is concerned, came when Professor John Robison, working undercover in the Illuminati organization, came out and wrote a startling book entitled Proofs of A Conspiracy. Nearly all of what is currently known about the early Illuminati comes from Robison's book giving us a clear-cut picture of the organization.

Proofs of a Conspiracy

Germany, Dresden and Berlin: A bright light irregular in form and the size of the moon was seen in the sky above. A large detonation was heard and a dark bituminous substance fell to earth.

A school master of Thurso in Caithness, William Munro, was walking along Sandside Bay shore when he saw what he first thought was a naked woman, sitting on a rock and combing her light brown hair. He claims she was a mermaid. The face was plump, with ruddy cheeks and blue eyes. If the rock where the woman sat had not been so dangerous for swimmers, Munro would have assumed it was human. After a few minutes it dropped into the sea and swam away. Others had seen it too.

A wild boy captured in the woods near the village of Lacaune, France, in 1797. The boy was taken by his captors (local peasants), kicking and struggling, to be displayed in the village square. The wild boy managed to escape, but a year later (1798) he was caught again in the vicinity of Lacaune by three hunters as he was climbing a tree. He was then taken to a local widow's house, who fed and clothed him for a week. At the first change, the boy again ran away to the forest. But the wild boy was now less wary of human company, and stared showing up hungry at farmhouse doors. Eventually, in 1800 with winter at its worst, the hungry wild boy wandered near another village, Saint Sernin, and was captured again, this time by a a local leather tanner named Vidal. After that, Victor, as the boy came to be known, never returned to the wild. The boy was dirty and inarticulate, and he moved on all fours and grunted like a beast. Brought to Paris — Napoleon's brother himself, Lucien Bonaparte, the Minister for the Interior, demanded that the boy had to be examined by members of the society — and exhibited in a cage, Victor would rock back and forth and appear completely apathetic. Pioneer psychologist Philippe Pinel examined the boy and diagnosed him an incurable idiot, doubting the story of his wild origins. Despite the grim prognosis, a young physician and teacher of deaf-mute and retarded children named Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard took charge of the boy's education. Victor learned how to read, say a few words and to obey simple commands, but he never properly learned to speak. He died in 1828.

September 9 -- A "beautiful ball blazing with white light,..." was seen at 8:30 P.M. in England. It made no sound, and red sparks flew from it.

November 12, a "large red pillar of fire" was seen in the sky going south in Hereford, England. It was preceded by "flashes of extremely vivid electrical sort". Other object were seen between 5 and 6 A.M. leaving luminous trails behind them.

In the 1800's, two trappers reportedly discovered a cave in the Guadellupe Mountains of New Mexico, which they followed to a considerable depth. Hiding behind a large outcropping of rock they observed in fascination and horror a procession of beings in dark hooded robes enter a large cavern and began to chant, at which a "crystal like" entity descended from the stalactites above, hovered and in a multi-colored display communicated with the beings in some type of xylophone-like manner, until it once again ascended and was lost among the stalactites above, at which the procession descended downward through the passage from which they had emerged.

Napoleon comes to power, allegedly through Illuminati manipulation.

Francis Barret who greatly inspired Eliphas Levi wrote The Magus which contains also a great number of magica formula.

Fish ejected from volcano Cotopaxi in the North Andes.

February 22 -- Utsuro-bune, Japan. In 1803, a round vessel drifted ashore on the Japanese coast and a beautiful woman emerged, wearing strange clothing and carrying a box. Her face is pale, and her eyebrows and hair are red. She was unable to communicate with the locals, and her craft was marked with mysterious writing.

McGinnis, Smith and Vaughan return to Oak Island treasure pit, with Simeon Lynds. At 100 feet they reach the probable site of the chests. They leave it alone for the night, by the time they return everything is flooded.

Lynds and Smith dig a second pit and tunnel at Oak Island treasure pit in from the side, attempting to drain the water out. They are lucky to survive.

The great Mammoth Cave in Edmondson County, Kentucky, was discovered only in 1809. Bodies of an unknown race reputed to antedate the Indians (giant descendents?) were found in its recesses with reed torches beside them, but all crumbled to powder when touched.

A thick red rain falls in the Placentia Mountains.

One of the earliest recorded sightings of Sasquatch by a white man occurred near what is now Jasper, Alberta by a fur trader named David Thompson.

October 29 -- Campbeltown, John M'Isaac, a farmer, made a sworn statement to the Sheriff-substitute and the parish minister that he had met a mermaid in Campbeltown. The description he gave ran for more than five hundred words and was so convincing that Rev. Dr. George Robertson, Rev. Norman MacLeod, and James Maxwell, Esq., Chamberlain of Mull wrote that they were, "satisfied that he was impressed with a perfect belief, that the appearance of the animal he has described was such as he has represented it to be."

July -- An Italian journal reported that in the valley of Mazara in Sicily the skeleton of a man ten feet and three inches in length was dug up. It was noted that several other human skeletons of gigantic size had previously been found in the same area.

August 11 -- Exmouth, a Mr Toupin reported that not only had he seen a mermaid but he had heard her sing wild melodies, similar to the sound of an Aeolian harp.

October -- A phantom army in battle was reported in the English town of Leeds. The town newspaper reported the incident stating: "These phantoms were four deep, extending over thirty acres, and performed many evolutions. Other bodies, in dark uniforms now appeared, and smoke, as if from artillery, rolled over the grass of the park…" It seems that there are many consistencies in the eye-witness accounts of the phantom army sighting, all appear in great detail, enough to make witnesses think they are seeing the real thing, but in all cases the armies are silent, neither drum nor gun making a sound. The duration of the sightings are always of a sustained period of time and occur during good visibility, clear skies and sunshine.

April 14 -- The school master of Rathven, Banffshire, in the Aberdeen Chronicle of this date, a report that two fishermen at Portgordon, about a mile west of Buckie, whose character he was able to vouch for, were returning from fishing in Sprey Bay; "about three or four o'clock yesterday afternoon, when about a quater of a mile from the shore, the sea being perfectly calm, they observed, at a small distance from their boat, with its back turned towards them, and half its body above the water, a creature of a tawny colour, appearing like a man sitting, with his body half bent. Surprised at this they approached towards him, till they came within a few yards, when the noise made by the boat occasioned the ceature to turn about, which gave the men a better opportunity of observing him. His countenance was swarthy, his hair short and curled, of a colour between a green and a grey: he had small eyes, a flat nose, his mouth was large, and his arms of an extraordinary length. Above the waist, he was shaped like a man, but as the water was clear my informants could perceive that from the waist downwards, his body tapered considerably or, as they expressed it, like a large fish without scales but could not see the extemity." But this was not the end of their encounter for he dived and surfaced some distance away and was not alone. With him was what appeared to be a female of his species for she had breasts and hair that reached past her shoulders. The two men then rowed as fast as they could to land where they related their story to the school master.

September 5 -- One interesting case, reported in scientific journals of the period, concerned a small, slow-moving, perfectly spherical white cloud which suddenly appeared in an otherwise clear sky northwest of Agen, France, on this date. Within a few minutes it stopped and remained motionless for a period of time, then abruptly sped southward, all the while revolving on its own axis and emitting earshattering rumbling noises. These climaxed with an explosion and the expulsion of a variety of stones, some of them of impressive dimensions. The cloud then ceased its movement and faded slowly away.

Stones fall from a cloud in Chassigny, France.

June 20 -- Capt. Elkanah Finney focused a telescope on a sea serpent in Cape Cod Bay: "I then had a good view of him through my glass, at the distance of a quarter of a mile. His appearance in this situation was like a string of buoys. I saw perhaps thirty or forty of these protuberances or bunches, which were about the size of a barrel. The head [front part visible above water] appeared to be about six or eight feet long, and where it was connected with the body was a little larger than the body. His head tapered off to the size of a horse's head... What I supposed to be his under jaw had a white stripe extending the whole length of the head, just above the water. While he lay in this situation, he appeared to be about a hundred or a hundred and twenty feet long."

The Leixlip churchyard yielded to diggers the skeleton of a man not less than ten feet high. According to local tradition, the giant Phelim O'Tool was buried in that same churchyard some thirteen hundred years earlier.

First reports of a peculiar leaping man in London.

August 12, 13, and 14 -- Reports from Solomon Allen III: 1 have seen a strange marine animal, that I believe to be a serpent, in the harbor in Gloucester. I should judge him to be between eighty and ninety feet in length, and about the size of a half barrel. I was about 150 yards from him. His head formed something like the head of a rattlesnake, but nearly as large as the head of a horse. When he moved on the surface of the water, his motion was slow, at times playing about in circles, and sometimes moving nearly straight forward. When he disappeared, he sunk [sic] apparently down.

June 6 -- Report from Hawkins Wheeler: I had a fair and distinct view of the creature, and from his appearance am satisfied that it was of the serpent kind. The creature was entirely black; the head, which perfectly resembled a snake's, was elevated from four to seven feet above the surface of the water, and his back appeared to be composed of bunches or humps, apparently about as large as, or a little larger than, a half barrel; I think I saw as many as ten or twelve... I considered them to be caused by the undulatory motion of the animal-the tail was not visible, but from the head to the last hump that could be seen, was, I should judge, 50 feet.

August 14 -- Report from Samuel Cabot: My attention was suddenly arrested by an object emerging from the water at the distance of about one hundred or one hundred and fifty yards, which gave to my mind at the first glance the idea of a horse's head. I perceived at a short distance eight or ten regular bunches or protuberances, and at a short interval three or four more. The Head was serpent shaped; it was elevated about two feet from the water. He could not be less than eighty feet long and maybe a whale was.

A formation of flying objects crossed the French town of Embrun. Francois Arago wrote of this date in the Annales de chimie et de physique: "Numerous observers have seen, during an eclipse of the moon, strange objects moving in straight lines. They were equally spaced and remained in line when they made turns. Their movements made a military precision."

"Very large" bones in stone graves found in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Charles Babbage demonstrates a prototype of his "Difference Engine" to the Royal Astronomical Society. He continues his work by designing an even more ambitious project "the Analytical Engine" that reportedly was to use punch cards inspired by Joseph Jacquard's invention. During his lifetime he never produces a functional version of either machine. Despite this shortcoming he is often heralded as the "Father of the Computer" and his work lives on as the foundation for the binary numbering system that is the basis of modern computers.

Stones and rocks fall from a mysterious cloud in Noblesville, Indiana.

Sailors in the English Channel reported seeing a gray, torpedo-shaped object flying overhead.

June 16 -- The American ship Silas Richards was sailing off St. George's Bank south of Nova Scotia at 6:30 P.M. on June 16, 1826, when its captain, Henry Holdredge, and a passenger, Englishman William Warburton, saw a most peculiar sight: an enormous, many-humped snakelike creature slowly approaching the vessel. Warburton raced to inform the other passengers, who were below deck, but only a handful responded. Warburton recalled, "The remainder refused to come up, saying there had been too many hoaxes of that kind already."

May 26 -- Kaspar Hauser mysteriously appears on the streets of Nuremberg.

June -- Olaf Jansen of Sweden with his father Jens Jansen left Stockholm to take an extended fishing and pleasure voyage. They sailed to Spitzbergen, Norway getting their first view of icebergs. Leaving Wijade Bay on June 23, they sailed to Hinlopen Strait and along the rocky coast of Franz Josef Land. After sailing for 24 hours, they came to a beautiful inlet where the air was unseasonably warm. In front of them they saw an open sea. Both father and son, having a love of the sea and a spirit of adventure, decided in that moment to explore this unknown sea. They turned the bow of their boat in a northerly direction and continued on. After three days, they encountered a fierce storm with high winds and spiraling whirlpools. A mist settled around their boat as they struggled to keep it afloat. Suddenly they were in calm waters; the storm had passed. As the mist cleared, the first light they noticed was a sun that was shining on them from an apparent southern latitude rather than from the North as they would expect. Tasting some drops of water that splashed on their hand, they discovered it was fresh water. Their story goes on to relate many unusual climate and compass irregularities. The compass needle continued to point north, although Olaf and Jens knew they had sailed over the curve or edge of the Earth. After being ridiculed and laughed at in his homeland for relating his experiences, a demoralized Olaf moved to America in 1889. In the last years of his life he met and confided in a neighbor, who was a writer. The book about his experiences was written by Willis George Emerson of Los Angeles. It was published by Forbes and Company in Chicago in 1908. (The Smoky God: A Voyage to the Inner World) Olaf Jansen had died just a few weeks earlier.

On the island of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, women cutting seaweed reported they had met a creature of female form playing happily off the shore. A few days later her dead body was found two miles from where she had first been seen. The description of the creature was recorded thus, "the upper part of the creature was about the size of a well-fed chid of three or four years of age, with an abnormally developed breast. The hair was long, dark and glossy. while the skin was white, soft and tender. The lower part of the body was like a salmon, but without scales."

In the vicinity of Zarnow, Germany a terrible wolf was on the loose and was causing great harm to humans and cattle. Once he even ripped a child to pieces. Then all the peasants of the region banded together and pursued him, finally surrounding him in some brush. They were about to kill him when suddenly a large strange man with a club appeared before them. Then they knew that they had a werewolf before them.

Writing in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, B. H. Hodgson, British Resident of the court of Nepal, made what may be the first reference in English to a strange biped in the Himalayas. He related that as they were collecting specimens in a northern Nepal province, his native hunters encountered an erect, tailless creature with long, dark hair all over its body. Taking it to be a demon, they fled in terror. Hodgson took it to be an orangutan.

Soldiers digging at Lompock Rancho, California, discovered a male skeleton 12 feet tall. The skeleton was surrounded by caved shells, stone axes, other artifacts. The skeleton had double rows of upper and lower teeth. Unfortunately, this body was secretly buried because the local Indians became upset about the remains.

Off the Isle of Yell, six fishermen reported that their fishing line had become entangled with a mermaid. They said they had kept her on board their boat for three hours, and said that she was about three feet long. She "offered no resistance nor attempted to bite, but she moaned piteously. A few stiff bristles were on top of the head, extending down to the shoulder, and these she could erect and depress at pleasure, something like a crest. She had neither gill nor fins and there were no scales on her body. The fishermen who were very superstitious threw her overboard eventually and said that she dived in a perpendicular direction."

December 17 -- Kaspar Hauser dies of wounds received in a mysterious stabbing.

In the French coastal town of Cherbourg what was a described as a "gleaming aerial vessel" was seen in the sky overhead.

October -- Polly Adams is attacked at the Blackheath Fair by "Spring Heeled Jack.

A little girl, five years old, called Marie Delex, was playing with one of her companions on a mossy slope of a mountain in the French Alps, when all at once an eagle swooped down upon her and carried her away in spite of the cries and presence of her young friend. Some peasants, hearing the screams, hastened to the spot but sought in vain for the child, for they found nothing but one of her shoes on the edge of a precipice. The child was not carried to the eagle's nest, where only two eaglets were seen surrounded by heaps of goat and sheep bones. It was not until two months later that a shepherd discovered the corpse of Marie Delex, frightfully mutilated, and lying upon a rock half a league from where she had been borne off.

January 9 -- The Lord Mayor of London reveals the existence of a "citizen of Peckham" who has been frightening women.

November 6 -- The 222 ton ship Rosalie was found deserted with all of her raised sails near the Bahamas and no crew on board. A victim of the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

According to an account he gave to a local historian, a Stowmarket, England, man was passing through a meadow on his way home when he saw fairies in the moonlight, "There might be a dozen of them, the biggest about three feet high, and small ones like dolls. Their dresses sparkled as if with spangles. They were moving round hand in hand in a ring, no noise came from them. They seemed light and shadowy, not like solid bodies. I passed on, saying, the Lord have mercy on me, but them must be the fairies, and being alone then on the patch over the field could seem them as plain as I do you. I looked after them when got over the style, and they were there, just the same moving round and round. I ran home and called three women to come back with me and see them. But when we got to the place they were all gone. I could not make out any particular things about theirfaces. I might be 40 rods from them and I did not like to stop and stare at them. I was quite sober at the time."

Bahai religion begins when the Bab proclaims his mission in Persia.

Spring Heeled Jack is seen in Ealing and Hanwell. At Jacob's Island in Bermondsey SHJ is responsible for the accidental death of a prostitute, Maria Davis.

June 18 -- According to the Malta Times " …we find the brigantine Victoria some 900 miles east of Adalia, when her crew saw three luminous bodies emerge from the sea into the air. They were visible for ten minutes, flying a half mile from the ship." There were other witnesses who saw this same UFO phenomena from Adalia, Syria and Malta. The luminous bodies each displayed an apparent diameter larger than the size of the full moon.

Fishermen John Bockner and James Wilson saw a 100-foot-long "serpent" in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia. They reported their sighting to the Reverend John Ambrose, who not long afterwards had his own run-in with the monster.

July 28 -- At 3:30 A.M., near Stralsund (then part of Pomerania and now Germany). During a short walk from the city on the Baltic shore, witnesses saw in a pale blue light the image of Stralsund looming over the Isle of Rugen on the opposite shore for a period of 15 minutes. The image was clear enough that details of the facade of the Gothic church of St. Mary could be "distinguished with ease."

September 27 -- During the exhibition of a panoramic model of Edinburgh, in the Zoological Gardens at Liverpool, about 3 P.M., an erect image of Edinburgh, depicted on the clouds over Liverpool, was seen by two residents in the Great Park at Birkenhead, for a period of forty minutes." Edinburgh is about 325 kilometers north of Liverpool.

Marx and Engles publish the Communist Manifesto (allegedly commissioned by the Illuminati) and travel in France and Germany encouraging discontent with the Establishment.

Fortean tidbits: moon turns "blood-red" during total eclipse; a great comet fails to return at the time predicted; visions and "phantom soldiers" seen in the skies of France and Scotland.

August 6 -- The most famous sea-serpent report of all time. The witnesses were the captain and crew of the frigate Daedalus, on their way back to England from the Cape of Good Hope. Soon after its arrival at Plymouth on October 4, several newspapers reported rumors of a spectacular 20-minute sea-serpent sighting, and the Admiralty asked Peter M'Quhae, the captain, to supply a report either denying or detailing the incident. On the eleventh M'Quhae wrote Adm. Sir W. H. Gage a letter which the Times of London reprinted two days later. It reads in part: The object was discovered to be an enormous serpent, with head and shoulders kept about four feet constantly above the surface of the sea, and as nearly as we could approximate by comparing it with the length of what our main-topsail yard would show in the water, there was at the very least 60 feet of the animal [above water], no portion of which was, to our perception, used in propelling it through the water, either by vertical or horizontal undulation. It passed rapidly, but so close under our lee quarter, that had it been a man of my acquaintance, I should easily have recognized his features with the naked eye; and it did not, either in approaching the ship or after it passed our wake, deviate in the slightest degree from its course to the S.W., which it held on at the pace of from 12 to 15 miles per hour, apparently on some determined purpose. The diameter of the serpent was about 15 or 16 inches behind the head, which was, without any doubt, that of a snake, and it was never, during the 20 minutes that it continued in sight of our glasses, once below the surface of the water; its color a dark brown, with yellowish white about the throat. It had no fins, but something like the mane of a horse, or rather a bunch of seaweed, washed about its back. It was seen by the quartermaster, the boatswain's mate, and the man at the wheel, in addition to myself and officers above mentioned. The Zoologist soon afterwards published the private notes of another witness, Lt. Edgar Drummond, who confirmed M'Quhae's account in all particulars but one. What M'Quhae had called a mane Drummond deemed a dorsal fin. Ten years later another officer recalled the incident in a letter to the Times. "My impression," he wrote, "was that it was rather of a lizard than a serpentine character, as its movement was steady and uniform, as if propelled by fins, not by any undulatory power."

Anthony Vaughan returns to Oak Island with the Truro Syndicate. They dig numerous shafts, bore several holes and get ripped off by their foreman.

A female Alma is captured in the Ochamchir region. She resembled a Neanderthal rather than a human, with unusual features and a full coat of hair from head to toe. She was also very powerful, and could easily outrun even horses, and swim across fast flowing rivers. While in captivity she gave birth to several children, who were also physically tougher than normal and dark skinned, but with no other apparent unusual characteristics. She was named "Zama". (She is able to bear children fathered by humans).

The most numerous vitrified remains in the New World are located in the western United States. In this year, the American explorer Captain Ives William Walker was the first to view some of these ruins, situated in Death Valley. He discovered a city about a mile long, with the lines of the streets and the positions of the buildings still visible. At the center he found a huge rock, between 20 to 30 feet high, with the remains of an enormous structure atop it. The southern side of both the rock and the building was melted and vitrified. Walker assumed that a volcano had been responsible for this phenomenon, but there is no volcano in the area. In addition, tectonic heat could not have caused such a liquefication of the rock surface. An associate of Captain Walker who followed up his initial exploration commented: "The whole region between the rivers Gila and San Juan is covered with remains. The ruins of cities are to be found there which must be most extensive, and they are burnt out and vitrified in part, full of fused stones and craters caused by fires which were hot enough to liquefy rock or metal. There are paving stones and houses torn with monstrous cracks [as though they had] been attacked by a giant's fire-plough." These vitrified ruins in Death Valley sound fascinating--but do they really exist? There certainly is evidence of ancient civilizations in the area. In Titus Canyon, petroglyphs and inscriptions have been scratched into the walls by unknown prehistoric hands. Some experts think the graffiti might have been made by people who lived here long before the Indians we know of, because extant Indians know nothing of the glyphs and, indeed, regard them with superstitious awe.

February 15 -- The first flesh fall recorded in North Carolina occurred on the farm of Thomas Clarkson. "On the 15th Feb'y, 1850, there fell within 100 yards of the residence of Thos. M. Clarkson in Sampson county, a shower of Flesh and Blood, about 250 or 300 yards in length. The pieces appeared to be flesh, liver, lights, brains and blood. Some of the blood ran on the leaves, apparently very fresh. Three of his (T.M.C.'s) children were in it, and ran to their mother exclaiming, "Mother there is meat falling!" Their mother went immediately to see, but the shower was over; but there lay the flesh.

Captain Seaburg of Monongahela kills sea serpent.

A huge "Tiger" is spotted near Russelville, Kentucky.

February 7 -- Among the world's great mysteries is the case of the devil's footprints. Unfortunately, the documentation is not entirely satisfactory, but no one disputes that something out of the ordinary took place just after a snowfall on the night of February 7,1855, in Devonshire, England. As The Times of London reported: "Considerable sensation has been evoked in the towns of Topsham, Lympstone, Exmouth, Teignmouth, and Dawlish, in the south of Devon, in consequence of the discovery of a vast number of foot-tracks of a most strange and mysterious description. The superstitious go so far as to believe that they are the marks of Satan himself; and that great excitement has been produced among all classes may be judged from the fact that the subject has been descanted on from the pulpit. It appears that on Thursday night last there was a very heavy fall of snow in the neighborhood of Exeter and the south of Devon. On the following morning, the inhabitants of the above towns were surprised at discovering the tracks of some strange and mysterious animal, endowed with the power of ubiquity, as the foot-prints were to be seen in all kinds of inaccessible places-on the tops of houses and narrow walls, in gardens and courtyards enclosed by high walls and palings, as well as in open fields. There was hardly a garden in Lympstone where the foot-prints were not observed. The track appeared more like that of a biped than a quadruped, and the steps were generally eight inches in advance of each other. The impressions of the feet closely resembled that of a donkey's shoe, and measured from an inch and a half to (in some instances) two and a half inches across. Here and there it appeared as if cloven, but in the generality of the steps the shoe was continuous, and, from the snow in the center remaining entire, merely showing the outer crest of the foot, it must have been convex (concave?). The creature seems to have approached the doors of several houses and then to have retreated, but no one has been able to discover the standing or resting point of this mysterious visitor. On Sunday last the Rev. Mr. Musgrave alluded to the subject in his sermon, and suggested the possibility of the footprints being those of a kangaroo; but this could scarcely have been the case, as they were found on both sides of the estuary of the Exe. At present it remains a mystery, and many superstitious people in the above towns are actually afraid to go outside their doors after night." The Times had nothing more to say on the subject. The most detailed accounts, in fact virtually the only detailed accounts, are to be found in letters to the editor of Illustrated London News from locals who reported on what they saw, heard about, or believed about the enigmatic prints, which covered some 100 miles over a zigzag course. Of a general horseshoe shape, each track was, correspondents claimed, exactly eight and a half inches apart. Then and later theorists would offer all kinds of candidates for print-maker: mouse, rat, swan, rabbit, deer, badger, otter, toad, donkey, and kangaroo. But if the accounts-never investigated by any independent authority-of what the tracks looked like and where they went are accurate, none of these candidates works.

Residents of Green Harbour, Nova Scotia were terrified to see, in one citizen's words, "a hideous length of undulating terror" pursue local fishing boats, apparently intent on bodily harm. As the fishermen raced desperately for shore, their families watched helplessly. One observer described the creature in an issue of the nineteenth-century American magazine Ballou's: "Near what might be the head rose a hump or crest crowned with a waving mass of long, pendulous hair like a mane, while behind, for forty or fifty feet, slowly moved, or rolled, the spirals of his immense snake-like body. The movement was in vertical curves, the contortions of the back alternately rising and falling from the head to the tail, leaving behind a wake, like that of a screw-steamer, upon the glassy surface of the ocean."

Lord Waterford dies from a fall from his horse. He may have been Spring Heeled Jack.

Report from Louisiana, Shreveport: "Our attention was called to a strange light in the heavens. On going out into the gallery we had a magnificent view of it. It appeared to the naked eye, about 300 yards in length, extending from north to west appearing just above the tallest trees. Its color was that of a red hot stove from the center beautiful rays resembling those of the sun drawing water would ascend to a considerable height, the whole presenting a very beautiful and sublime appearance. We watched it for about an hour without perceiving it to change any."

Combustible fall in Hessle, Sweden.

Reddish rain in Siena, Spain.

A shipwrecked Danish sailor in the Indian Ocean reported seeing a strange aircraft as large as a battleship with four huge wings. This object was seen to crash into a cliff and was destroyed.

Assassination of Lincoln; Andrew Johnson becomes president; "Booth" killed; coded message found among his effects; the code key later found in possession of Benjamin, alleged Rothschild agent.

September -- New evidence suggests that an alien spacecraft crashed in the Cadotte Pass, MT area of Missouri sometime in September of 1865. The man discovering the crashed UFO was a fur trapper named James Lumley, who told newspapers he saw a "bright, luminous body in the heavens" suddenly burst into flames in the middle of the night. The day after the sighting, Lumley reportedly discovered a bizarre giant stone-like object about two miles from his camp that was decorated with weird hieroglyphics. Newspapers from the time report that the giant "space rock" was so fragile that it blew to bits before Lumley could take it to scientists for an examination.

"Ku Klux Klan" founded as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee.

Death of Phineas Quimby, magnetic healer, founder of Free Thought movement, teacher of Mary Baker Eddy.

Ku Klux Klan reorganized along political and racial lines near Nashville, Tennessee.

English Rosicrucian Society founded by Wentworth Little. Little was in contact with the German Rosicrucians. He recruited his followers, to the number of 144, from the ranks of the higher-ranking Freemasons.

Chile, Copiago: A strange "aerial construction bearing lights and making engine noises" flew low over this town. Local people also described it as a giant bird covered with large scales producing a metallic noise. Although not an actual landing, this is the first instance of close observation of an unknown object at low altitude in the nineteenth century.

A Tippah County, Mississippi, school teacher recorded the following in the fall of 1868: "A sad casualty occurred at my school a few days ago. The eagles have been very troublesome in the neighborhood for some time past, carrying off pigs, lambs, &c.; No one thought that they would attempt to prey upon children; but on Thursday, at recess, the little boys were out some distance from the house, playing marbles, when their sport was interrupted by a large eagle sweeping down and picking up little Jemmie Kenney, a boy of eight years, and when I got out of the house, the eagle was so high that I could just hear the child screaming. The eagle was induced to drop his victim; but his talons had been buried in him so deeply, and the fall was so great, that he was killed-or either would have been fatal."

July 25-26 -- A UFO buzzed New South Wales, Australia. A local surveyor was invited to board this incredible flying machine by its strange pilot.

St. Germain allegedly completes 85 years in the Himalayas after his "death."

Wednesday noon, a hot summer -- Tennessee, Ashland: A whirlwind came along over the neighboring woods, taking up small branches and leaves of trees and burring them in a sort of flaming cylinder that traveled at a rate of about five miles an hour, developing size as it traveled. It passed directly over the spot where a team of horses were feeding and singed their manes and tails up to the roots; it then swept towards the house, taking a stack of hay in its course. It seemed to increase in heat as it went, and by the time it reached the house it immediately fired the shingles from end to end of the building, so that in ten minutes the whole dwelling was wrapped in flames. The tall column of traveling caloric then continued its course over a wheat field that had been recently cradled, setting fire to all the stacks that happened to be in its course. Passing from the field, its path lay over a stretch of woods, which reached the river. The green leaves on the trees were crisped to a cinder for a breadth of 20 yards, in a straight line to the Cumberland. When the "pillar of fire" reached the water, it suddenly changed its route down the river, raising a column of steam which went up to the clouds for about half-a-mile, when it finally died out. Not less than 200 people witnessed this strangest of strange phenomena, and all of them tell substantially the same story about it. From Symon's Monthly Meteorological Magazine, 1869

Mazzini and Pike reached an agreement for the creation of the new supreme rite, to be called the New and Reformed Palladian Rite. Pike was to be called the Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, and Mazzini was to be called Sovereign Chief of Political Action. Pike was to draw up the statutes and grades.

A "monster bird, something like the condor of Sinbad the Sailor," landed on a barn owned by James Pepples in rural Stanford, Kentucky. Pepples fired on the creature, wounding it, and took it into captivity. A contemporary press account says, "On measurement, the bird proved to be seven feet from tip to tip. It was of a black color, and both similar and dissimilar in many ways, to an eagle." Nothing is known of its fate.

Colonel James Churchward, a former Bengal Lancer and a big game hunter, announced he had learned of a lost continent named Mu, once located in the Pacific Ocean with its center just south of the equator. Churchward said he learned this from secret, ancient clay and stone tablets hidden in India, which had been revealed to him by a Hindu priest.

A correspondent to a California newspaper, the Antioch Ledger, reported that the year before, he had seen a "gorilla, or wild man, or whatever you choose to call it," in the bush. Its head, he wrote, "appeared to be set on (the creature's) shoulders without a neck"--a detail echoed by virtually every modern witness. On the other hand, the correspondent mentioned a decidedly uncharacteristic anatomical feature: "very short legs." If this animal existed outside the writer's imagination, it may well have been a (presumably escaped) gorilla; it could also have been a chimpanzee.

Near the Bullers O'Buchan, north of Cruden Bay, on the coast of Aberdeenshire, an old fisherman swore that he had not only seen but conversed with a mermaid beneath the red granite cliffs. It appears that it had been a fairly general belief that the caves on this rocky coast were the homes of mermaids.

March 22 -- From the log account of a ship's captain, F. W. Banner: In the equatorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the sailors of the English corvette Lady of the Lake saw a remarkable object or cloud in the sky. It was a cloud of circular form, with an included semi-circle divided into four parts, the central dividing shaft beginning at the center of the circle and extending far outward, and then curving backward. The thing traveled from a point 20 degrees above the horizon to a point about 80 degrees above. Then it settled down to the northeast, having appeared from the south, southeast. It came up obliquely against the wind, and finally settled down in the wind's eye. For half an hour this form was visible, then it finally did disappear.

G.B. Scott reports hearing The Barisal Guns in the Sundarbans, near the mouth of the Ganges River in India.

Albert Pike publishes the 861-page Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

November -- There are reports of "the Peckham Ghost", which might be Spring Heeled Jack again.

November 25 -- Marie Celeste is found abandoned.

The "Bohemian Grove" group was established by San Franciscans, played an equally significant role in shaping post-war politics in the US. It was at the Grove, it is said, that the Manhattan Project was set up and that Dwight Eisenhower was selected as the Republicans' candidate for 1952.

June -- Texas, Bonham: A huge cigar-shaped object what looked like an enormous flying snake, banded with brilliant yellow swipes, writhing and twisting in the sky above him in broad daylight swooped low over the town of on two occasions and in broad daylight. It then disappeared quickly to the east.

Mexico, Oaxaca: Residents saw a huge, gently swaying, trumpet-shaped object estimated to be 425-feet long hovering in the sky for six minutes.

James Bryce of Oxford University came upon a four-foot long stick near the peak of Great Ararat. He declared it to be a piece of the Ark.

Explorer Charles Barrington Brown wrote of a creature called the Didi. This creature, according to Brown, was a wild man which dwelt in the forests of British Guiana (today's Guyana). He said that on several occasions he had heard its cries, and on others he had seen footprints identified as coming from the creature.

First of seven wills in which Cecil Rhodes leaves his money to establish a secret society to expand British rule throughout the world.

Prospectors near the head of Spring Valley (not far from Eureka, Nevada) found a human leg bone and kneecap sticking out of solid rock dated geologically be from the Jurassic Period, over 185 million years old. Doctors determined that they were from a very modern-looking human being that stood over 12 feet tall.

Skull bones "of great size and thickness" unearthed in mounds of Kansas City area.

Schiaparelli reports canali on Mars.

March 23 -- Flaming globes over Vence, France.

September 18 -- A "winged human form" was observed over Brooklyn, according to the New York Sun.

1878 to 1945
Life of Edgar Cayce, visionary, trance-channeler who spoke of reincarnation, Egyptian mysteries, and Atlantis.

John Martin, a Texas farmer, spotted a fast moving dark object high in the southern sky. When it passed overhead, he saw that it was the size of a "large saucer". It continued on its way and was soon lost to view. In recounting the event, a local newspaper remarked, "Mr. Martin is a gentleman of undoubted veracity and this strange occurrence, if it was not a balloon, deserves the attention of our scientists".

An Englishwoman named Mrs. Turner was aboard the liner Poonah anchored off Suez or Aden; she could not remember which when she related her experience to Robert P. Greg, who subsequently wrote a letter to Oudemans. She observed an extraordinary animal motionless on the surface 150 feet away. Greg wrote, "She saw both the head and 7 or 8 fins of the back, all at the same time in a line. She cannot remember exactly how many dorsal fins there were, but they were large, slightly curved back and not all the same size. The head looked 4-6 feet diameter, like a large tree trunk. The color was nearly black like a whale. The whole length appeared considerable, perhaps as long as an ordinary tree, or moderate sized ship!"

October 24 -- The Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal, a 'Wild Man of the Woods' was captured, supposedly, in Tennessee, and then placed on exhibit in Louisville. The creature was described as being six feet, five inches tall, and having eyes twice the normal size. His body was "covered with scales."

"Hermtic Order of the Rising Day" founded. Many mambers latter form Arcanum.

Persian Gulf: The S.S. Vulture crew reported in the Persian Gulf, two luminous rotating wheels, about 130 ft. across, seen above the water before diving

A 9-foot, 8-inch skeleton was excavated from a mount near Brewersville, Indiana.

January 31 -- British training sailing ship "Atalanta", on board 290 officers and cadets. On the way from Bermuda to England, it disappeared without leaving traces.

Beginning of Saint-Yves d'Alveydre's activity. Saint-Yves d'Alveydre was the man who really introduced the concept of Agartha to the Western world.

August 14 -- A skeleton which is reported to have been of enormous dimensions was found in a clay coffin, with a sandstone slab containing hieroglyphics, during mound explorations by a Dr Everhart near Zanesville, Ohio.

Members of the crew of the British India Company's steamship Patna witnessed two large luminous wheels each estimated to be 500 to 600 meters in diameter. The wheels were spinning, one on each side of the ship, and the spokes touching the ship. The sighting lasted 20 minutes and was witnessed by Captain Avern, third officer Manning, and Lee Fort Brace.

New Mexico, Lamy: Four men walking near Galisteo Junction were surprised as they heard voices coming from a "strange balloon," which flew over them. It was shaped like a fish and seemed to be guided by a large fanlike device. There were eight to ten figures aboard. Their language was not understood. The object flew low over Galisteo Junction and rose rapidly toward the east.

September 12 -- The New York Times remarked on reports from Coney Island of a "man with bat's wings and improved frog's legs, at least a thousand feet in the air flying toward the New Jersey coast (with) a cruel and determined expression."

September 23 -- At about 3:30 in the afternoon farmer David Lang dematerialized in front of five witnesses while walking across a field near Gallatin, Tennessee. Mrs. Lang ran and pounded the ground where he had vanished. Seven months later Lang's children insisted that they had heard their father crying distantly from uderneath the field. He seemed desperate and tortured, and was begging for help, until his voice faded away and was not heard again. Where he was last seen there was a circle of withered yellow grass 20 feet in diameter.

Georgia, Americus: Mr. Z. T. Baisden, of Americus, gives us the following story of a whirlwind that visited his place, scaring all his hands and some visitors very badly. A whirlwind occurred in a twelve acre cornfield that was about four feet in diameter and sometimes a hundred feet high. The body of it was perfectly black, with fire in the center and emitted a strong sulphurous vapor that could be smelt three hundred yards form it. The whirlwind would divide into three and move rapidly over the field, twisting up the corn stalks by the roots and carrying them up. These three minor whirlwinds would then come together with a loud crash, cracking and burning and shoot high up into the heavens. Three young ladies who were visiting Mrs. Baisden went in about 150 feet to observe it, but received such a shower of burning sand upon their face and necks that they ran affrighted to the house. Mr. Baisden says that he cannot account for this strange phenomenon, and it certainly frightened all who saw it. The strange part was that it contained fire, yet did not appear to burn the corn that it did not tear up, and its sulphurous vapor sickened and burnt all who got close enough to get a full breath of it.

June 11 -- In the Cruise of the Bacchante, a work compiled from the journals of the late King George V of England (then Duke of York) and his brother Prince Albert Victor, is reported the sighting of a phantom ship. The brothers served as midshipmen on H.M.S. Bacchante's round the world voyage between1879 and 1882. At 4 A.M. on June 11, 1881, while the vessel was sailing to Sydney from Melbourne, Australia, the late King's diary says an eerie red light was noticed. His account follows: "In the midst of the red light, the masts, spars and sails of a brig two hundred yards distant stood out in strong relief as she came up on the port bow. The lookout in the forecastle reported her as close to the bow, while also the officer of the watch from the bridge clearly saw her. So did the quarterdeck midshipman, was sent forward at once to the forecastle; but on arriving, there was no vestige or sign of any material ship. The night was clear and the sea calm. Thirteen persons altogether saw her. Two other ships of the squadron, the Tourmaline and the Cleopatra, who were sailing off our starboard bow, asked whether we had seen the strange red light."

England: A huge UFO, the first such phenomenon which was characteristically saucer-shaped in Europe, was plainly observed by numerous people in England and other parts of Europe during the night. It was seen to travel in the sky at an approximate altitude of 130 miles in an east-west direction. A number of eminent scientists witnessed the object, among them being Dr E Walter Maunder, Greenwich astronomer; English spectroscopist, J Rand Capron; Dutch astronomers Audemans and Zeeman. The Royal Observatory, Greenwich published a report of the conclusions reached by scientists, following the appearance of what had been termed, "The Great Saucer". The report had this to say: "It appeared to be well defined in body and the inference drawn was that it was a meteor, not in the old vague sense of some object high in the Earth's atmosphere, but in the sense of a solid cosmological substance, disc-like in appearance, the orbit of which brought it within the terrestrial atmosphere. But nothing could be more unlike the rush of a great meteor or fireball, with intense radiance and fiery train. The advance of this object, though swift, appeared to be orderly and controlled. There was no sign of the compression of the atmosphere before it, no hint that the matter composing its front part, was in anyway more strongly heated than the rest of its substance, if substance, indeed it possessed."

August 12 -- Armada of Discs. Astronomer Jose Bonilla, at Zacatecas, Mexico Observatory, witnessed anywhere from 100-400 disc-shaped or cigar shaped or bird shape objects crossing the face of the sun. He even managed to take a photograph through his telescope of one of the craft.

An account of "an extraordinary saurian" killed along the Rio Beni in what is now Bolivia appearanced in such a prestigious publication as Scientific American. The account describes a tri-headed monster nearly 40 feet in length.

Ten skeletons "of both sexes and of gigantic size" were taken from a mound at Warren, Minnesota.

A small hominoid is captured near Victoria, British Columbia.

A skeleton 7 feet 6 inches long was found in a massive stone structure that was likened to a temple chamber within a mound in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

June 6 -- Holdredge's weekly newspaper, the Nebraska Nugget published a story that had occurred to some cowboys from Dundy County, of a cylindrical object that crashed on the prairie about 35 miles northwest of Benkelman, Dundy County, and left bits of machinery and gear wheels behind, glowing from the heat. A terrifying noise in the sky drew their attention to a bright object diving towards the ground before it crashed, out of sight from where the cowboys were. They had then rushed over to it and discovered numerous burning hot "machinery parts" spread out all along a track left by the mysterious flying object. The heat was so unbearable that one of the witnesses, Alf Williamson, had even fainted. At one point of the track, the sand had melted over a surface area of about 6x22yards. Finding it impossible to approach the mysterious visitor (the UFO) the party turned back on it's trail. When it (the UFO) first touched the earth the ground was sandy and bare of grass. The sand was fused to an unknown depth over a space about 20 feet wide by 30 feet long, and the melted stuff was still bubbling and hissing." The next morning, a group goes back to the site. Certain pieces are now cool enough to get close to. According to The Nebraska Nugget, the metal they are made up of resembles copper but is extremely light and resistant. As for the spaceship, of cylindrical form, the men estimate its length to be about twenty meters long by about 3.5 yards wide. There is no established certainty concerning the nature of this affair: it is probably a hoax, but it is not a certainty. It could indeed be an account of a crash of a flying machine, inevitably extraterrestrial due to the event's date.

December 13 -- Possible UFO crash in Sorisole, near Bergamo, Italy

In a block of coal considered to be 60 million years old, a strange man-made cast iron cube (2.64 × 2.64 × 1.85 inches, 1.73 pounds, non-meteoric, non-pyrite ) was found embedded.

A large mound near Gasterville, Pennsylvania, contained a vault in which was found a skeleton measuring 7 feet 2 inches. Inscriptions were carved on the vault.

November 1 -- Turkey, Constantinople: From L'Astronomie: M. Mavrogordato, calls our attention to the following strange observations which have been communicated to him, "at 9:30pm, there was seen, west of Adrianople, an elongated object giving off a strong luminosity. It seemed to float in the air and its apparent disk was four or five times larger than the full moon. It traveled slowly and cast light on the whole camp behind the station with a brightness about ten times greater than a large electric bulb. In the morning, at dawn, a very luminous flame, first bluish, then greenish, and moving at a height of five to six meters, made a series of turns around the ferryboat pier at Scutari. Its blinding luminosity lighted the street and flooded the inside of the houses with light."

Inventor Nikola Tesla tests a death ray in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and all electrical apparatus of a Colorado fuel company were rendered useless.

First written Sasquatch report from Siskiyou, California.

October 24 -- During the night, which was rainy and tempestuous, a family of nine persons, sleeping in a hut a few leagues from Maracaibo, Venezuela, were awakened by a loud humming noise and a vivid, dazzling light, which brilliantly illuminated the interior of the house. The occupants completely terror stricken, and believing, as they relate, that the end of the world had come, threw themselves on their knees and commenced to pray, but their devotions were almost immediately interrupted by violent vomiting, and extensive swellings commenced to appear in the upper part of their bodies, this being particularly noticeable about the face and lips. It is to be noted that the brilliant lights was not accompanied by a sensation of heat, although there was a smoky appearance and a peculiar smell. The next morning, the swellings had subsided, leaving upon the face and body large black blotches. No trace of lightning could afterward by observed in any part of the building, and all the sufferers unite in saying that there was no detonation, but only the loud humming already mentioned. Another curious attendant circumstance is that the trees around the house showed no signs of injury until the ninth day, when they suddenly withered. From Warner Cowgill, U. S. Consulate, Maracaibo, Venezuela in a letter posted in Scientific American.

In the 1880s, a North American Indian legend of a floating city, that appeared every summer near Mount Fairweather on the Alaska-Yukon border, attracted the interest of an American prospector, Mr. Willoughby. By 1887, Willoughby had succeeded in photographing the miraculous floating city, which was later identified as Bristol, a city on the North West coast of England.

Dr Westcott of London uncovers an ancient manuscript.

Under the orders of Fraulein Sprengle, Dr. Westcott founds the English branch of "Die Goldene Dammerung", or the "Isis-Urania Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn". He is joined by Dr. Woodcott and MacGregor Mathers.

In Minnesota, were discovered remains of seven skeletons 7 to 8 feet tall.

1889 ??
Jose Bonilla took several pictures of over 300 objects which crossed the Sun.

Maj. L. A. Waddell became the first Westerner to come upon a mysterious humanlike footprint in the Himalayan snows. His Sherpa guides told him that the track, found at 17,000 feet, was from a hairy wild man of a sort long known to them. "The belief in these creatures is universal among Tibetans," Waddell wrote in Among the Himalayas (1899), but none with whom he spoke "could ever give me an authentic case. On the most superficial investigation it always resolved into something that somebody had heard tell of." He was sure these creatures were in fact "great yellow snow-bears."

Zama dies, leaving behind numerous half human/half Alma children.

In the early American frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona two cowboys claimed to have shot a pterodactyl-like animal and cut off its wing. The local paper recorded a description of the animal that fits the Quetzelcoatlus, whose fossils were found in Texas. This could be a "Thunderbird," the flying reptile of Sioux American Indian legends who was given its name because it was hit by lightning and seen to fall to the ground during a storm.

The foundations of the "Round Table Society", eventually to be funded by Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds to gain financial and political power, are laid by a meeting of representatives of the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand.

Nikola Tesla invents the Tesla Coil.

A giant was unearthed when workmen in Crittenden, Arizona excavated a huge stone coffin that had evidently once held the body of a man 12 feet tall. A carving on the granite case indicated that he had six toes.

In Michigan, a seven-foot tall hairy man is seen.

Sauniere begins to renovate the church at Rennes le Chateau. He finds something, which causes the Bishop of Carcassone to send Sauniere to consult scholars and cryptographers. Sauniere returns and continues to renovate the church. He becomes very wealthy.

June 9 -- Mrs S.W. Culp broke in the kitchen open a 300 million year old Pennsylvanian era chunk of coal collected from the Taylorsville or Pana mines, and found embedded within a 10 inch, 8-carat gold chain "of antique workmanship." according to the Morrisonville Times, June 11, 1891.

September 5 -- As reported in the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper, two icemen were working outside in Crawfordsville, Indiana at about 2:00am, when a bizarre object sailed overhead. The icemen described the UFO as a 'seemingly headless monster', although there is no reason to believe that it was an animal of any kind. It was about 20ft long, and 8ft wide, moving in the sky toward the two men, and 'seemingly propelled by fin like attachments.' The men moved, and the UFO flew off. The noise awoke Methodist pastor G.W. Swittze, who saw it circling in the sky.

A series of unexplained explosions occur along the English Channel.

Archdeacon John Joseph Nouri of the Chaldean Church reported that he had found Noah's ark and even entered it. While there, he took the opportunity to measure it, finding-unsurprisingly-that it was 300 cubits long.

A phantom airship scare began appearing in Poland. As in later "flaps" of this sort, the craft often appeared at night and were usually equipped with powerful searchlights.

February 4 -- A fall of millions of large larvae of unknown species at Clifton, Indiana

February -- The ship, H.M.S. Carolina was sailing in the North China Sea, when a report from an officer of unusual light activity in the sky came to the attention of Captain J.N. Norcross. The officer told Captain Norcross that the lights appeared sometimes in a huge mass, others spread out in unusual patterns. He said that they resembled Chinese lanterns set between the masts of a ship. The next night these strange lights reappeared but with a reddish glow and eminating small amounts of smoke.

Peasants near Odessa, Russia are attacked by a strange creature.

A mound near Toledo, Ohio, held 20 skeletons, seated and facing east with jaws and teeth "twice as large as those of present day people," and besides each was a large bowl with "curiously wrought hieroglyphic figures."

Switzerland, Arolla: Author Aleister Crowley was walking in the mountains when he suddenly saw two little men. He made a gesture to them, but they did not seem to pay attention and disappeared among the rocks.

The skeleton of a huge man was uncovered at the Beckley farm, Lake Koronis, Minnesota; while at Moose Island and Pine City, bones of other giants came to light.

Herbert Coles and Dunham Coretter, two St. Augustine, Florida, residents, found something lying on the beach of Anastasia Island which would quickly become the center of controversy. The object was a huge fleshy mass some four feet tall, 23 feet long, and 18 feet across. A group of investigators from the St. Augustine Historical Society and Institute of Science, led by DeWitt Webb, determined that the mass had been beached for several days. The team also found pieces of what seemed to be tentacles: was the creature a giant octopus or a giant squid? In 1957, scientists proved it was some sort of octopi from preserved tissue samples. Folktales circulate in the neighboring Bahamas of creatures called lusca, which are reputed to be gigantic, octopi-like creatures inhabiting deep waterholes. Could these legends be based on sightings of monsters like those of St. Augustine in life?

First "flap year" for UFOs: wave of sightings of unidentified airships in U.S.

November 26 -- The great Airship Flap of 1897 actually started in late 1896 in San Francisco. Hundreds saw a large, cigar-shaped object, shining brilliant beams of light, and moving northwest passing over Oakland. An airship that looked like a great black cigar with a fishlike tail neared Lorin tremendous speed. It turned quickly and disappeared in the direction of San Francisco. The body was at least 100 feet long and attached to it was a triangular tail, one apex being attached to the main body. The surface of the airship looked as if it were made of aluminum, which exposure to wind and weather had turned dark. At half past 8 we saw it again, when it took about the same direction and disappeared." From the Oakland Tribune, Dec 1.

Avtar Singh-Gida disappears.

Sworn statement from Alexander Hamilton, at his farm in LeRoy, Kansas: "Last night about 10:30 we were awakened by a noise among the cattle. I arose, thinking that perhaps my bulldog was performing his pranks, but upon going to the door saw to my utter astionishment that an airship was slowly descending upon my cow lot, about 40 rods from the house" Hamilton also described it as a cigar shaped portion, about 300 feet long with a carriage underneath. The carriage was of some transparent material. It was brightly lighted within. It contained six on the strangest beings he had ever seen.

Digging in the Money Pit, W.R. Chappell strikes iron, then cement, wood, and 32 inches of soft metal plus oak chips, coconut husk fiber, and a small piece of parchment with the letters "u i" "v i", or "w i" written in India ink with a quill pen.

April -- "Airship" Mania breaks out across nation. The state of Illinois was inundated with airship reports during April 1897. The first known sighting was in Nashville, Illinois, as a balloon-like airship with a large red light was spotted at 8 p.m. by many residents. On April 8th, a Rock Island police officer claimed that while on his east end beat, he was startled by the illuminated vessel a half mile overhead. He described it as having "a glittering steel hull, with dim wing-like fans on either side, and it swayed gently in its flight." On April 9th hundreds of people observed it over Chicago, Evanston, Niles Center and Schermerville. On the night of April 10th, scores of Jacksonville residents watched the airship pass over the city. "It was seen by all the police officers on duty, the firemen and hundreds of citizens." By the evening of the 11th, the sightings reached Springfield as Richard Schriver, foreman of the county jail, watched it for 30 minutes with another man. It was described as "a radiating light not unlike a locomotive headlight." At 8 p.m. in Lincoln on April 12th, "More than fifty people stood on Pulaski street and whenever the lightening flashed and the clouds separated" they thought they could discern the airship's light in the distance. On April 13th, more than 200 people saw its white and green lights as it passed near Lincoln at 8 p.m., while 30 minutes later it was seen over Moline by several farmers including Benjamin Carr who said it was "a cigar-shaped body or hull, apparently about 15 feet long, with large wing-like projections on each side." These are just a handful of hundreds of Illinois sightings that occurred during April. Not only are there striking parallels between the airship wave and present-day UFO reports - but there were also reports of close encounters. I will briefly mention three Illinois close encounter cases. Keep in mind that they are just three of many from Illinois and across the nation during 1897. According to the Decatur Daily Republican of April 16, 1897, p. 1, the airship landed near Springfield the previous night. Farmhand John Halley and local vineyard owner Adolf Wenke said that it landed three miles west of the city along the Jefferson street road. They said a long-bearded man emerged and inquired where he was. "Inside the car was seated another man and also the scientist's wife." He said they usually rested during the daytime in remote parts of the country in order to conceal the vessel's huge wings. When they asked the scientist his name, "he smiled and pointed to the letter M., which was painted on the side car." After bidding the farmers farewell, he pressed a button and the ship flew off. The Springfield News also reported on an airship touching down near Carlinville on April 12th. It was reportedly spotted between the town of Nilwood and Girard about 6:15. William Street, Frank Metcalf and Ed Temples and the telegraph operator all saw it at Girard. "These men saw it alight, and a man get out and fix some part of the machinery. They started for the place where it had alighted, but within a quarter of a mile it rose and disappeared from view" to the north. Elburn, Kane County, on April 10th. According to a report on the front page of the Rockford Daily Republic of April 12th, "Trainmen running through there say that the operator says that some stockmen say that some farmers say that the ship had a breakdown near there and came down for repairs."

April 14 -- When a mysterious object passed over Mount Vernon, Illinois, 100 citizens, including Mayor B. C. Wells, saw something that, as press accounts had it, "resembled the body of a huge man swimming through the air with an electric light on his back."

April 17 -- A "mysterious aircraft" is seen over Aurora, Texas. The strange vehicle was seen to maneuver clumsily in the air, subsequently crashing into a windmill of a prominent citizen of Aurora, Texas. Debris and one body were collected from around the town. Some of the metal had strange writing on it that could not be deciphered. The body was that of a small man, he was buried in the Aurora cemetery. Some of the debris were buried with him.

Summer -- One clear summer night at Hutchinson, Minnesota, a solitary brightly luminous cumulus cloud rose majestically from the eastern horizon. It shone with a uniform, steady, vivid, whitish light and passed directly over the town. When the cloud was overhead a great shower of insects descended to earth covering the ground all around to the number of about 50 to 100 per square foot. These insects proved to be a species of hemiptera and were nonluminous.

Summer -- Numerous small, blood-colored clouds filled the sky over Macerata, Italy. An hour later a storm broke, during which thousands of seeds fell. Unfamiliar to local people, they were eventually identified as being those of a kind of tree found only in central Africa and the Antilles.

Olof Ohman digs up a Viking runic stone in Kensington, Minnesota.

Morgan Robertson writes Futility (apparently republished as The Wreck of the Titan; or Futility in 1912), a horror story about a luxury ocean liner hitting an iceberg and sinking. Predicted the Titanic?

Bechtel is a supersecret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a "Shadow Government" -- a working arm of the CIA.

Tesla discovers terrestrial stationary waves which can produce electricity; reports receiving signals from another planet.

After alerting its telegraph offices to be on the lookout for invading British aircraft, the Transvaal government in South Africa was inundated with sighting reports. Phantom airships, often equipped with powerful searchlights, mysteriously appeared in the skies around. Of course, neither aircraft nor airplanes were known to exist in Africa at this time.

Tesla suggests alien beings might be living "in the very midst of us."

Tesla tests his wireless transmission of energy in Colorado Springs. Dynamos of a Colorado electricity company were disabled six miles away.

Alexander Gunn insisted he saw a mermaid in Sandwood Bay, Scotland. He died in 1944 still believing in what he saw.

In the old Spanish Garavanza district or Los Angeles, where Avenue 64 and York Boulevard now lie, there used to be a ranch owned by Ralph Rodgers who had employed several Mexican and Chinese workers. In early 1900, Andrew C. Smith and Charles A. Elder discovered a rumored tunnel entrance in the area and reported it to the local newspaper, whose editor confirmed their story. They explored the tunnel to some depth. They also learned from a Mexican elder of a native American village that existed on the banks of the Arroyo Seco River. When the Spanish entered the area this man, Juan Dominquez, had explored the tunnel "leading to a gigantic cave and then still going further down", spreading under the entire village of Garavanza and connecting to the Spanish Church of the Angels on North Avenue 64. One entrance was reportedly located along the west bluff of Arroyo Seco River about 300 feet south of the former Pasadena Ave. Rail Bridge, and about 20 feet above the stream, but the city "blew up" the entrance after children were hurt in the cave, and a Freeway exists now in the area, however a secret opening still exists in the basement of the Spanish church mentioned above. Early visitors to the cave had reported "many caverns and tunnels going deep down, with eerie voices coming from them." The cave used to be used by natives for ritual purposes.

Teenager Miranda McKay and three other girls, plus their Scottish chaperone from Appleyard College boarding school, disappear at Hanging Rock, near Melbourne, Australia.

Sightings of a "Floating City" in Alaska.

An unusual substance, "smelling like glue" falls from a clear sky at Sart, Belgium.

In a 1901 issue of the Colonist, a Victoria, British Columbia, newspaper, which tells of the experience of a lumberman working on Vancouver Island, near Campbell River. Mike King was alone because his Indian packers refused to accompany him for fear of the "monkey men" they said lived in the forest. Late in the afternoon he observed a "man beast" washing roots in the water. Suddenly aware of King, the creature cried out and scooted up a hill, stopping at one point to look at him over its shoulder. The witness described it as "covered with reddish brown hair, and his arms were peculiarly long and were used freely in climbing and in brush running; while the trail showed a distinct human foot, but with phenomenally long and spreading toes."

Shortly after the Pansini family moved into a large house in Ruvo, Italy, poltergeist phenomena of various kinds erupted. Seven-year-old Alfredo Pansini fell into trances, during which "angels" spoke through him and he had clairvoyant visions. He also took to vanishing suddenly from the house and reappearing in a dazed state elsewhere in town or in nearby towns. These alleged teleportations occurred frequently for three years, ending when he reached puberty in 1904. Just before then, however, Alfredo's younger brother Paolo began teleporting as well, and on one occasion both disappeared from their house and appeared aboard a fishing boat a few miles out at sea from the port of Baletta. Joseph Lapponi, a medical advisor to Popes Leo XIII and Pius X, interviewed witnesses and wrote a book on the case. Once, according to Lapponi, Bishop Bernardi Pasquale locked the two boys in their room, sealing all doors and windows; yet within a few minutes the youths disappeared. Even so, one cannot help suspecting that a couple of clever boys were having fun at their elders' expense.

A number of horses, sheep and cattle are mutilated in Staffordshire. They are attributed to George Edaji.

Unusual sky booms heard over Boschof, Oranjevrystaat, South Africa.

German archaeologist Robert Koldewey unearthed the fabled Ishtar Gate in the ruins of Babylon. The gateway dated from the time of King Nebuchadnezzar (about 600 B.C.) and was decorated with bas-reliefs. The animals depicted on the Gate were known to the Babylonians - two of the animals depicted were lions and rimi (aurochs, a type of wild ox). Of the three animals depicted, one could not be identified. It seemed to show a mythical animal, which seemed out of place with sculptures depicting known animals that were contemporary with the Babylonians. The animal, which Koldewey recognized as a sirrush (dragon; the word mushrushu or mushhushshu is the commonly-accepted modern form, based on a retranslation of the original word) can be described as having "...a slender body covered with scales, a long slender scaly tail, and a long slim scaly neck bearing a serpent's head... [from the mouth] a long forked tongue protrudes. There are flaps of skin attached to the back of the head, which is adorned (and armed) with a straight horn." In the Apocrypha (a collection of stories which claim to be expurgated sections of the Bible), in the Book of Bel and the Dragon, it is recorded that King Nebuchadnezzar kept a dragon in the temple of the god Bel, which the people of Babylon worshipped. When the Hebrew prophet Daniel began to denounce the worship of idols, Nebuchadnezzar confronted him with the Bel-dragon, saying that it "liveth and eateth and drinketh; you cannot say that he is no living god; therefore worship him." Daniel responded by killing the dragon.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an alleged plan for Jewish world takeover, is published in the Russian news media.

Reilly interferes with the Rothschilds who are dabbling in Arabian Oil.

Large alien seven-feet tall with long hair, horns and huge bulging eyes appears and is chased away by coal miners in Iola, Kansas.

The "haunted" Refugio mine in the Chispa Mountains 60 miles southwest of Alpine, Texas, was abandoned in spite of a large amount of silver ore still remaining within. As one investigator attempted to enter a "drift", a thunderous noise and a rush of air came from the tunnel, throwing him against the opposite wall, bruised and dazed. As the air subsided "one of the post piercing and plaintive cries I ever heard" emerged, the terrorized Henry Boyd said. The phenomena was repeated as he left the mine, and later attempts to work the mine ended in injury and terror, some of the men who later attempted to enter the enigmatic tunnel were thrown repeatedly broken and bruised against the tunnel walls as if by an invisible force.

May 30 -- The SS Tresco was cruising 90 miles south of Cape Hatteras when Joseph Ostens Grey, the ship's Second Officer, spotted what he first thought was a derelict hulk in the water. On closer examination they realized it was no wreaked ship: "With a conviction that grew deeper, and ever more disquieting, we came to know that this thing could be no derelict, no object that hand of man had fashioned..." reported Grey. He described a head that emerged out of water on a tall and powerful neck. It was "dragon-like" and accompanied a body some 100 feet in length and eight feet across at the widest. The head was five feet long and eighteen inches in diameter. There was concern that the ship, running light without cargo, might be tipped and overturned if the creature attempted to clamber aboard. "Presently I noticed something dripping from the ugly lower jaw," continued Grey, "Watching, I saw that it was saliva, of a dirty drab color, which dripped from the corners of the mouth." Eventually the creature turned away and the danger was averted. The Tresco's log for that day reads: "10AM Passed school of sharks followed by a huge sea monster."

Barringer meteorite crater discovered.

A sighting by the U.S.S. Supply off of the eastern coast of Korea, as reported by then Lt. Frank H. Schofield, later to become Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet: "Three objects appeared beneath the clouds, their color a rather bright red. As they approached the ship they appeared to soar, passing above the broken clouds. After rising above the clouds they appeared to be moving directly away from the earth. The largest had an apparent area of about six suns. It was egg-shaped, the larger end forward. The second was about twice the size of the sun, and the third, about the size of the sun. Their near approach to the surface appeared to be most remarkable. That they did come below the clouds and soar instead of continuing their southeasterly course is also curious. The lights were in sight for over two minutes and were carefully observed by three people whose accounts agree as to the details."

The Cullinan diamond discovered.

"Buzzing" UFO descends from heavy overcast and flies over Portland, Oregon.

March -- In the March 30, 1905, edition of the Barmouth Advertiser, a Welsh newspaper, it was reported that over a period of three nights a "man dressed in black" had appeared in the bedroom of an "exceptionally intelligent young woman of the peasant stock. This figure has delivered a message to the girl which she is frightened to relate." This curious incident allegedly occurred in the midst of a religious revival in which sightings of mysterious lights figured prominently. It is the first known report of a "man in black" in an arguably UFO context.

December 7 -- Two British naturalists aboard the yacht Valhalla, on a scientific cruise 15 miles off the mouth of the Parahiba in Brazil, spotted a strange animal in the water at mid-morning on December 7, 1905. E.G.B. MeadeWaldo wrote: "I saw a large fin or frill sticking out of the water, dark seaweed-brown in color, somewhat crinkled at the edge. It was apparently about 6-feet in length, and projected from 18 inches to 2 feet from the water." After securing field glasses, he watched a "great head and neck [rise] out of the water in front of the frill; the neck did not touch the frill in the water, but came out of the water in front of it, at a distance of certainly not less than 18 inches, and from 7 to 8 feet was out of the water; head and neck were all about the same thickness. The head had a very turtle-like appearance, as had also the eye. It moved its head and side in a peculiar manner; the color of the head and neck was dark brown above, and whitish below-almost white, I think."

Charles Fort begins writing about unexplained events he gleans from newspaper reports. Many of these are about mysterious flying craft.

Badzare Baradyine, while on a caravan at the desert of Alachan, reports seeing an "hairy man standing on the top of a sand dune, outlined against the sunset." After being approached by the Imperial Russian Geographical Society's president and asked not to publish the incident, Badzare complies, but relays the information about his sighting to a personal friend, Mongolian professor Tsyben Zhamtsarano, who in turn begins a lengthy and determined investigation of the Almas.

"Mystery meteor" performs weird aerial maneuvers over Syracuse, New York.

Arctic explorer Robert E. Peary observed what would turn out to be a phantom city. According to his own account from the summit of Cape Colgate on the north coast of Canada, he could see a strange city on the horizon, stating, "North stretched the well-known ragged surface of the polar pack and northwest it was with a thrill that my glasses revealed the white summits of a distant land." Peary called the land Crocker Land, after one of his financial backers and such was his reputation, it remained marked on some maps for several years until subsequent Arctic expeditions failed to find a trace of it.

The "Panic of 1907" begins with the collapse of the U.S. stock market, allegedly caused by J.P. Morgan to gain support for the centralized banking concept.

Franz Hermann Schmidt was travelling along the Solimoes River in Colombia along with Captain Rudolph Pfleng. Pfleng and Schmidt encountered some huge tracks along the shores of a small lake. Nearby trees were stripped to a height of 14 feet. The following day, Schmidt, Pfleng and their Indian guides saw a dark shape among the trees on the shore. A large tapir-like head was suspended on a snakelike neck more than 10 feet above the ground. The creature advanced towards the party but did not seem agitated. It was some 8 or 9 feet tall, with clawed flippers in place of legs. The explorers opened fire on the beast and it dove back into the water.

Major Percy Fawcett, noted explorer of the Amazon, recounted not once, but twice encounters with a giant anaconda snake. The snake's first mention in Fawcett's memoirs has been recorded thusly: "The manager at Yorongas told me he had killed an anaconda fifty-eight feet long in the Lower Amazon." Although Fawcett confessed that initially he thought this an exaggeration, he placed stock in its validity after an encounter of his own: "We were drifting along in the sluggish current not far below the confluence of the Rio Negro when there appeared a triangular head and several feet of undulating body. It was a giant anaconda. I sprang for my rifle and hardly waiting to aim smashed a .44 soft-nosed bullet into its spine. As far as it was possible to measure, a length of forty-five feet lay out of the water, and seventeen feet in it, making a total length of sixty-two feet. A penetrating foetid odour emanated from the snake, probably its breath, which is believed to have a stupefying effect. The Brazilian Boundary Commission told me of one killed in the Rio Paraguay exceeding eighty feet in length!"

A torpedo-shaped UFO explodes over downtown Burlington, Vermont. Seen by Bishop John S. Michaud, former governor Alexander Woodbury, A.A. Buell and others.

The English ship Mohican, piloted by Capt. Urghart, was going to Philadelphia when it was surrounded by a thick, luminous cloud off the coast of Delaware which "magnetized" everything on board. The compass was observed to swing wildly. When seamen tried to move some chains on the bridge, they found that they were glued to the metal floor. Suddenly the cloud rose and was seen above the sea for some time.

Founding Phaistos disc in Crete island.

Spherical black UFO with a brilliant spotlight hovers and flies over Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Seen by John E, Flynn, Philip S. Prophett and others.

In the Sea of Ochotsk: The crew of the ship Ochotsk suddenly sees an unusual green-white light that broke out under the stern, which soon occupied most of the water's surface. This luminous surface had an oval shape and moved for some time together with the ship, then gradually separated from it and flew ahead of it. It moved away fast and shone as a strip.

Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid buys the Hope Diamond for $400,000, gives it his wife, and later stabs her to death.

June 30 -- An explosion occurs over Tunguska in Siberia, which is heard for 620 miles around. It flattened 500,000 acres of trees for miles around. It was equivalent to 10-15 megatons of TNT. Whole nomad villages disappeared. In London, it was reported that from about 12 midnight to 2am, the northern sky glowed a reddish color so bright that people could read by it. On June 30 (Tuesday) there was a marked disturbance in magnets and the glow was just as bright Wednesday night, but magnets were not disturbed. Some speculate this could have been a test of Tesla's energy weapon, in Tesla's last attempt to get some more funding for his planet-wide wireless power transmission system. Some say it was a meteor or UFO crashing, but there was no crater.

July 11 -- Russian writer V. K. Arsenyev recounted this experience in the Sikhote Mountains near Vladivostok in the far eastern region of what would be the USSR: "The rain stopped, the temperature of the air remained low and the mist appeared over the water. It was then that I saw the mark on the path that was very similar to a man's footprint. My dog Alpha bristled up, snarled, and then something rushed about nearby trampling among the bushes. However, it didn't go away, but stopped nearby, standing stock-still. We had been standing like that for some minutes. Then I stooped, picked up a stone and threw it towards the unknown animal. Then something happened that was quite unexpected: I heard the beating of wings. Something large and dark emerged from the fog and flew over the river. A moment later it disappeared in the dense mist. My dog, badly frightened, pressed itself to my feet. After supper I told the Udehe-men about this incident. They broke into a vivid story about a man who could fly in the air. Hunters often saw his tracks, tracks that appeared suddenly and vanished suddenly, in such a way that they could only be possible if the 'man' alighted on the ground, then took off again into the air."

Lt. Paul Gratz described a "degenerate saurian which one might well confuse with the crocodile, were it not that its skin has no scales and its toes are armed with claws," which he said inhabited swamps near Lake Bangweulu, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). He called it nsanga, and said that he was shown a piece of its skin on the island of Mbawala. The same year, naturalist Carl Hagenbeck recounted in his autobiography how two seperate individuals - a German named Hans Schomburgh and an English hunter - told him about a "huge monster, half elephant, half dragon," which lived in the Congo swamps. Joseph Menges, another naturalist, told Hagenbeck that "some kind of dinosaur, seemingly akin to the brontosaurs," lived in the swamps. Hagenbeck sent an expedition to the Congo to search for the monster, but the effort was quickly aborted due to disease and hostile natives.

Report from newspapers: Caves near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers in the Grand Canyon. Hopi legends say that their ancestors once lived underground with a friendly race of "ant people", but some of their kind turned to sorcery and made an alliance with lizard or serpent men known as the "two hearts", which dwelt in still deeper caverns below. The "flood" of evil and violence forced the peaceful Hopi's to the surface world. An explorer named G. E. Kincaid claimed to have found "one of" the ancient caves, in which were reportedly discovered Oriental, Egyptian & Central American type artifacts. Smithsonian archaeologists S. A. Jordan and associates also explored the man-made cavern with hundreds of rooms, enough to hold over 50 thousand people. The underground city is about 42 miles up river from El Tovar Crystal Canyon and Crystal Creek, and about 2000 feet above the river bed on the east wall.

Witnesses in Worcester, Massachusetts reported rays proceeded from a lamp about the size of the searchlight of an automobile. As it came nearer it was apparent that the lamp was attached to a large black object, but the machine was so high that its form could not be distinguished." The object circled around Worcester, moved west to Marlborough where it was also observed and then returned to Worcester where it hovered for a time over an insurance building before leaving the area.

A hundred miles southwest of Trondheim, Norway, Lilledal is a small valley running into Sundalen fjord from the south, close to the bottom of Sundal. A subterranean passage is said to go through the Fjeld Kalken which rises over Yulevolden, reaching from Hovedalen to Lilledalen. An iron gate is supposed to be in the passage with a guard dog(s?) tied to it, and only a few have gone that far. A red-haired dog is once said to have gone in at Lilledalen and after a long time came out by Maele in Sundalen, but it was hairless on one side.

More than 100 people across eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey swore they saw a flying hooved creature known as the Jersey Devil.

March 23 -- The first mystery airship - or "scareship", as it has since become known - was seen in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, by two police officers in different parts of the city. A long oblong body with a light attached passed overhead at speed, making "the steady buzz of a high power engine." After a six-week long investigation, a Peterborough police spokesman claimed that the officers had seen an illuminated kite. It is thought to have been an early Zeppellin craft.

May 16, 23:00 -- Mr. Lethbridge of Caerphilly, Wales, was walking along a road near the mountains when he saw on the grass a large tubelike machine. Aboard were two men wearing furs and talking excitedly in a language the witness could not understand. The grass was found depressed at the site after the object had flown off slowly, probably was a Zeppelin.

July 28 -- An airship apparently came down over the city of Dunedin, New Zealand. A resident in the North Eastern Valley reported that he was awakened by a horrible noise at about two o'clock this morning,' he told a reporter. "The noise was like a ship dragging her anchor up or a windlass of a steamer with dry-gear wheels working. I got up and went round to the front and I saw something floating up past Knox College. It was a great black thing with a searchlight attached.'"

December 22 -- Possible UFO crash in Chicago. Six years after Kitty Hawk, newspapers from New York to Chicago were astounded by national reports of a huge airship flying across the nation and seen by thousands. It crashed west of Chicago, but was never found. The story was front-page news in the nation's major newspapers.

Two prospectors are decapitated by a large humanoid near Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.

A prospector is attacked by a "Mountain-Devil" near Mount Saint Lawrence, Washington.

A "little green man" was captured from a crashed UFO in Puglia in Italy (perhaps 1915).

New Zealand, Several witnesses in Invercargill, New Zealand among them the vicar, the Mayor, and a policeman saw a cigar-shaped object hovering at 30 meter altitude. A man appeared at a lateral door and was heard shouting some words in an unknown language. The opening closed, and the object accelerated and was lost to sight.

Large cigar-shaped UFO hovers over Huntsville, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee, playing its bright spotlight over both cities.

The Hope Diamond is bought by the American tycoon Ned McLean for $154,000 for his wife.

Raimundo de Aleluia Mafra, Brazil abducted. On August 19, 1962, the family was woken up during the middle of the night by a shadow in their shared bedroom. According to Raimundo, the shadow was half the size of a man and not shaped like a human being. It quietly moved through the room, looked over the Mafras, and then left their house. Raimundo saw two ball-like objects hovering in the air near the family shack. Raimundo shouted for his father, and when Rivalino came outside, the two objects combined into one ball and released a yellow smoke. The smoke covered Rivalino and filled the air with a terrible odor. When the smoke cleared a minute later, Rivalino and the ball-like object were gone. Raimundo looked all over for his father, but couldn’t find him.

Miners in Lovelock Cave, California (or Nevada?), discovered one (or several?) very tall, red-haired mummies, ranging from 6 and a half feet to 8-feet tall. One mummy eventually went to a fraternal lodge where it was used for "initiation purposes."

"Mystery airship" flies under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

The most infamous of all scientific frauds was unearthed in 1912 in a Sussex gravel pit. With its huge human-like braincase and ape-like jaw, the Piltdown Man "fossil" was named Eoanthropus dawsoni after Charles Dawson, the solicitor and amateur archaeologist who discovered it. For 40 years Piltdown Man was heralded as the missing link between humans and their primate ancestors. But in 1953 scientists concluded it was a forgery. Radiocarbon dating showed the human skull was just 600 years old, while the jawbone was that of an orang-utan. The entire package of fossil fragments found at Piltdown - which included a prehistoric cricket bat - had been planted.

An intensely black object is seen upon the moon, estimated to be 250 miles by 50 miles wide.

On the orders of Winston Churchill, the Admiralty investigated reports of an "unidentified aircraft" which flew over Sheerness in Kent. This incident triggered off a wave of sightings of "phantom" Zeppelin airships that were the subject of an investigation by a branch of military intelligence which, in 1916, became MI5.

April 8 -- Over Chisbury, Wiltshire, England, two triangle-shaped shadows were seen in the clouds. These dark patches maintained their stationary position even as the clouds rolled on. To all appearances each was a heavy shadow cast upon a thin veil of clouds by some unseen object. After the commencement of the flying-saucer era 35 years later, it would have been noted in the UFO literature as yet another instance in which UFOs had hidden themselves in clouds.

Captain Freiherr von Stein zu Lausnitz was sent by the German government to explore the Cameroon. Von Stein wrote of an animal called in the local tongue Mokele Mbembe, said to inhabit the areas near the Ubangi, Sanga, and Ikelemba Rivers. Von Stein described the creature thus: "The animal is said to be of a brownish-gray color with a smooth skin, its size approximately that of an elephant; at least that of a hippopotamus. It is said to have a long and very flexible neck and only one tooth but a very long one; some say it is a horn. A few spoke about a long muscular tail like that of an alligator. It is said to climb the shore even at daytime in search of food; its diet is said to be entirely vegetable. At the Ssombo River I was shown a path said to have been made by this animal in order to get at its food. The path was fresh and there were plants of the described type [a liana] nearby."

Large cigar-shaped UFO flies slowly over Milwaukee and Sheboygan, Wisconsin, flashing its bright spotlight over streets and buildings, and then retreats back out into Lake Michigan.

A mermaid encounter was reported, and details the multiple sightings of a mermaid in the deep waters off the south eastern coast of Hoy in the Orkneys. In this case, the crew of a Longhope fishing boat, at the creels by the Old Man of Hoy, claimed they had witnessed the mermaid rising from the waters of the Pentland Firth. The creature, they said, rose to a height of three feet above the waves and was described as being like a lady with a shawl draped around her shoulders. This sighting was their third encounter with the mysterious sea-woman, although the account makes no mention as to whether she preferred to frequent the same stretch of water, or whether all three sightings had taken place in different locations.

June 30 -- From the Lansing State Journal from Michigan, "So swiftly did the strange craft travel that it was not more than three minutes until it had passed from sight in the northwest. The aerial mystery carried no lights of any description and was too elongated for an ordinary balloon. The craft was at a great height and when it passed to the northwest of the city had reached a still higher altitude." A sizeable crowd at a racetrack in Lansing witnessed the event.

Attempted assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by Masonic agents, followed an hour later by successful assassination. In Russia, Rasputin stabbed the same day.

Three luminous UFOs fly low over Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Eight witnesses saw a UFO floating on the water of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. Entities were manipulating a hose dipped into the water. On seeing the witnesses they returned inside, all except one who was still outside when the craft took off.

August 23 -- During the Great War thousands came to believe that a miracle had happened during the British Army's first desperate clash with the advancing Germans at Mons in Belgium. In some versions a vision of St George and phantom bowmen halted the Kaiser's troops, while others claimed angels had thrown a protective curtain around the British, saving them from disaster. The battle of Mons took place on August 23 and within weeks the "angels of Mons" had entered the realms of legend. By the end of the war it became unpatriotic, even treasonable, to doubt the claims were based on fact.

Ku Klux Klan revived.

H. Spencer Lewis founds the A.M.O.R.C. (Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross) in America.

Bright spots appear on the Moon.

A young woman named Margaret sights the Creature of Loch Ness waddling across the road.

Witch stoned to death in Texas, last public killing of a witch in USA.

It was billed in newspapers of the time as the "Phantom Invasion of Canada". Mystery aircraft invaded the skies and capital of this nation.

Sinking of the Lusitania by German submarine; allegedly carrying secret munitions for the Allies. The ship supposedly sacrificed by British and American authorities to drum up war hysteria in U.S.

During World War I, a regiment of the British Army, the 1st/4th Norfolk, disappeared in an attempt to take Hill 60 at Suvla Bay near Gallipoli. In front of 22 witnesses, the regiment - over 800 men - marched into a strange formation of lenticular clouds hovering over Hill 60 and was never seen again. Posted as missing, the regiment was thought to have been captured. After the war, Britain demanded the return of the regiment, but the Turks denied any knowledge of the regiment's existence. No trace of the regiment has ever been found. (Complicated and confused story, investigated by Jean Sider, found unrelated to any UFO phenomenon.)

Maurice Philip Tuteur, a soldier on the British front during WWI, stated in a letter to his parents, "A zeppelin-like object rose straight towards the clouds in the rear of our lines not like a flying machine, but straight up. After running vertically, it suddenly darted forward at a pace which must have been 200 m.p.h. It then turned around and darted backwards and then suddenly rising, disappeared in the clouds." The object was also allegedly witnessed by two sergeant majors.

Norwegian fishermen working nets north of Svalbard (Spitzbergen) Island see a "dark Zeppelin" moving quickly over the Arctic pack ice, heading for the North Pole.

Round Table members arrange for Lenin to be shipped back to Russia, thereby precipitating the Russian Revolution.

Sidney Reilly, working for the British, attempts to prepare for the Counter-Revolution (although evidence exists to suggest that he might have intended to take over the Revolution).

Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin are financially backed by Jacob Schiff with 20 million in Gold (paid by Rothschilds/Illuminati).

Luminous objects are seen moving across the Moon.

A large "Lion" (dubbed "Nellie the Lion" by the press) is seen in central Illinois.

Minister and family use a telescope to watch a silver UFO shaped like a wagon wheel near Salida, Colorado.

October 13, 13.30 -- Portugal, Fatima: Such phenomena include disks, like an "aircraft of light," described exactly in these terms by the witnesses of the fifth apparition. Also observed were double supersonic detonations, light protuberances, electro-static charges, and moving "stars," mysterious white flowers or snow that dropped down from the "aircraft of light," but disappeared when it made contact with the ground. These descriptions of "snow" or mysterious white "flowers" are quite similar to the descriptions of "angel hair" that are well known from some famous UFO cases. This was accompanied by additional unexplained aerial phenomena, in the form of glowing spheres and disc-shaped objects. A UFO sighting had taken place before a crowd of somewhere between 50,000 - 100,000 people! The story given was that a silver disc appeared just as "the rain stopped and the clouds rolled back, the sun dimmed out and everything took on a gray, opaque appearance". The disc then dove in an erratic, zigzag pattern at the crowd, stopped just above their heads and then slowly maneuvered back into the sky. As it faded from view, the sun brightened and began to shine again normally. A local reporter took a photo of the disc.

The flamboyant fighter pilot Baron Manfred von Richtofen, known as the Red Baron not only shot down 80 enemy planes for the Germans during World War I, he also was the first human in history to gun down an alien spaceship! That's the fascinating claim of former German Air Force ace Peter Waitzrik, who says he watched in astonishment as the deadeye fighter pilot shot a UFO with undulating orange lights out of the sky over Belgium in 1917. Then, Waitzrik says, he stared in disbelief as two bruised and battered occupants of the downed craft climbed from their spaceship and scampered off into the woods - apparently never to be seen again. "The Baron and I gave a full report on the incident back at headquarters and they told us not to ever mention it again," the feisty, 105-year-old retired airline pilot recently told a reporter. "And except for my wife and grandkids, I never told a soul. But it's been over 80 years, so what difference could it possibly make now?" The aging Waitzrik said he and Baron Manfred von Richtofen - the renowned Red Baron - were flying an early morning mission over western Belgium in the spring of 1917 when the UFO suddenly appeared in a clear, blue sky directly ahead of their Fokker triplanes. "We were terrified because we'd never seen anything like it before," recalled the easygoing great-great grandfather of five. "The U.S. had just entered the war, so we assumed it was something they'd sent up. "The Baron immediately opened fire and the thing went down like a rock, shearing off tree limbs as it crashed in the woods. Then the two little baldheaded guys climbed out and ran away." Waitzrik said he assumed the glittering silver spaceship was some sort of enemy invention until the flying saucer scare that began in the late 1940s convinced him that his buddy had shot down a UFO. "The thing was maybe 40 meters (136 feet) in diameter and looked just like those saucer- shaped spaceships that everybody's been seeing for the last 50 years," the awed oldster said. "So there's no doubt in my mind now that that was no U.S. reconnaissance plane the Baron shot down, that was some kind of spacecraft from another planet and those little guys who ran off into the woods weren't Americans, they were space aliens of some kind.

Loch Ness is strewn with dozens of mines, a depth of a mile, by HMS Welbeck (carrying Hugh Gray).

New Thought lecturer David Van Bush hires H.P. Lovecraft as a ghost writer.

Luminous cruciform UFO seen hovering over Lismore, N.S.W., Australia.

Edwin Bauhan, one of several soldiers at Rich Field in Waco Texas who observed a 100-150 foot long cigar-shaped object after leaving the mess hall. "It came directly overhead, and was no more than five hundred feet high so we got an excellent view of it. It had no motors, no rigging, it was noiseless, a rose or sort of flame color, I could observe no windows. We all experienced the weirdest feeling of our lives, and sat in our tent puzzling over it for some time."

March -- The USS Cyclops vanished with 309 men aboard in the Bermuda Triangle. She is the Navy's "greatest mystery of the sea."

July 16 -- Czar Nicholas II and his family are murdered near Ekaterinburg/Sverdlovsk in the Urals. (It has been speculated that the Czarina, the Czareivitch and the four Grand Duchesses are disguised and sent to Perm. It has also been speculated that the Grand Duchess Anastasia managed to escape.)

July 18 -- An official statement is issued that stating that the Czar had been executed, but that his wife and son had been sent to a safe place.

July 25 -- Ekaterinburg falls to the White Russians, and an investigation of the fates of the Royals is ordered.

September -- The British send Sir Charles Eliot to Ekaterinburg to examine the Royal remains. He finds remains belonging to the Czar, the family Doctor and three servants (This may not be the case as remains that are purported to be those of the Czar and much of his family are excavated in the 1990s).

Two British soldiers see several orange spherical UFOs hovering over Salisbury Plain near Figeldean, Wiltshire.

The League of Nations is formed at the Paris Peace Conference with Geneva in Switzerland as its headquarters.

Meeting at the Majestic Hotel, Paris, between Wilsonian intellectuals (House, Dulles and Dulles, etc.) and "like-minded Englishmen" to discuss forming an organization "for the study of international affairs."

Adolph Hitler joins the Thule Society in Germany. In the Thule Society, the "black sun" played a prominent role as a "sacred" symbol of the Aryans. The inner core within the Thule Society are all Satanists.

Cpt. James and his aircraft disappear from over New York.

Freud draws attention to Austrian neurologist Poetzl's experiments with the tachistroscope, an early device for studying subliminal perception.

Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned published.

Mike Childers, while hoboing across the Mojave Desert in California, spent what he thought was a night in the woods near Tehacippi. When he awoke and set off on his way, he discovered that the year was I934 and America had passed into the Great Depression. Childers made a small media splash as a modern Rip Van Winkle, but was never able to discover what happened to the fifteen years he'd lost. It wasn't until 1990 that the decrepit Childers began to have nightmares that hinted at forgotten memories. Having seen Dr. Denton Schaeffer on a tabloid talk show about repressed memories, he mailed Schaeffer a description of his experience and dreams (along with his collection of journal articles and news clippings about him from the mid-1930s). Schaeffer interviewed and hypnotized Childers on thirty occasions before Childers' death in 1995 and was able to uncover a vivid tapestry of dark and horrifying memories in which Childers was taken beneath the ground by chattering alien creatures who surgically removed his brain and transported it to alien realms. The most disturbing part of this case is the medical evidence that Childers was subjected to extensive and inexplicable cranial surgery sometime during the 1920s.

December 17 -- Meteorologist Albert Porta predicted that the conjunction of six planets would generate a magnetic current that would cause the sun to explode and engulf the earth on this date. It didn't.

Spring -- The Grand Duchess Anastasia may have escaped from her captors. A number of trains are stopped and searched for her, including that of the head of the Swedish Red Cross, Count Carl Bonde. There is evidence that she was recaptured though. (Allegedly: When the Czarina and the children were massacred, Anastasia was only knocked unconscious, and was rescued by a soldier named Tchaikovsky, and moved with him and his family to Rumania, where she bore him a son that was placed in an orphanage. Tchaikovsky was killed in a street fight, and Anastasia eventually drifted on...).

Summer (end of) -- As he walked down an isolated country road near Barron, Wisconsin, one summer night, 13-year-old Harry Anderson saw something distinctly odd. Twenty little men, trooped in single file and heading in his direction, were visible in the bright moonlight. Even as they passed him, they paid him no attention. Young Anderson noticed they were dressed in leather knee pants held up by suspenders. They wore no shirts, they were bald, and their skin was pale white. Though all were making "mumbling" sounds, they did not appear to be communicating with each other. Terrified, Anderson continued on his way and did not look back. The bizarre encounter remained vivid in his memory for the rest of his life.

December -- The London Daily Mail published a letter from C.G. James, who had lived in Africa. He reported that an enormous beast with a single ivory horn lived in the waters of Lakes Bangweulu, Mweru, and Tanganyika, as well as the Kafue swamps. James said this animal was called chipekwe by the natives, and that it was reputed to leave tracks similar to, but different than, those of a hippopotamus. It is described as having a smooth body, without bristles, and armed with a single smooth horn fixed like that of a rhinoceros, but composed of smooth white ivory, very highly polished.

A Swedish zoologist, Sten Bergman, saw the skin of a bear from Kamchatka (Siberia), one which he noted was exceptionally large, far beyond the size common to bears in the area. The hair covering the skin was short, in contrast with the long hair associated with normal Kamchatkan bears. It was also a deep black in color. Bergman also recounted several tracks which were found. The tracks were an astounding 14.5 x 10 inches in size, suggesting a truly monstrous bear. He described the bear as Ursus arctos piscator, but it's more commonly known as Bergman's bear. Bergman's bear, sadly, may be extinct, as no sightings were reported since Bergman described the species in 1936.

Swiss geologist Francois de Loys led an expedition to the borders of Colombia and Venezuela. Many members of de Loys' expedition had died, and in 1920 the remnants of the party set up camp near the Tarra River. Two ape-like creatures emerged from the forest and moved towards the campsite. De Loys noted that they were a male and a female and about five feet in height. He recounts how the creatures broke off branches of trees and waved them at the party. During this assault, de Loys said, the creatures began to howl and screech, and eventually they threw their own dung at the expedition. The party opened fire, and the female was killed. The male retreated into the forest. The men, realizing that their kill was something out of the ordinary, sat its body on a crate, propping its head up with a stick. De Loys recorded that the creature was skinned, and its skull and jawbone preserved. Perhaps conveniently, these remains of the creature were lost. In 1929, the photograph was published, and the creature assigned the name "Ameranthropoides loysi".

November 23 -- Shafts of light project from the moon, or a spot so bright that it appeared to project in the region of Funerius.

Fishermen see a blue egg-shaped UFO touch down near Mount Pleasant, Iowa, USA.

Townsend Brown begins anti-gravity experiments and makes "a 15 inch metal plate which can lift itself".

A poltergeist phenomena recorded at Hopfgarten near Weimar in 1921. It is of special interest because the person in whose presence they centered was too weak, because of illness, to have been capable of producing them by other than psychic means. Minna Sauerbrey was the second wife of a clock-maker, Ernst Sauerbrey, and in February 1921 was dying of cancer. She lay on a couch in the family kitchen so weak that she could not move or be moved. Suddenly, loud raps began to make themselves heard in the kitchen. Sometimes the noises were heard in several directions at once, and objects were seen to move away from Frau Sauerbrey — although they were already beyond her reach. The police were called in and saw several objects move, including a wash-basin. A clock stopped ticking and a dog in the room was terrified. The police learned that Sauerbrey's son Otto, a hypnotist, had hypnotized his stepmother some time before, in order to alleviate the pain of her illness. They charged him with shortening her life by hypnosis (she died on March 27). He was acquitted. The poltergeists ceased their activity after Frau Sauerbrey's death.

Inventor Marconi states he believes mysterious V code on pre-WWI radio came from space.

Tesla recalls seeing lights, vivid images, when he was a boy.

Bright circular UFOs seen above a cloud overcast at night in Killingly, Connecticut.

July 31 -- A deluge of little frogs fell over an area of several square miles near Oneco, Connecticut.

September -- The first Westerner actually to see what may have been Yetis (though there are other, unsubstantiated claims for that distinction) was Lt. Col. C. K. Howard-Bury, who led a reconnaissance expedition up Mount Everest in September, 1921. At 20,000 feet on the side of the mountain that faces northern Tibet, the group found a large number of footprints three times the size human beings would make. The Sherpas attributed them to what Howard-Bury, apparently incorrectly, transcribed as metoh-kangmi. A Calcutta Statesman columnist who was shown the colonial officer's official report mistranslated the word as "abominable snowman." Apparently Howard-Bury had misunderstood the Sherpa term meh-teh, which means, approximately, "manlike thing that is not a man."

Benito Mussilini (Rumor: a British deep penetration agent) comes to power in Italy, and begins an attempt to eliminate the Mafia from Sicily.

British Navy tries to reclaim the mines in Loch Ness, only the anchors remain.

A prospector named Martin Sheffield encountered a monster in the hilly Chubut Province of Patagonia, Argentina. Sheffield's creature had a swanlike neck and moved like a crocodile.

Captain William Hichens, Native Magistrate of Lindi, Tanganyika (now Tanzania), recorded the following events, which had taken place in 1922: "Going to relieve the midnight watch, an oncoming native constable one night found his comrade missing. After a search he discovered him, terribly mutilated, underneath a stall. The man ran to his European officer, who went with me at once to the market. We found it obvious that the askari had been attacked and killed by some animal - a lion, it seemed. In the victim's hand was clenched a matted mass of greyish hair, such as would come out of a lion's mane were it grasped and torn in a violent fight. But in many years no lion had been known to come into the town. We were puzzling the problem at the boma next morning when the old Arab Liwali or native governor of the district hurried into our office, with two scared-looking men at his heels. Out late the previous night, they said, they had slunk by the market-place lest the askari should see them and think them evil-doers; and as they crept by they were horrified to see a huge brindled cat, the great mysterious nunda which is feared in every village on the coast, leap from the shadows and bear the policeman to the ground. The Liwali, a venerable and educated man, assured us that within his memory the nunda had visited the village several times. It was an animal, not a lion or a leopard, but a huge cat as large as a donkey and marked like a tabby. I had heard this tale, and put it down as silly superstition, but the Liwali's assertion put a different light on things. That same night another constable was torn to pieces, and clutched in his hands and scattered about the buckles of his uniform was more of that grey, matted fur." Mr. Hichens has thus made what may be the earliest mention in the European press of an animal the Tanzanian natives have known of for hundreds of years: the dreaded Nunda or Mngwa ("strange one"). The animal is reputed to be a gigantic cat, and is supposedly quite fierce. Hichens sent the "grey, matted fur" to headquarters to be identified. It was said to be "a fur and not a hair as you state: probably cat."

An Irish Republic Army man, Lawrence Bradley, wrote to the editor of Watford and West-Hersts Post magazine that while he was fighting a scattered rear-guard, mostly in the mountains of County Donegal, he came upon a cave with vegetation at the entrance that had been scorched. The only occupants in the cave were the sick and the wounded that had been unable to walk. The six able-bodied soldiers that were looking after them said they had been awakened early pre-dawn by a whirring noise outside of the cave and had fired their rifles in the direction of the noise, thinking that it was an armored car. Suddenly the object retaliated by firing jets of flame at the cave entrance. After near suffocation, the soldiers ran out to see the flame throwing UFO ascending into the sky. Clearly visible, it was circular in shape and glowing and of a shiny metal.

Nebraska, Hubbell: William C. Lamb was following strange tracks when he heard a high-pitched sound and saw a circular object intercepting starlight. It became brilliantly lighted and landed in a hollow. Soon afterward, a creature over 2.4 m tall was seen flying from the direction where the object had landed. It left tracks in the snow, which Lamb followed without results.

King Tutankhamen's tomb opened in Egypt, thus invoking "King Tut's Curse"; 14 violent deaths in as many years linked to the curse.

Twin girls aged eight see a daylight disc UFO near Davenport, Iowa.

Many witnesses in Poland observe a silvery object, two hemispheres divided by a rotating ring. The object 'shoots' a beam of light, and then rises with a loud noise.

Summer -- While sitting on the banks of the Teign River in Dartmoor, England, composer Thomas Wood heard a strange voice calling him by his first name. Though he searched with field glasses, he could find no source. Then he heard "overhead, faint as a breath," then ever louder, "music in the air. It lasted 20 minutes," he told writer Harold T. Wilkins. "Portable wireless sets were unknown in 1922... This music was essentially harmonic, not a melody nor an air. It sounded like the weaving together of tenuous fairy sounds." Listening intently, he wrote down the notes.

May 22 -- Father Victor Heinz encountered a monster snake near the town of Obidos, on the shores of the Amazon. This serpent appeared to Heinz to be nearly eighty-feet in length.

Founding of Hitler's "National-Socialist (Nazi) Party" in Germany.

In the face of the Teapot Dome and other scandals, President Harding visits Alaska and receives a "long ciphered message" which visibly upsets him, causing him to ask what a president could do when friends betrayed him; he died soon after among conflicting rumors about the cause of his death.

Tesla makes a press release in which he claims he is in frequent contact with ET's via radio.

A UFO explodes in mid-air over Quetta, Pakistan. Flaming debris rains down, destroying a few buildings. The fire lasts for hours, leaving only melted slag and "thin wires."

Mars made its closest pass to the Earth since the invention of radio. At the time not much was known about harsh environmental conditions on the planet and astronomers like Percival Lowell were speculating that markings on the surface suggested there was intelligent life. For this reason it was decided to make a concerted effort to pick up radio signals coming from Mars during the week of August 23rd when the planet came nearest. One of many, David Peck Todd, Professor of Astronomy at Amherst College, decided to listen with his receiver at a wavelength between 5 and 6 kilometers and record any signals he heard. After filtering out practical jokers Todd picked up a series of dots and dashes that were unexplained, but didn't appear to be of extraterrestrial origin. Todd's signals were recorded using a photographic method and some newspapers in New York in 1924 claimed the following: "MYSTERY DOTS AND DASHES WAS MARS SIGNALING? WHAT THE PHOTOGRAPHIC FILM REVEALED. The development of the photographic film of the radio signals for the 29 hour period while Mars was close to Earth, deepens the mystery of the dots and dashes heard by widely separated powerful stations. The film disclosed in black and white a regular arrangement of dots and dashes along one side. On the other, at about evenly spaced intervals, are curiously jumbled groups, each taking the form of a crudely drawn face."

Newspapers in different parts of the world carried stories about death rays being able to destroy things from a distance. Englishman Harry Grindell-Matthews and his team developed a "beam" that could blast aeroplanes out of the sky, explode gunpowder and cartridges, shrivel plants, electrocute mice, light incandescent bulbs, and ignite oil lamps at a distance of up to four miles. Matthews's claims stirred a great deal of public interest to the point where His Majesty's government offered him Ł1000 to carry out further development. The inventor, however, avoided anyone taking a close look at his device and did a neat two-step; pleading an eye injury and claiming that he'd already sold the secret of the ray to the Americans. He then quietly vanished from public sight only to resurface at Hampstead Heath with a new ray. It wrote "Happy Christmas" on the clouds.

Albert Ostman, a British Columbia man who came forward in 1957 to recount an incident which he said had taken place in 1924. While on a prospecting trip at the head of Toba Inlet, opposite Vancouver Island, he was scooped up one night inside his sleeping bag and after many miles dumped out, to discover that he was the prisoner of a family-adult male and female, juvenile male and female - of giant apelike creatures. Though they were friendly, they clearly did not want him to escape, and he managed to do so only after the older male choked on his chewing tobacco. He was gone six days.

An open-air temple is constructed at Balmoral, Sydney, by the "Order of the Star of the East", who await the second coming.

July -- An intriguing anecdote concerns an attack by Bigfoot creatures on a party of miners in the Mount Saint Helens/ Lewis River area of southwestern Washington. The episode began one evening in July, when two of the miners - already unnerved by a week's worth of strange whistling and thumping sounds emanating from a couple of nearby ridges - spotted a seven-foot tall apelike creature and fired on it. They fled to the cabin and with two other men endured a night-long assault, including thrown rocks and a concentrated effort to smash open the door, by a number of the creatures. Portland Oregonian reporters who came to the scene later found giant footprints. The spot where the episode occurred was thereafter named Ape Canyon, and so it is called to this day. In 1967 one of the participants, Fred Beck, and his son published a booklet, I Fought the Apemen of Mt. St. Helens, recalling the event.

N. A. Tombazi, a British photographer and member of the Royal Geographical Society, saw a strange creature in the Himalaya range. The incident occurred near the Zemu Glacier, at 15,000 feet altitude. He recorded this account: "The intense glare and brightness of the snow prevented me from seeing anything for the first few seconds; but I soon spotted the "object" referred to, about two to three hundred yards away down the valley to the east of our camp. Unquestionably, the figure in outline was exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to uproot or pull at some dwarf rhododendron bushes. It showed up dark against the snow and, as far as I could make out, wore no clothes. Within the next minute or so it had moved into sonic thick scruband was lost to view." Two hours later, as the party descended, Tombazi went to check the area where he had seen the creature. There he examined 16 footprints "similar in shape to those of a man, but only six to seven inches long by four inches wide at the broadest part of the foot. The prints were undoubtedly of a biped, the order of the spoor having no characteristics whatever of any imaginable quadruped,"

British newspaperman G. Ward Price and no less a personage than the future Duke of Windsor were in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Here, they learned a local man had been attacked by a strange flying creature called kongamato in a swamp. Once again, the natives identified the creature as a pterosaur. Described as "a lizard with wings like a bat", with a wingspan between four and seven feet, red, featherless, and toothed. The natives identified it with a pterodactyl when a picture was shown to them. A tribal chief from the Jiundu region said that it dwelt in the Jiundu Swamps.

Sidney Reilly vanishes while in Leningrad, the press reports his death.

Possible UFO crash in Maryland. Mysterious fireball explodes just outside Chevy Chase.

April -- Mato Grosso in Portuguese means "dense forest" - a fitting name for the landlocked Brazilian state nearly three times the size of Texas. Until the second half of the present century, Indians were the only inhabitants of its nearly impenetrable rain forests, and few white men had attempted to chart its terrain. Into this steaming wilderness filled with animal species still unfamiliar to zoologists and native tribes whose existence was not even suspected, three explorers dared to advance in April 1925. They would be facing poisonous snakes, flesh-eating fish, clouds of biting, stinging insects, and an uncertain welcome from the natives - all in pursuit of an elusive lost city known to them only by an enigmatic code name: "Z." Five weeks after leaving the capital, Cuiaba, the party's leader wrote home to his wife in England from the ominously named Dead Horse Camp (where his mount had died on a previous expedition): "We hope to get through this region in a few days. You need have no fear of any failure." It was the last message ever received from the jungle explorers.

July -- Two visitors to Consolation Valley in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta spotted what they thought was at an eagle at sonic considerable altitude. As it approached the Tower of Babel, a 7,500-foot-high eak within the range, they noticed that it was huge and brown and, even more startlingly, carried a large animal in its talons. Shouts from the observers caused it to drop the animal, which turned out to be a 15-pound mule-deer fawn. All conventional ornithological knowledge tells us that such reports - the two we have seen are only two of many and not, as we shall see, even the most fantastic - describe the impossible. The largest predatory birds such as the eagle attack only "small mammals, reptiles, fish, and, perhaps, some other birds," according to wildlife authority Roger A. Caras. The largest American birds, the rare and endangered California condors, have a wingspan of slightly over 10 feet, though one captured specimen early in the century was measured at 11 feet, four inches. Even so, their weak feet do not permit them to carry their prey, instead they feed on carrion.

September/October -- Possible UFO crash in Polson, Montana. This case rests solely on the account of John Cross from Polson, Montana, a remote ranching area in the north-west of the USA. The incident occurred in late September or early October 1925, just after dusk. Aside from John, then a young child, his mother was also witness to what happened. John told how a "pulsating, roaring noise" made them look upwards to see a "flaming circular object of approximately 60m (200ft) or more in diameter descending at approximately 1,100 to 1,600 km/hr (700 to 1,000 mph) and about 8 km (5 miles) distant."

Writer Agatha Christie vanishes for eleven days.

Nicholas Roerich sees a daylight disc.

UFO in a clear blue sky in northern China.

A mystical Tibetan colony established in Berlin, in fact predating the Nazi rise to power. One Tibetan Monk, termed "the man with the green gloves" and a reputed psychic, was frequently visited by Hitler and was rumored to hold the keys to the Kingdom of Agarthi. Such keys are best understood in terms of ciphers.

February 26 -- "The Dundas Fish Fall" when minnows fell from the sky on the town in Ontario.

May 14 -- According to a press clipping, dated Nayarit, Mexico, Captains. D. W. Page and F. W. Devalda discovered the bones of a race of giants who averaged over ten feet in height. Local legends state that they came from Ecuador. Nothing more has been heard of this.

The Politburo in Moscow passed the request to the Academy of Science with the order to build a "living war machine". The order came at a time when the Soviet Union was embarked on a crusade to turn the world upside down, with social engineering seen as a partner to industrialisation: new cities, architecture, and a new egalitarian society were being created. The Soviet authorities were struggling to rebuild the Red Army after bruising wars. And there was intense pressure to find a new labour force, particularly one that would not complain, with Russia about to embark on its first Five-Year Plan for fast-track industrialisation. Moscow archives show that in the mid-1920s Russia's top animal breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, was ordered to turn his skills from horse and animal work to the quest for a super-warrior. According to Moscow newspapers, Stalin told the scientist: "I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat." Mr Ivanov's ideas were music to the ears of Soviet planners and in 1926 he was dispatched to West Africa with $200,000 to conduct his first experiment in impregnating chimpanzees. Mr Ivanov's experiments, unsurprisingly from what we now know, were a total failure.

Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges discovers the Crystal Skull in the ruins of Lubaantun in British Honduras.

Long-distance echoes of radio signals noticed.

While flying near Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA, pilot Barney Oldfield finds his biplane flanked by "flying manhole covers."

August -- Artist, philosopher, and explorer Nicholas Roerich and other members of his expedition saw a huge, shiny, oval-shaped object, one side of it glistening in the sun, high over the Altai-Himalaya. They watched through field glasses as it flew south at a great speed and then changed direction, before disappearing in the intense blue sky. A Buddhist lama said that the object was a sign of the protecting force of Shambhala, a legendary spiritual kingdom referred to in eastern traditions.

A Nootka Indian, Muchalot Harry, is captured by a group of about 20 humanoids on Vancouver Island.

In Ghana, a creature known as a Sasabonsam was killed a man named Agya Wuo. The Sasabonsam was a man-faced creature with a beard and small horns. It had two short, stubby arms which were raised to display bat-like wings under them, an emaciated body, and short, twisted legs with toed feet. Although the creature is most likely a creation of mythmakers, some have wondered if it could have been some type of gigantic bat. The one that was killed had been a little over 5 feet tall, with a wingspan of almost 20 feet. Its teeth and arms were quite long, it was spotted black and white, and it had scaly ridges over the eyes. Agya Wuo said he had found it sleeping in a tree, and that it made a somewhat bat-like cry. The body had been taken to the home of the District Commissioner, L.W. Wood, who on February 22, 1928, photographed the carcass.

A. Blayney Percival recounted how he found a set of odd tracks - tracks which the Kitui Wakama natives assured him were left by a nocturnal creature which flew down from Mt. Kenya.

In 1928, author Herbert Sass was boating in the Goose Creek Lagoon north of Charleston, South Carolina. Seeing something moving under the water, he used an oar to fish it out - and found a thick-bodied creature which was a pinkish-red color, with a smooth tail and two short legs. The creature dove back into the water.

T. Townsend Brown discovers electrogravitic capacitance effect.

Judge Crater disappears.

The Mongolia Death Worm was first reported in 1929. It is called Allghoi Khorkhoi by the native people who seldom speak of it as legend suggests that the very mention of its name will bring bad luck and even death. The worm is feared for it ability to spray a strong poison or an electrical current up to several feet causing death. It is believed that one could die by simply touching the worm. The spray is said to corrode metal. According to those who have studied it or claim to have encountered it, the worm appears to favour the color yellow and stays close to parasitic plants such as the Goyo. While the Mongolian Death Worm sounds like a desert horror tale intended to frighten travelers, one scientific theory suggests that the Mongolian Death Worm is a species of featureless skink which lives in the sand and grows to about 40 centimeters in length.

In the 1930's General Smedley Butler was recruited to help take over the White House. He was told that he was needed because of his general popularity with the military. General Butler blew the whistle and named several prominent Americans as part of the plot. At the top of the list was John J. Raskob, who was a founding member of the U.S. branch of the Knights of Malta. He was board chairman of General Motors. He was, at he time, the U.S. Treasurer of the Knights of Malta. Congressional hearings were held to investigate the plot, but none of those named, including Raskob, was ever called to testify and nothing ever came of the hearings. Although you will find this in the Congressional records, you will never find it in any history book anywhere.

Pavlov begins applying knowledge of conditioned reflex to human psychosis.

One of the best recorded examples of strange phenomena concerning car crashes, occurred directly after the construction of a new motorway section in Germany in 1930. The section was a completely straight area of flat roadway, on the side of which was a small stone kilometer marker known as kilometer marker 239. During the first 12 months of the roadway's existence, over 100 cars crashed on the carriageway near the jinxed marker. An extreme example of this occurred on a very clear dry day in September 1930, when a total of 9 separate cars left the road right next to the accursed marker. It was only after the stone marker had been completely removed from the ground, and the area sprinkled with holy water did the accidents stop.

Australia. Small humanoid alien shows up at a farm in Mandurah, W.A., asking for water. Shot to death by terrified farmer.

November 13 -- Lake Anjikuni, Canada. The population of an Eskimo village disappeared without a trace. Supplies still in their storage places, the men’s rifles were still in place standing by the doors indicated no preparation for a mass exodus. A simmering pot of stew suggested a meal interrupted. The sled dogs died of starvation was covered in snow, and the exhumed graves added layers of complexity to the investigation. An another trapper Laurent Armand reported seeing a huge luminous object in the sky around the time the village was supposedly abandoned.

In February and June, large skeletons were found in the Humboldt lake bed near Lovelock, Nevada. The first of these two skeletons found measured 8 1/2 feet tall and appeared to have been wrapped in a gum-covered fabric similiar to the Egyptian manner. The second skeleton was almost 10 feet long.

Harald Westin saw a creature comparable to the African nguma-monene along Brazil's Rio Marmore - a 20-foot long creature which resembled a legged boa constrictor.

The Puerto Rican Cancer Experiment was undertaken by Dr. Cornelius Rhoads. Under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, Rhoads purposely infected his subjects with cancer cells. Thirteen of the subjects died. When the experiment was uncovered, and in spite of Rhoads' written opinions that the Puerto Rican population should be eradicated, Rhoads went on to establish U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama. He later was named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and was at the heart of the recently revealed radiation experiments on prisoners, hospital patients, and soldiers.

On a flight from Australia to New Zealand in his Tiger Moth biplane, Sir Francis Chichester encounters and chases a teardrop-shaped UFO over the Tasman Sea.

The British-led "Eugenics'' movement designated the Rockefellers' Dr. Rudin as the president of the worldwide Eugenics Federation. The movement called for the killing or sterilization of people whose HEREDITY made them a public burden.

Author Ivan T. Sanderson was leading an expedition in the Assumbo Mountains of Cameroon. When crossing a river, Sanderson recalled, a flying creature nearly the size of an eagle dove at him. He said that that evening, the expedition saw the black, sharp-toothed animal again. Natives called the animal olitiau. Sanderson himself believed it was an exceptionally large specimen of the hammerhead bat, a particularly repulsive type of fruit bat. However, he also noted that the dentition of the animal, from what he noticed, seemed more reptilian than mammalian. Others believed that the Olitiau was actually a large, unknown, type of bat related to the hammerhead, its common name derived from the term ole ntya ("the forked one," the Christian devil). Other cryptozoologists suggest the creature may be a surviving pterosaur.

Adolph Hitler gains control of German society enough to force scientists to work in laboratories on advanced aircraft design. Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Victor Schauberger, and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl, Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans make extraordinary progress. There is evidence that they might have been aided by contact with Gray entities from inside the Earth and an 'Ashtar' connected group of humanoid aliens in Aldebaran.

Ellis Wright found human tracks in the gypsum rock at White Sands, New Mexico. His discovery was later backed up by Fred Arthur, Supervisor of the Lincoln National Park and others who reported that each footprint was 22 inches long and from 8 to 10 inches wide. They were certain the prints were human in origin due to the outline of the perfect prints coupled with a readily apparent instep.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study began. Two hundred poor black men with syphilis began a long term experiment in which those men were to be studied. They were never told of their illness, and treatment was denied them. As many as 100 of the original 200 died as a direct or indirect result of the illness. The wives and children of the subjects also suffered as a result of the disease. (The government office supervising the study was the predecessor to today's Centers for Disease Control (CDC)).

Death of Charles Fort, the father of ufology.

June 5 -- Svanhild Hansen, a 42-pound five-year-old girl, was taken from her parents' Leka, Norway, farm by a huge eagle; the bird transported her more than a mile until it dropped her on a high ledge and continued to circle overhead. When rescuers reached the ledge, the child was asleep and, aside from a few small scratches, unharmed. Zoologist Hartvig Huitfeldt-Kaas, who spent a month investigating the story, pronounced it "completely reliable." The eagle, if that is what it was, was seen on several subsequent occasions.

FDR orders use of Great Seal of the U.S. (Illuminati sign) on reverse side of the dollar bill.

The Brazil-Colombia Boundary Commission claimed that an anaconda some ninety feet long was killed on the banks of the Rio Negro. A photograph was also supplied.

There are a minimum of 28 sightings of the Loch Ness monster in this year. These include Mr. and Mrs John Mackay on the newly completed North Shore Road, and Mr. and Mrs. George Spicer, Dr. J. Kirton, and Miss N. Simpson. As well, Hugh Gray photographs the Loch Ness Monster and a Scottish film company (Irvine, Clayton and Hay) films the creature.

Scandinavia: The month of December saw the beginning of the Swedish 'Ghost Flier' Wave. It ended four years later with an accumulation of 1,000 reports that also covered neighboring Finland and Norway. Most sightings involved airplane-shaped craft and luminous phenomena, none identified.

Pennsylvania, Chrysville: A man observed a faint violet light in a field between this town and Morrestown. Walking to it, he found an ovoid object 3 m in diameter and 2 m thick with a circular opening similar to a vault door. Pushing it, he found the room full of violet light and observed many instruments, no occupant. Smell of ammonia.

Australia, Queensland: Small disc hovers behind a house in Nambour, It is grabbed by a boy, who suffers itching and blistering on his hands as a result of grabbing the object.

A profusion of German 'tourists' swarm over the southwestern United States, buying land, checking mineral rights and also exploring caves and caverns. This was discovered during a background check on some of the cities [and newspapers] in New Mexico.

The U.S. Government agreed to trade with aliens animals in exchange for high-tech knowledge, and to allow them to use (undisturbed) underground bases in the Western U.S.A.

June 13 -- Vergiate, Italy. A circular craft, resembling a pair of saucers joined at their outer rims crashes near the town of Maderno, in Lombardy, northern Italy. The object, made of thin, silvery-grey metal, was about fifty feet in diameter and less than seven feet thick and recovered two bodies inside. The occupants were tall blond Nordics with oriental like features on their light blue eyes. The spaceship was allegedly stored in the hangars of the SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate near Milan, a building destroyed by a fire in 1940. In April of 1945, the 1st Armored Division captured the Marchetti Aviation Facility where the 1933 Magenta UFO was kept and it was brought to the United States. President Eisenhower met with the tall blonde-haired people involved with the 1933 Italy crash at Edwards AFB on February 20, 1954.
'Andrea', explained that 'A' was described like a kind of aerial torpedo, with very clear windows and alternating, white and red lights and 'B' were two hats like those used by priests: wide, round, with a dome in the center, metallic and following the torpedo without changing their relative positions.

October 8 -- In 1933 there was a rash of reports of a sea serpent off the coast of British Columbia. Occasional sightings had occurred in the past, going back to at least 1897, but the Loch Ness uproar gave water monsters generally a new cachet. Soon the Canadian animal was given the name Cadborosaurus, which combined Cadboro Bay, on Victoria Island's southeast coast, and saurus. Cadborosaurus soon became "Caddy." The first widely publicized sighting took place on October 8, 1933, and involved a witness of high repute: Maj. W. H. Langley, a barrister and clerk of the British Columbia legislature. Sailing his sloop past Chatham Island early in the afternoon, he spotted a greenish-brown-colored serpent with serrated body, "every bit as big as a whale but entirely different from a whale in many respects." He estimated its length at 80 feet.

Loch Ness sightings by Captain James Frazer and the Bendictine brother Richard Horan. Also, Robert Kenneth Wilson (a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons) photographs the Lock Ness Monster ("The Surgeon's Photo"). As well, fourteen men are hired by Sir Edward Mountain to watch the Loch.

A "beast which sometimes disembowels elephants" had been reported from several localities in the Likouala region of the Congo, among them Epena, Impfondo, and Dongou. At Dongou, one of these animals was supposedly killed in 1934.

A crowd had gathered in a public hall in London, England in 1934. A young scientist who claimed he had discovered the secret to electromagnetically-induced invisibility stepped into an open-front cabinet onstage. He wore on his head a device called an Electro-helmet along with some other paraphernalia. He reached up to touch two contacts above his head with both hands before giving the signal for the switch to be thrown. The switch allegedly sends electrical current to his strange devices, and his body gradually vanishes from his feet to his head. The story said that spectators were able to touch and feel his body inside the cabinet, but were unable to see him. "All one could see," said the story, "was the development of a cone of light such as might be projected between the two poles of a powerful transmitter." Of course, the inventor would not disclose how his contraption worked, explaining merely that it was the result of years of experimentation.

July 11 -- Aboard a naval ship in Balboa, the first deal was made between the United States and the Grays. The agreement stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in their affairs. It allowed the aliens to establish underground bases on U.S. soil in exchange for alien technology.

June -- American named Wilson [whose non-traditional theories on aerodynamics are rejected by the American government and established scientific organizations as unrealistic] comes to aid German aerial research programs. The United States was quite aware of the German technical progress and sent an American named Wilson to Germany to "give technical assistance" and generally to keep an eye on German technology. It was probably by virtue of Wilson that the Germans never used their [anti] gravitational craft en mass in the war, for Wilson attained a high position in the German technical community, and switched propulsion methods from gravitational to advanced jet propulsion in an apparent effort to "get technology out there to fight the war".

The first of 48 "Lost Colony" stones are found in North Carolina which supposedly tell the story of lost Roanoke Island colony.

Larson Kohl, the German paleontologist and anthropologist, found the bones of gigantic men on the shore of Lake Elyasi in Central Africa.

Alfred Scadding of Toronto, Canada, the sole survivor of the 1936 Moose River Mine disaster, insisted that right before the disaster occurred he saw a light swinging two feet above the ground in a side-shaft where no one else was supposed to be, and following the collapse he and Dr. Eddie Robinson (who did not survive until rescue) heard for the space of 24 hours the sounds of shouting and laughter, "as of little people having fun".

June -- Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core. They decided to take the oddity home and later cracked it open and they found within seemed to be an archaic hammer of sorts. A team of archaeologists checked it, and as it turns out, the rock encasing the hammer was dated back more than 400 million years; the hammer itself turned out to be more than 500 million years old. Additionally, a section of the handle has begun the transformation to coal. The hammer's head, made of more than 96% iron, is far more pure than anything nature could have achieved. Ok, but what a hell happen with the hammer over 100 million years? video

June 6 -- An Indian man named Yogi Pullavar was reported to have levitated into the air for four minutes in front of a crowd of 150 witnesses. During his feat, Pullavar was said to have been in a deep trance like state, and once back on the ground his limbs were found to be locked in place and could not be unbent.

Summer -- The start of the Nazi moon race was the evaluation of the anti-gravity propulsion system of a nearly 100% functional flying saucer that went down in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). This was combined with the existing propulsion experiments of German scientists based on Viktor Schauberger's ground-breaking anti-gravity experiments with the aim to build anti-gravital fighters and troop-carriers.

October 10 -- Early RAF UFO Encounter. During Fascism, the courage and efficiency of the Royal Italian Air Force pilots were often used after their successful raids and missions as cheap propaganda tools for Mussolini. This sighting took place in 1936, before flying saucers had been heard of; when aeroplanes were still rudimentary, helicopters were in the experimental stage, and jet propulsion just a dream. Captain Mario Rossi, who in 1936 was flight instructor at the Italian Military Air Base of Orbetello, makes this claim: "On the night of October 10, 1936, I was flying my Idro S.62 Bis, with three other machines, of the same type. When I was at 3,800 metres over Cape Talamone I noticed an unusual light ahead of my plane, which for a moment I mistook for the exhaust gas of another plane of my group. But I realised this was not the case when I saw that the speed of the object was greater than that of an S.62, and that the position of the 'flaming exhaust' did not correspond to the exhaust in the type of motor installed in this aircraft. I went on following the unknown light, which seemed to be on a higher level than my machine. I could not see its shape, because of the blinding light shining out from the centre of the object, and the short, shooting flames that flashed out on both sides. In size it seemed to be about twice the diameter of a full moon. All at once I found myself caught in a very dense cloud, from which I emerged, after 12 minutes' instrument flying, to find I was over Portoferraio (Island of Elba). This sighting occurred over the rock islands of Formiche di grosseto at 4.15 a.m. The object was flying at nearly 440 m.p.h, and was going due north". The above report was part of the documentation of Prof. Ernesto Thayaht, and was reproduced also by Rivista Aeronautica, the official organ of the Italian Air Force.

Alfred Peterson, a nurse aboard a British troopship in the China Sea, spotted what at first he thought was a big tree floating in the sea. A few minutes later he noticed it was still there, keeping pace with the ship. This peaked his interest and he took a closer look. What he saw was a 25-foot long, gray-black, body with a head shaped like a giraffe.

During a clash with the Japanese, a Russian reconnaissance unit in Mongolia spotted two silhouettes coming down a hill toward them. When the figures did not respond to a challenge, sentries shot them. Then next morning the recon unit was surprised when they examined the bodies. They were of a "strange anthropoid ape" that was about the size of a man and covered with long red hair. Unfortunately, because of the war, the bodies could not be returned to Moscow for a proper evaluation.

In Saginaw, Michigan a man-like monster climbed up a river bank, leaned against a tree, and then returned to the river. The fisherman who witnessed this appearance suffered a nervous breakdown.

According to an account told to investigators years later, whalers killed a sperm whale off the Queen Charlotte Islands in northern British Columbia. When they cut its stomach open, they found inside the semidigested remains of a 10-foot-long, snakelike creature with a horselike head and humped back. This remarkable specimen was returned to the ocean.

January 11 -- The first wave of gold shipments to Fort Knox gold depository.

July 1 -- First sighting of the White River Monster (or 'Whitey' as it was popularly known). Just to the south of Newport, Arkansas, the White River, a tributary to the great Mississippi, is particularly deep. The beast has been seen in this area numerous times since then.

The Orson Welles' Radio Broadcast. H. G. Wells' novel, War of the Worlds, was the first story of interplanetary warfare involving Earth. Before his story, previous tales described peaceful beings visiting Earth, but Wells' aliens came with weapons and were ready to take over the Earth as their new home. These aliens, who came from Mars, had so much power that humans could not stand a chance against them (in the end a type of bacteria finally kills the aliens). As a direct result of this novel, people began to believe that that any alien invasion would mean the termination of mankind. Orson Welles with his Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcasted their version of Wells' novel on Halloween night, 1938. It began at 8 p.m., and even before the broadcast was through, millions of people were frightened to the point that they cried, prayed, tried to rescue loved ones, and called upon ambulances and police. There was nationwide panic like never before. The people perceived this play as being reality because at the time radio was their most reliable source of news, and everything was portrayed so realistically. Also some of the specific places described, for example, street names, were real for many people. From this intense reaction, we can conclude that at this time in history, our culture believed that extraterrestrial life exists, and that aliens are capable of traveling to Earth by UFO's to invade our planet.

In West Lymrick, Ireland, a schoolboy named John Keely encountered a two-foot tall man, dressed in red clothing, on a road. Asked where he was from, the gnome responded curtly, "I'm from the mountains, and it's all equal to you what my business is." The boy alerted friends and acquaintances, who the next day returned with Keely and hid in the bushes as he approached a company of fairies, letting one of them take his hand. They walked together for a short time until the fairies spotted the human beings in the bush and shot away.

A team of archeologists, led by Professor Chi Pu Tei of Beijing University, was conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of caves of Balan Kara-Ula where they discovered very frail skeletons with large heads. They called themselves the Dropas. Dropa discs

The Germans made a major expedition to Antarctica in the portion of Queen Maud Land that is called New Schwabenland and began the construction of a major base.

"Mysterious lights" hover over Tabor, Quebec, Canada.

Summer -- In Czernica, Poland, near Jelenia Gora (Jelenia Gora Province), a UFO crashed in the area. According to Soviet and Russian authors, evidence and wreckage recovered from the crash site was seized by Nazi Germany after the invasion of Poland one year later. This inspired Nazi scientists to construct a "disco-plane" which they labelled the V-7, (the "Haunebu" or "Vril"). Others refer to it as the Ay-7 or Be-7. This account is similar to the 1936 Black Forest, Germany UFO crash account although the year and locations are very different.

Germany recovers at least one crashed UFO. Work begins on German disk program based on recovered 'alien' technology. As a result of newly acquired technology, the German scientific effort is pushed forward by leaps and bounds, and is developed at several underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and Thuringia.

March 12 -- The day Hitler annexed Austria, he arrived in Vienna a conquering hero. He first port of call was to the Hapsburg's treasury at the Hofmuseum in Vienna where he took possession of the Spear of Destiny which he immediately sent to Nuremberg, the spiritual capital of Nazi Germany. The Spear, also known as the Holy Lance, is supposed to be the one that pierced the side of Christ on the cross and has great talisman powers.

One overcast day in 1939 a thunderstorm broke out in Trowbidge in Wiltshire, but this was no ordinary shower. As the heavens opened up, people at the town's open air swimming pool were astonished to see hundreds of small frogs falling down from the sky. "It was a job to walk on the path without treading on them", according to one woman reported in The Times.

A 7 foot 7 inch skeleton was reported to have been found on the Friedman ranch, near Lovelock, Nevada, in 1939.

The daughter of State Secretary in US history Cordell Hull's cousin, Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt, came forward a few years back to tell a story of an incident that had occurred in Washington DC in 1939. According to what the Reverend told the family, his cousin Cordell Hull had taken the President to the sub-basement of the Capitol building during a visit to Washington. There he viewed four large glass jars holding four creatures and a wrecked round craft of some kind nearby.

Bright green UFO hovers over Juminda, Estonia for an hour, then disappears.

August 2 -- Germany and Soviets sign PACT against Poland. (Note: The Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin was originally an agent of the German government who was smuggled into Russia from Germany by train to incite the Bolshevik Revolution.

August -- SS Haunebu 1 was approximately seventy-five feet in diameter and probably lifted off for the first time.

In Antarctica, an ancient hi-tech "city" nicknamed "Rainbow City" was reportedly discovered by a small group of American researchers in the late 1940's. Reportedly an on-site staff of 2000 was later stationed there to study the ancient mechanical devices, the operation of time-space portals, holographic records, and an ancient underground 'rail' system with Rainbow City being the central hub. Antigravity craft are also reportedly being used by the researchers.

Nazis begin to build a number of secret bases over the world, with the main base being Hitler's secret hideout in Antarctica.

Engineer Rex Ball came upon a network of tunnels in Georgia, which led to an underground installation manned by Oriental-looking men in coveralls and a few American military officers. When caught in the tunnels, an officer issued the curt command: "Make him look like a nut!" The next thing he recalled was waking up in a field uncertain whether the experience was real or a dream.

US Government is alleged to possess the Mohr Ray, able to detonate gunpowder from a distance.

Early May -- Montana, US. Udo Wartena case. He saw a large disc shaped object about 35 foot high and over 100 feet across hovering above a meadow. The object resembled two soup plates, one inverted over the other and stainless steel in appearance. Wartena then saw a staircase unfold from the bottom of the craft. Out of it came a man who asked him if the ship could take some water. The man then invited Wartena inside the object. Wartena accepted and met another man inside that told him they had come from a distant planet and were 609 years old.

Chinese biologist Wang Tselin reportedly saw a yeren "wildman" killed in 1940 in the Gansu area. It was, he said, a female about six and a half feet tall and covered with grayish-brown hair, with a face that combined human and ape features in a way that reminded him of the prehistoric Beijing Man.

"Fiery cartwheel" UFO is seen ascending from a hilltop in Bata, Hungary.

Project RAINBOW begins working on invisibility under Nikola Tesla.

A Russian unit fighting the Germans in the Caucasus near Buinakst is asked by some partisans to look at an unusual prisoner. According to the unit's commander, Lt. Col. Vargen Karapetyan, the captive 'man' was naked, hairy, and covered with lice; he obviously didn't understand speech and appeared to be dim-witted, blinking often; he was evidently afraid, but made no attempt to defend himself when Karapetyan pulled hairs from his body. He was kept in a barn, because, as the partisans explained, in a heated room he stank and dripped sweat. Not wanting to get involved, Karapetyan told the partisans to do what they wanted with the prisoner. A few days later he heard that the prisoner had escaped, but according to a later report made by the Ministry of the Interior in Daghestan, the 'wild man' had been executed as a deserter after being court-martialed.

A UFO came down into the ocean west of San Diego, and was retrieved by the Navy. Perhaps some bodies were recovered and sent to Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio.

COI, the office of Coordinator of Information was created by President Roosevelt for General William J. Donovan, Roosevelt's special emissary. Donovan's goal was to fight the "new and important war." The psychological war. It was a war that would eventually be waged against the American people.

German aviatrix Hannah Reisch sees a UFO speeding by at an altitude of 20,000 meters (66,000 feet) while flight-testing a forerunner of the Messerschmitt 163 Komet.

April 22 -- Cape Girardeau, Missouri: Charlotte Mann states her grandfather, Rev. William Huffman, told her about a UFO crash site story which occurred in 1941 outside of Cape Girardeau. The Cape Girardeau police department and some military personnel were at what they thought was a plane crash site, but Rev. Hoffman said it obviously was not a plane. There was crumpled aluminum like metal debris scattered over the area and an object that was disc shaped. There were three humanoid bodies, child-like with large heads, big black eyes, no nose, slit for a mouth, and a form fitting uniform covered with debris. The MJ-12 cited this Missouri Ozarks 1941 UFO crash site story.

June -- UFO crashes near the villages of Goszevo and Dubrovki in Belorussia, wreckage salvaged by NKVD troops and transported to Omsk. Later moved to Zhitkur in 1945.

The Germans landed on the Moon. First landing on the moon was at Mare Imbrium on August 23, 1942 at 11:26 MEZ, using a Miethe rocket. First man on the moon was Kapitaenleutnant Werner Theisenberg of the Kriegsmarine. Actually, the Navy did most of the work on the moon shots, not the Luftwaffe. Landing took place without radio contact to the main control center at the Wilhelmshaven or the second control center located near Anzio, Italy. Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring and tunneling under the surface and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon.

Whitehouse buzzed by UFOs.

Ahnenerbe briefcase with two alien skull found at village Kamennomostsky (SU) in 2015, video

Captain Charles Pitman recounted in this year that there were stories of a flying monster which dwelt in swamps on the borders of Angola and Zaire.

Sergeant Stephen Brickner of the US Marine Corps witnessed an extraordinary UFO formation in the Solomon Islands. He estimated the number to around 150 craft all arranged in a rectangle. The formation was 15 craft long and 10 deep. Formation sightings have been reported before but the rectangle shape is unique.

An Imperial Japanese Sally bomber aircraft, on a mission over the Sea of Japan, was approached by a small dark spherical object which flew around and between the aircraft in the formation. An alert gun-cameraman snapped one photograph.

The Dutch cruiser Tromp in the Timor Sea was approached by a large aluminum disc that flew at tremendous speed. It then circled the vessel for about three to four hours. Finally, it flew off at an estimated speed of 3,000-3,500 mph.

Manhattan Project is established (The Jason Group may have been established as an offshoot from this).

February 25 -- California, Los Angeles: A gigantic black-out, covering the area from Bakersfield south to San Diego and eastward to Boulder City and Las Vegas, Nev., went into effect shortly after 8 o'clock last night on orders from the Army Fourth Interceptor Command. It continued until 11:03 p.m. As Los Angeles went dark amongst considerable confusion and uncertainty, The Interceptor Command announced, "this is not a practice black-out." A yellow signal, indicating the approach of enemy air raiders, was flashed on the state-wide teletype at 7:35p.m.. Police said the signal indicated the presence of unidentified airplanes approaching Los Angeles from the sea but did not necessarily mean they were enemy. Anti-aircraft and machine gunners scrambled to their weapons at Ft. Mac Arthur, which was promptly placed on alert basis. Reports that the sound of gunfire could be heard could not be verified from listening posts at the beach or at the harbor. Definite indication that the Interceptor Command meant business by calling for the black-out was contained in a statement from a spokesman who said: "There are planes over the south of Los Angeles that are unidentified. The area will be blacked out until we can identify them." When asked if Army planes had been sent aloft to contact these aircraft the spokesman said: "You can assume there have been." Thousands of Angelinos, listening for straining ears for sounds of aircraft, were unable to distinguish sounds of motors, however. A few minutes after the black-out was ordered, the flashing of what appeared to be Army searchlights was visible in the higher portions of Los Angeles, 25 miles from the water front. Headquarters of the Fourth Interceptor Command, calling the blackout a success, said they had a report that unidentified planes were in the vicinity of Los Angeles. A Secret Memo to the President from Chief of Staff, C.G. Marshall stating: "UFOs appeared over Los Angeles, CA, yesterday morning. The 37th Brigade (AA) expended 1430 rounds of ammunition against them. No bombs dropped, no casualties among our troops, no planes (UFOs) shot down, no AA or Navy planes were in action."

March 14 -- Nazi Hauptmann Fischer, an engineer in civil life, landed his plane at a secret air base at Banak, Norway. At that instant the radar picked up a luminous object and Fischer was asked to go up and identify it. At about 10,000 feet the pilot caught sight of the object, and gave a description by radio to the base: "an enormous streamlined craft about 300-feet long and about 50-feet in diameter". The "aerial whale" which was Fischer's title for it stayed horizontal for a long moment before rising vertically and disappearing at great speed.

Project RAINBOW tests faster than light travel in Philadelphia harbor. Nicola Tesla finds out that the high electromagnetic fields will cause biophysical damage to sailors. He sabotages a test on a 1,500 ton ship and resigns his position in the Philadephia Project. Tesla wanted to go public with the info that the Navy was killing sailors with this experiment (this is why he was killed in January). Dr. Von Neumann then took over.

CIA's Allen Dulles (Bavarian Illuminati) cuts a deal with Nazi SS intelligence. This would eventually lead to a massive infiltration of the CIA by Nazi S.S. agents, who would in turn begin a global program of toppling third world governments and replacing them with their own fascist puppet dictatorships. Germans complete research on alloy of magnesium and aluminum.

Spanish troops of Division Azul see a washtub-shaped UFO hovering nearby during a battle in Russia.

US bomber pilots flying missions from Burma to China reported being buzzed and circled by "glittering" objects. Instruments failed to operate until the objects flew off.

January 7 -- Tesla dies when he is hit by a car in New York City. Al Bielek states some agents held the rest of the people back, while letting Tesla cross the street. Tesla was then hit by a cab that sped up to hit him.

July -- One of the best documented cases of "floating cities" is the account that occurred in the Mediterranean Sea, east of Malta, when an entire ship's crew of 93 US Navy sailors witnessed a floating city in the sky. It was a nice sunny day and the ship was well out at sea, with no land in sight. An eyewitness account from a crew member describes the city as follows: "The city was positioned on the clouds with the rear of the city higher than the front so the whole was in elevation. Now the hard part. How to explain in ordinary words how fantastically beautiful the whole city was. There were 'buildings' the very, the very name an insult, these were glistening white palaces with turrets and castellated walls in white marble, sat in fantastic gardens and tree studded parkland, bordered with lawns, flower beds, fountains and pools all in fantastic colour. Walking, playing, sitting on the lawns and fountains were many people and families, even children and dogs. Although the ship was out of sight of land, it seems strange, we could see people, let alone identify children and dogs, but as previously stated, we were looking at a city one mile away. The people although very small could be identified as men, women, and children. The ladies were wearing long black skirts, which reached the floor like those in Victorian times. On my original report, I have made two drawings, one of the city and another of the size of the people. The dog was running all over the place. Through the centre of the city ran a beautiful wide thoroughfare with side roads on each side. Each side road were fringed with fantastic lawns, vivid flowerbeds, flowers and wonderful palaces. The wide thoroughfare was aligned exactly with the starboard side of the ship; we were all looking along it as it tapered to nothing in the distance. (Even the name thoroughfare or roads are crude in trying to explain how wonderful everything looked). Along the side roads and main thoroughfare, ran a constant stream of traffic, fine looking cabs drawn by a horse, an open coach, drawn by two horses. A type of London scene, but like a Victorian scene. These would stop at the side of the roads or thoroughfare, passengers would disembark, others would enter and the cab or coach would join the main stream." Whatever this amazing city was, the crew seem to have witnessed it in great detail and at such a close range that they could see people in the streets. Interestingly, it was also commented that the city kept pace with the speed of the ship and as with the phantom armies, the sightings occurred not in the space of a few short minutes, but over several hours.

July 22 -- The first test of the "The Philadelphia Experiment" on the USS Eldridge, had the ship disappear for 20 seconds. After this, the crew above deck were nauseous and disoriented.

August 12 -- The second test of the "The Philadelphia Experiment" on the USS Eldridge. According to Jessup and the Allende papers, the US Navy and the SS Andrew Fursenth are involved in experiments of an invisibility screen. The experiment goes awry and the ship teleports from Philadelphia to Norfolk, VA. (According to one source, this is one end of a large time vortex that will be eventually explored and exploited by the government in the Montauk Project). This is the test where Al Bielek and the ship were teleported to Montauk, Long Island to 1983. An older Von Neumann said Bielek and his brother must destroy the equipment to turn the field generators off. They did so, and the fields collapsed out of sync. When they returned 4 hours later, 4 crew were dead from being embedded in the hull, and one had his hand embedded in the hull, but survived. Another brother of Bielek was embedded in the hull. Only his head and shoulders were above the hull. He died eventually.

Late October -- At 10:00pm, they did another test, without crew. The ship appeared in Norfolk harbor for 10-15 minutes. When it returned, they found a generator was missing, 2 transmitter cabinets, and the control room was a smoking ruins.

Pilots on both sides of the war report seeing "foo fighters" while flying combat missions. The allies described the flashing flying German aircraft they saw as Foo Fighters. They were supposedly developed by a specialist technical unit of the SS in a Vienna suburb. They were unmanned flying probe that would fly close to enemy aircraft and reek havoc on their electrical circuits. In addition they were equipped with a special pistron tube that the SS called death rays.

Alleged contact begins between the US government and Aliens.

Nazi Admiral Doenitz boasts the German submarine fleet has built "in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress."

Roosevelt allegedly sends the Russians half our plutonium and plans to make the A-bomb back.

Nazis begin sending millions of dollars worth of jewels, paintings and cash to Argentina for safe keeping.

"Moth-Man" is seen in Hollywood, MD.

AFOSI documentation, dated 29 June 1949 and prepared by a Special Agent of the AFOSI at Scott Air Force Base, concerned a woman (whose name is deleted from the declassified documentation) then living in Missouri but who had previously lived with her former husband in Mexico. She had informed the AFOSI Special Agent that while in Mexico in 1944 "she would hear talk of secret weapons" that were being built in "an underground aircraft factory" and that was situated "beneath a mountain near Monterrey, Mexico City…" According to the story, the woman's husband (whose name is also deleted from the official documentation) "had been given the privilege of visiting this underground factory where he saw thousands of aircraft which were being constructed of some metallic or plastic material that could not be seen in flight. The crews of these aircraft could see out but on-lookers were unable to see in…" The document continued that: "these aircraft were being prepared for a special operation against the United States and were rocket-powered." Interestingly, a somewhat plausible theory was discussed by the AFOSI concerning how and why the woman's husband was granted access to this presumably Top Secret underground factory: "…[He] is a member of a famous singing combination in Mexico City, and as such, has privileges granted by high standing Mexican Statesmen…"

Christopher von Fürer-Haimendorf, professor of anthropology at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, undertook a study of tribes on the Assam-Burma border. In the northern part of the Balipara Frontier Tract, he discovered a valley inhabited by a primitive tribe known as the Apa Tanis. Fürer-Haimendorf recounted that the bottom of the valley was "inhabited by lizardlike monsters." The creature was described in detail by a Charles Stonor, who said that he and J.P. Mills, a respected authority on Assamese tribes, had visited the Valley of the Apa Tanis in the 1940s. He recounted a tradition that when the first of the Apa Tanis settled in the valley, there was a great marshy lake. According to the tribesmen: "The lake was the home of great aquatic beasts the like of which they had never seen before, and to which they gave the name Buru. The Buru was a heavily-built, cumbersome animal, fifteen feet or so in length with a long and thick neck, and a broad head tapering to a snout. There were three hard plates on the head, one on top, and one on each side. The tongue was long and forked, after the fashion of a snake. There were teeth "flat like those of a man": and according to some accounts there was a pair of small [tusks] in each jaw. The body had a girth such as "a man could just put his arms around," and measured some eighteen inches across the back. A row of blunt spines ran down the back and along each side. There were four stumpy limbs, with feet "like those of a burrowing mole." The Buru had a thick and powerful tail, three or four feet long, and on each side were broad and deeply-fringed lobes. The skin was fish-like and the colour mottled blue/black above and whitish below. There were many of them, and first and foremost they were aquatic, keeping to the deeper water, so that they were not very often seen. In the summer months they sometimes crawled out onto the banks to bask in the sun. In winter they disappeared into the mud on the bottom and were never seen. Now and again they appeared above the surface of the water, when they gave a coarse, bellowing call. They were believed to have been vegetarian, and were always nosing about in the mud, weaving their way through the swamp with their long necks, when the hard plates on their heads were brought into play. They did not lay eggs, and the young were born alive in the water. The Buru "did everything with its tail," and a tradition tells of a man who speared a young one he surprised asleep on a mud-bank, whereupon he was attacked by the mother, who caught him round the legs with her tail and pulled him into the water where he was drowned." Stonor then goes on to recount how the Buru were killed off by the tribesmen, as the population of the Apa Tanis increased. He was struck by their knowledge of the valley and their ability to point out four sites at which a Buru had been killed. Stonor also spoke with the descendants of a man named Takhe Saha, who said that their ancestor had found a Buru's skull in an area called Chagho. They said it was "like a pig's but with a longer snout."

Mine inspector Glenn E. Berger reported to his superiors that the 1944 Dixonville mine disaster which "killed" 15 men was not the result of a cave-in, but rather an attack by underground creatures capable of manipulating the earth (partial cave-ins), whose domain the miners had apparently penetrated. Most of the dead miners were not injured by falling rocks but showed signs of large claw marks, others were missing, and one survivor spoke of seeing a vicious humanoid creature that was "not of this world" within an ancient passage that the miners had broke into. The creature somehow created a "cave-in", blocking himself and another inspector (who closed his eyes when he felt the creatures "hot breath" on his neck) from the main passage until another rescue party began to dig through the collapse, scaring the "creature" away.

A Czech soldier injured in fighting in Slovakia was rescued by a sheep herder, the soldier and two of his comrades were hidden in a cave in the Tatra Mountains. There they found something extraordinary. It was a "huge black wall, overgrown by cave formations, 2 miles back in a cave, 2,700 feet below the top of the mountain." The "artifact" was 27 feet high, about 20 feet wide and curved. "It looked almost like looking in a mirror of steel," they described, "totally smooth, no seams, no rivets." The soldier slipped through a narrow crack in the wall and found himself inside a "huge structure, shaped like a fat crescent moon, with 7-foot-thick walls that extended up beyond the light of his torches." On subsequent visits, he found that he couldn't even scratch the surface of the artifact with a pick - but he could dig down through the limestone floor. About 60 inches in, he found a prehistoric cave bear skeleton and, under it, grillwork with warmth coming up through it. He also heard a sound, which he described as "something like a distant turbine." The soldier was a mining engineer with four degrees from the University of Prague and he knew about the sound of dripping water versus a turbine. When he left the cave, he sealed off the crawlways that led to his discovery. Bombing later in the war also damaged the cave.

February 12 -- The report of another interesting incident was carefully preserved in the archives of the German Investigation Committee: that of the launching of an experimental rocket at the Kummersdorf test center. On that day the Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, S.S. Reichsfuhrer Himmler and S.S. Gruppenfuhrer Heinz Kammler were present at the launching which was being filmed. Some days later the authorities at the base organized a showing of the film. The astonished spectators, could see very clearly a spherical body which followed the rocket and circled around it. The authorities immediately suspected Allied espionage. However, an agent informed Himmler that the English were themselves victims of the same sort of phenomenon and thought that it was a new type of German prototype craft.

February 22 -- Franklin D. Roosevelt writes a Top Secret memo on White House stationary for "The special committee on non-terrestrial science and technology." Both the title and the content clearly allude to extraterrestrial life, the former using the word "non-terrestrial" and the latter talks about "coming to grips with the reality that our planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life the universe.

March -- During an allied bombing mission over Kiel, Germany, an American fighter pilot named "Gordy" reports about some German in a FW-190 flying out to fight him and how when they were involved in this wild dog fight some other craft came darting in between them and then their instruments wouldn't work, nor their guns and they kept trying to jockey for position yet this flying "tin cigar" kept interfering until finally the American was low on fuel and broke away.

July -- JU-52 airplane landed over Stettin Lagoon. There in the hanger stood three or four very large, round, dark dish shaped metal constructions on telescope-like leg stands. The objects were about 6 meters off the ground and the objects themselves were 12 to 15 meters in diameter. The pilot compared the shape of the objects to a giant soup dish or soup plate.

August 10 -- Captain Alvah M. Reida was piloting a B-29 bomber based at Kharagapur, India, on a mission over Palembang, Sumatra, when his right gunner and co-pilot noticed a sphere "probably five or six-feet in diameter, of a very bright and intense red or orange in color" that constantly throbbed, about 12,500 ft off the starboard wing. It kept up with the B-29, then flying at 210 mph. Reida tried to shake it off his plane, but it stayed in the same relative position until, after eight minutes, it "made an abrupt 90 degree turn and accelerated rapidly, disappearing in the overcast."

August 11 --, whilst over France, a Lancaster bomber crew of eight saw what they described as a huge disc-shaped object with a row of lights that dwarfed their aircraft many times over. Upon landing, the crew officially reported what they had seen and were told not to talk to anyone about it and not to record the information in their log books. In a time before the era of 'flying saucers and UFOs' and at a time of war, this case stands as a landmark sighting.

September 29 -- A German test pilot was trying out a new Messerschmitt Me-262 Schwalbe jet fighter when his attention was suddenly caught by two luminous points situated on his right. He shot at full speed in that direction and found himself face-to-face with a cylindrical object, more than 300-feet long with some openings along its side, and fitted with long antennae placed in front up to about halfway along its length. Having approached within about 1,500 feet of the craft the pilot was amazed to see that it was moving at a speed of more than 1,200 m.p.h.

October 14 -- US B-17s of the 348th Bomb Group had started a bombing run over Schweinfurt, Germany, when they ran into a formation of "scores" of small, silvery disks, about one-inch thick and four inches in diameter, flying toward the bombers. Major E.R.T. Holmes reported that one struck the tail of one aircraft, but without effect.

Nazis tried to cover up their crimes at Auschwitz. In the winter of 1945, the Nazis tried to destroy the evidence of the Holocaust.

Hitler allegedly escapes from Berlin after arranging for a fake suicide cover story; Hitler's death announced, Admiral Doenitz takes command; submarines U-530, U-977 and others begin secret journey from Norway soon after Quisling allegedly refused Hitler's offer to take him "aboard a submarine to a safe refuge"; two months after Germany surrenders submarines U-530 and U-977 give themselves up in Mar del Plata, Argentina, after allegedly being lost from the submarine convoy taking Hitler and others to their hideout in Antarctica; Nazi leader Martin Bormann escapes without a trace from Berlin after supervising Hitler's "suicide." Beginning of Nazi withdrawal to Argentina, and elsewhere, via the Odessa Network under the oversight of the Valhalla Exchange (Martin Bormann).

UFO crashes in Bulgaria. Wreckage transported by Soviets to Zhitkur.

Official beginning of Bermuda Triangle mystery, when Flight 19, made up of five TBF naval bombers, disappears off the coast of Florida; another plane sent to investigate also disappears - 6 planes and 27 men vanished.

An Air Force plane's engines fail over Iwo Jima as foo-fighters maneuver around it.

Three Japanese Zeroes engage two daylight discs in a dogfight over Wonsan, North Korea. One Zero is shot down, and the UFOs flee into space.

Soviet armies raced to win control of Berlin, perhaps motivated by a desire to gain control of the German nuclear research program in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute before the Americans. Roosevelt allegedly allows the Russians to reach Berlin first.

The German U-Boat U-234 surrenders to American forces in the Atlantic, after leaving Germany for Japan with a load of special materials. Aboard U-234 were 580 kilograms of uranium oxide and infrared fuses. It is speculated that the enriched uranium and fuses found on the boat were used in the Manhattan Project bombs. In fact, it might be that without this booty, the American atom bomb project would never have met the deadline for postponing the invasion of Japan.

February -- Despite allied efforts, the Germans successfully flew a crew-carrying version of the "fireball" from the underground facilities in Thuringia. The craft had a top speed of over 12,500 mph. The craft was called the "Kugelblitz".

February 23 -- The newest engines of the Kugelblitz were tested and then extracted from the craft. The "shell" or "casing" of the Kugelblitz, minus the engines, was blown up by SS personnel and the scientists, plans and engines were shipped out of Germany to the South Polar regions, where the Germans had maintained underground construction activity since 1941.

February 25 -- Workers at Kahla complex brought to Buchenwald and gassed so as not to reveal secret of Nazi disk projects. Kahla closed. Slavian slave-laborers from various underground facilities also taken to Karshagan and other camps and killed.

March 3 -- On this date, according to recent research, the Nazi's may have tested a primitive tactical nuclear weapon. The test, carried out in Thuringia, destroyed an area of about 500 square miles, killing several hundred prisoners of war and concentration camp inmates. The weapons were never used because they were not yet ready for mass production. There were also problems with delivery and detonation systems.

April 29 -- Hitler left Templehof Airfield in an Arado-234. Flight Captain Peter Baumgart took Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, as well as a few loyal friends by plane from Tempelhof Airport to Tondern in Denmark (still German controlled). From Tondern, they took another plane to Kristiansund in Norway (also German controlled). From there they joined a submarine convoy bound for Antarctica.

April 30 -- During the final days of the war, after considerable bombing of Nuremberg, the Holy Spear of Destiny fell into the hands of the American 7th Army under General Patton. In light of the Spear's incredible legend, Patton is said to have become extremely upset at General Eisenhower's decision to return such a great talisman of power to the Hapsburgs. Consequently, some people have theorized that the lance which was actually returned to Vienna may not have been the original spearhead, but that it is, rather, a copy - a counterfeit - of the original which Patton insisted be retained by the United States.

July -- Two and a half months after the war ended in Germany, a huge German transport submarine brought to Japan the latest of German inventions - two spherical wingless flying devices. The Japanese R&D; team put the machines together, following the German instructions, and there was something very bizarre and other-earthy standing in front of them - a ball shaped flying device without wings or propellers, that nobody knew how it flied. The fuel was added, the start button of this unmanned machine was pressed and it disappeared with a roar and flames into the sky. The team never saw it again. The engineers were so frightened by the unexpected might of the machine, that they promptly dynamited the second prototype and choose to forget the whole incident.

July 16, 05:29 -- Trinity was the code name of the first detonation of a nuclear device.

December 26 -- A mine explosion known as the "Belva Mine Disaster" traps many men near Pineville, Kentucky. Interviews with survivors later revealed that some of the trapped men saw a "door" in one of the rock walls open, and a man dressed like a "lumberjack" emerged from a well-lighted room. After assuring the men that they would be rescued, the strange visitor returned to the room and closed the door. These "lumberjack-like" entities have been described by miners in other parts of the country and in other nations as well. There seems to be some confusion as to whether they are physical or paraphysical entities.

The well-documented "Ghost Rocket" invasion of Sweden took place as cigar-shaped objects rained down on land and lake in this area of northern Europe.

UFO crashes near Spitzbergen, Sweden. General James H. Doolittle travels there to inspect it.

UFO crashes in Romania. Wreckage transported to Zhitkur by Soviets.

Pilot and crew of a C-47 aircraft 30 miles north-east of Tampa, Florida, saw a cigar-shaped object with luminous portholes hurtle towards them in horizontal flight at the same altitude of 4,000 ft. At 1,000 yards distant it swerved to avoid them. Estimated size of object was twice that of a B-29 bomber.

About 50 miles south of Pittsburgh in the first range of the Allegheny Mountains, George A. Lehew reportedly found a cavern which he penetrated for over a mile, the passages becoming increasingly wider. He descended at about a 45 degree angle until reaching a room in which he found a six-foot wide thermol bore, a perfectly circular shaft with smooth glazed walls that had apparently been melted through the rock/earth in some ancient time. Old timers in the area alleged that six "survivors" in 1915 took gear and equipment and spent a month exploring the cave, going 18 miles from the entrance and down almost 5 miles below sea level, where they distinctly heard the "rumble of machinery" off in the distance.

President Truman sets up the Central Intelligence Group, later to become the CIA.

America turns 2/3rds of Germany's aircraft manufacturing over to Soviets. Nazis help form CIA operations division with Rockefeller assistance. Imported SS intelligence officers help form Radio Liberty and Voice of America. General Hoyt Vandenburg becomes director of CIA. U.S. and Canada begin joint disk development programs in underground plants.

Bavarian-connected agents within the United States eco-political structure import German S.S. intelligence officers in an effort to form what later becomes the Central Intelligence Agency. This Agency, initially an "intelligence gathering" office, soon commenced to spreading its influence throughout the entire U.S. intelligence community to the point where it became the controlling influence over all intelligence efforts and in fact a "secret government" in and of itself. The influence spreads beyond the borders of the U.S.A. as the CIA engages in a 'covert war' against the world superpowers and third world counties, assassinating undesirable leaders and replacing them with fascist CIA-backed military juntas, etc.

According to the authors of the underground German documentary movie from the Thule society, the only produced craft of the Haunibu-3 type-the 74-meter diameter naval warfare dreadnought was chosen for the most courageous mission of this whole century-the trip to Mars. The craft was of saucer shape, had the bigger Andromeda tachyon drives, and was armed with four triple gun turrets of large naval caliber (three inverted upside down and attached to the underside of the craft, and the fourth on top of the crew compartments). A volunteer suicide crew of Germans and Japanese was chosen, because everybody knew that this journey was a one-way journey with no return. The large intensity of the electro-magnetogravitic fields and the inferior quality of the metal alloys used then for the structural elements of the drive, was causing the metal to fatigue and get very brittle only after a few months of work of the drive. The flight to Mars departed from Germany one month before the war ended - in April 1945. It was probably a large crew, numbering in the hundreds, because of the low level of automation and electronic controls inside the saucer. Most of the systems of the craft had to be operated like these on a U-boat of that time - manually. Because the structurally weakened tachyon drives were not working with full power and not all the time, the trip to Mars took almost 8 months to accomplish. An initial short trust towards Mars was probably used the strong gravitational field close to Earth, after that the craft was "coasting" for 8 months in an elliptical orbit to Mars with its main drives turned off. Smaller Kohler converters were probably used to power the systems and life support equipment on board. I do not have any information at the present time about any artificial gravity capability on board the craft, but that could have been easily done with the large antigravity drives of the ship. After a heavy, almost crashing landing, the saucer slammed to a stop, damaging irreparably its drives, but saving the crew. That happened in the middle of January 1946. The crash landing on Mars was not only due to the crippled tachyon drives of the craft - it was also due to the smaller gravitational field of Mars generating less power for the tachyon drives; and also due to the thinner atmosphere on Mars, that could not be used as effectively for air breaking as the Earth's atmosphere could. The craft was shaped as a giant saucer - a form that is very efficient as an air brake, when it is entered into the atmosphere with its huge cross section perpendicular to the trajectory of descent. One question, that I have not answered yet in the affirmative is how were the Germans able to regenerate the air inside the craft for 8 months for this big crew. Quite probably they were using advanced life support systems, developed initially for their larger Walter turbine and free energy submarines, that were cruising the oceans without resurfacing. The radio message with the mixed news was received by the German underground space control center in Neu Schwabenland and by their research base on the Moon.

Two young men reported the discovery of a glazed tunnel behind an outcropping of rock at about the 7,500 ft. level on the slopes of Mt. Lassen in California. They explored the cavern using a strange tunnel vehicle and were captured by men dressed as surface people who were known as the "horlocks", humans under the total mind-control of some alien force, only to be rescued by an underground resistance force. Others have reported abductions near Lassen by a human-reptilian collaboration, and also an underground connection between Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta to the north.

July 25 -- First under water experimental atomic bomb explosion at Bikini atoll.

Albert Einstein visits Roswell debris.

An anonymous writer, claiming the power to induce a deep trance in most hypnotic subjects, instructed one woman while in a trance to remote-project from her body and visit a mountain outside of Mexico City. When asked if there was a cave in the mountain she said: "I'm inside. Oh! It's walls glow, there's a shaft going down, its walls are smooth like the inside of a piston shaft of a car. I'm there (at the bottom of the shaft). There is evil down here!" When bringing her back into her body (difficult) she said, "I've been somewhere I shouldn't", shaking and crying, and she also stated that a battle was taking place in her mind, which she eventually won. Others who have reportedly remote-viewed underground facilities like Dulce, Pine Gap, Cheyenne Mountain and others state that many of the bases - especially the alien interaction ones - simultaneously exist in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions and are equipped with "magnetic traps" designed to capture "astral spies" who might try to probe their secrets.

Druggist George Haycock claimed that he had explored a shaft that could be entered via a boulder strewn depression or sink six miles west of Burley, Idaho, and one mile off the main road (presumably in the opposite direction from the river?). Native American legends told of a demonic race that would emerge from a cave and capture their women and children. Mr. Haycock reported psychic attacks and impressions of evil activities taking place underground. The shaft led to a long square-cut yet ancient horizontal crawlspace tunnel with branch tunnels and a cave-in which he attempted to dig through, although experiencing unusual "resistance" in doing to. He later wrote friends that someone was trying to blast the shaft closed with dynamite and also reported a death threat he had received in the mail telling him to cease and desist his explorations. Shortly after this, he was found strangled to death in his home.

A local newspaper reported the discovery of nine-foot-tall skeletons by amateur archeologists working in Death Valley. The archeologists involved also claimed to have found what appeared to be the bones of tigers and dinosaurs with the human remains.

60 miles NW of El Paso, Texas in the Organ Mountains of New Mexico. Helen Compton Gordon and her husband discovered an old abandoned mine far above the "Bean Blossom Mine" near their former home. Climbing the ore-splattered slope they entered the other mine and discovered deep inside an immense chasm separated from the main tunnel passage by a rock wall, on the other side of which was a narrow ledge-precipice at the edge of the chasm. They threw lighted sticks down the shaft and they seemed to "fall forever", also rocks were thrown in which they could not hear hit bottom. An old timer in the area told them it was a "glory hole" and that miners tended to avoid them.

A controversial MJ-12 document titled "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary," noted Kennedy's insider knowledge. This document, apparently written soon after the crashes in New Mexico during July 1947, states, "It has become known to CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps) that some of the recovery operation was shared with Representative John F. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat elected to Congress in 1946, Son of Joseph P. Kennedy, Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government. (Jack) Kennedy had limited duty as naval officer assigned to Naval Intelligence during the war. It is believed that information (concerning the Roswell crashes) was obtained from (a)source in Congress who is close to (the) Secretary for Air Force." Kennedy was the only Congressmen named who was aware of the truth of the Roswell incidents at the time.

Marcel Griaule is told of the secret Dogon cosmology by the Dogon tribe of Mali.

Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard assisted in a 1947 Crowleyan magical ritual in California designed to - through the use of nuclear explosions - break open an inter-dimensional "seal" at a test site which had been placed between our world and the dimension of an infernal alien race known as "the Old Ones", a "race" that had been imprisoned in a dimension called the "abyss" eons ago.

According to the files of the USAF's Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center, some 50 reports were made across Hungary of "silvery balls" flying at great speed in the daylight.

The Central Intelligence Group changes its name to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Brazil, Bauru: A group of survey workers ran away as they heard a hissing noise and saw a disk land 50 m away. Jose C. Higgins saw two figures through, a window. Later three beings in shiny clothes and translucent suits, with oversized bald heads, huge round eyes, no eyelashes or eyebrows, and a metal box on their back, emerged from the craft. They were over 2 m. tall. They drew the solar system and pointed to Uranus as if to suggest that was their point of origin.

The last reported sighting of a mermaid in Scotland, on the isle of Muck, an eighty year old fisherman reported that he had seen a mermaid in the sea about twenty yards from the shore, sitting combing her hair on a floating herringbox used to preserve live lobsters. Unfortunately, as soon as the mermaid looked round, she realized that she had been seen, and plunged into the sea. But no questioning could shake the old fisherman's firm conviction: he was adamant that he had seen a mermaid.

January -- The United States invaded Queen Maud Land in January 1947 to determine for sure whether or not there really was a Nazi secret base there. The Task Force consisted of three battle groups that left from Norfolk, VA, on Dec 2, 1946. They were led by Admiral Richard Byrd's command ship, the ice-breaker Northwind, and consisted of the aircraft carrier Philippine Sea (reportably carrying atomic warheads), two floatplane catapult ships, two destroyers, an attack submarine, two support vessels, and two tankers. Embarked were six two-engined R4D transports, six Martin PBM flying boats, six other aircraft, six helicopters, and a force of 4,000 elite US Marines. The expedition was called Operation Highjump, and its cover mission was that of mapping the entire Antarctic coastline and the need for testing "new material under the extreme Antarctic conditions." The force landed at the established US bases in the Ross Sea, then moved up the western Antarctic coast heading toward Neuschwabland and building up a bridgehead on January 27 somewhere west of it. Byrd lost many men and several aircraft to the Nazis the first day he tried to push further east. Confronted with super weapons that he had no answer for, the expedition, which had been planned to last for several months, was cut short after a few weeks. Byrd told a reporter later, " is necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions...fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed." Upon returning to the States, Admiral Byrd went into a rage before the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff and in an almost demanding tone, strongly "suggested" that Antarctica be turned into a thermonuclear test range. The United States withdrew from the Antarctic for almost a decade, and UFOs began to be seen around the world in increasing numbers.

January -- W.H. (initials) of Yucca Valley, Calif., while still serving in the U.S. Navy, was on leave with C.C.(initials) who was just out of the U.S. army. While they were looking for desert property to buy they came upon the Papagos Indian Reservation, north of the rugged Superstition Mtns. west of Globe, Arizona. While traveling on a dirt trail, they came upon a group of military personnel guarding a crashed saucer half buried in the sand. Description: Disc shaped with a domed top; about 30 ft. diam.; two rings on its outer edge which seemed to have windows between them. There was no evidence of an encampment or heavy equipment.

April -- Two Weather Bureau employees in Richmond, Virginia report metallic looking disks while tracking weather balloons.

May -- An RCA field engineer reports seeing a flying disk near Oklahoma City.

May -- A report by journalist Dorothy Kilgallen stated that British scientists and airmen were excavating the wreckage of a mysterious flying ship on Spitzbergen, Sweden. The Swedish military is said to have acknowledged its extraterrestrial origin and reported 17 bodies were found. The story appeared as a tiny blip for only one day in the U.S. news media before it was allegedly silenced by the military.

June 21 -- off Maury Island, near Tacoma, Washington, a "donut shaped object" dropped slag in a boat piloted by Harold Dahl.

June 22 -- an MIB ("Man in Black") visited Dahl and warned him not to discuss the sighting. The boat's owner, Fred Lee Crisman (later suspected of being a CIA employee and was later called to give "secret testimony" at the trial of Clay Shaw in New Orleans) found 20 tons of debris on Maury Island.

June 24, 15:00 -- The modern history of UFOs begins with an Idaho businessman and pilot named Kenneth Arnold. While flying near Mount Rainier, Washington, Arnold spotted a formation of nine silvery, disc shaped objects flying in and out of the mountains of the Cascade Range. He estimated their speed at some 1,200 miles per hour, more than twice as fast as any known aircraft of that day. Also in the air at the time was a DC-4 which Arnold used as a point of reference to estimate the size of individual discs. He estimated the size as two thirds the size of the DC-4. He described the disc's movements to a reporter as "like pie plates skipping over the water." In his story the next day the reporter coined the term "flying saucers" and the label stuck.

June 28 -- While cruising at 6,000 feet over Lake Mead, Nevada, US Airforce pilot Lieutenant Armstrong witnessed six discs flying in formation.

July 2 -- Perhaps an alien saucer is hit by a lightning bolt northwest of Roswell, NM, dumping a large amount of debris onto the Brazel Ranch. William "Mac" Brazel finds debris on his ranch and collects samples of the debris. Another saucer with which it collided clears the mountains and crashes near San Augustin, NM. The cover story was a lost Project MOGUL balloon finally breaks up over the Brazel Ranch.

July 3 -- The San Agustin saucer is discovered by Barney Barnett and a group of archaeology students from the University of Pennsylvania. Near Magdalene, NM, Mr. Barnett sighted a shiny object out in the desert and, upon investigation, came upon a crashed disc-shaped object, 9 meters (30 ft.) across. Later a military truck arrived to supervise the investigation of the crash site. Barnett saw dead bodies strewn about the crash site. They weren't wearing military uniforms, and in fact didn't even look human. Seen from a distance, the bodies had on silvery suits and appeared to be about 3 ft. tall. The military arrives shortly thereafter. Four alien bodies are eventually recovered.

July 4 -- UFOs reported near Portland, Oregon. United Airlines flight 105 reports 2 formations of flying disks.

July 5 -- Brazel travels to Corona, NM, and learns of the UFO reports from around the country.

July 6 -- Brazel drives into Roswell to report the debris from the crash to Sheriff Wilcox. Eventually Major Jesse Marcell is assigned to investigate the crashsite.

July 7 -- Maj. J.Marcell visits the crashsite. He brings samples of the debris home.

July 8 -- UFOs are sighted at Muroc Field and Rogers Dry Lake. Urgent FBI memo from Gen. Roger Ramey concerning "flying disc information": "Maj. Curtan, HQ 8th AF, telephonically advised this office that an object purporting to be a flying disc was recovered near Roswell, N.M., this date. Information provided this office because of national interest in case and fact that (certain media sources) attempting to break the story of location of disc today (the recovered disc was) being transported to Wright Field by special plane for examination. Maj. Curtan advised would request Wright Field to advise (FBI) results of examination."

July 10 -- FBI memo...Gen. George F. Schulgen organizes top scientists to determine if the flying discs are indeed fact and whether or not they are a foreign body mechanically devised and controlled. He desired the assistance of the FBI in locating and questioning the individuals who firstsighted the discs. Col. L. R. Forney of MID indicated that it has been established that the flying discs are not the result of any Army or Navy experiments and should be of interest to the FBI.

Early July -- One of Russia's early chief rocket scientists, S. P. Korolev, was invited to the MGB (Ministry of State Security - later the KGB) headquarters in Moscow. The MGB chief explained to Korolev that the invitation was made by Stalin. Korolev was shown to a special apartment and was given many foreign documents dealing with UFOs (some believed to relate to the Roswell incident that same month), together with a team of translators. Three days later, he was invited to a meeting with Stalin, who asked him his opinion. Korolev replied that the UFOs did not appear to be weapons of a potential enemy, but that the phenomenon was real. According to Korolev, other leading scientists - Kurchyatov, Topchiev and Keldish - were also asked for an opinion, and they came to the same conclusion.

July 15 -- Memo to Mr. Ladd with a handwritten note from J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI stating, "...before agreeing (to the investigation of crashed saucers)...we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the Soc. (Socorro, N.M.) case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.

Mid July -- Roswell AAF reports the recovery of the debris. The debris is recovered, and shipped off to Wright-Patterson AAF via Carswell AAF, Fort Worth, TX.

Late July -- General Ramey begins the cover up.

July 29 -- Kenneth Arnold, who investigated the case, reported an unexplained failure of his own plane's engine soon after two Air Force investigators were killed while taking off from Tacoma's airport.

July 31 -- Airforce lists the Maury Island sighting as a hoax and a B-29 Crash. Dahl later disappeared.

August -- An Italian artist by the name of Rapuzzi Johannis was taking a leisurly walk in the mountains between Italy and Yugoslavia. He saw just in front of him a red glowing saucer. This saucer was about thirty feet wide and it was accompanied by two small dwarf-like creatures. These creatures had very large heads with green faces, sort of resembling that of a fish. They also had a circle around each eye. Apparantly one of the creatures had hit Johannis with an electrical ray which left him very weak and almost paralyzed. After this incident the creatures ignored the Johannis and left.

September or October -- Himalayan Foothills, Tibet. Multiple witnesses encountered a daylight rotating mass that induced physical illness and skin rashes on their bodies.

September 23 -- Twining Report details how the military should handle UFO contacts.

September 24 -- Majestic 12 established by Harry Truman. M12/2, noufors, Majdocs - index. Briefing.

October -- A UFO crashes near Paradise Valley, AZ. There is still one living alleged witness in Prescott, Arizona as of 2001.

November -- Vancouver Island fisherman George W. Saggers encountered a strange serpentlike animal in Ucluelet Harbor, at a distance of 150 feet. Its head and neck were four feet above the water; it had "two jet black eyes about three inches across and protruding from the head... It appeared to have some sort of mane... The color of the mane was dark brown," he wrote.

November -- A cigar-shaped object was seen hiding in the clouds over Toronto, Canada.

December 9 -- Truman approves the issuance of NSC-4 "Coordination of foreign intelligence measures." National Security Act reforms the Department of Defense, and creates the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, MJ-12. James V. Forrestal of Naval Intelligence becomes head of the new intelligence community. Rear Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter is appointed first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

December 30 -- Project SIGN is begun by the Air Force.

"Ball Lightning" plagues Svaneke, Denmark.

Alma sighting, M.A. Stonin, a geologist, was prospecting near Tien Shan. One morning he awoke to cries by his guides that the horses were being stolen. Stonin grabbed his rifle and headed outside to find a figure standing by the horses. It had long red-hair all over it's body. The creature moved off at Stonin's shouts and he chased after it. The animal was so man-like, though, that Stonin couldn't bring himself to shoot it and the thing escaped.

Another incident of a Mothman-type creature occurred in Selma, Alabama in 1948. It was a hot summer evening and one of the largest families in town were having their annual reunion. One family member looked up and saw a giant bird land next to a tree. Looking closer, he saw that the bird had a human form.

A number of persons told of seeing an immense bird said to be the size of a Piper Cub airplane and to look like a condor along the Illinois-Missouri border.

An Australian wrote a letter to the Sydney Sun about a carcass he and some friends found on a beach at Dunk Island, off the Great Barrier Reef. According to him, the huge jellyfish-like mass was covered in a tough, furry hide. It was covered in "slits" and had no apparent eyes.

Beginning of CIA interest in UFOs as a "security" problem.

Man with silver wings sighted in Chehalis, Washington.

In the middle of 1948, President Truman along with his top aides and generals made a visit to an Air Force Base in Juneau, Alaska. As the story goes a live alien emerged from a 150-foot craft. "Earth members of the meeting could not understand some of the space people's humble beliefs and actions."

Approximate year of the beginning of Operation Ohio, a CIA program responsible for one hundred European assassinations during the next ten years.

Nixon travels to Miami where he meets with Bebe Rebozo and goes yachting with other underworld connected figures.

January 6 -- In Chehalis, Washington, an elderly woman and a group of children allegedly saw a man with long mechanical wings which he manipulated with instruments on his chest as he flew in an upright position.

January 7 -- Captain Thomas Mantell, a National Guard pilot, was killed near Louisville, Kentucky trying to chase an UFO in his F-51. It started when a UFO was sighted over Fort Knox, Kentucky and four fighters were sent aloft to intercept it, but only Capt. Thomas F. Mantell was able to get close. "I'm closing in to take a good look," a newspaper quoted him as reporting by radio. "It looks metallic and of tremendous size. It's going up now as fast as I am. That's 350 miles an hour. I'm going up after it. At 20,000 ft., if I'm no closer I'll abandon chase." The F-51 exploded in mid-air and disintegrated before it struck the ground. State Police estimated the saucer to be 250 ft. diameter.

January 22 -- Air Force Gen. Nathan Twining, head of the Air Technical Service Command, established Project SIGN (initially named Project SAUCER) to collect, collate, evaluate, and distribute within the government all information relating to such sightings, on the premise that UFOs might be real and of national security concern.

March 20, 25 -- Two large tornadoes strike Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, damaging or destroying a large number of aircraft including at least two Douglas C-54 Skymasters, a Douglas C-47 Skytrain, and many Boeing B-29 Superfortresses stored from World War II. In the first storm, "54 aircraft were destroyed, including 17 C-54 transports valued at $500,000 apiece. Also destroyed were 15 P-47 fighters and two B-29 bombers. About 50 other planes were damaged and about 100 vehicles were damaged or destroyed." In the second tornado, "84 planes were hit, 35 of which were destroyed. These included 18 B-29s, 8 P-47s, 20 B-17s, and 3 C-47s. Hangars and other buildings were destroyed." Other types destroyed included Beechcraft AT-11s and Fairchild PT-19s and PT-26 Cornells. Damage from the second tornado was estimated at $6,100,000. Total damages for both storms was estimated at $16,350,000.

March 25 -- The Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash & Recovery. It was the columnist Frank Scully who first alerted the world to sensational stories of recovered flying saucers and little Aztec Crash Site Area. Scully claimed that up to that time there had been four such recoveries, one of which was alleged to have taken place around Aztec, New Mexico, when sixteen humanoid bodies were recovered together with their undamaged craft. The disk that landed near Aztec was 30 m in diameter, its exterior made of a light metal resembling aluminum but so durable that no amount of heat (up to 10,000 degrees was applied) or diamond-tipped drill had the slightest effect. The disk apparently incorporated large rings of metal which revolved around a central, stabilized cabin, using an unfamiliar gear ratio. There were no rivets, bolts, screws or signs of welding. Investigators were eventually able to gain entry. Scully was told, because of a fracture in one of the portholes, which they enlarged, revealing a knob inside the cabin which when pushed (with a pole) caused a hidden door to open. Sixteen small humanoids, ranging in height from 36 to 42 inches, were supposedly found dead inside the cabin, their bodies charred to a dark brown color. Scully was told that the craft landed undamaged, having landed under its own guidance. The craft was eventually dismantled, the investigators having discovered that it was manufactured in segments which fitted in grooves and were pinned together around the base. The complete cabin section, measuring 18 feet in diameter was lifted out of the base of the saucer, around which was a gear that fitted a gear on the cabin. These segments, together with the bodies, were then transported to Wright Patterson AFB. Some of the bodies were later dissected and examined by the Air Force, and were found to be similar in all respects to human beings, with the exception of their teeth, which were perfect.
William Steinman in 1987 has managed to acquire some astonishing supportive evidence. Steinman discovered that the Aztec disk came to earth on 25 March 1948, having been detected by three separate radar units in the southwest, one of which was said to have disrupted the craft's control mechanism. The area of impact was calculated by triangulation and this information was immediately relayed to Air Defense Command and Gen. George C. Marshall, then Secretary of State, who allegedly contacted the MJ-12 group as well as the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) of the Army Counterintelligence Directorate. The IPU operated out of Camp Hale, Colorado, at this time, Steinman claims, and its main function was to collect and deliver disabled or crashed disks to certain specified secret locations. The craft was recovered within hours by the IPU scout team about 12 miles northeast of ufo landing spot Aztec. General Marshall ordered Air Defense Command to go off alert status, and the radar units were advised that there had been a false alarm. Marshall then gave orders to the commander of the IPU to organize a recovery team and contacted Dr. Vannevar Bush - the. head of MJ-12 to gather together a team of scientists to accompany the IPU to the crash site.

March -- Possible UFO crash in Socorro, NM. A second craft came down in this vicinity that was much like the Aztec craft according to an ex-army private.

July 7 -- A 90' Saucer with a single occupant ("Tomato Man") crashes "30 miles" across the border from Laredo in Mexico. (sufficient details suggest that this is a hoax, or a misinterpretation of an Air Force crash, or a disinformation coup). This may also be the 1949 Sonora, Mexico crash. Four officers witnessed the crash of an object and the recovery of bodies 38 miles south of Laredo, Texas, in Mexico. The information came from an NBC affiliate in Chicago, who received it from a source in Army security. Another publication about this event mentions that one body has been recovered, and that the date of the event is July 7/8, 1948. Either there is a date confusion, as one date could be the event and the other the date of its report, or these are two different cases, as we have one body or more than one body, or there is no truth at all in this information.

July 24 -- Eastern Airlines DC-3, pilot Clarence S. Chiles and co-pilot John B. Whitted, were on a regular run from Houston to Atlanta, At 2:45 a.m. they saw a bright light dead ahead coming rapidly toward them. They pulled to the left to avoid a collision. Looking back they saw the UFO go into a steep climb. The pilots described it as a wingless B-29 fuselage and said that the underside had a deep blue glow.

August to September -- Project SIGN issues a formal Estimate of the Situation. It concludes that flying saucers are real and that they probably come from outer space.

October -- Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt S. Vandenburg rejects the Estimate of the Situation, saying there is not enough evidence to support its conclusions about UFOs. Many attempts have been made by researchers under the FOIA to trace the "Estimate of the Situation" but without any luck. He is one of the alleged members of the Majestic-12 group.

October 1 -- Lt. George F. Gorman of the North Dakota National Guard was approaching Fargo, flying an F-51. The tower called his attention to a Piper Cub which he saw below him. As he prepared to land, suddenly what he took to be the tail-light of another plane passed him on his right, but the control tower assured him no other planes were in the area. Chasing the light, he got within 1,000 yd. of it. It had been blinking but suddenly became steady and started to move rapidly with the F-51 pursuit. There followed a complicated chase in which Gorman had to dive on one occasion to avoid collision. Suddenly the light began to climb and disappeared. The Air Weather Service provided an analysis which indicated that Gorman had been chasing a lighted balloon.

October 15 -- Near Fukuoka, Japan: F-61 Black Widow tracked cylindrical object on radar-crew had 30 sec. of visual contact-UFO then took off and disappeared-UFO believed by FEAF to had radar as it seemed to know the F-61's maneuvers at all times.

November 18 -- An Air Force pilot H.G. Combs chases a UFO near Andrews AFB, Washington DC.

November 23 -- Furstenfeldbruck Air Base, W. Germany: Two USAF F-80s scrambled to intercept radar contact moving at 900kts - UFO seen visually as an orange "glowing circle". F-80s unable to close in and RTB when low on fuel.

December -- Moscow, Russia. Above Moscow a number of longish, fish-shaped metal objects were seen, reflecting the sunlight.

December 5, 21:27 -- A number of green fireballs, flares or streaks are seen over around Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are seen thereafter, nearly every night through December and January.

US Army begins 20 years of "simulated" germ warfare attacks against American cities, conducting at least 239 open air tests.

President Truman commissions a study into the "Foo Fighters" that plagued both sides during World War 11. The Foo Fighters were meter wide balls of light that paced both the German and Allied planes during the war. Both sides in the war considered the possibility that the objects were secret weapons being used by the other side. The issue of what the objects were was never really resolved during the war. General Jimmy Doolittle headed up the study into what the Foo Fighters had been. The study done by General Doolittle concluded that both sides had reported having been paced by the objects. Doolittle reported to the President that the objects had not been secret German or Allied weapons. Finally Doolittle told President Truman that the objects were "most likely of extraterrestrial origin."

Reports of green fireballs sighted in the skies of New Mexico began pouring in last December. In February, a meeting of experts such as Dr. Lincoln La Paz an astronomer for the University of New Mexico was held to discuss them. In June, Project TWINKLE is set up to study them, but it accomplishes nothing due to under-funding. LaPaz conclusion was that these fireballs were neither meteorites or conventional fireballs. Later Project TWINKLE was shut down.

August 19 -- Alien vessel crashes allegedly near Roswell, NM (Death Valley, not to be confused with the famous 1947 event). Six aliens recovered, one survivor (aka EBE-1 ("Extraterrestrial Biological Entity"), it lives until 1952)

David (Daniel ?) W. Fry is abducted from White Sands and taken to space. He meets "Allen" for the first time.

Gerald Brousseau Gardner publicly announces that he is a witch.

U.S. Navy scientists use a theodolite to observe a daylight disc UFO near Arrey, New Mexico, USA.

January 4 -- USAF pilot Capt. Paul Storey witnessed on ground at Hickam Field, Hawaii one flat white, elliptical object with a matte top circled while oscillating to the right and left, and then sped away. A Project Blue Book "Unexplained" case.

January 27 -- Captain Sames, acting chief of the Aircraft Branch, Eglin AFB, and Mrs. Sames watched for 25 minutes while a cigar-shaped object as long as two Pullman cars and having seven lighted square windows and throwing sparks, descended and then climbed with a bouncing motion at an estimated 400 m.p.h near Cortez-Bradenton, Florida. A Project Blue Book "Unexplained" case.

February 11 -- Project SIGN concludes that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin, and that ALFs ("Alien Life Forms") exist. The project ended and came up with the result that 20% of all reports were unexplainable. The Project is concluded and replaced by Project GRUDGE. The name change is reflective of a change in attitude towards UFOs by the USAF.

February 17, night -- France: Alain Berard saw a large, bright object land near his farm with a green lightning flash. It became dark. As he approached the craft, the witness saw three figures with stocky short legs, apparently without heads. Frightened, he fired at them three times and the "horrible figures" remained still for a moment, then disappeared, "mingling into the darkness of that giant black object". A moment later the object took off vertically.

February to March -- Events in Mount Rainier, Maryland which will eventually be fictionalized in the novel and movie "the Exorcist".

April 27 -- The USAF begins its PR campaign against the flying saucer myth.

April 30 -- An article by Sidney Shallett called "What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers" is published in the Saturday Evening Post.

May 5 -- Founding of the "European Movement", leading to the establishment of the "Council of Europe" with its headquarters in Strasbourg.

May 21 -- Admiral Forrestal's brother alerts the government that he intends on taking the Admiral home from the hospital.

May 22 -- Early morning suicide (assassination?) of James V. Forrestal at Bethesda Hospital Neurological Ward. Forrestal is convinced that he is being followed by Israeli agents. Oddly enough, he was.

August 19 -- Possible UFO crash in Death Valley, California. Two prospectors named Mace Garney and Buck Fitzgerald claimed to have watched an object crash in the desert. It was a 24-foot disc. The story appeared on page 13 of the local Bakersfield newspaper the next day.

December -- True magazine prints Major Donald Keyhoe's article about UFOs titled "The Flying Saucers Are Real!".

UN allegedly starts the Korean War.

A man named Rudolph Frentz appeared suddenly on the streets of New York City, bearing the property and identity of a man who had vanished in 1876. A time traveler?

Canadian Government memorandum, classified Top Secret, says "The matter (of UFOs) is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb..."

Project BLUEBIRD was approved by the first CIA Director, Roscoe Hillenkoetter. He also approved the use of unvouchered funds to pay for its sensitive areas. This began the CIA's first structured behavioral control program. Their goals consisted of "controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation." Some of their experimental subjects included North Korean prisoners of war and suspected double agents.

Thorntowne, Indiana residents report seeing a hairy humanoid.

Airliner Northwest 2501 is shot down by a UFO over Lake Michigan.

The U.S. Navy sprayed a cloud of bacteria over San Francisco. The Navy claimed that the bacteria was harmless, and used only to track a simulated attack, but many San Francisco residents became ill with pneumonia-like symptoms, and one is known to have died.

A man and his wife saw a double saucer with portholes and a rotating antenna come to rest on the surface of Steep Rock Lake, Canada. Ten figures, 1.20 m tall, dressed in shiny clothing, emerged and walked on deck like robots "changing direction without turning their bodies." Their faces could not be seen. One of them wore a red cap, had darker arms and legs and "seemed to be their chief." They immersed a hose in the lake, then took off. Fishermen later reported a green moss forming on the lake.

Malcolm X receives visit from an MIB while in prison.

Beginning of the CIA's UFO disinformation plot to introduce UFO contact ideas with "Little Green Men" stories and radio contact "from space."

A UFO crashes near Laredo, Texas, about 30 miles inside the Mexican border (See the July 7 1948 crash).

A UFO is photographed near McMinville, Oregon.

January -- The Air Force issues The Grudge Report. Of 273 sightings investigated, it concluded 23% were "unexplained".

February 10 -- In Copenhagen, Denmark a farmer witness UFO explode.

February 18 -- In Copenhagen, Denmark, farmer Christian Sandersen and his wife claimed to have seen two flying saucers over their farmhouse. One saucer stayed airborne while the other landed and disintegrated into thousands of brightly glowing sparks. Little more is known about this particular crash report.

March 8 -- Dayton, OH: Two F-51s scrambled to intercept silvery disk seen by several airline pilots and tracked by WPAFB radar. Pilots closed in but UFO "played chicken" and then took off from the F-51s.

March 17-18 -- Farmington, NM. Fully half of this town's population still is certain today that it saw space ships or some strange aircraft, hundreds of them zooming through the skies yesterday. Estimates of the number ranged from several to more than 500 ufo.
The objects appeared to play tag high in the air. At times they streaked away at almost unbelievable speeds. One witness did a triangulation sighting on one of the objects and estimated its speed at about 1,000 miles an hour, and estimated its size as approximately twice that of a B-29. Scores described the objects as silvery discs. A number agreed they saw one that was red in color -- bigger and faster, and apparently the leader. John Bloomfield said the objects he saw traveled at a speed that appeared to him to be about 10 times faster than that of jet planes. In addition, he said the objects frequently made right-angle turns. They appeared to be coming at each other head-on. At the last second, one would veer at right angles upward, the other at right angles downward. None of the reports told any vapor trail or engine noise. Nor did anyone report any windows or other markings on the craft.

March 22 -- A FBI memo from this date alludes to 3 saucers recovered in New Mexico. This memo also states that it was believed that a radar station interfered with the saucers' control mechanisms causing them to crash. A retired marine sergeant stated that "C" band radar interfered with the saucer's flight control.

April -- A Canby, Oregon, woman, Ellen Jonerson, sees a 12-inch little man with dark features, stocky build, and a plaid shirt. Walking with a "waddling" motion, he passed under a car and disappeared.

April -- Mr. E.C. Bossa found a strange disc and four small dead pilots in a remote region of Argentina. He returned with a friend the next day and found only a pile of warm ashes. A cigar-shaped object was seen briefly as it flew overhead at a high altitude.

Summer -- John Handley, bathing in the surf on the Kent coast, saw a long-necked creature rise out of the water less than 100 yards away. It had ears and a horselike head more than two feet across. A woman also observed the creature.

May 11 -- Oregon, Mcminnville: Just after dinner, Evelyn Trent was out feeding her rabbits when she noticed a disc like craft hovering in the sky just to the northwest of her. She called out to her husband Paul who came out and took pictures of the object, rewound the manual rewind as rapidly as possible, and took another picture 30 seconds or so later. Afterwards, he put the camera away as the role was not used up yet and later finished the role on Mothers Day activity's. He then took the role of film to town for developing at a drug store on Third Street in McMinnville. The day Paul Trent developed the film he told banker Ralph Wortman about what had happened out on his property and about the pictures he took. Mr. Wortman later told Editor Phil Bladine of the local paper the Telephone-Register, who in turn, put journalist Bill Powell on the story. It wasn't long before the story had gone nationwide, being called by many publications as the first authentic UFO pictures to be published.

July 4 -- New Mexico, White Sands: Daniel W. Fry of Merlin, Oregon, claims the distinction of being the first Earthman to ride in a spaceship. Fry, who identifies himself as a scientist, author, and lecturer, he came upon a flying saucer resting on the ground on the evening of July 4. He reached out to touch it, Fry says, when suddenly a friendly voice warned: "Better not touch the hull, pal, it's still hot." Fry says there was no crew aboard the craft, so that the voice apparently came from a "Mother Ship" hovering above. He says he was invited to enter the saucer, did so, and made a round-trip flight from White Sands to New York - a distance of several thousand miles - in approximately half an hour.

August -- In Great Falls, Montana, cinema footage is recorded of two anomalous objects flying in formation. It was analysed extensively but to this day has never been explained.

September 6 -- "Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type. So then, we confirmed it with the radar control station, and they kept following it, and they claimed that it crashed somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border." Willingham, USAF, from an affidavit filed in the 1970s. Willingham and his navigator were test flying an F-94 on Sept.6, 1950 out of San Angelo, Texas when they were alerted by radar control operators of a UFO in their area.

October -- Four AD-4N Skyraiders were about 100 mi. S of the Yalu R. in October 1950 on a daylight mission when the flight leader saw a circular shadow following the aircraft. The pilot looked around and saw a large saucer-shaped object approaching the flight. All four Skyraiders broke and tried to get gun-camera film of the UFO, and their radars had the target, but suddenly all of the radars were jammed and smoke came out of the weapons control panels on the aircraft. The planes then broke off and returned to their carrier (either USS Valley Forge or USS Leyte-the two CVs on station there at the time), where it was found that the films had been fogged as if exposed to radiation, the radars needed to be replaced, and the weapons panels had wires fused together. It took a week to repair all four planes.

December 2 -- Project MAGNET established to look into magnetic theory relating to UFO Propulsion.

US Army simulated germ warfare project in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Alien races Russian secret book

Spring -- U.S. Army fires at a hovering bell-shaped UFO in Chorwon, South Korea. The soldiers open fire with armor-piercing bullets which strike the object with the sound of slugs against metal. A pulsing, tingling ray sweeps over the soldiers and causes them to dive into their bunker. The group shortly exhibited dysentery-like symptoms, weight loss, disorientation and unusually high counts of white blood cells.

Stewart Wavell's expedition to Malaysia was an investigation into the customs and folklore of the Semelai people, launched in 1951. The Semelai revealed to Wavell that they believed in giant cobras which inhabited the lake of Tasek Bera. Although Wavell records that the Semelai used the name ular tedong to describe the animal, some sources record the creature's name as naga (a Naga was an aquatic serpent-god in Hindu and Buddhist mythology). The serpents were huge, said the Semelai: they were covered in large scales, which are gray in young specimens but golden in older serpents. The monsters also had two short horn-like projections on their serpentine heads - a commonly-reported feature of lake serpents worldwide - and were never seen to come out of the water. The creatures are also quite peaceful, and never have attacked humans.

Nebraska, Peru: A man from Lincoln was driving to Indiana when he saw a blue light in the northwest sky. It vanished to the southeast. The witness missed a turn, had to go back toward Auburn, and had reached a point northwest of Peru when he saw an orange glow in the sky. Coming near, he observed the glow came from a cauldron-shaped object on the ground, about 12 m from the road. He stopped to examine the object, which measured about 10 m diameter and seemed to be made of cast iron. Thirty cm from the top was a row of windows, 25 cm in diameter, from which the orange light was coming. On the other side was a blue flame-like glow. There was no noise, no sign of life or activity, and no antenna or protrusion. The witness drove away.

Project REDLIGHT begun in "Area 51" (aka "Dreamland") test flying alien space craft. They are guarded by Blue Berets. First attempts resulted in the destruction of the craft and the death of the pilot.

Denmark, Sonderborg: Joseph Matiszewski, a mechanic, heard a whistling sound and saw an object land in a meadow. Approaching within 50 m, he found himself paralyzed and observed that birds had stopped singing and cows seemed to be similarly unable to move. From the object emerged four handsome men who had brown skin and wore black shiny suits and translucent helmets. Eight objects also emerged from the craft and hovered above it. Other men inside the craft and on its deck appeared to be making repairs, then the objects flew to about 100 m altitude and climbed rapidly out of sight. Only then did the paralysis subside.

EBE-1 becomes ill. Medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE's illness and had no background from which to draw. EBE's system was chlorophyll based and he processed food into energy much the same as plants. Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It was decided that an expert in botany was called for. A botanist, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, was brought in to try and help him recover. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until mid 1952 when EBE died. Dr. Mendoza became the expert on alien biology.

Loch Ness Monster sighting by Lachlan Stuart, who photographs the creature.

Mrs. Hardy Reeser spontaneously combusts.

Anti-witchcraft law of 1736 finally repealed.

Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE. The CIA director approved a liaison with the Army and Navy who were interested in finding a truth drug. Another liaison was formed with the Air Force who wanted to study interrogation techniques. Information was also exchanged with the Canadian and British governments. Some of Project ARTICHOKE's experimental subjects included: suspected agents, suspected double agents, people who "had a known reason for deception," American college students (supposedly for more benign testing), and foreigners (since the CIA was more likely to try certain procedures out on them rather than American citizens.) "Terminal," or "to the death" experiments were usually carried out in other countries. According to Bowart, the control method used on two agents involved drugs and hypnosis (narco-hypnosis). The subjects were hypnotically regressed and made to relive past experiences. Posthypnotic suggestions were given to induce total amnesia of their interrogations. The CIA called this experiment "very successful."

Project CHATTER, a highly classified Navy program to search for a truth drug, began. They were looking for a way to make someone talk "fast" in the event of a security emergency. These experiments used barbiturates, amphetamines, and heroin. The drugs were supplied by the Bureau of Narcotics and pharmaceutical companies. Some of the experimental subjects included the scientists themselves, and mostly students.

February 10 -- Commander Graham Bethune, U.S. Navy (retired) was flying his military plane from Iceland to Newfoundland when he saw a UFO coming out of the water. He was about 300 miles from his destination, when…"we saw a glow on the water like approaching a city at night. As we approached this glow it turned to a monstrous circle of white lights on the water. Then we saw a yellow halo, small, much smaller than whatever it was launched from. It was 15 miles away." He continues to describe this sighting, as the UFO approached his plane and flew alongside it. "We could see the craft. It had a dome, we could see the corona discharge."

August 25 -- Albuquerque, New Mexico. 9:58 p.m. Witnesses: Sandia Base Security Guard Hugh Young and wife. A flying wing-shaped craft passed over their heads at an estimated 800-1,000' altitude with no sound. Size estimated at 1.5 times wingspan of B-36 bomber, or 350'. Dark, chordwise stripes on underside, and 6-8 pairs of soft, glowing lights on trailing edge of "wing". Speed estimated at 300-400 m.p.h., object seen for about 30 seconds.

October -- Project GRUDGE becomes Project BLUEBOOK, headed by Captain Edward Ruppelt.

December 12 -- Near Mankato, MN: F-51 piloted by then 1LT Donald K. "Deke" Slayton made two passes on disk-shaped object estimated at 70-80-ft in diameter, UFO accelerated away and disappeared when Slayton came around for a third pass.

U.S. Air Force Pvt. Sinclair Taylor, on guard duty at Camp Okubo, Kyoto, Japan, said he heard a loud flapping noise. Looking up, he saw an enormous "bird" in the moonlight. When it approached, he got frightened and put a round into the chamber of his carbine. The "bird" now had stopped its flight and was hovering not far away, staring at the soldier. "The thing, which now had started slowly to descend again, had the body of a man," Taylor recalled. "It was well over seven feet from head to feet, and its wingspread was almost equal to its height. I started to fire and emptied my carbine where the thing hit the ground. But when I looked up to see if my bullets had found home there was nothing there." When the sergeant of the guard came to investigate and heard the story, he told Taylor that he believed him because a year earlier another guard had seen the same thing.

A mixed group of twelve French and American explorers managed to gain access to the secret underground cavern system below the ancient Icna capitol of Cuzco with enough provisions to last for five days as they embarked upon what they termed "the greatest discovery since Machu Picchu." The team ventured through the Sacsahuaymán entrance and nothing further was heard from them until fifteen days later, when French explorer Phillipe Lamontierre emerged from the hole suffering from acute dementia, with visible signs of malnourishment and even the bubonic plague (attributable, says Dr. Rios, to the bats inhabiting the underground spaces). The broken survivor indicated that his fellow adventurers had died, and some of them had even fallen down unfathomed abysses. Among the objects he brought back was an ear of corn made of solid gold, which was later entrusted to the Cuzco Museum of Archaeology.

A trip to Mars by a joint Soviet-American craft.

Hundreds of residents of Veronica, Argentina witnessed six discs circling above the town, then disappearing into the night sky.

The NSA, National Security Agency is formed as a separately organized agency within the Department of Defense. Headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland, its main functions are to protect U.S. government communications and intercept foreign communications. They have the ability to monitor, translate, and decipher communications of any kind.

January -- APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) founded by Jim and Coral Lorenzen.

February 18 -- At 6:45 a.m., just before sunup on February 18, 1952, a photographer named C. E. Redman was driving through Albuquerque, N. Mex. on his way to photograph a wedding. Stopped for a traffic light, he noticed two bright things in the sky. "They were hovering above Tijeras Canyon... The one to the north was on its edge. The other was lying horizontally. They were bright, bluish white... It was probably the most astonishing thing I've ever seen. Those things were soundless. They were not jets or vapor trails. I've seen hundreds of jets and vapor trails." Redman was questioned later the same day by a LIFE reporter and a prominent scientist, working together. From his testimony, and from the lay of the land, it was estimated that the disks were 20 miles away and four miles in the air, and that they had a diameter of about 136 feet. Another witness saw the same objects Redman saw, and at the same time, but from the other side of town. W. S. Morris, a retired master sergeant of the Air Force who is now a newsdealer in Albuquerque, was out to drop off his morning papers when he saw two strange objects over Tijeras Canyon. "I watched them for 12 minutes. They were a blinding silver, long and thin, gleaming all over. They hovered, one kind of above the other to the right. They seemed brighter than the sun, which wasn't yet over the Sandia mountains. It just touched their bottoms and they glowed red. They didn't flutter or move. They just hung there. It must have been 20 miles away. Then they just suddenly dropped down behind the mountain, and the upper one tilted so that I could see its profile. It looked like a bell pepper-with a bump on top, that is."

May 5 -- Near George AFB, CA. Colonel Wendelle Stevens was in an F-86 preparing for a Korean Deployment when a disk dropped out of the sky in front of the aircraft. He attempted to film the UFO with his gun camera, but smoke came out of the weapons control panel and he had to break off. Upon landing, his crew chief discovered that all of the wires in the weapons panel were fused together and the gun camera film was ruined. Two weeks needed to repair the plane.

May 9 -- George AFB, CA: Two USAF F-86s chased silvery disk seen from ground and by radar. Disk est. at 40 ft. diameter by pilots. USAF unknown.

June 2 -- EBE-1 dies, most likely from malnutrition.

July-October -- UFO-s over Spain and Africa. A CIA leak document.

July 9 -- Hasselbach, DDR. 15m frying pan sitting in a forest clearing with 2 humanoid. Oscar Linke said: I approached until I was only about 10 meters from them. My daughter, who had remained a short distance behind me, called me. The two men must have heard my daughter’s voice because they immediately jumped on the conical tower and disappeared inside. I had previously noted that one of the men had a lamp on the front part of his body which lit up at regular intervals.
Now, the side of the object on which the holes had been opened began to glitter. Its color seemed green but later turned to red. At the same time I began to hear a slight hum. While the brightness and hum increased, the conical tower began to slide down into the center of the object. The whole object then began to rise slowly from the ground and rotate while surrounded by a ring of flames.

July 13 -- Beginning of Washington DC UFO spree. National Airlines plane en route to National Airport DC, about 60 mi. SW of the city observed a blue-white ball of light hovering to the west. Object then "came up to 11,000 ft. [and] then maintained a parallel course, on the same level, at the same speed, until the aircraft pilot turned on all lights. Object then departed from the vicinity at an estimated 1000 m.p.h. Weather was excellent for observation." The crew said the object "took off up and away." No other air traffic was reported in the area at the time.

July 14 -- Southbound Pan American Airways plane at 8,000 ft. nearing the Norfolk, VA, area observed six glowing red, circular objects approaching below the airliner; objects flipped up on edge in unison and then sped from behind and under the airliner and joined the in-line formation, which "climbed in a graceful arc above the altitude of the airliner." "Then the lights blinked out one by one, though not in sequence." Next day the crew was thoroughly interrogated by AFOSI, and advised that they already had seven other reports of red discs moving at high speed and making sharp turns.

July 18 -- Washington, D. C. Radio station chief engineer observed 6-7 bright orange discs moving in single file. Each in turn veered sharply upward and disappeared.

July 19 -- ARTC at National Airport began picking up unidentified targets on radar.

July 20 -- Herndon, Va. Capital Airlines flight from National Airport called by control tower to check on unidentified radar targets saw three objects, and three more between there and Martinsburg, WV. "like falling stars without tails [which] moved rapidly up, down, and horizontally. Also hovered." Chief CAA air traffic controller Harry Barnes later said in a newspaper interview: "His [the pilot's] subsequent description of the movement of the objects coincided with the position of our pips [radar targets] at all times while in our range."

July 20 -- Andrews AFB, Md. (Nr. Washington, D.C.). Five witnesses visually observed three reddish-orange objects moving erratically.

July 20 -- Capital Airlines flight incoming to National Airport reported that an unidentified light followed his airliner from the vicinity of Herndon, VA., to within about 4 miles west of the airport, confirmed on ARTC radar.

July 20 -- Additional unidentified targets on ARTC radar at National Airport.

July 20 -- In mid-evening, Air Force radar operators at Andrews AFB weather tower tracked 10 UFOs for 15-20 minutes. Objects approached runway, scattered, made sharp turns and reversals of direction.

July 23 -- Near Braintree, MA: F-94 vectored onto unknown radar contact by GCI, crew saw a bluish-green light with onboard radar contact-after lock-on, the UFO sped away from the fighter. Official USAF unknown

July 26 -- Sharp UFO targets on ARTC radar at National Airport. Civilian pilots saw glowing white objects on four occasions, including a United Airlines pilot near Herndon, Va., and two CAA pilots over Maryland. National Airlines pilot near Andrews AFB at 1700 ft. saw a UFO "flying directly over the airliner."

July 26 -- ARTC radar at National airport tracked a UFO on radar ("big target"), confirmed by Andrews AFB radar.

July 26 -- ARTC radar at National Airport tracked "solid returns" of "four targets in rough line abreast," and eight others scattered over the radar scope.

July 26 -- Andrews AFB, Md., surveillance radar tracked 10-12 UFOs in Washington, D.C. area.

July 26 -- From this time into following morning, "good sharp targets" of 4-8 UFOs on ARTC radar at National Airport.

July 26 -- Air Force Command Post notified of unidentified radar targets. Two F-94 jet interceptors scrambled from New Castle AFB, Delaware, to investigate.

July 27 -- Maj. Fournet (Project BLUE BOOK Officer in Pentagon) and Lt. Holcomb (Navy electronics expert) arrived at National Airport ARTC Center. Observed "7 good, solid targets." Holcomb checked on temperature inversions, but they were minor and could not explain what was going on. He so advised AF Command Post, requesting interception mission. By the time the F-94 jets arrived from Delaware, no strong unidentified targets remained and no visual contacts were made.

July 27 -- F-94 jet interceptors scrambled from New Castle AFB, Delaware, to investigate Washington, D.C., radar- UFOs. One F-94 pilot made visual contact and appeared to be gaining on target; both F-94 and UFO were observed on radar and "appeared to be traveling at the same approximate speed." When the F-94 pilot tried to overtake the UFO, it disappeared visually and on radar. The pilot remarked about the "incredible speed of the object."

July 27 -- Air Force Lieutenant at Andrews AFB saw a dark disc moving slowly northeast with "oscillating rolling motion." Clouds were moving southeast. UFO entered base of clouds.

July 27 -- Air Force personnel and others at National Airport saw a large round object reflecting sunlight, apparently hovering over the Capital Building. After about a minute, the object "wavered then shot straight up disappearing from sight."

July 28 -- Daily papers headlined a United Press story from Washington, D.C., that the Air Defense Command had ordered its jet pilots to pursue, and if necessary "shoot down, " UFOs sighted anywhere in the country.

July 29 -- Many unidentified targets tracked by CAA radar, 8-12 on the radarscope at a time, moving southeast in a belt 15 miles wide near Washington, D.C.

July 29 -- Eastern Airlines pilot asked to check on ARTC radar targets, reported seeing nothing. CAA official said the targets disappeared from the radar screen when the plane was in their area, "then came back in behind him."

July 29 -- Air Force pilot sighted three round white UFOs 10 miles southeast of Andrews AFB. Other UFOs tracked by ARTC radar during the afternoon.

July 29 -- An Air Force press conference at which UFO sightings were attributed to temperature inversions causing "radar mirages," typically ground lights reflected in the sky under freak atmospheric conditions. Also announced new scientific program to evaluate sightings.

August 5 -- Astronomer James Bartlett, during a daylight observation of Venus, saw a flight of two disks with a diameter about 30 minutes of arc. They passed overhead and turned east. Then he saw two more disks with dome-like protrusions in the center.

August 14 -- A disc is said to have crashed near Ely, Nevada and 16 bodies were allegedly recovered.

September -- The earliest reports of "Flying Triangle UFOs" date from this time and concerned the sighting of triangular-shaped UFOs seen during a NATO exercise called "Mainbrace". Significantly, a number of UFOs were witnessed by military personnel reported throughout Mainbrace, including a now-famous encounter reported by half a dozen Royal Air Force personnel stationed at RAF Topcliffe in Yorkshire who saw a circular shaped UFO operating near the airfield.

September 1 -- In one of the few series of sightings that the Air Force classified as "unknown" in Project BLUE BOOK, Georgia citizens including an Army Air Force B-25 gunner, an artillery officer, and a total of 35 other people reported seeing various UFO in the night sky. The sightings begin in Atlanta at 9:43 pm and continued northwest into Marietta until after 11:00pm. The Atlanta witnesses included Mrs. William Davis and nine other persons. Witnesses saw a variety of things, including one light, similar to the evening star, moved up and down for a long period of time. Others saw two large white disc-shaped objects with green vapor trails flew in trail formation, merged, flew away very fast. Others saw two large objects shaped like spinning tops and displaying red, blue and green colors, flew side by side, leaving a sparkling trail for 30 minutes. Still others saw a red, white, and blue-green object which spun and shot off sparks for 15 minutes.

September 11 -- Probably the most scrambled, irritatingly strange story ever, the Flatwoods Monster/Alien/UFO/Meteor/ remains one of those inexplicable tales touting many witnesses and just as many versions of what was seen and heard. As best as can be determined, a meteor (confirmed by the research of Major Donald Keyhoe) passed along a trajectory placing it roughly in the West Virginia mountains approximately 7pm on September 11th, 1952. Residents of Flatwoods reported seeing strange lights in the skies that did not fit any description of a meteor and its known flight patterns. But here's where it gets really weird. A group of kids witnessed a fiery red ball zip across the sky and impact just beyond Bailey Fisher farm. Mrs. Kathleen May took a flash light to help the kids as they made their way into the dark woods to see where the fireball landed. With her were her two teenaged sons, Eddie and Freddie, Neil Nunley, Gene Lemon (the oldest among them, at 17), Tommy Hyer and Ronnie Shaver with his dog. The group saw a pulsing red light just beyond a hilltop and when they approached encountered some kind of being with a cornucopia of peculiar features: It was eight feet tall, had glowing red eyes, a strange drape-like clothing, claws, an enormous round, red head covered by some kind of pointed hood, was surrounded by a foul smelling mist and was making frightening hissing sounds as it approached the boys, scaring them all to death and sending them fleeing into the night.

November 18 -- A briefing paper for president-elect Eisenhower by Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter described Operation Majestic-12.

November 20 -- First UFO "contact" case. Lifelong occult teacher George Adamski met a Venusian named Orthon in the desert of southern California. This initiated a series of events which would involve further contacts with Venusians as well as Martians and Saturnians. Adamski would also travel into space and on one occasion attend a conference on Saturn. Alleged to be a CIA plot to start UFO scare.

December 29 -- Over Northern Japan, a disk with rotating red, green, white lights and three fixed beams of white light outran pursuing F-94 piloted by Colonel Donald Blakeslee (Ace with 8th AF in WW II).

Return of Korean War prisoners, including some who had been brainwashed. 21 POWs defect back to China.

US Army germ warfare project in Panama City, Florida.

An 8-foot disc passes plane near a US AFB in northern Japan.

The "Ditchley Park Foundation" established in Britain with the aim of influencing world politics.

General Benjamin Chidlaw, of Air Defense Command, says publicly "we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them (UFOs)."

President Eisenhower appoints Nelson Rockefeller to group on government reorganization. It was Rockefeller, in collaboration with "Nazi" agents, who assisted in the establishment of MJ-12, the NSA and CIA as fronts for Bavarian Intelligence, a "secret government" within the Constitutional government. Many who have gotten close to the CIA's ultimate secret - that is the Nazi S.S. controlling factor - are murdered by CIA assassins.

Entire German disk-duplication project goes underground. First government disk duplication projects succeed. Work with Canadian government on aerial disks continues.

Project CHATTER abandoned by the US Navy.

Allan Dulles, CIA Director, approves mind control project MKDELTA. MKULTRA, a CIA program for the covert use of biological and chemical weapons began. According to CIA documents, MKULTRA was "an umbrella project for funding sensitive projects" and covered "policy and procedures for the use of biochemicals in clandestine operations." MKULTRA was exempted from normal CIA financial controls and allowed TSS to begin research projects without contracts or written agreements. As usual, MKDELTA and MKNAOMI had already been set up prior to the CIA being given official permission for MKULTRA. MKDELTA became the operational side of MKULTRA. MKULTRA focused on drugs, specifically LSD since the CIA had a phobia about LSD ending up in the hands of the Russians. The CIA wanted to use LSD as a weapon. The Russians and the Cold War were used as a national security excuse for most of the CIA's actions. The CIA studied hundreds of other drugs besides LSD, as well as experimenting with: "radiation, electroshock, psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials." It appears that the scientists enjoyed trying these drugs on themselves, but they also used many hospital patients, volunteers (mostly students), inmates who were usually paid for their participation with more drugs, and eventually anyone the CIA could get, without their consent, of course. The CIA "scientists" even reduced themselves to misting and spraying unwitting American citizens as they walked down busy city streets. Later they would study how they could manipulate genes, and develop compounds that could simulate heart attack and stroke.

Mr. C. M. Tenney, returning from Great Falls to Conrad, Montana, saw an oval object that followed his car while balls of fire fell all over the road. Later that day he was phoned by a Colonel from Malmstrom AFB who asked him to come to the base at 10 a.m. the next day. He was escorted to a windowless room inside a fenced-off compound and asked to sign a statement. While doing so, he says he saw two men carrying large laundry bags containing humanoid bodies.

Project PLATO is established as a part of Project GRUDGE/BLUEBOOK to communicate and establish diplomatic relations with alien beings (allegedly with the large asteroid-ships that were detected heading towards Earth).

Nordic aliens land at Homestead AFB to warn us away from the threat posed by Grays.

The first reported occurrence of "Men in Black" was traced to Albert K. Bender, the editor of a flying saucer publication called the Space Review. In the October 1953 issue he placed an announcement stating that he had come across information that would solve the flying saucer mystery but could not print it because he was ordered not to. He ended the announcement warning others in UFO research to be very cautious. He then stopped publication. According to ufologist Gray Barker, Bender had received certain data which he felt provided the missing pieces for a theory concerning the origin of flying saucers. Bender wrote down his thesis and sent it off to a friend he felt he could trust. When the three men appeared at Benders door, one of them held that letter in his hand. The three men told Bender that among the many saucer researchers he had been the one to stumble upon the correct answer to the flying saucer enigma. Then they filled him in on the details. Bender became ill. He was unable to eat for three days. UFO investigators Dominik Lucchesi and August C. Roberts called on Bender and encouraged him to break his silence concerning the mysterious Men In Black. "They were pretty rough with me," Bender told them, "Two men did all the talking and the other kept watching me all the time they were here. He didn't take his eyes off me." Bender went on to say that when people found out the truth about flying saucers there would be dramatic changes in all things. Science, especially would suffer a major blow. Political structures would topple. Mass confusion would reign. Roberts and Lucchesi kept chipping away at Benders wall of silence, but to most of their queries they received only a noncommittal "I cannot answer that".

January -- The same month President Eisenhower took office, the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) was ordered to determine if UFOs were interstellar vehicles. The Durant Report (aka the Robertson Panel) was a secret group of men who had meetings at Pentagon between of January 14-17 about the UFO discussion and what they should do about it. They all agreed that all sightings were explainable. But they thought that infiltrating UFO groups and monitor should be done.

February 3 -- USMC F9F fighter pilot chased a rocket-like object with red glow at rear for four minutes over the Virginia-North Carolina state line.

February 12 -- Witnesses observed an automobile enter the throat of a storm drain near Willowbrook and Greenleaf Avenues in Los Angeles. Police followed the fresh tire marks into the tunnel for seven miles, while other police and flood control workers continued the search by dropping through manhole covers. The search continued until midnight, until seven miles up the drain the tracks vanished. A witness stated, "In the muddy silt covering the floor of the drain, the tire-tred marks were sharp and fresh, then no more tracks."

April -- A marine incident, worthy of deeper investigation by researchers, happened on the island of Tinian, where the bombers were stationed that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. From the report of the Chief of the U.S. Defense HQ., D., Tokyo, dated May 9, 1953: "In the last weeks (late April, 1953), our ships and aircraft have sighted numerous flying objects of unknown origin. Their flight courses were plotted and permit conclusions about their take-off and landing bases. Near the island of Tinian, one of these projectiles was rammed by a specially equipped airplane and sunk into the sea."

May 20 -- The Kingman, Arizona UFO Crash. The case of the Kingman UFO retrieval was brought to the public attention by Arthur G. Stancil (previously known by the pseudonym "Fritz Werner"). On May 21, 1953 Stancil was called away by his boss told to report for a special assignment at the Indian Springs Air Force Base where he was joined by 15 other specialists. They were flown by military plane to Phoenix where they boarded a bus with blacked-out windows and rode for an estimated four hours. When they arrived at their destination somewhere southeast of Kingman in one of the washes of the Hulapai Mountains, they were met and briefed by an Air Force Colonel who told them they were to investigate the crash of a super-secret test vehicle. He and the others on the bus were told not to speak to each other under any circumstances. Stancil's job was to determine the forward and vertical velocities of the vehicle when it impacted in the sand. Stancil was escorted to the site by military police. Two military arc-lights illuminated the saucer, which appeared to be two convex oval plates inverted over each other approximately 30 feet in diameter. The saucer was embedded in the sand about 20 inches. From this Stancil had determined that the saucer crashed at a velocity of 100 knots yet it had not dents, marks, or scratches on its burnished aluminum surface. It was constructed of dull silver metal like brushed aluminum. Another specialist had gotten a look inside the craft as a 1.5 x 3.5 foot hatch was open revealing an oval interior cabin with two swivel seats and many instruments. Stancil saw one body recovered from the crash. It was humanoid, about 4 feet tall, with brown skin and wearing a silver-metallic flight suit. Whilst they were back on the bus and being taken back they were made to sign the "Official Secrets" act and was told never to tell anyone about this incident. Fowler made several check as to the integrity of Stancil and everyone who knew him said that he was a man of considerable integrity and scientific ability. Another story supporting the 1953 crash near Kingman came to UFO researcher Len Stringfield in 1977. A man who was in the National Guard at Wright Patterson claimed that he was witness to a delivery from a "crash site in Arizona" in 1953. He said that 3 bodies had been recovered and were packed in dry ice. They were 4ft tall, with large heads and brownish skin.

Summer -- Possible UFO crash and recovery in Fort Polk, LA, during the US Army's "Sagebrush" maneuvers across the Texas-Louisiana border. US Army Private H.J. (initials) under Sergeant R.S. (initials) in Company B were ordered to stay by the crashed saucer until the ambulance and superior officers arrived. Three Aliens walked away from the crash. One Alien was carried on a stretcher. All aliens eventually died and were taken to storage facility near Washington D.C. Aliens described as having large helmeted heads, tight fitting suits, legs stiff when they walked, were 3.5 to 4.0 feet tall, and used Alien language.

June 18 -- Three Houston residents reported what may or may not have been a winged UFO being in the early morning hours. As they sat on the front porch of their apartment building trying to escape the heat, an enormous shadow fell across the lawn, then appeared to bounce into a pecan tree. They saw the "figure of a man ... dressed in gray or black-fitting clothes" and bathed in a "dim gray light." Witnesses differed on whether he was wearing a cape or bearing wings. After 15 minutes he "just melted away," and shortly a "loud swoosh" sounded across the street, and a rocket-shaped object shot upward and disappeared along the northeastern horizon.

August 5 -- The Ellsworth UFO case. Lieutenant Needham, the second pilot of an F-84 spotted one of the objects at 15,000 feet. It was below him and to his right. The object moved spasmodically up and down. The colors changed from white to green. In pursuit Needham climbed to 26,000 feet. He changed course to 360 degrees. After maintaining steady on 360 degrees for a brief time, his radar lock-on-light on the A-4 gun-sight came on and remained on. The object was ahead of him. It increased speed and moved rapidly ahead and up.

August -- George Van Tassel began weekly meditation sessions in 1953 at Giant Rock with interested persons which, he claimed, led to UFO contacts and finally to an actual encounter with extra-terrestrials when, in August, a saucer landed from the plant Venus, woke Van Tassel up and invited him onto the ship. There the aliens gave him the technique for rejuvenating living cell tissues. In 1954 he and his family began building a structure they called the "Integratron" to perform the rejuvenation.

October -- A disc-shaped UFO approximately 5 meters in diameter with a band of multi-colored lights around its middle, crashed near the village of Grachevka west of Orenburg in Russia. Wreckage transported to Zhitkur.

November 3 -- Near West Malling, UK, a RAF Vampire night fighter picked up UFO on radar-unknown light chased by aircraft for 5 minutes. The UFO always stayed ahead of aircraft and the Vampire broke off due to low fuel. The sighting was light only (reddish-yellow) and no shape was discerned.

November 23 -- An F-89C Scorpion fighter jet from 433rd FIS at Kinross Field piloted by Lt. Felix Moncla Jr., with radar operator R. R. Wilson, disappeared while chasing a UFO over Lake Superior. Ground radar operators reported seeing the two blips merge and then move off the screen, never to be seen again. NICAP investigators found that mentions of Moncla's mission - chasing an unidentified target - had been obliterated from official records. Project BLUEBOOK files simply listed the case as an "accident."

December -- The Joint Chiefs of Staff issued Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146 that made the unauthorized release of information concerning UFOs a crime under the Espionage Act, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. According to many, this draconian penalty is what prevents most former military servicemen from coming forward to disclose information.

Broadcaster Frank Edwards is fired for discussing UFOs on the air.

English Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding says publicly, "I am convinced these objects (UFOs) do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nation on Earth."

A French Jesuit priest tells of his exploration of the San Pedro cave on Mount Illampu, near Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Entered via a crawlspace and opening out into a vast underground lake, the priest claimed to have rowed a small boat for hours until the cavern narrowed and gave way to a trail barred by an enormous gate of wrought iron with all of the characteristics of 17th century Spanish ironwork. He could not penetrate beyond the barrier so he turned back.

Archaeologists on an expedition along the Amazon River encountered a bizarre aquatic biped with gills and scales.

American Air Force officials announced their planes had pursued and fired on several UFO's over the skies of Korea.

The 1954 London Daily Mail expedition examined a "yeti scalp," said to be 350 years old, preserved as a kind of sacred object in a Tibetan lamasery.

The "Cutler/Twining Memo" discusses MJ-12/SSP (Special Studies Project).

Two truck drivers get into a fistfight with small humanoid aliens at a roadside cafe between Caracas and Petare, Venezuela.

Project SIGMA is established as a part of Project GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK to establish contact with the Aliens. Became a separate project in 1976.

The race of aliens, known as Grays, from Zeta Reticuli area in space, who had been orbiting the equator, landed at Holloman Air Force base. They stated that their planet was dying and needed quarters on earth to conduct genetic experiments that might allow their race to survive; this was to be in exchange for certain technology. A second meeting with Eisenhower and "His Omnipotent Highness Krll (or Krlll)" results in a treaty. Krll remains behind as a "hostage". (He eventually sickens and is nursed by Dr. G. Mendoza, Earth's first xenobiologist).

By 1955 it became obvious that the aliens had deceived Eisenhower and had broken the treaty. It was suspected that the aliens were not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to the Majesty Twelve and it was suspected that not all abductees had been returned. Similarly, Lear argued that the Grey extraterrestrials quickly broke the treaty and could not be trusted: a deal was struck that in exchange for advanced technology from the aliens we would allow them to abduct a very small number of persons and we would periodically be given a list of those persons abducted. We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a million fold than what we had naively agreed to.

Project SNOWBIRD begins as a cover for the revitalized Project REDLIGHT's attempts to fly a vessel built with alien technology. Its mission was to develop, using conventional technology, and fly a "Flying Saucer" type craft for the public. This project was successful when a craft was built and flown in front of the press. This project was used to explain UFO sightings and to divert the publics attention from Project REDLIGHT.

Army germ warfare project in Point Mugu and Fort Hueneme, California.

Sergeant Durdle reports seeing a brilliant, circular object flying across Lake Nipissing toward the Royal Canadian Air Force base there. An oblong canister was hanging down from a central section, which supported a long cone with a spinning globe on top When it tilted, the witness was able to observe regulator-like devices inside the machine through a vertical lighted slit. Six brilliant appendages, which looked like necklaces, were hanging from the craft. Durdle woke up four Air Force men, who observed the object spiraling away.

Strange voice "from space" speaks from turned-off radios in Midwest U.S. and London, warns against preparations for war.

The source for this was an Eastern Airlines pilot (and a Captain in the MAANG). The pilot was enroute from Boston to New York-LaGuardia with a stopover in Hartford, CT. On approach to Hartford, the tower put the DC-3 into a holding pattern, the pilot asked why and got the reply: "ADC has a scramble out." The pilot then told his copilot to monitor the Hartford Tower while he listened to the ADC channel on his radio. The captain had just turned to the ADC channel when a huge orange-red fireball erupted ahead and above the DC-3 and the pilot heard a fighter pilot screaming over the radio "I got him, I got him!" The copilot then told the captain to get back on the tower frequency - the tower was screaming into their radio - they thought the DC-3 and two other airliners had collided. Sources at the Air Force confirm the scramble, but refuse to confirm that anyone had fired that night.

March -- Project BLUEBOOK is reorganized under Captain Charles Hardin. The 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron is trained as field investigators.

April -- President Eisenhower made a secret trip to Muroc Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), in the California desert, accompanied by generals, reporter Franklin Allen of the Hearst Newspapers Group, Los Angeles Catholic Bishop James McIntyre, and others. The President had previously arranged to be in nearby Palm Springs, CA, purportedly for a golfing vacation. He "was spirited over to Muroc one night," while reporters were fed the cover story that the President had a toothache and needed to see a dentist. While at Muroc Air Field, Eisenhower was present while a disc landed. Several aliens, referred to as the "Etherians", emerged to converse with the President and the generals. The aliens requested that Eisenhower make the public aware of Etherian contact with Earth forthwith. The President protested that humans were not ready, and needed time to be prepared for adjusting to this stupendous reality. The occupants of the UFO, gave amazing demonstrations to a select group of individuals (including President Eisenhower). The Etherians allowed the military to inspect the UFO, and even helped them. Alternately, some people think, President Eisenhower went to see the captured saucers and recovered bodies at Hanger-18, instead of being at the dentist, photo

Spring -- Possible UFO crash in Mattydale, New York. In this suburb of Syracuse, at 3 a.m. on a Sunday, an information specialist and his wife saw a 20-foot wide object being examined on the ground by several men who were taking pictures. The next day an officer told them the event was a military secret. Later, police denied the whole incident ever took place.

May -- First Bilderberger meeting takes place. Bilderberg takes its name from the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland where the first meeting took place in May of 1954. That first meeting grew out of the concern expressed by many leading citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that Western Europe and North America were not working together as closely as they should on matters of critical importance. It was felt that regular "off the record discussions" would help create a better understanding of the complex forces and major trends affecting Western nations in the post war period. This is a group of 115-120 of the most powerful men and women on Earth. Eight are supposedly from Western Europe and the remainder from North America. One third are from government and politics, and the remaining two thirds from industry, finance, education, and communications. They are chosen based on their knowledge, standing, and experience. They meet in secret four days every year. Their "sister" organizations are the Trilateral Commission and the Council On Foreign Relations. The measures implemented by this group to control the world economy is through indirect political means. Among the originators to the Bilderberg Group was Prince Bernard of Holland, a card carrying member of Hitler's SS . The constitution of several democratic monarchies of the Western World bans members of their royal families from playing an active role in the political process. However, the Bilderberg meetings provide this exact forum and platform for them. The first meeting was convened under the chairmanship of H. R. H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who served as chairman for 22 years.

May 10 -- USMC F3D-2 Skynight vectored by March AFB radar after unknown contact is reported over Lake Elisnore, California. The dark, delta-shaped object estimated at 100 ft. across was chased by the aircraft, but easily outdistanced the fighter.

May 14 -- Four USMC F9F pilots asked by Carswell AFB radar to check out unknown contacts near Dallas, Texas. Pilots surprised to see 16 silvery disks heading for them. Flight Leader Major Charles Scarborough called the break, but before the other pilots could break the UFOs broke formation and scattered at over 1,200kts. Major Scarborough told civilian investigators that he believed the unknowns were listening to his radio instructions.

July 1 -- F-94 from Griffiss AFB, New York scrambled to intercept two unknown blips. First was visually IDed as a Canadian C-47, then vectored on second target. Crew had radar lock and visual contact with a disk estimated at 50-feet in diameter. Pilot armed his gun cameras and RIO radioed and demanded for ID. Response was a blast of heat that nearly suffocated the crew and caused and in-flight fire. Crew ejected and plane crashed into Walesville, NY. Four on ground killed and several others injured, two critical. Aircrew uninjured.

August 23 -- Just before the onset of the great autumn 1954 UFO wave in France, several witnesses, among them a businessman, two police officers, and an Army engineer, recounted a spectacular observation of an extraordinary object over the town of Vernon. Businessman Bernard Miserey, who watched it from his driveway, described it as an enormous vertical cigar, 300 feet long, hovering above the north bank of the Seine River 1,000 feet away. According to his testimony, "Suddenly from the bottom of the cigar came an object like a horizontal disc, which dropped at first in free fall, then slowed, and suddenly swayed and dived horizontally across the river toward me, becoming very luminous" before vanishing in the southwest. Over the next 45 minutes other, similar discs dropped out of the cigar. By this time the mother craft had lost its luminosity and disappeared into the darkness.

August 31 -- The "Sea Fury encounter", one of the most controversial radar visual reports of the fifties. The story leaked out in December, 1954, and made front page headlines. The official navy file on the event remained classified until the Directorate of Naval Intelligence released a copy upon request in 1982. Lieutenant J.A. O'Farrell was returning to Royal Australian Navy Air Station Nowra after a night cross country in a Sea Fury aircraft. After contacting Nowra at about 1910 hours, O'Farrell saw a very bright light closing fast at one o'clock. It crossed in front of his aircraft taking up position on his port beam, where it appeared to orbit. A second and similar light was observed at nine o'clock. It passed about a mile in from of the Sea Fury and then turned in the position where the first light was observed. According to O'Farrell, the apparent crossing speeds of the lights were the fastest he had ever encountered. He had been flying at 220 knots. O'Farrell contacted Nowra who in turn confirmed that they had two radar "paints" in company with him. The radar operator, Petty Officer Keith Jessop, confirmed the presence of two objects near the Sea Fury on the G.C.I. remote display. The two lights reformed at nine o'clock and then disappeared on a north easterly heading. O'Farrell could only make out "a vague shape with the white light situated centrally on top." The Directorate of Naval Intelligence at the time wrote that O'Farrell was "an entirely credible witness" and that he "was visibly 'shaken' by his experience, but remains adamant that he saw these objects"

September 14 -- In the southwest of France along the Atlantic coast, while working with his men in a field, a wealthy farmer who lived near St-Prouant saw a "regular shape something like a cigar or a carrot" drop rapidly out of a thick layer of clouds. The object, essentially horizontal though tipped slightly toward the earth, was luminous and rigid, and its movements did not correlate with the clouds just above it. It looked, Georges Fortin said, like a "gigantic machine surrounded by mists." It ceased its descent, then moved into a vertical position and became motionless. By now citizens of half a dozen local villages, as well as farmers living in the region, were watching in awe. White smoke like a vapor trail began to pour out of the bottom of the object and head straight down before slowing and ascending to circle the cigar in ascending spirals. By the time it got to the top, the wind had blown away all the smoke or vapor, revealing its source: a small metallic disc which shone like a mirror and reflected light from the larger object. The disc darted about the area, sometimes moving with great speed, sometimes stopping abruptly, before finally streaking toward the cigar and disappearing into its lower part. "Perhaps a minute later the 'carrot' leaned over as it began to move, accelerated, and disappeared into the clouds in the distance," Fortin told investigators, "having resumed its original position, point forward. The whole thing had lasted about half an hour." Other witnesses up and down the valley confirmed this account. Meteorologists confirmed that no tornado or other unusual meteorological activity was occurring at the time of the sighting.

October 14 -- Flight Lt. J.R. Salandin of the 604th Fighter Squadron, RAF, was flying a Meteor twin-jet fighter out aircraft of North Weald, Essex, UK, when he nearly collided head-on with a huge, metallic appearing object. The UFO was shaped like two saucers pressed together, one inverted on top of the other. At the last second, it flipped to one side and streaked past at tremendous speed. Two round UFOs had been sighted speeding between two other Meteor jets in the vicinity just before Lt. Salandin's sighting.

November 1 -- Cennina, Italy, at 06.30 Rosa Lotti was walking into Cennina, when she perceived a big vertical spindle, like 2 cones joined at their bases. From behind this craft emerged two little men 3 ft tall, who approached her with friendly expressions, the older one laughing. They were speaking a language that sounded like Chinese, liu, lai, loi. Approaching Lotti, they snatched from her the carnations and one of her stockings. Lotti ran away. A deep hole in the ground was later found at the site. Noufors, Ufoalieni

The Office of Naval Research receives a copy of Morris Jessup's Case for UFOs with marginal notes in three different hands ("Gypsies" knowledgeable in UFOlogy); ONR reprints several hundred copies for internal use. An MIB called "Carlos Allende" is implicated in the affair.

Two elderly sisters in Chicago, Mildred and Marie Maier, reported in the Journal of Space Flight their experiences with UFOs, including the recording of a radio program in which an unidentified code was reportedly heard. The sisters taped the program and other ham radio operators also claimed to have heard the "space message."

First flights of Project REDLIGHT vessels.

Mutilated humans are being found with mutilated animals, suggesting that the aliens aren't biding by the agreements.

Abbe Bordet follows three Yeti trails in Himalayas.

Squadron Leader Lester Davies films Yeti tracks in Himalayas.

William Roe encounters a Sasquatch near Jasper, Alberta.

Starting in 1955 and running until 1958, in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida, the Army carried out field tests in which mosquitoes were released into residential neighborhoods from both ground level and from aircraft. Many people were swarmed by mosquitoes, and fell ill, some even died. After each test, U.S. Army personnel posing as public health officials photographed and tested the victims. It is theorized that the mosquitoes were infected with a strain of Yellow Fever. However, details of the testing remain classified.

The Tampa Bay area of Florida experienced a sharp rise in Whooping Cough cases, including 12 deaths, after a CIA test where a bacteria withdrawn from the Army's Chemical and Biological Warfare arsenal was released into the environment. Details of the test are still classified.

UFO crash in Kazahstan. Allegedly intact, the UFO was transported to Zhitkur.

March -- Differing views on the formation of MJ-12: NSC 5410 establishes Majestic-12, a committee of 12 to oversee the "Alien Question", included people from the CFR (Particularly those from the "good old boy" networks of the Skull and Bones Society and the Key and Scroll Society). OR Eisenhower orders by executive memo (NSC 5412/1) the establishment of the 5412 Committee, or Special Group. OR Eisenhower orders by executive memo (NSC 5411), a study group of 35 "top men" (The Jason Society) associated with the CFR to examine "The Alien Question". OR by NSC 5511, Eisenhower commissions a study group from the CFR to meet at Quantico (later known as Quantico II and the Country Club) to examine the question.

May 25 -- Northeast of Cincinnati, in Loveland, Ohio, along the Miami River, reports of more or less reptilian bipeds have been made since at least 1955, when a driver returning home from work at 3:30am reported that he had spotted three grotesque-looking creatures with lopsided chests, wide, lipless, froglike mouths, and wrinkles rather than hair on their heads. One held a spark-generating, bar-shaped device above itself. He watched them from his parked car for three minutes before leaving to alert Loveland Police Chief John Fritz. As he did so, he smelled a strong odor reminiscent of "fresh-cut alfalfa, with a slight trace of almonds." Fritz found nothing but was nonetheless convinced of the witness's sincerity.

July 24 -- "Area 51" is born as a test site and base for U-2 spy planes.

August 21: 19h -- The Sutton farm near Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky is terrorized by "creatures". Two families having a get-together were accosted by a group of small, glowing, goblin-like beings 1 m tall, with glowing silver clothing, an oversized round head, huge eyes and ears, and a slit-like mouth for hours. Some of the witnesses did what any rural folk would do when bothered by scary, furtive visitors – they shot at them – which elicited a sound like bullets hitting metal, and only caused the critters to fall over and scurry away before returning for more. Running out of ammunition, the Suttons got the police, who observed a lighted object in the sky, flying very fast.

August 21 -- Mrs. Darwin Johnson of Evansville, Indiana was swimming when a claw-like hand gripped her knee from below the water and pulled her under. She struggled with the unseen grabber and managed to free herself, but no sooner had she come to the surface than she was dragged down again. She was able to lunge at a friend's inner tube, and the thump she made on contact with it apparently scared the attacker away. Though never observed, the creature left a green palm stain on Mrs. Johnson's knee and scratches and marks for which she sought medical attention.

October -- General MacArthur is believed to have been involved in establishing the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU), which was formed to investigate crashed and retrieved flying saucers. In October 1955, MacArthur stated: "You now face a new world, a world of change. We speak in strange terms, of harnessing the cosmic energy, of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy." "The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets." This statement has led to intense speculation that the IPU uncovered more facts about UFOs than has ever been revealed.

October 14 -- One of the most powerful U.S. senators in modern history actually eye-witnessed two UFOs while on a fact-finding trip through Russia in 1955, and the U.S. government kept the sightings a secret for more than three decades. The incredible encounter is detailed in twelve TOP SECRET CIA, FBI, and Air Force reports and declassified in 1985. Those startling reports reveal that Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr. (D-GA), then chairman of the Armed Services Committee, was on a Soviet train when he spotted a disc-shaped craft taking off near the tracks. He hurriedly called his military aide and interpreter to the window and they saw the UFO, plus another one that appeared a minute later. The astonished trio reported the sightings to the U.S. Air Force as soon as they were out of Russia. The Air Force Intelligence report says Russell and his two traveling companions spotted the UFO's on October 4, 1955, while traveling by rail across Russia's Transcaucasus region. "One disc ascended almost vertically, at a relatively slow speed, with its outer surface revolving slowly to the right, to an altitude of about 6000 feet, where its speed then increased sharply as it headed north," the report states. "The second flying disc was seen performing the same actions about one minute later. The take-off area was about 1-2 miles south of the rail line" Russell "saw the first flying disc ascend and pass over the train," and went "rushing in to get Mr Efron (Ruben Efron, his interpreter) and Col. Hathaway (Col. E. U. Hathaway, his aide) to see it," the report said. "Col. Hathaway stated that he got to the window with the Senator in time to see the first (UFO), while Mr. Efron said that he got only a short glimpse of the first. However, all three saw the second disc and all agreed that they saw the same round, disc-shaped craft as the first." The Air Force report was written by Lieut. Col. Thomas Ryan, who interviewed Senator Russell's companions in Prague, Czechoslovakia, on October 13, after they arrived there from Russia shortly after the sighting. CIA documents show that the agency later interviewed the three eyewitnesses in the Russell party, and also a fourth person, unidentified in the reports, who had seen the UFO's. An eyewitness, whose name was blacked out on the CIA report prior to its declassification, said one of the UFO's "had a slight dome on top" and also a "white light on top." The edge of the disc was glowing pinkish-white, he added. The UFO rose "vertically with the glow moving slowly around the perimeter in a clockwise direction, giving the appearance of a pinwheel." Interpreter Ruben Efron told the CIA that visibility was excellent. As one UFO approached the train, he said, "the object gave the impression of gliding. No noise was heard and no exhaust was heard, and no exhaust glow or trail was seen by me." After the encounter, Senator Russell told the men with him: "We saw a flying disc. I wanted you boys to see it so that I would have witnesses," according to the CIA documents. An FBI memo, dated November 4, 1955, also discusses the sighting, and admitted Col. Hathaway's testimony "would support existence of a flying disc" Dr. Maccabee, of the Fund for UFO Research, believes that Senator Russell and his group never publicly revealed their incredible sightings "because they were no doubt advised not to talk. These documents provide startling new evidence that UFO's exist." Mr. Tom Towers, in his January 20, 1957, column, "Aviation News," for the Los Angeles, CA, Examiner, printed the contents of a letter from Senator Russell, which was in response to a request for information about the sightings in Russia. Mr. Towers had originally contacted Senator Russell's office by letter with the request that he be given permission to "break" the story. The Senator wrote: "Permit me to acknowledge your letters relative to reports that have come to you regarding aerial objects seen in Europe last year. I received your letter, but I have discussed this matter with the affected agencies of the government, and they are of the opinion that it is not wise to publicize this matter at this time. I regret very much that I am unable to be of assistance to you." The letter was dated 17 January, 1956.

Sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette is abducted by an UFO from White Sands Missile Range. He is returned dead after three days having been horribly mutilated.

The Royal Air Force upgraded its UFO investigations to "Secret" level.

J.P.F. Brown encountered two flying creatures with a three-foot wingspan, long tail, and dog-like muzzle on a road near Lake Bangweulu, Zambia. They doubled back and flew overhead once more, and then Brown saw their sharp fang-like teeth.

Thomas Townsend Brown, a former Navy engineer, believed he could negate gravity using electricity, and who, by 1956 was demonstrating small, electrically charged flying disks. The military was briefly interested, but in the end issued a report that said there was no usable technology there.

UFOlogist Gray Barker publishes They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers which reports numerous MIB incidents.

A Vatican-funded space craft of the Marconi Project, launched from Argentina, reaches Mars in only 2 or 3 days.

A Royal Canadian Air Force F-100 fighter is captured by a UFO over Lake Huron.

Commercial airline captain Raymond E. Ryan and his first officer William Neff were flying from Albany, New York to Syracuse. At a height of 6,000 feet, the two observed a brilliant white light like an approaching aircraft with landing lights on. Ryan estimated that the object was moving at approximately 1,000 miles per hour - faster than any object of the day. The UFO glowed orange in front of them. Ryan and Neff reported the encounter to Griffiss Air Force Base. The base confirmed that they also could see an orange object nearby. This sighting lasted over twenty minutes and was also witnessed by the flight attendant, Phyllis Reynolds.

January 11 -- An F-89J returning from a scramble from Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan was vectored onto a reddish-orange ball seen by tower operators and picked up on radar. Jet had radar lock and gave chase. No visual by jet crew but tower operators had visual. UFO then climbed higher and faster than the F-89 and left the screen. Plane then returned to base.

August -- The National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) is organized. For several years, it will be the dominant UFO organization in the U.S.

August 13 -- The RAF/USAF in Bentwaters/Lakenheath in Suffolk made radar contact with a UFO using three ground-based radars. UFOs were sighted visually from the air by the pilots of two fighter aircraft. One of the aircraft confirmed the sighting on its radar. The objects were tracked on three ground radar stations, with two control towers visually confirming the sighting. The objects were described as white and round and able to perform amazing changes of direction and abrupt changes of speed. Speeds were confirmed on radar at many thousands of miles per hour, way beyond the technology of the era. Technicians later told investigators for Project BLUE BOOK that diagnostics checks indicated their radar was operating normally. A confirmation on aerial radar by a Venom night fighter and visual sightings from the ground and the air make this case one of the most celebrated contacts of modern times. Radar indicated that objects were moving up at 4,000 miles per hour - higher speeds than any aircraft of the time could have achieved. Venom fighter scrambled from RAF Waterbeach: pilot soon had visual with a white light and closed in: RIO had target on radar and called Judy, but within a few seconds the UFO circled around and was chasing the fighter. A second Venom was scrambled but the UFO disappeared before the second jet arrived-RIO said later the UFO blip was "clearest target I have seen on radar". The incident remained classified until 1969. These 1956 events have become iconic in status among UFO historians as "the Lakenheath case" or "the Lakenheath/Bentwaters case", one of the few incidents classified as "unexplained" by the 1969 Colorado University UFO study commissioned by the US Air Force, which conceded that "the probability that at least one genuine UFO was involved appears to be fairly high."

December 31 -- White disk-shaped light pursued by USAF F-86D near Anderson AFB, Guam. UFO out-maneuvered the interceptor and even maintained formation with the F-86D. Pilot had to break off due to low fuel. USAF listed this case as "Unidentified".

Raymond Bayless, a Los Angeles artist with parapsychological interests, has reported a 1957 experience which took place while he was holding a long-handled brush and speaking with a student. The room was empty except for two stools and an easel, and there was no rug or carpet on the floor. A large northern window brought in abundant Sunlight. Suddenly the brush slipped from his hand. Both he and the student heard a clicking sound as it hit the floor. When Bayless reached down to retrieve it, he was astonished to find it nowhere to be found. A thorough search of the stark room uncovered no sign of it. "It had just vanished into thin air," Bayless concluded.

Earl Meeks was drilling a well on his property six miles from Douglas, Georgia, when he broke through to empty space. The shaft began to suck in a constant flow of air and sounds resembling "an underground railway" were so loud that they had to cover the "well" with planks at night so that they could sleep.

A UFO is alleged to have crashed in eastern Kazahstan on the Semipalatinsky nuclear test site. Salvaged by Military Unit 52605, the wreckage was transported to Zhitkur.

Alexander Georgievitch Pronin, a hydrologist at the Geographical Research Institute of Leningrad University on a expedition to the Pamir mountains for the purpose of mapping glaciers, sees a figure standing on a rocky cliff about 500 yards above him and the same distance away. Initially surprised by seeing someone at a known uninhabited area, Pronin subsequently realized that the creature was not human. It resembled a man but "it was very stooped, with long forearms and covered in reddish grey hair." Pronin reported seeing the creature again three days later, walking upright.

Early March -- Four single-seat F-86D Sabre jet fighters were returning from a practice bombing mission on le Shima island off Okinawa in the East China Sea. The jets, in a trail 1/2 mile apart, were flying under a low cloud ceiling at 1,500 feet as they made their landing approach to Okinawa. Without warning, a huge flying saucer with a red-glowing dome dropped directly into the path of the lead jet. The plane slammed into the canopy at the leading edge of the saucer and exploded. Fiery debris rained into the sea below. The saucer, apparently undamaged, hovered momentarily, then lifted up into the clouds and disappeared. The three surviving pilots gave their reports of the deadly collision and drew pictures of the UFO for Major Rudy Pestalozzi, intelligence officer for the Far Eastern Air Force (FEAF). Pestalozzi included the plots' accounts and drawings in a report to his superiors. This report, however, may have had any references to flying saucers deleted by General William Hipps, Command General of FEAF, who believed that the air force was wasting its time investigating UFOs. The true content of the report may never be known, as the US Government claims to have no records of this tragic incident, in spite of the testimony to the contrary by both Major Rudy Pestalozzi and the three pilots.

July 17 -- USAF RB-47H from 55th SRW tracked and chased a reddish object across four states, MS-LA-TX-OK. UFO was tracked by the ELINT equipment on the aircraft and the UFO radar output was estimated by ELINT operators at 40 Megawatts. Object was also tracked on ground radar at Duncanville, Texas. Three flight crew of RB-47 had visual, but ELINT crew only saw it on the equipment.

July 25 -- Five workers at a blast furnace in Huangshi, China witness a glowing discoidal object which crosses the sky slowly at five o'clock in the morning.

September 12 -- UFO explodes over a South Atlantic Toninha beach in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Molten slag is recovered, it was pure Mg.

Fall -- During September and October, nuclear weapons test series, code named ANTLER, were undertaken at Maralinga, South Australia, with kiloton range nuclear explosions being detonated on September 25th and October 9th. The site was subject to intense security. During that period the integrity of the facility was challenged in an extraordinary fashion. Just before dusk one evening Royal Air Force Corporal Derek Murray and some colleagues were called out of the Maralinga village canteen to witness a UFO hovering apparently silently over the airfield. The UFO was described as a "magnificent sight", being silver/blue in color, of a metallic luster, with a line of "windows" or "portholes" along its edge. Corporal Murray states that the object could be seen so clearly that they could make out what appeared to be plating on the object's surface. The duty air traffic controller also ostensibly witnessed the spectacle. He allegedly checked Alice Springs and Edinburgh airfields who reported they did not have anything over their areas. No photographs were taken as the top security status of the area required that all cameras be locked away. These had to be signed in and out when used. After about 15 minutes (as dusk began to fall) the aerial object left swiftly and silently. In a statement to UK researcher Jenny Randles, Murray stated, "I swear to you as a practicing Christian this was no dream, no illusion, no fairy story - but a solid craft of metallic construction".

October -- A young South American farmer called Antonio Villas-Boas came forward with a story that shocked the world of UFOlogy. UFOlogy had only just started to except that people were seeing landed UFO's but this story was to prove the turning point in many ways. On October 5th, Villas-Boas was in his room after a party and for some reason decided to look out of his window. There he saw a bright fluorescent light hovering just above the tree line of a nearby wood. He called his brother Jaoa who also witnessed this sighting. Neither of the men could explained this sighting and the object soon disappeared. A few days later, Villas-Boas was working late in his field when he observed a strange circular object coming towards him. He tried to drive away in his tractor but the engine and lights both failed. He felt unable to move as the object started to land just a few feet away from where he was seated. As the UFO approached the ground, three telescopic legs came from the object and rested on the ground. Suddenly he felt several hands grabbing him and before he knew what was happening he was being led inside the craft. He shouted for help but no one came. He was led into a large brightly lit room with a metal rod running from the floor to the ceiling. The creatures started to talk amongst themselves in a strange growling language. Soon after this the creature removed his clothes, "washed" him in an oily substance and left the room. Villas-Boas suddenly became very tired and he rested on a "couch" like object. Soon after that the door opened to a reveal a naked semi-humanoid woman. He soon found himself having intercourse with the creature. After he an ejaculated the woman rose up and as she was about to leave the room pointed to her stomach and then to the sky. He was then taken on a brief "tour" of the craft with the creatures talking amongst themselves and never speaking to him. He was then led out of the craft which soon took off and rose at a tremendous speed. It was several weeks before he told his mother and brother what had happened and it was a further two years before he made it public. He was later interviewed by many UFO researchers, the first of which was Dr. Olavo Fontes of APRO. Every investigator has reported that Villas-Boas is one of the most genuine people that they have every interviewed. His story never changed and when he could not answer a question he never tried to embellish. He was regarded as a man of low intelligence and this led many investigators to claim that the story that he told was too full of detail and strangeness to be made up by such a simple person. This case has never been explained and he never made any money from his experience. This case has been looked at again since the spate of abduction reports since the 1980's and large portions of his story still hold true in today's modern "Alien Abduction" stories.

November 2-3 -- Several egg-shaped UFOs are seen by residents of Levelland, Texas.

November 4 -- Two CAA control tower operators observe a lighted egg-shaped object descend to and cross obliquely the runway area at Kirtland AFB (Albuquerque), hover near the ground for tens of seconds, then climb at unprecedented speed into the overcast. On radar, it was then followed south some miles, where it orbited a number of minutes before returning to the airfield to follow an Air Force aircraft outbound from Kirtland.

Kerry Thornley and Gregory Hill found "Discordianism" and publish Principia Discordia, or How I Found Goddess and What I Did To Her When I Found Her.

Major Donald Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP), appeared as a guest on the "Armstrong Circle Theater Show." He had planned to make an announcement about what the United States government knew about UFOs. He began by stating, "And now I'm going to reveal something that has never been disclosed before, for the last six months we have been working with a congressional committee investigating official secrecy about UFOs." At that moment the producer of the show (CBS) cut the audio and the public was not able to hear the remainder of Major Keyhoe's statement. Later it was determined to have been done because of pressure from Air Force "spokesmen" in the interest of national security.

Ham radio operators pick up a male voice claiming to be "Nacoma of Jupiter" and warning of atomic bomb disaster in English, German, Norwegian and his own unknown language.

Uruguayan Air Force pilot engaged a daylight disc UFO in a dogfight over Pan de Acucar, near Salto, Uruguay. The UFO used a microwave beam to disable the plane.

Eight people working in a wood near Bogota, Colombia, saw a green creature with scaly skin and very long arms. The pointed nails of its long fingers nearly touched the ground.

Bulldozer operator Jerry Crew finds "Bigfoot" tracks in Humbolt County, Northern California.

The Jason Society study presents three solutions to the problem of overpopulation and pollution. Alternative 1 was to use nuclear weapons to blow a hole in the stratosphere that would let the pollution escape. Alternative 2 was to build underground cities. Alternative 3 was extra-Planetary colonization. All three alternatives involved increasing birth control, sterilization and introduction of diseases into the Earth's population, specifically targeting Blacks, Hispanics, and Homosexuals.

Astronaut and fighter pilot Colonel Gordon Cooper (USAF Ret.) has stated on camera that he had an encounter on the ground in 1958 at Edwards AFB while project officer on some undisclosed project. A saucer-shaped metallic object about 40 ft. in diameter landed 100 yards from his position and a camera crew set up to film the test turned the camera around and filmed the UFO's approach, and landing. After a few minutes, the UFO simply took off straight up and disappeared, all caught on film. Cooper then packed the film up and sent it off through the proper channels for such events to BLUE BOOK. He never heard anything more about it, and after his retirement, he checked BLUE BOOK for any info on this case, the case wasn't in BLUE BOOK, it had gone somewhere else, but he is sure he sent it to BLUE BOOK at WPAFB.

January 16 -- Off the island of Trindade in the south Atlantic Ocean, 47 crew members of the Brazilian naval vessel Almirante Saldanha sighted a fast-flying disk UFO and photographed it. Analysts determined the photos to be authentic and concluded they showed a 50-foot diameter object moving at 600 mph. The Trindade UFO was photographed and seen by more qualified observers than any other sighting. These photos are some of the best and most credible in existence.

April, 06.00 -- Saude, NE Brazil. When a flying saucer was at a distance of some 40 metres from him and the group of fishermen, and about 15 metres above the water, it began to rock sideways, and then stopped and hung there. It was from 15 to 20 metres in height, and its width was approximately that of a travelling circus. It seemed to have three distinguishable parts: the upper half was the colour of aluminium, like an inverted bowl, and on the top of it was a small protuberance or dome, with a light as bright as that of an electric welding arc. The lower part was also a bowl, of the same size as the top, but dark in colour, and around the widest part, where the two bowls met, was a band with a number of square portholes, from which came a reddish light. The portholes nearest to the party of onlookers were darkened, as though there were people looking out through them.
Beneath the machine, the water seemed to be boiling, or being sucked up, but without actually touching the under part of it, and a faint humming could be heard at brief intervals. From the under part of the machine a number of things like leather thongs were hanging, motionless.
During the hour that they stood there and watched it, it rose again several times into the sky and then descended, as if crashing, with a noise to shatter the ear-drums. uevid

July -- Mrs. Delburt Gregg of Greggton, Texas, told of an encounter with a shape-shifting creature. As her story goes, one night while her husband was away on business, Mrs. Gregg moved her bed close to a screened window hoping to catch the cool breeze from a thunderstorm brewing on the southwestern horizon. She had dozed off only a short time before she heard a scratching sound on the screen. In a flash of lightning she saw a "huge, shaggy, wolf-like creature "clawing at the screen and glaring at me with baleful, glowing, slited eyes. I could see its bared white fangs." She leaped from bed and grabbed a flashlight as the creature fled through the yard and into a clump of bushes. "I watched for the animal to come out of the bushes," she wrote, "but, after a short time, instead of a great shaggy wolf running out, the figure of an extremely tall man suddenly parted the thick foliage and walked hurriedly down the road, disappearing into the darkness."

September -- A UFO some 15 meters in diameter crashed in the north-eastern part of Kazahstan. Transported to Zhitkur.

November -- A Riverside, California, man driving in a car near the Santa Ana River was attacked by an aquatic biped with a "round, scare-crowish head," shiny eyes, and scales. It left long scratches on his windshield, and as he accelerated, he hit it and drove over it.

UN allegedly starts Vietnam War.

Alien wreckage from Roswell is moved to Hanger 19, Wright Patterson AFB.

A report was collected of an incident from the banks of the Likouala-aux-Herbes River near Lake Tele, in which a Mokele Mbembe had been killed, and its flesh eaten. All the natives who ate its flesh died. Most witnesses maintained that the animal was between 15-30 feet long (a long neck accounted for much of the length). The creature was also said to be a rust color, and may have had a frill or crest.

Air Force pursue aliens near Redmond, Oregon.

An expedition led by Texas oilman Tom Slick collected two examples of alleged yeti hands. One, at a lamasery at Makulu, Nepal proved to be the paw and forearm of a snow leopard, The other, a far more interesting matter, may be the single best piece of evidence for yeti's existence. Expedition member Peter Byrne was permitted into a lamasery at Pangboche, Nepal, where he had learned that a purported yeti hand was kept. The monks had specified that the hand was not to leave the premises, but Byrne, who had carefully worked out a plan of action, managed to persuade the lamas to let him examine it privately. They had no idea what Byrne had brought with him: human hand parts, secured from British primatologist W. C. Osman Hill, a scientific consultant to the expedition. Byrne reported to Slick: "I shall not go into detail here of how we got the thumb and the phalanx of the Pangboche hand. The main thing is that we have them, and that the lamas of the monastery do not know that we have them. Because they do not know it is of the utmost importance that there are no news releases on this or any publicity for some time... The Pangboche hand is still complete, as far as the lamas are concerned. It still has a thumb and an index procimal phalanx. What they do not know, and what they must never know, is that the thumb and the p. phalanx at present on the hand are human ones, which we switched." The stolen samples, which included a piece of skin, were placed in a pack and taken undetected across the Nepalese border. But getting them out of India, where customs were stricter, was a more complicated matter. As it happened, however, two close friends of expedition cosponsor Kirk Johnson were staying at a Calcutta hotel, and Byrne sought their assistance. The friends, film actor James Stewart and his wife Gloria, wrapped the samples in underwear, buried them deep in their luggage, and brought them undetected to London, where they were given to Johnson. Johnson brought them to Hill on February 20. Hill concluded, disappointed, that the thumb and phalanx were "human." Later, however, he would change his mind, declare them less than fully human - possibly even the remains, unlikely as it seemed, of a Neanderthal man. Two other scientists who examined the samples at the time confessed to puzzlement. Zoologist Charles A. Leone regretted his "inability to make a positive identification," and anthropologist George Agogino later told writer Gardner Soule, "Many people who have examined this hand feel that it is a human hand with very primitive characteristics... I do not feel that this hand is a normal human hand at all... It is highly characteristic, however, of all the giant anthropoids." Blood tests of the skin sample indicated it was from no known human or primate. Unfortunately, the present whereabouts of the samples are unknown.

Six "aliens" captured by the Italian Army north of Rome following a UFO crash.

The Rand Corporation hosted a Deep Underground Construction Symposium. In the symposium report, machines are pictured and described which could bore a tunnel 45 feet in diameter at the rate of 5 feet per hour. It also displays pictures of huge tunnels and underground vaults containing what appear to be complex facilities and possibly even cities. It appears that the previous five years of all-out underground construction had made significant progress by that time.

Three large newspapers in Chile reported front page articles about UFO encounters where the crew members appeared to be German soldiers. In the 1960s there were reports in New York and New Jersey of flying saucer "aliens" who spoke German, or English with a German accent. In the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg atomic espionage trials, they spoke of "warships of space." Since they had access to top secret information, about what were they talking?

Loch Ness Monster sightings by Alex Campbell, who sees two creatures simultaneously, and by Tim Dinsdale, who films the monster. As well, the first echo-soundings are taken of the Loch.

Project SIGN achieves success when the US establishes primitive contact with the aliens.

A joint US/USSR base exists on the Moon by this time.

UFO sighting at CIA headquarters after Naval officer contacts "space people" while in CIA-observed trance.

On the Polish coast, not far from Kolobreg, soldiers saw the sea become turbulent as a triangular object, 4 meters in size, emerged, circled the barracks, and flew away at high speed.

The Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas, believe they are to be killed, resurrected and transferred to heaven by April 22. They survive until their encounter with US government agents in 1993.

January 21 -- In Gdynia, Poland, a bright, shining body crashed into the harbor basin. Divers recovered pieces of shiny metal, which were examined by the Polytechnic Institute and Polish Navy. Some material was reportedly lost. One and possibly two EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), were found on a nearby beach and recovered by soldiers of the Border Guard or the Navy. These were next transported under tight security to the Soviet Union, where they remain to this day.

February -- Outside Cedar City, Iowa, Private Gerry Irwin stopped his car to investigate what he thought was a crashing plane. He was later found unconscious. Sequels of the incident (fainting, amnesia and his return to the site in a trancelike state) are sometimes quoted as evidence of psychological experience correlated with the observation of the luminous object. Irwin deserted, and his subsequent whereabouts are unknown.

March -- A green-eyed, seven-foot tall, seemingly armless humanoid, was seen late at night in Charles Mill Lake in Mansfield, Ohio.

April 1 -- Orting, WA. On April 1, 1959 a military C-118 cargo plane collided with what was described by witnesses as a UFO, burst into flames and crashed near Orting, Washington southeast of Seattle. All four crew members were killed. The plane was on a routine training mission and had taken off from McChord AFB near Tacoma, Washington at about 6:30 PM. The plane had been in flight about 90 minutes when the collision and crash occurred. Right before the crash the pilot radioed that "We've hit something or it's hit us," just before the plane's flaming wreckage crashed to the ground.

April 20 -- UFO writer Morris K. Jessup commits suicide after receiving communications from Carlos Allende.

June 26 to 28 -- The Reverend W.B. Gill and his parishoners were at Boianai mission, Papua New Guinea when he and several dozen New Guinean parishioners waved to entities aboard a hovering craft and the entities waved back. Here is a case with many corroborating witnesses. Gill has stuck by his story over the years without embellishment and has left none of the many investigators in doubt of his sincerity. An effort to dismiss the sight as a combination of Venus and near-sightedness failed because he recognised Venus and wore his glasses during the sighting. Another effort to explain the UFO as a lighted boat viewed in conjunction with a looming illusion falters on the location of the object over land.

Throughout the summer of 1959 in Papua New Guinea, missionary Father William Gill and many other witnesses would see strange lights in the skies. For two evenings in particular, beginning on June 26, Gill, along with 37 other people, would witness the UFOs close-up. What’s more, on board these strange, otherworldly ships were four humanoid beings who acknowledged the onlookers by waving at them several times. Among the witnesses were many professionals, such as doctors and teachers, a fact which, along with Gill’s good standing and general believability, makes the case one of the most intriguing and credible.Although the sightings had been happening for several months, this was the first time the craft had come so close so that the witnesses could make out occupants. The visitors would respond to the welcoming calls of the onlookers by waving back at them. When Gill used Morse Code with his torch, the humanoids used their lights on their craft to respond in kind.

July -- Major Robert Friend, the acting head of the Aerial Phenomena division (Project BLUE BOOK) had been called to the NPIC to evaluate a "discovery" that had been made. Three days later Friend arrived to be met by two Navy commanders and several CIA intelligence officers. They recounted what some have called "the most dramatic event in the annals of government UFO investigation." The vast majority of the details of the events come from a CIA memo prepared by Arthur Lundahl who was present for the dramatic event. The event had occurred at the end of a five year relationship between Navy Intelligence and a woman in South Elliot, Maine, named Francis Swan. Beginning in the spring of 1954, Mrs. Swan claimed to have been in contact with an alien by the name of AFFA who was orbiting the earth in a spacecraft by the name of M-4. One month prior to Lundahl's involvement, two Naval officers, liaison officers between Naval Intelligence and the CIA's Photographic Interpretation Center, traveled to Maine. There they watched Mrs. Swan become a communications link with AFFA as she had been doing for years. One of the officers, USN Commander Julius M. Larsen, wished to be able to communicate himself and asked Mrs. Swan if she could teach him. "He decided he would like to do automatic writing," said Mrs. Swan, "and would you show me how. I said sure. I just put my hand on his shoulder and he could write." Arriving back in Washington, Larsen signed in at the guarded entrance of the NPIC, and headed for Lundahl's office. Commander Larsen demonstrated the new talent he had learned from Mrs. Swan for Arthur Lundahl and another CIA employee Lt. Commander Robert Neasham. Neasham had worked at the Naval Photographic Interpretation Center with Lundahl in the early 1950's, and had worked on UFO photographic analysis cases with Lundahl for the 1953 Robertson Panel. Neasham, in fact actually testified in front of the committee, stating that their conclusion was that the objects in the Utah (Tremonton) film were extraterrestrial spacecraft. Both men were reportedly open to the idea of extraterrestrial craft which is why Larsen approached them. There are no documents yet to support the idea, but, the trip to Maine may even have been planned and approved by Lundahl. Larsen sat down and subsequently went into a trance. Lundahl and Neasham asked questions, and Larsen voiced the questions, and through automatic writing wrote out the answers. Lt. Commander Neasham was very impressed at what was going on, so one of the questions he posed to AFFA was "It is very interesting that we are talking to someone we can see, but can we see proof of your existence?" Larsen switching from writing to speaking: "What kind of proof do you want? Neasham asked, "Can we see you or your craft?" "When do you want to see?" AFFA replied. "Now," Neasham said. "Go to the window," said AFFA. The men in the room raced to the window "where they saw a UFO fly by (i.e. not stationary) a short distance away. As they later told Friend it was saucer shaped and brighter around the perimeter than in the center." Checks with Washington Center Radar, according to Neasham, indicated that the radar returns from the part of the sky where the sighting had taken place "were blocked out" during the time of the sighting. The men involved were impressed enough to ask Friend to come to Washington as soon as possible for an important briefing. Arthur Lundahl wrote up a memo for the record to detail the events that had just occurred. It also included the names of the spacemen, their organization, their purpose. The document, according to Friend also included "times and places of several meetings called to investigate the case." Friend arrived from Wright Patterson at the Top Secret photographic lab where the first contact had been made. It was three days later, July 9, Lundahl and Neasham recounted the events of what had occurred a couple days earlier. Friend reviewed the memo that had been prepared by Lundahl. He suggested that Larsen try to make another contact with AFFA. Commander Larsen sat down and lapsed into a deep trance. In an interview done years later Major Friend described what he saw: "He was obviously in a trance. I saw it. There was no doubt about that in my mind. I could see his pulse quicken. I could see his Adams apple moving up and down rapidly. His handwriting was entirely different from his normal handwriting. The muscles in his torso did not appear to be strained, but the muscles in his arms were obviously stressed - as were the muscles around his neck - especially in his neck." "I tried to ask some questions, but he did not respond to me. Others asked questions. He responded to only one man." "I asked the man to whom the Navy officer was responding to ask AFFA if he would arrange a flyby." "The officer's arm jerkily wrote out, "The time is not right." "That trance lasted 15-20 minutes. There was no tape recording. No one had come prepared to make contact." "I was convince that there was something there. It didn't make much difference whether they (the Navy commander and the woman in Maine) were in contact with some people from outer space or in contact with someone right here on earth. There was something there that we should have found out more about." Major Friend returned to Wright Patterson and his duties running Project BLUE BOOK. He prepared a memo to his commanding general, that has never been recovered in government files. The general told Friend that he would take further charge of the case himself. He never heard another word about the case. The only thing that he knew from discussions he had with Lundahl prior to leaving Washington, is that another trance session was planned for July 11th. Arthur Lundahl has never told the story of his full involvement of this case. Nor has he described what investigations were made by the CIA, and what the results were. When first confronted with the story Lundahl denied that he had even been involved. When evidence surfaced that he had been involved he admitted that he had been involved but nothing had happened. Lundahl refused to give many details saying that he was protecting Neasham from losing his job, and holding back details about Commander Larsen who made the alien contacts during the meeting, because he felt sorry for him.

July 13 -- Blenheim, New Zealand. Mrs. Moreland saw a sharply outlined saucer shaped object with two extremely bright sources of green light on the underside. The object was approximately 20 to 30 feet wide and hovered at roof-top level, about 15 feet above the ground. Inside a transparent dome, she said, there were two men, dressed in fairly close-fitting suits of shiny material.

September 13 -- At least two control tower operators at Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana, and the pilot of a Mooney private airplane see one pear-shaped object, colored white, cream, and metallic, with a trail under it. Object showed little movement during three hours. Attempted intercept by USAF T-33 jet trainer failed.

November -- According to the Belfast Telegraph, a man moving a large bush with a bulldozer on a farm in County Carlow, Ireland was startled to see a three-foot tall red man run out from underneath the dozer, "about 100 yards across the field, over a fence into the field adjoining." Three other men observed the fleeing figure. Only the Irish locale kept this from being treated as a UFO incident, though no UFO was seen.

CIA buys Southern Air Transport, begins development of "recruitment pills", studies mysterious amnesia of POWs moved through Manchuria, gives truth serum to brainwashed American POWs.

A Canadian ship reported that a cylindrical object with lighted portholes came down, hit the ocean, and sank off the north coast of Labrador.

Former CIA Director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter says publicly, "Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts the Air Force has silenced its personels through the issuance of a regulation."

Colonel Joseph Bryan, of the CIA, says publicly, "I am aware that hundreds of military and airline pilots, airport personnel, astronomers, missile trackers and other competent observers have reported sightings. These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth, either manned or under remote control, or both."

Discovery of Krubera Cave, Georgia. 2197 m deep.

Czech military officers observe a UFO with their binoculars at Brno, Czech Republic.

March -- Following a UFO crash in New Paltz, New York, local law enforcement authorities captured a small humanoid outside his craft while two copilots escaped. The alien was turned over to the CIA and died 28 days later.

April 5 -- UFO crash near Beira, Mozambique. Reports state that the saucer whistled and landed, and four humanoids ran into the woods before the saucer exploded.

August 13, 23.50 -- Officers Charles A. Carson and Stanley Scott of the California Highway Patrol were on patrol near Red Bluff about 11:50pm when they saw a large illuminated object apparently falling from the sky. Thinking it was an airliner crashing, they quickly stopped and leaped out of the patrol car to get a position fix. "The first thing we noticed was an absolute silence," Carson stated in his official report. "We continued to watch until the object was probably within 100 feet to 200 feet off the ground, when it suddenly reversed completely, at high speed, and gained approximately 500 feet altitude. There the object stopped. It was an oblong or elliptical object with a definite red light at each extremity. In between the red lights, about five white lights could be seen occasionally. The object was capable of moving in any direction. Up and down and back and forth. It moved at high (extremely) speeds and several times we watched it change directions or reverse itself while moving at unbelievable speeds." Carson and Scott talked with several deputies at the Tehama County Sheriff's office who had also seen the UFO and observed the same maneuvers. The sighting lasted a little over two hours. The UFO was estimated to be about 150 feet in its longest dimension.

August -- Wichita, Kansas marks the end of a three month flap of UFO sightings by thousands of witnesses across three states, culminating in a radar confirmation which prompted Air Force official to scramble to cover-up the wave of sightings as being nothing more than mistaken stars twinkling. Reporters as well as Boeing engineers and various aviation experts were eye-witnesses to sightings in this period, but all were simply told they were mistaken by US officials.

October 4 -- A 300-foot-long, dull-gray, cigar-shaped machine emerged from a cloud during a rainstorm over Cressy, Tasmania, Australia. Among those who saw it was the Rev. Lionel Browning, an Anglican minister and Tasmanian Secretary of the World Council of Churches. As he and his wife watched this extraordinary sight-they estimated the object to be four miles away and 300 feet off the ground - five or six domed discs, approximately 30 feet in diameter, shot out of the clouds just above and behind the cigar. They headed toward it "like flat stones skipping along water". "After several seconds the ship, accompanied by the saucers, reversed the way it came," Browning reported. "It was gone from sight after 30 seconds. It appears the ship sailed on for some seconds unaware that it had shed its protection. Possibly when this was discovered, the saucers were called to the mother ship. The objects then moved back into the cover of the rain storm."

October 5 -- A formation of UFOs was seen by early warning radar in Thule, Greenland with a heading that seemed to be coming from the Soviet Union toward the United States. Within minutes, Strategic Air Command crews around America were scrambling to their nuclear weapons-laden B-52s and taking to the skies. When SAC Headquarters signaled Thule for further confirmation, their calls were answered with silence. Had Thule already been taken out? Anxious moments as the Generals prepared to send the B-52 crews to their targets inside Russia, when suddenly the radar blips changed course and disappeared.

Possible first Mothman sighting in West Virginia, a little research found that the same, or a similar creature, had been seen on the edge of nearby Chief Cornstalk Hunting Grounds on Route 2 in 1961 by a woman and her father. The research also turned up a possible reason for the strange events. Shawnee Indian Chief Cornstalk, slain in a great battle with Virginia militiamen in 1774, was said to have placed a curse on the area for 200 years.

Following the reported slaying of a female yeren "wildman" by road builders in a thick forest in the Xishuang Banna area of China, the first official inquiry was launched in 1961. By the time representatives of the Chinese Academy of Sciences came to the region, the body was no longer available, and the scientists concluded that the animal had been nothing more than a gibbon. This skeptical analysis killed government interest in the question for the next fifteen years, though two decades later Zhou Guoxing, an anthropologist with the Beijing Natural History Museum, would interview a local journalist who participated in the investigation. According to Zhou, "He stated that the animal which had been killed was not a gibbon, but an unknown animal of human shape."

Unexplained transmissions from space monitored by ham radio operators worldwide. Ham operator Bob Renaud allegedly makes contact with aliens.

At Eglin AFB, Florida, then Lt. Colonel Stevens was a F-100 squadron commander, and his plane had just had an engine change and he took it up on a test flight. Passing 16,000 ft, he noticed what looked like a blimp, but he knew it wasn't a blimp. The UFO began to accelerate away, and he went after it in full afterburner. Lost sight of UFO at 33,000 ft., No gun camera film taken as it wasn't loaded.

The CIA invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, launched from Guatemala, fails due to poor planning and cancellation of support by Kennedy. The CIA, the Mob, Cuban-exiles, right-wingers and Nixonites supposedly vow revenge against Kennedy

A Soviet AN-2P mail plane encounters a UFO, and when later found none of the crew was aboard.

January -- Cape Kennedy's tracking radar locked onto a huge UFO that was pacing a Polaris missile as it traveled over the South Atlantic during a military test flight.

February 2 -- NATO and Russia went on military alert when a fleet of 50 UFOs flew across Europe from the direction of Russia at a height of 100,000 feet. Nine minutes later they disappeared from radar. This incident, which nearly caused a nuclear confrontation between NATO's forces and the USSR, could also be the very same event that caused Jacques Vallee to become involved in the UFO phenomena. While working on the staff of the French Space Committee in 1961 Vallee witnessed the destruction of the tracking tapes of unknown objects.

February 13 -- "The Corso Object", discovered six miles NE of Olancha, California, picked up about 340 ft above the dry bed of Owens lake, is a 50,000 year old spark plug.

February 24 -- The Soviet Union launched a seven day orbital mission with two cosmonauts, one man and one woman. On February 24, the mission went awry when their space capsule began to malfunction, losing lights and air. Later, during their attempts to repair their craft, a curious conversation was recorded. "I'll take it and hold it with my right hand. Look out the peephole! I have it!," the female cosmonaut said. The male replied, "There is something! If we do not get out the world will never know about this!" The pair were never heard from again. Due to Russian secrecy about early space flights, it is virtually impossible to pin down who the two Cosmonauts were, but one was likely Gennady Mikhailov; the other might have been V Zavadovskiy.

April 18 -- J. Simonton of Eagle River, Wisconsin heard a whining sound and saw an object, 10 meters in diameter, 4 meters high, with exhaust pipes around the periphery, land near his house. A door was opened and a man appeared. About 1. 50 meters tall, he wore a black, turtleneck pullover with a white band at the belt, and black trousers with a vertical white band along the side. Two figures were visible inside the object. Simonton filled a jug with water, returned it to the man, who gave him three ordinary pancakes, and the craft took off.

April 28 -- A cylindrical UFO crashed onto Korb lake east of Leningrad in Russia, leaving behind traces on the lake's floor. The UFO broke through ice when it entered the lake, suggesting the lake was frozen over at the time of the incident.

July -- Lady Linn-Erri from Korendor (planet) dictated endless treatises on what was wrong with us and what was right with her world. See Korendians.

August 31 -- Several cars were stalled on a highway 30 miles from Moscow, Russia when a UFO reportedly hovered on top of an overpass for a few minutes. The cars were unable to start their engines until the UFO left the area. This doesn't sound particularly astonishing you say, but this report was one of the first to be taken seriously by the USSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Space Research.

September 19 -- The famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case. Betty and Barney were returning to there home in New Hampshire from a vacation in Canada. At about 11pm the Hill's became aware of a bright star in the south west sky. Even though the Hills were more than likely looking at Jupiter, it is believed that the planet was used as a natural trigger for the abduction. It appears that some outside force can manipulate the mind of a witness to make them see a star or a planet as a UFO and use it to hypnotize them into the correct state of mind. Barney had to stop several times so Betty could get a better look at the UFO that was following them. Betty is adamant about the fact that the object had a pancake shape, even though her husband tried to convince both himself and his wife that it was only some kind of "jet aircraft". About three hours from home the strange light in the sky hovered in front of the Hill's car, it appeared to be a flattened disc with a line of windows along it's edge. A red light appeared to either side of the pancake. The Hills were able to see some movement from inside the craft and see the beings inside. The UFO began to move closer to the Hills car, Barney began to get upset thinking that the beings were going to "capture them". Barney remembered getting back in the car and speeding away, they realized that they were closer to home than they should have been but where hours later than they should have been. Betty began to have dreams of her encounter with the UFO, both she and Barney underwent hypnosis to recover lost memories. They both recalled an encounter with an alien race.

October 14 -- A pair of clouds resembling "puffy-like daubs of cotton" passed in an eastward direction over Sunset, Utah. The clouds were linked by a cord of long, stringy material. Immediately behind them were two smooth, metallic, disc-shaped structures. All four objects disappeared over the horizon. The next day Ronald Miskin, an investigator for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, interviewed the witnesses. One was Sunset's mayor, who was pointing upward and illustrating the objects' trajectory when suddenly a "puffy" white object flew overhead, joined soon after by another, and the two proceeded to streak across the sky in the same direction as the objects of the previous day.

October 14 -- A USAF B-52G bomber disappears without a trace over the Bermuda Triangle between Bermuda and North Carolina. Another plane had the bomber on radar until it just suddenly disappeared, the radar line stopping abruptly.

November -- Paul Miller and three of his companions were returning home that evening when they saw what they described as being a "luminous silo" land in a nearby field. After disappearing and reappearing in front of them, the silo then seemed to open up and two humanoids emerged from within it. Panic-stricken, Miller aimed at the humanoids and fired his rifle, apparently injuring one of them. On their way home that evening, the two men experienced blackouts and appeared to lose three hours, an event which terrified them completely. The next morning however, when Miller reported to work that day, three Men In Black arrived. They claimed to be government officials, and went on to query him about the UFO incident, even though they couldn't possibly know about it. "They seemed to know everything about me; where I worked, my name, everything else" Miller reported. Not surprisingly, Miller didn't dare report this incident for several years following the MIB's visit.

SR-71/A-12 testing begins at Area 51.

Boy hit by auto of James Schinbacher disappears.

Another UFO is alleged to have crashed near the nuclear test site at Semipalatinsk in Kazahstan. Again transported to Zhitkur.

CIA allegedly pays a Canadian agriculture technician to infect Cuban turkeys with Newcastle disease (though the technician supposedly double-crossed them).

UFOlogist Williamson disappears in South America.

A disc-shaped UFO is said to have crashed in northern Russia with the wreckage transported to the Odintsovo base near Moscow.

John Glenn flew his Friendship Seven spacecraft over the Southern Hemisphere. While flying he noticed several glowing spheres surrounding his aircraft. Glenn described them as fireflies and later said they acted like living critters. NASA dismissed the anomaly as ice falling off the module.

January 29 -- Over Eastern Holland, a Dutch Air Force F-86K pilot sighted a disk both visually and on radar. Base also reported radar contact on their sets. Pilot radioed a demand for ID and the object to land but no response. Base ordered him to shoot the UFO down. He armed his two AIM-9Bs and 20mm cannon, but the UFO sped away before he could fire.

February (early) -- 30-meter diameter craft crashes near Timmendorfer, Germany, per thick NATO report on UFOs.

April -- NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Washington he said: "I don't feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight." To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing.

May 22 -- A space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life. Not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars began in earnest.

July -- A "space capsule" landed in the Bolivian town of Ayo-Ayo, some thirty miles from the city of La Paz. The object fell into a deep ravine not far from the town, and its fall from the heavens was followed by the remarkable appearance of a feline never seen in Bolivia - a puma, which was assumed to have been disgorged by the "space capsule". The hapless feline was bludgeoned to death by the townspeople and its pelt sold to the U.S. Air Attaché, one Colonel Wymer.

September 11 -- Over the Mediterranean north of Egypt, four RAF Javelins out of Cyprus intercept a "large" white light. UFO maneuvered above the interceptors before moving away at Mach 5 (estimated speed).

December 10 -- According to various sources, two RAF personnel observed a strange domed object fall behind a hanger at RAF Cosford, Wolverhampton, England. The two men then stated that the object swept the airfield with a strange green beam. However, when they returned with help, the object was gone. The two men were then allegedly subjected to a rigorous interrogation, and the events covered up. A couple of days later a very large transport plane landed, which was extremely unusual for this base, and was loaded up with a large hidden object.

Project REDLIGHT suffers a setback when sometime in 1962 a craft blew up not far from the test sight, in the air, and the explosion was seen over a three-state area. The pilots were killed, they had no idea what had happened or why the craft blew up, but they put Project REDLIGHT on hold until a later date when the aliens supplied us with three craft and personnel to help us learn how to fly them.

An oceanic UFO (some term them USOs or Unidentified Submersible Objects) was tracked by the U.S. Navy near Puerto Rico. On a training maneuver, a sonar operator detected a sub aqueous object traveling at over 150 knots. The technicians tracked this object for four days and it maneuvered down to the incredible depth of 27,000 feet (= 8 km). Submarines of 1963 could not dive further than a fraction over a mile into the ocean deeps.

Numerous Men In Black spotted in Dealy Plaza.

Alien spacecraft crashes in the Balkans, yielding 12 bodies.

CIA begins weather modification project over Hue, Vietnam.

British government contacts aliens.

Four children see a UFO land just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. An alien nine feet tall and wearing a white monk's hood beckons to them.

President Kennedy sights a UFO while boating off Hyannisport on Cape Cod. The object was "disc-shaped, about 60 feet in diameter, with a gray top, and shiny bottom." It hovered above the water for 40 seconds, emitting a low pitched humming sound. Then it flew straight up in the air and was gone. Kennedy swore those present to keep the incident secret.

May 15 -- Astronaut Gordon Cooper was shot into space in a Mercury capsule for a 22 orbit journey around the world. During the final orbit, Major Cooper told the tracking station at Muchea, Australia that he could see a glowing, greenish object ahead of him quickly approaching his capsule. The UFO was real and solid because it was picked up by Mucheas's tracking radar. Cooper later said: "For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that everyday, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us."

June 16 -- Peralta, NM, US. Paul Villa was in an area south of Albuquerque near the town of Peralta when he found a landed silver circular craft about 70ft in diameter. Nine human-like beings came out of the ship through a sealed door. They spoke to Villa in English and Spanish and could communicate telepathically. The visitors told Villa they had several discs that could pick up pictures and sounds from any place and relay their data back to the ship instantly. After a long conversation the ship took off, taking care not to harm the small creatures on the ground below, per Villa’s request.

July 16 -- Possible UFO landing in Charlton, Wiltshire, UK. A farmer discovered strange crater 2. 5 meters wide and 2. 5 meters deep. Vegetation around it was burned and there were four holes in the ground around the crater itself.

August 28 -- Sagrada Familia, Brazil. José Vidal looked up, he saw a UFO hovering above the tree’s branches. The craft, which was spherical and had a pair of antennas on top, was completely transparent. It held four human-like passengers sitting inside, one of whom sat in front of a machine that appeared to be a control panel. The passengers were about six feet tall and dressed in spacesuits. They all four had only one eye. Three of them were thin and bald, while the other looked like an overweight woman with blonde hair. The UFO shot out two rays of yellow light. One of the cyclopes then appeared between the lights, slowly floating down onto the ground. Once his boots touched the earth, the creature began to walk toward José. The creature then turned around and stared back at the UFO. Fernando, spotting a brick on the ground, picked it up and aimed it at the cyclops. The cyclops suddenly faced the boys again and shot Fernando’s hand with a yellow light from a triangular crest on his chest. Fernando dropped the brick, and all three of the boys became calm and frozen.

November 18 -- JFK in Miami. There is an assassination attempt, but it is blown by right wing National States Rights Party leader Joseph Milteer. There was also allegedly an attempted assassination of JFK in Chicago.

November 22 -- JFK flies from Fort Worth to Dallas. There was the Umbrella Man in the crowd. The Epileptic. John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, TX and Governor John Connally is wounded. There is either a lone gunman in the Texas School Book Depository building; a shooter in the TSBD, and one on the "Grassy Knoll"; or Three gunmen, including one firing from atop the railroad bridge. Three tramps were arrested soon after the assassination; two of whom resemble E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. At the moment of the assassination Oswald was photographed standing in the doorway of the TSBD. George DeMohrenschildt claimed that he and Oswald were watching the parade when the shots were fired, at which point Oswald ran. He is seen fleeing the TSBD by the rear door immediately after the assassination. He is seen eating in the lunch room of the TSBD 90 seconds after the assassination. He is seen (by Deputy Roger Craig) leaving the TSBD by the front door 15 mins after the assassination, and being picked up by a black man driving his landlady's car. According to witnesses, Oswald murders Officer JD Tippet, then runs to the Texas Theater where he enters without paying and is arrested by a large number of policemen. Nixon was in Dallas on 22 November 1963, for a convention of Pepsi Cola executives, although he allegedly left by plane an hour before the assassination. J. Edgar Hoover may have been in Dallas as well, as might have been oil executive George Bush. Texas oilman H.L. Hunt was taken into protective custody by federal agents after the assassination and kept in another city for a few days (DeMohrenschidt would later claim to have been the link between Oswald and H.L. Hunt in an FBI/Right Wing plot to kill Kennedy). Ferrie may have flown to Dallas on the night of the 22d. Cuban Bay of Pigs vet Ruedolo arrives in Madrid, Spain five days after the assassination, and is jailed for having an invalid visa. Jack Zangetti, an Oklahoma City motel manager is murdered after telling friends the day after the assassination that Ruby would kill Oswald and that a member of the Sinatra Family would be kidnapped soon afterward to divert attention away from the assassination (Frank Sinatra Jr was kidnapped and released unharmed). Oswald is murdered by Jack Ruby while in police custody, on television. Lyndon Johnson is inaugurated on the plane back to Washington. By the end of the day, the various agencies involved will have so muddied the evidence that there is no way the truth will EVER be conclusively known.

Russian historian Boris Porshnev visits the place where Zana had reportedly lived. Several centenarians (Caucasus people are noted for their longevity) claimed to have known her and to have attended her funeral. Dr Porshnev also meets a couple of the alleged descendants (her grandchildren) of the wild woman, and wrote of the episode: "From the moment I saw Zana's grandchildren, I was impressed by their dark skin and negroid looks. Shalikula, the grandson, has unusually powerful jaw muscles, and he can pick up a chair, with a man sitting on it, with his teeth." During the next few years, Porshnev and a colleague tried to find Zana's remains in the Genaba (the family name of her descendants) graveyard, and although they found the vaguely Neanderthaloid bones of what they speculated was one of her children, they never discovered the remnants of the Almas herself.

Two fully intact UFOs were allegedly transferred to the Soviet military by extraterrestrial beings.

Ervin M. Scott of Boston claimed to have intercepted an electronically augmented telepathic transmission from a woman, a cavern-dweller under the Salt Lake flats of Utah, whose people were under siege by the "evil ones". She urgently warned about a woman who was abducted into tunnels/caverns beneath an abby in the north section of Boston three weeks earlier (the 1st church of Roxbury is located in the north section of the city and is by far the oldest "abby" in Boston). Another "voice" breaks in on the "transmission" and tells Ervin not to believe the former woman's voice, stating, "Don't you know this is a lie? a trick?", and then warningly, "Keep quiet about this!".

Flaming blob fall near Esperanza Creek, Texas.

White beams seen after rain in San Fernando, California.

CIA program MKULTRA became MKSEARCH. Many sub-projects stayed under MKULTRA while the most sensitive behavioral experiments went to MKSEARCH. These experiments were conducted on prisoners, terminal cancer patients and people who were described as mental "defectives." They also used radar waves on monkeys' brains (which risked "cooking" their brains) and one scientist took the head of one monkey and tried to attach it to the body of another. Other experiments involved studying telepathy, radio frequencies and memory.

The NSA takes over authority of Project SIGMA.

A mysterious structure that was discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean by the NSF Polar Research Vessel Eltanin. The object was described as being a pole rising from the ocean floor with a series of twelve spokes radiating from it. Each spoke had a sphere shape on the end of it, and were at an angle of 15 degress from one another. The "Eltanin Antenna" as it was called, is some 1000 miles south of Cape Horn. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the origins and purpose of the object. Some marine biologists think that it may be a type of life form, although no form of marine life is known to be of such a peculiar shape. Others have suggested that the object was intentionally put there, possibly by an ancient civilization, or even by beings from another world.

February -- Beginning sometime in February, there was also an interesting series of reports coming from Hong Kong where UFOs were seen to mimic conventional aircraft making a landing at the Kai Tak airport at least once a week for months.

March 13 -- Pike Event, an underground nuclear test causes major fallout as far south as Las Vegas.

April -- Repeated alien abductions of a child near Missoula, Montana.

April 8 -- During the first orbit of the Gemini I unmanned spacecraft, it was joined by four apparently controlled objects. The tracking station observed two objects take up station above Gemini I, with one behind and one below. These relative positions were maintained for one orbit after which they sped off into space.

April 13 -- Several adults in Walthamstow, England, witnessed a nine-foot cigar-shaped and silver-colored UFO crash into the river Lea, which tore down telephone lines and scarred the edge of the concrete towpath as it went.

April 24 -- While chasing a speeding car Officer Lonnie Zamora of the Socorro New Mexico Police Department heard a roar and saw flame in the sky to the southwest. Thinking that a dynamite shack in that area must have blown up, he abandoned the chase and went to investigate. As he approached the arroyo on unpaved roads he saw an elliptical object resting on legs in a gully. A red "insignia" or emblem was visible on the side toward him, and standing near it were two humanoid figures. Zamora did not comprehend what he was seeing, so he reported in to the dispatcher that he would be out of his car "checking the car down in the arroyo." As he got out of his car he heard two or three loud "thumps," like someone slamming a door. The beings were no longer visible. The craft took off with a loud roar and blast of flames, and when it cleared the ground, rising straight up, it came silent, leveled off and flew away horizontally. Then it rose at a slight angle and accelerated until it disappeared in the distance over the mountains, just clearing Six Mile Canyon Mountain.

April 25 -- A USAF Intelligence Officer met with Aliens at Mollomar Air Force Base in New Mexico. The contact lasted for approximately three hours, after several attempted methods of communications the Intelligence Officer managed to exchange basic information with the Aliens. This project is continuing at a site in New Mexico, probably at Holloman AFB.

May 24 -- Astronaut Scott Carpenter duplicated Glenn's feat with an additional orbital flight lasting 4 hours 56 minutes and 5 seconds. During the flight, Carpenter took a photograph of a UFO which he saw close to his capsule.

May 24 -- In Burgh Marsh, Cumbria. Fireman and his family having a picnic and photograph a 'spacesuit'-garbed figure not seen at the time. Possibly a hoax, but a fascinating as yet unresolved detective story.

June 9 -- EBE-3 interrogation at Area 51: There are an infinite number of universes, each with different physical properties. Virtually all do not support life. We exist in a Universe that does support so called life. That is all. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

June -- The first Soviet-piloted alien vehicles were flown and full contact with the extraterrestrials was made

September 15 -- Air Force 1st Lt. Robert Jacobs was Photo-optical Instrument Officer for the 1369th Photo Squadron at Vandenburg Missile Base, California. He was in charge of photo-optical instrumentation at a tracking site in Big Sur 124 miles away. His mission was to film an Atlas rocket go through all three stages of powered flight. This particular mission was part of the Nike-Zeus objective for the development of an anti-missile missile at the height of the Cold War. He says: "What we photographed up there affected me for the rest of my life. We were looking down S-SW and the missile popped up through the fog, and it was just beautiful. And our guys on our M45 tracking mount with 180 inch lenses got it, and sure enough we could see all three stages of powered flight as they burned up and dropped away. Of course to the naked eye all we saw was a kind of a smoke trail going off into sub-space. So we whoopied and shouted and heard the film wrap off in the BU telescope, and figured well that was our first big deal, and we got it." He took the cans of film to Vandenburg that night. The next day, he was ordered to go immediately to the office of Major Florence J. Mansman, the ranking optical instrumentation officer in charge. He continues: "I walked into his office and he had a screen and a 16mm projector set up, and there was a couch, and Major Mansman said to sit down. As I recall there were two guys in gray suits, civilian clothes. Mansman turned on the film projector and said to watch this. So I watched the screen and there was the launch from the day before at Big Sur. As the Atlas missile entered the frame, we could see the whole third stage, which has the two rocket motors fill in our frame, from about 160 miles, it was pretty exciting optics. And then on that telescope, we could see the dummy warhead." At the time, the rocket was traveling between 11,000 and 14,000 MPH when a saucer-shaped craft entered the frame. He continues, "It flew into the frame like this, then shot a beam of light at the warhead, now remember all this stuff was flying at several thousand miles an hour, so this thing fires a beam of light at the warhead, hit it, fires another beam of light, and then flies out the way it came in, and the warhead tumbles into outer space. When the lights came on, Major Mansman turned around and said, "Were you guys screwing around up there?" And I said, no sir, and he said, "What was that?", and I said, "it looks to me like we got a UFO." Nearly two decades later, several letters written by Major Mansman were obtained. In one dated March 8, 1983, Mansman corroborated Lt. Jacobs story, "In the film, the assumption was at that time extraterrestrial. Details would be sketchy and from memory, the shape was classic disc, the center seemed to be a raised bubble." Jacobs continues, "Now Major Mansman said to me, after some discussion about it, he said you are never to speak of this again. As far as you're concerned this never happened."

October 12 -- The crew on the Soviet spaceship Voskhod 1 is said to have seen unidentified cylindrical objects in orbit. In the press conference for Voskhod 1, the chief cosmonaut and spokesman Komarov walked out without answering when a western journalist asked him if they had encountered UFOs in space. Komarov died four years later in the "accident" with Soyoz 1.

December 10 -- At Fort Riley army base, Kansas, a guard was on duty in the motor pool. He and three other men were ordered by a senior officer to make their way to a remote corner of the base. When they arrived they noticed a large military chopper shining a large search light on a strange object which was resting on the ground. The object was already surrounded by several other military types. The guard was then given "shoot to kill" orders to stop any civilians who tried to get near it. He was also warned not to tell anyone about the incident. He described the object as like a giant hamburger, 12 meters by 5 meters, with a dark line along its rim and a small tail-fin stabilizer. He also observed that the air near the craft was very warm despite being a bitterly cold night. Some time later UFO researchers managed to obtain some collabratory evidence. Another guard reported that on the morning following the alleged incident, he witnessed a large flatbed truck with a roundish object covered with canvas sheets being driven out under high security from the base. Other sources mention the recovery of nine aliens bodies on this occasion.

December 21, 17:00 -- Staunton, Virginia. Horace Burns, a gunsmith in Harrisonburg, saw an immense cone-shaped object cross low over the highway ahead of him. At the moment the object crossed the highway, Burns' car motor failed. It was 125 feet in diameter, at least, and 80 to 90 feet high. Its circular, sloping sides rose toward the top in six large, concentric convolutions that decreased in diameter and were surmounted by a dome. The object was so large, Burns said, that when it crossed the road ahead of him it had more than filled the entire width of his windshield. He saw no features such as windows, ports, doors, or seams on the object; however, extending around its base at a height of about six feet was a band of bluish-white light, sharply-edged and about 12 to 18 inches wide. The light was steady and did not flicker or dim. No landing gear was evident and the object seemed to rest lightly on the ground. Burns watched the object for from 60 to 90 seconds at a distance no greater than 150 yards when it suddenly rose straight up to a height of several hundred feet and, emitting a soft "whoosh" like rushing air, took off in a northeasterly direction at an exceedingly high rate of speed, again with its top tilted slightly forward in the line of motion. It disappeared from view in a matter of seconds.

A foil fall in Peurto Garibaldi, Argentina.

Early prison behavior mod program, CASE, begins in a Washington, D.C. boys school.

In a three year study beginning in 1965, 70 volunteer prisoners at the Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia were subjected to tests of dioxin, the highly toxic chemical contaminant in Agent Orange. Lesions which the men developed were not treated and remained for up to seven months. None of the subjects was informed that they would later be studied for the development of cancer. This was the second such experiment which Dow Chemical undertook on "volunteers" who did not receive the information which the world proclaimed was necessary for "informed consent" at Nuremberg.

UFO blacks out a U.S. military base at Nha Trang, Vietnam and is seen by hundreds of American soldiers.

A Californian TV repairman and ham radio operator, Sidney Padrick, was given a flight in a saucer that landed near his home. The craft proved to contain a room similar to a chapel, where he was asked to "pay your respects to the Supreme Deity".

Project PANDORA begins in the US to determine the effects of low-level microwaves on people.

A 1000-foot underwater UFO is seen in Kaipara harbor, New Zealand.

Beijing's eight million people were amazed to see a luminous red object fly over the city, stop and remain motionless for a time, and then fly off into the distance.

The diamond firm De Beers discovered that the Hope diamond could be made to glow for several minutes like a red-hot coal, on exposure to ultra-violet light. Not only does no one know why this occurs, the head of Mineral Sciences at Smithsonian is quoted as saying, "Nothing like this has been known to happen with any other diamond".

A skeleton measuring 8 feet 9 inches was found buried under a rock ledge along the Holly Creek in east-central Kentucky.

Spring -- Looking out the window of a clifftop house along the seashore at Sydney, Australia, a tourist noticed a beautiful stationary pink cloud. An hour later, when she looked again, the cloud was moving in her direction and soon was actually below her eye-level, enabling her to look down on it and see, to her amazement, a round, white object. Vents along the object's side emitted gray steam which, as it enveloped all but the top portion of the object, turned pink. The "cloud," in short, was an artificial creation. As if this were not mind-boggling enough, an engine sound came from the still-descending object. A luminous ladder was lowered from the underside, and a humanlike figure climbed down to a lower rung. There he sat down and directed a searchlight toward the sea below. Some distance out on the water a pink flare shot into the air. Immediately the ladder retracted, and the object shot off in the direction of the flare. The witness then noticed a long but not clearly visible shape in the water from which the flare had ascended. Both the UFO and the underwater shape vanished in a "vivid pink flash."

July 1 -- Valensole, France. An egg-shaped object (similar to Zamora case) that landed in a lavender field with small humanoid entities getting out. Maurice Masse described them as having large, bald heads, pasty faces, and huge, slanted eyes that stared out at him. He also related that they were wearing coveralls of some sort, and one of them was holding a tube-like device, standing by an odd-looking craft. Masse heard them makes of gurgling sounds, as if communicating. When he approached, one of them pointed a small tube at Masse, which immediately immobilized him where he stood. He remained conscious, watching as they finished their task and then entered the egg-shaped object, which rose off the ground, moved quickly away, then suddenly disappeared a few moments later. Masse was left standing paralyzed in his field, but regained his mobility about fifteen minutes later. Subsequent long-term physical effects on the crop.

July 6 -- Near Puerto La Cruz, Portugal, the commander and crew of the Norwegian tanker Jawesta observed a lighted object flying out of the sea. First Officer Toronin Lien first saw a large, blue, intense flame behind the ship at high speed. He called the captain and tracked the object with binoculars as its altitude reached about 300 meters. Its shape was that of a cigar, with a row of lighted portholes showing a clear yellow glow, and it left a bluish trail.

July 19 -- Vaucluse Beach, Australia. Disc-shaped object glowed as it sat on a beach. As witness approached the object, the object lifted off from the ground, quickly climbed in the air, and disappeared. uevid, noufors

Summer -- According to press reports, the Soviets claimed that a special unit of 200 of their soldiers stationed near Hanoi in the summer of 1965 fired at a UFO which appeared in front of their headquarters. The UFO returned fire with a laser-like weapon and the Russians were "completely dematerialized".

August -- The crew of the Russian steamship Raduga, while navigating in the Red Sea, observed an unusual phenomenon. At about two miles away, a fiery sphere dashed out from under the water and hovered over the surface of the sea, illuminating it. The sphere was 60 meters in diameter, and it hovered above the sea at an altitude of 150 meters. A gigantic pillar of water rose as the sphere emerged from the sea and collapsed some moments later.

August 3 -- Highway engineer Rex Heflin took a series of four Polaroid photos of a silvery craft near Santa Ana, California. Over a period of about two minutes the craft moved east, "wobbling" slightly, gained altitude slowly, then increased its velocity and altitude more rapidly, leaving behind a ring of smoke-like vapor. Several scientists and other researchers launched an all-out effort to study the photos. In September, two men in civilian clothes, claiming to be from the North American Air Defense, came to Heflin's home and "borrowed" three of the original photos. The photos were never returned and the two visitors were never traced. However, copies of the stolen photos continued to be analyzed. They were regarded as most probably genuine though some doubts remained. Then one day in 1993, Heflin received a phone call from a woman who asked him if he had recently checked his mailbox and then rang off. Half an hour later she called again and asked the same question. After the first call Heflin found his mailbox to be empty, but after the second he found a plain, unmarked envelope containing the three lost photos. The photos were then reanalyzed using state-of-the-art computer enhancement, and the analysis supported the view that they were genuine.

September -- Exeter, New Hampshire. Young Norman Muscarello's encounter with a pattern of six red lights flashing in sequence as he walked past a farm late at night frightened him enough to convince the police to take a look. Muscarello and an officer returned to the scene and did not have to wait long before the object returned, bright enough to cast its red glow all across the countryside. A second officer arrived in time to see the object passing into the distance. Disturbed livestock calmed down only when the object departed. Any military manouvres had ended hours before this sighting began and one of the police officers had worked in night-time refuelling of aircraft while in the Air Force, so he was familiar enough with such operations to know that this object was not such a case. The proposal that a hoaxer with flashing lights strung along a kite string was responsible may account for the swaying motion of the lights, but the night was almost windless and the UFO covered too much ground for any but a superhuman kite flier.

December 9, 16:47 -- Alien vessel crashes near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Supporting evidence: At the time of Kecksburg crash President Lyndon Johnson was at his White House ranch in Austin, Texas. A careful review of the evidence shows some interesting facts, including: James Webb, the head of NASA arrived at the ranch at 9:50 the morning after the crash. All members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived the morning after the crash. The Governor of Pennsylvania arrived at the ranch in afternoon. On Sunday night, three days after the crash Johnson arrived back at the White House. The next afternoon, Johnson met off the record with Buford Ellington. Ellington was the head of the Office of Emergency Planning, which is inside the Executive Office of the President. This was one of the groups that appeared to have been involved in the Kecksburg crash. One of the key people under Lionel Ellington was USAF Colonel J. Leo Bourassa. He headed up the "Special Facilities Division" within the Office of Emergency Planning. He is the person mentioned in the BLUE BOOK file dealing with the Kecksburg crash.

CIA begins weather modification experiments over Cuba, later used in an attempt to ruin Fidel Castro's sugar cane crop.

Rose-colored snow seen at Mount Hotham, Australia.

Norman Jenson, an experienced well driller, was boring for water 15 miles from the Killarney homestead about 350 miles south of Darwin, Australia. He had penetrated seven layers of limestone, clay, red soil and sandstone when, at 102 feet, the but struck something soft and quickly dropped to 111 feet. Jenson lowered the pump and brought to the surface a bucket of what he believed to be flesh, bone, hide and hairs. The matter had not putrefied even after several days in the open air. Dr. W. A. Langsford, Territory Director of Health in Darwin, stated that the material he studied under microscope was hair and tissue, possibly human.

A UFO was observed to crash into the taiga setting it on fire in the Tomsk region near the village of Topolevka in Russia.

The U.S. Army dispensed a bacillus throughout the New York City subway system. Materials available on the incident noted the Army's justification for the experiment was the fact that there are many subways in the Soviet Union, Europe, and South America. Although there are no harmful effects known for this release, details of the experiment are still classified.

UFO sighted by S S Morgantown Victory north of Marcus Island.

There is a summer rash of Surrey "Puma" sightings in Hampshire, England.

"Spook lights" are observed in Michigan. College coeds at the dorm in Ann Arbor have repeated sightings of UFOs.

Project AQUARIUS begun. The project was funded by CIA funds (non-appropriated). The project assumed full responsibility for investigation and intelligence of UFOs and/or IACs, after December 1969 when ProjectS GRUDGE and BLUE BOOK were closed. The purpose of Project AQUARIUS was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO and IAC sightings and contacts with Alien Life Forms. These orderly files of collected information have been used to advance the United States Air Force Space Program (not NASA).

A "Skunk Ape" is sighted near El Fers, Florida.

In one particularly notable case of ball lightning, a woman named Kitty Cox was out walking her dog in Scotland when following a lightning strike she witnessed what she described as a "luminous orange ball" drifting towards her. The ball went past her very rapidly, and was said to be "hissing" with electrical charge.

A high-altitude U2 spy plane went missing over Cuba. Apparently the mission took the plane south over the tip of Florida and then high over Cuba. When the plane failed to make an expected course change the alarm was raised, but the pilot could not be contacted. Instead the plane continued to fly in a southerly direction before crashing in Bolivia. The official version of events referred to a catastrophic failure of the oxygen supply, that if true would certainly have led to a life threatening situation within no more than a couple of seconds. On the face of it this would appear to be the likeliest explanation. However there were other factors involved. As the stricken aircraft was being tracked over Panama, the local Air Rescue Center, noted that a high flying unidentified object was in close proximity to the spy-plane. Whether this object played any part in the crash is almost impossible to say. What we do know is that an altered state of awareness is a frequent accompaniment of UFO encounters. Perception, acuity, and a true sense of time and direction can all become radically impaired. If the pilot of the U2 was similarly affected, then he might well have drifted on oblivious to his peril or the frantic attempts being made to contact him.

January 19 -- George Pedley finds a "saucer nest" at Horseshoe Lagoon Near Tully, Far North Queensland, Australia. Up to five landing spots for UFOs were found in a marsh.

March -- A series of well-publicized sightings around Ann Arbor, Michigan trigger an upsurge in UFO interest. Eventually this interest results in the Condon Committee. Professor J. Allen Hynek offers his famous "Swamp Gas Theory" as one possible explanation for some of the sightings and is widely ridiculed by the media.

March 21 -- In Hillsdale County, Michigan, witnesses reported a strange bright glowing object bouncing across a nearby hollow and then became airborne. Soil analysis showed that in the area that the object was seen, radiation levels were higher than in the surrounding terrain. More significant still was the finding that the ground was also contaminated with boron, the element used to slow nuclear chain reactions.

March 25 -- In Toledo, Ohio, two Lucas County deputies, Robert Schultz and Stanley Nelepa, reported seeing a huge object floating at treetop level.

March 29 -- A glowing orange object was seen floating over the Ohio Turnpike administration building in Berea, Ohio. The glowing orange object was spotted a second time the next day, by Berea patrolmen Clarence T. Janowick and John R. Galik Jr.

April 17 -- Law officers chase a UFO from Ohio into Pennsylvania.

June 17 -- Near the town of Elista in the north Caucasus region of Russia, a UFO was seen to explode and fall to the ground.

June 19: 21.45 -- Nha Trang, Vietnam, a huge UFO approached alternately moving at high and low speeds. It descended toward the gathered soldiers, stopped dead, and hovered at an altitude of about 300-500 feet. The entire valley and surrounding mountains were illuminated brightly. The generators failed and everything blacked out on the base. The engines of the Skyraiders, the bulldozers, the trucks, the power system of the offshore Shell Oil tanker, everything (including some diesel engines) all failed for about 4 minutes. Then the UFO went straight up and completely out of sight in about 2-3 seconds. thinkabout, nicap

August 24 -- Intrusion at Minot AFB in North Dakota. The incident lasted nearly four hours.

September 13 -- Astronaut/Commander Pete Conrad Jr. while aboard NASA docking and orbital flight of Gemini 11, photographed a mysterious cluster of lights from his port window, the first of several Astronaut sightings and photos of UFOs outside of earth's atmosphere. The photo has been widely debunked as being nothing more than a satellite in a decaying orbit, glowing brightly from re-entry and there are no comments regarding the image from Conrad himself, now deceased.

November 13 -- In Zanesville, Ohio, local barber and amateur astronomer Ralph Ditter took two spectacular UFO photos. Beyond their detail, which to some skeptics is evidence itself of fraud, the importance of the photos lies in their similarity to the craft reported during a series of sightings that occurred throughout the year.

November 15 -- The mysterious winged creature known as "Mothman" begins a year-long series of appearances around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Over the next year, there were around one hundred sightings of the creature, along with UFO sightings, poltergeist activity, and other weird phenomena in the area. Some of the witnesses reported being harassed by Men In Blacks.

A hat-shaped UFO seen near Yorba Linda, California.

A classic of mystery of Bermuda Triangle. The ship Witchcraft at the harbor entrance vanished within 19 minutes between her call to the Coast Guard and their arrival on scene.

Dr. Felix Zigel, of the Moscow Aviation Institute, says publicly, "We appeal to all viewers to send us details of any observations of strange flying craft. This is a serious challenge to Science, and we need the help of all Soviet citizens."

The Air Force commissions the University of Colorado to study the UFO phenomenon. Headed by Dr. Edward Condon, the project becomes known as The Condon Study. A Man In Black, Mr. Dixsun, allegedly visits Professor Condon and offers to help him contact the space people.

Rex Heflin again visited by MIB in connection with his photos of California UFOs.

John King, working with the Bangor, Maine Police Department, suddenly saw above him a very bright object with a dark underside. He fired at it four times, hearing the bullets hit a metal surface as the object flew off.

In Beverly, Massachusetts, a child saw a blinding, multicolored source of light making a buzzing sound as it flew over the road 15 m away from the house. It seemed to land in a field near the school. Three adults came out to calm the child and also saw the object circling and hovering. They called the police. Two officers arrived and saw the object appearing to "dance" with two other craft. All witnesses then observed the arrival of one helicopter and two aircraft, as the remaining object flew away to the southwest. Police described the object as plate-shaped when stationary above the school building. TV reception was blurred throughout the observation.

In Bellingham, Massachusetts, two women saw a 20 meter cigar-shaped object, with bright, red lights at both ends, flying erratically. It made a whistling sound when moving, was silent when hovering. The lights began flashing and the object went down behind some trees when five planes and a helicopter came over the area. Two of the aircraft circled the location, then flew on. The whistling sound was again heard, but the object was not seen after the departure of the planes.

Patrolman Herbert Schirmer encountered a landed craft-like object on a lonely stretch of highway near Ashland, Nebraska and saw it take off. Regressive hypnosis by Dr Leo Sprinkle elicited an encounter with apparently friendly beings who showed him around the craft and left him with this piece of wisdom: "We want you to believe in us, but not too much."

The "Patterson/Gimlin" film is by far the most famous and most scrutinized footage ever taken of Bigfoot. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin shot the footage with a 16mm camera while on an expedition to find the elusive creature in the Bluff Creek area of the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California. Large footprints had been found in this region in previous years. Debate among various "experts" over the authenticity of the film has been ongoing for 30 years. In recent years, some people have come forward to claim that they participated in the hoaxing of the film, but even their testimony has been called into question.

A Money Pit exploratory group brings up oak buds, fragments of 16th century wood and a piece of antique brass.

January -- In the southwest part of Missouri, a Mr. Loftin found a 40-inch disc and gave it to the U.S. Testing Company for analysis.

March -- Two Cuban Mig-21 jets intercepted a UFO within Cuban airspace. The Flight Leader reported object to be a metallic sphere with no wings or tail. After a failed attempt to radio the object for ID, Cuban GCI ordered the MiGs to shoot the object down. Flight Leader responded his weapons were armed and he was locked on. His wingman then screamed into the radio that the leader's MiG had exploded - no flame or smoke, but he just disintegrated. Immediately afterwards the UFO accelerated, climbed to 30,000 feet altitude, and headed for South America.

March 16 -- At the Malmstrom ICBM base in central Montana, Captain Eric Carlson and First Lieutenant Walt Figel, the Echo-Flight Missile Combat Crew, were below ground in the E-Flight Launch Control Center (LCC) or capsule. The Echo Flight LCC was located between Winfred and Hilger, about fifteen miles north of Lewistown. Missile maintenance crews and security teams were camped out at two of the Launch Facilities (LFs), having performed some work during the previous day and stayed there overnight. During the early morning hours, more than one report came in from the security patrols and maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs. A UFO was reported directly above one of the E-Flight (LF) or silos. It turned out that at least one security policeman was so affected by this encounter that he never again returned to missile security duty. Around 8:30 a.m., Figel, the Deputy Crew Commander (DMCCC), was briefing Carlson, the Crew Commander (MCCC), on the flight status when the alarm horn sounded. One of the Minuteman missiles they supervised had gone off alert (become inoperable). It was one of the two sites where maintenance crews had camped out on site. Upset, thinking that the maintenance personnel had failed to notify him as required by procedure when maintenance work is done on a missile, that the missile was going "off-alert" status, Figel immediately called the missile site. When Figel spoke with the on-site security guard, he reported that they had not yet performed any maintenance that morning. He also stated that a UFO had been hovering over the site. Figel recalls thinking the guard must have been drinking something. However, now other missiles started to go off alert in rapid succession. Within seconds, the entire flight of ten ICBMs was down. All of their missiles reported a "No-Go" condition. One by one across the board, each missile had became inoperable. When the checklist procedure had been completed for each missile site, it was discovered that each of the missiles had gone off alert status due to a Guidance and Control (G&C;) System fault. Power had not been lost to the sites; the missiles simply were not operational because, for some unexplainable reason, each of their guidance and control systems had malfunctioned. Two Security Alert Teams (SAT, "strike teams") were dispatched from Echo to those sites where the maintenance crews were present. Figel had not informed the strike teams that one of the on-site guards had reported a UFO. On arrival at the LF's, the SAT reported back to that UFOs had been seen hovering over each of the two sites by all of the maintenance and security personnel present at each site. Captain Don Crawford's crew relieved the Echo Flight crew later that morning. Crawford recalls that both Carlson and Figel were still visibly shaken by what had occurred. Crawford also recalled that the maintenance crews worked on the missiles the entire day and late into the night during his shift to bring them all back on alert. Not only had missiles been lost to our deterrent forces, but had remained out of service for an entire day. Because of this unique incident, as an ex-Missileer describes it: "All Hell broke loose!" Among the many calls to and from the E-Flight LCC one was to the MCCC of Oscar-Flight which links to the equally dramatic story of what happened in another LCC that same morning. The Oscar Flight LCC was located a mile or two south of the town of Roy, about 20 miles southeast of the Echo-Flight LCC. The following is as told by Robert Salas who was the DMCCC in O-Flight that morning: My recollection is that I was on duty as a Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander below ground in the LCC, during the morning hours of 16 March 1967. Outside, above the subterranean LCC capsule, it was a typical clear, cold Montana night sky; there were a few inches of snow on the ground. Where we were, there were no city lights to detract from the spectacular array of stars, and it was not uncommon to see shooting stars. Montana isn't called "Big Sky Country" for no reason, and Airmen on duty topside probably spent some of their time outside looking up at the stars. It was one of those airmen who first saw what at first appeared to be a star begin to zig-zag across the sky. Then he saw another light do the same thing, and this time it was larger and closer. He asked his Flight Security Controller, (FSC, the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in charge of Launch Control Center site security), to come and take a look. They both stood there watching the lights streak directly above them, stop, change directions at high speed and return overhead. The NCO ran into the building and phoned me at my station in the underground capsule. He reported to me that they had been seeing lights making strange maneuvers over the facility, and that they weren't aircraft. I replied: "Great. You just keep watching them and let me know if they get any closer." I did not take this report seriously and directed him to report back if anything more significant happened. At the time, I believed this first call to be a joke. Still, that sort of behavior was definitely out of character for air security policemen whose communications with us were usually very professional. A few minutes later, the security NCO called again. This time he was clearly frightened and was shouting his words:
"Sir, there's one hovering outside the front gate!"
"One what?"
"A UFO! It's just sitting there. We're all just looking at it. What do you want us to do?"
"What? What does it look like?"
"I can't really describe it. It's glowing red. What are we supposed to do?"
"Make sure the site is secure and I'll phone the Command Post."
"Sir, I have to go now, one of the guys just got injured."
Before I could ask about the injury, he was off the line. I immediately went over to my commander, Lt. Fred Meiwald, who was on a scheduled sleep period . I woke him and began to brief him about the phone calls and what was going on topside. In the middle of this conversation, we both heard the first alarm klaxon resound through the confined space of the capsule, and both immediately looked over at the panel of annunciator lights at the Commander's station. A 'No-Go' light and two red security lights were lit indicating problems at one of our missile sites. Fred jumped up to query the system to determine the cause of the problem. Before he could do so, another alarm went off at another site, then another and another simultaneously. Within the next few seconds, we had lost six to eight missiles to a 'No-Go' (inoperable) condition. After reporting this incident to the Command Post, I phoned my security guard. He said that the man who had approached the UFO had not been injured seriously but was being evacuated by helicopter to the base. Once topside, I spoke directly with the security guard about the UFOs. He added that the UFO had a red glow and appeared to be saucer shaped. He repeated that it had been immediately outside the front gate, hovering silently. We sent a security patrol to check our LFs after the shutdown, and they reported sighting another UFO during that patrol. They also lost radio contact with our site immediately after reporting the UFO. When we were relieved by our scheduled replacement crew later that morning. The missiles had still not been brought on line by on-site maintenance teams. Again, UFOs had been sighted by security personnel at or about the time Minuteman Strategic missiles shutdown.

May 20 -- Stephen Michalak is burned by a UFO near Falcon Lake Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada.

Summer -- The wave of apparitions which stunned Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay with over 110 UFO sightings in a space of 24 hours on June 24th alone, was preceded by a singular Men In Black event. Four days prior to the June 24th "night of lights", a man dressed in black showed up at the newsroom of Cordoba, Argentina's Los Principios daily, where he dropped off a letter addressed to the editor stating that before the week was out, the Southern Cone would experience a massive fly-over involving hundreds of extraterrestrial craft. The day before the sightings began, the newspaper received a strange phone call stating: "Attention, it will begin at any moment..." The UFO flap began almost immediately, but the strange MIB remained anonymous.

Summer -- During the summer of 1967, near Middletown, Ohio, a huge bird was sighted flying over several farms. Mr. James Morgan told me that the creature had a wingspan from about 15-20 feet and was dark in color. His description was that of a pterodactyl. Four other witnesses saw the bird as it glided over their porch.

June -- Astronauts Ed White (first American to walk in space) and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft when they saw a weird-looking metallic object. The UFO had long arms sticking out of it. McDivitt took pictures with a cine-camera. Those pictures have never been released.

July -- A Dutch multi-national businessman was contacted in the Oostscheld, below Amsterdam, by extraterrestrial beings who said they came from a place called Iarga, some 11 light years from our sun as we calculate distance. They were observing us from underwater and they allowed this man to visit the spacecraft in its underwater location.

July 20 -- A huge cigar-shaped vehicle was reported emerging from the sea and into space in the log of the Argentine ship Naviero off the coast of Brazil. The officers and crew could see a shining object in the sea no more that 50 feet away from the starboard side. It was cigar-shaped and about 110 feet in length and emitted a powerful blue and white glow. It ran silently and without wake through the water. There was no periscope or conning tower or any protruding parts to this mysterious submarine. It paced the Naviero for 15 minutes, then suddenly dived and passed beneath the ship and vanished rapidly into the great depths.

August 17 -- Cube-shaped object weighing about three tons found 50 miles from Kutum, Sudan. No markings. Samples cut with difficulty. Photographed by the authorities. Satellite or crashed UFO?

September -- Animal mutilations begun near Alamosa, Colorado. "Snippy" the horse, the first "mute" is found dead with the skin and flesh stripped from his head and neck and no blood in the carcass or on the ground.

October -- A massive UFO wave engulfed the British Isles following reports that two Devon police officers had chased a "star-spangled flying cross" in their patrol car at speeds approaching 90 mph.

October 4 -- Something crashes into the sea at Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia. It was hovering just over the water and gyrating in an erratic manner. It then tilted to one side and fell into the water. Lights could still be seen after it submerged but soon afterwards they blinked out. It seems that the UFO then left the area after submerging. It traveled underwater to a place about twenty-five miles away called Government Point, near the site of a submarine detection facility. The witnesses, searching for a logical explanation, thought some sort of conventional aircraft must have crashed so they reported it to the authorities. It was detected there, and a small group of naval vessels was positioned over it. After several days, just when a salvage operation was being considered, it was joined by a second underwater UFO, which some said seemed to have come to repair the first UFO. The decision was made by the Navy to just watch and wait. After about a week, some of the naval vessels were forced to leave in order to investigate a Russian submarine that had entered Canadian waters, and at that point, the two UFOs began to move. They headed underwater toward the Gulf of Maine, and when they had outdistanced the remaining naval vessels, they broke the surface of the water and vanished into the sky at high speed.

November 2 -- Ririe, Idaho, US. Guy Tossie and Will Begay, two Indian youths, were driving south on Highway 26 just outside Ririe on November 2, 1967, about 21:30, there was a sudden blinding flash of light in front of their car, followed by the abrupt appearance of a small, domed UFO. The dome was transparent and in it were seen two small, strange-looking occupants. The car was brought to a stop – Begay, driving, did not have to apply the brakes – and the object hovered about five feet above the highway immediately ahead of them. It was about eight feet wide, and flashed green and orange lights around the rim. The area was bathed in a vivid green light. The dome opened as if hinged and one creature emerged, apparently floating to the ground. It was about three and a half feet tall, and on its back was a kind of pack that protruded above and behind its head. Its face was oval and heavily pitted and creased. Two small, round eyes and a straight, slit-like mouth completed the facial features. Large ears stood high on the hairless head. Approaching the driver’s side of the car, the alleged being opened the door and slid behind the wheel. Horrified, the two witnesses pushed over to the right. The car began to move – whether driven by the being or towed by the UFO was uncertain. It was taken well out into a field of stubble wheat, and the UFO kept a fixed position a few feet in front of it.

December 15 -- The "Silver Bridge", a suspension bridge between Ohio and West Virginia at Point Pleasant, WV collapsed during rush hour. Forty-six cars plunged into the cold waters of the Ohio River, and fifty lives were lost. It's said that many of those who were killed were those who had seen the Mothman.

The "Roush Hearings", a strongly pro-UFO seminar, is held in Washington, D.C. This is James. E. McDonald's high point, and the nearest thing to a Congressional investigation of UFOs that has ever taken place.

A UFO crashed on Kolguev Island north of the Arhangelsk region of Russia. Transported to the Odintsove base.

Archaeologists exploring burial chambers, tunnels, and catacomb-cities (several of which are linked together at the lower levels) near Derinkuya, Turkey, had reached a depth of about 900 feet when they were suddenly attacked by a group of seven-foot tall albino-haired troglodydes. One team member was killed and another was hospitalized for several months, and all had serious wounds.

A dark seven-foot tall creature was observed by workers in London's New Victoria tube line.

Y. Druet and H. Salfati announced the discovery of semi-ovoid metallic tubes of identical shape but varying sizes in a 65-million-year-old Cretaceous chalk bed in a quarry at Saint-Jean de Livet, France. The reddish brown, wafer-shaped specimens with hollowed ends were reportedly turned over to the geomorphology laboratory at the University of Caen.

Mystery ship Sheersberg disappears between Antwerp and Genoa with 200 tons of uranium believed to have been taken to Israel.

Transmissions from astronauts circling the Moon interrupted by unexplained voices.

UFOlogists Steiger, Whitenour and Keel smeared during Men In Black visits in UFO flap area.

Project PORENCE begun to evaluate alien information.

Children see a landed UFO and an alien at St. Stanislas de Koska, Quebec, Canada.

Dr. Curt Strand at the Soder Hospital in Stockholm begins implanting "brain transmitters" into human beings. These eventually are able to, via RHIC (Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control), EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) and ESB (Electronic Stimulation of Brain), give total control over the people into whom they have been inserted.

MJ-12 becomes known as the "50 Committee".

Apollo 8 photographs UFO Moon base.

February 4, 19:20 to 19:25 -- About two hundred residents of Redlands, California, either saw or heard what was apparently the same huge, low-flying, disk-shaped object as it passed overhead. Coming to a stop, it hovered briefly, jerked forward, hovered again, then shot straight up with a burst of speed. The object seemed at 100 m altitude to be around 15 meter in diameter.

March (or Nov 27) -- UFO crash at Yekatrinburg (formerly Sverdlovsky), Russia. From this has emerged very impressive official Soviet film footage of both the crashed disc and the autopsy of the remains of the inhabitant of the craft. The only major unanswered question is whether the crash is of an ET craft or one that was terrestrially manufactured. The original presence of a formation of five craft, and the autopsy of the ET body would seem to indicate the former assumption, though the body could also have been a terrestrial clone of a recovered ET body.

August -- The famous "Cobrea Case", which took place in the eponymous city in Argentina's Santa Fe province, captured the attention of that country's media. During several days in August, witnesses observed strange lights moving around the sky and no less enigmatic reflections being seen in the remotest areas of the wilderness. Local residents were surprised to find considerable amounts of burnt grass and earth with huge toadstools growing around them. Several animals - small dairy cattle - also turned up dead, apparently as a result of radiation exposure. Nonetheless, the most interesting experience was that of the Rodriguez family, who witnessed a Jeep carrying four men (two of them dressed in blue coveralls, the other two dressed in black) drive along the only access road to the property. One of the men asked the landowner where they could find an exit, and the startled Mr. Rodriguez asked them how had they gotten there in the first place. There were, in fact, no tire-marks on the ground, nor had the barbed-wire fence surrounding the perimeter been cut. The owners of neighboring fields later told police that they had not allowed the transit of such outlandish characters and their vehicle through their own fields. Curiously enough, after the Jeep-driving MIBs departed, UFO activity in the area came to a complete halt.

September 5 -- Tetrahedral shaped object picked up on Spanish Air Force radar and seen visually from ground by thousands near Madrid. F-104 scrambled from Torrejon AB to intercept but pilot reported he was at 50,000 feet and had a visual and radar lock but the UFO moved higher to 90,000 feet and then disappeared.

November 2 -- SE France. A family including a highly respected scientist and his young child, who experienced a close encounter with a UFO and light beams that produced both rejuvenating effects on physical injuries and left recurring skin marks on the body.

December 25 -- Houston Mission control sat in silence for six agonizing minutes as Apollo 8 encountered a "bogey" that was a glowing sphere. Jim Lovell then told Houston in an attempt at a joke that he knew now that Santa Claus existed.

Two local people (Duncan McDonell and William Simpson) were fishing in Loch Morar, northwest of Fort William along the west coast near Mallaig, Scotland. Suddenly they saw a long creature approaching their boat at great speed. It rammed them, and fearing they were to be capsized, the terrified fisher-folk started shooting. The beast disappeared into the depths of the loch but left them with the impression that it was between 20 and 30-feet long and had three humps. Nessie's lesser known cousin?

The wife of Pennsylvania's Clinton County sheriff John Bovle, while sitting in front of the couple's cabin in remote Little Pine Creek, saw an enormous gray-colored bird land in the middle of the creek. A few moments later it rose to fly away, and "its wingspread," she said, "appeared to be as wide as the streambed, which I would say was about 75 feet - making the creature truly otherworldly. That same summer three men claimed to have seen a thunderbird snatch up a 15-pound fawn near Kettle Creek.

It is rumored that when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were out in space they spoke to NASA on a secure channel describing brilliant orbs lined up above the moon watching them.

Pentagon and Department of Interior researchers study methods of inducing earthquakes by injecting fluids into deep wells.

Alleged CIA spy Humberto Carrillo Colon arrested by Cuban government which seized his Very Low Frequency transceiver and coded messages describing strange lights, a minisubmarine and other unexplained items.

Eleven witnesses see a daylight disc UFO hover over a farm in Anolaima, Colombia.

A theory that suggests that the moon is a large hollow sphere. Backed up by little evidence, but still regarded by some as a possibility, the hollow moon theory originated during seismological tests on the moon following the Lunar landings. This occurred most notably in November, 1969, after seismometers were set up on the moon's surface by the astronauts of Apollo 12. When the Lunar module had taken off, heading back to earth the astronauts discarded the ascent stage of the lunar module, dropping it on the moon's surface, smashing the craft and creating a tremor that was picked up by the seismometers. When the NASA scientists heard the data stream, they couldn't believe what they were hearing. The moon was ringing like a bell and continued to do so for around an hour. After they had had a chance to analyze the seismological information, NASA declared that the moon seemed to be a hollow sphere with a metallic layer around 34-40 meters deep.

MIB "Carlos Allende" visits UFOlogists Jim and Coral Lorenzen in Tucson, gives them a copy of the ONR reprint of Jessup's Case for the UFOs.

The "Lake Worth Monster" (a giant white biped) is seen near Fort Worth, Texas.

US government makes a deal with aliens to allow abductions in exchange for technology.

(Date Uncertain) A huge underground joint CIA/alien base is built northwest of Dulce, NM (and Kirkland?). The entrance to the base is on Mount Archuleta (also called Archuleta Mesa), on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. The base gets water and power from a dam on the Navajo River, and expels waste water back into the Navajo River. The base is set up so that the U.S. government has control of the upper levels, and the aliens control the lower levels. It is to this base that the majority of abductees are taken and slaughtered.

A confrontation broke out between the Soviets and Americans at the secret joint lunar base. The Soviets attempted to take control of the base and held American scientists and personnel hostage. We were able to restore order but not before 66 people were killed. The Soviets were suspended from the program for a period of two years. A reconciliation eventually took place and once again we began to interact.

January -- The final report of the Condon Study is issued. It concludes that there is not enough scientific evidence to justify the continued study of UFOs, ending all official Air Force interest in the subject. The Condon Report is the final blow to Project BLUEBOOK and it is shut down.

January 6 -- While Jimmy Carter was the governor of Georgia, he sighted a UFO. He filed a report with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. The report explained that there was a large, bright object in the sky. It moved toward him from a distance, stopped, moved away, and then departed. It had a blue color at first, then it turned reddish. It wasn't really a solid figure, it was more like a light. The object looked the size of the moon. It was about 300-1000 miles away and was about 30 degrees above the horizon. Robert Sheaffer, a scientist that works for the government believes that Jimmy Carter really saw Venus, but Carter denies that. He even signed a paper that states that he encountered a UFO.

June 9 -- Dr. D.M. McArtor, then Deputy Director of Research and Technology for the Department of Defense, appeared before the House Subcommittee on Appropriations to request funding for a project to produce a synthetic biological agent for which humans have not yet acquired a natural immunity. Dr. McArtor asked for $10 million dollars to produce this agent over the next 5-10 years. The Congressional Record reveals that according to the plan for the development of this germ agent, the most important characteristic of the new disease would be "that it might be refractory (resistant) to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease". AIDS first appeared as a public health risk ten years later.

August -- Earl Morrison, who served with the First Marine Division in Vietnam, while stationed near Da Nang, he and two other guards reportedly saw an extraordinary sight just after 1 o'clock in the morning. They were sitting atop a bunker and talking when they noticed something approaching them in the sky. Morrison stated: "We saw what looked like wings, like a bat's, only it was gigantic compared to what a regular bat would be. After it got close enough so we could see what it was, it looked like a woman. A naked woman. She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the wings were black, everything was black. But it glowed. It glowed in the night-kind of a greenish cast to it. She started going over us, and we still didn't hear anything. She was right above us, and when she got over the top of our heads, she was maybe six or seven feet up. We watched her go straight over the top of us, and still she didn't make any noise flapping her wings. She blotted out the moon once that's how close she was to us. And dark-looked like pitch black then, but we could still define her because she just glowed. Real bright like. And she started going past us straight towards our encampment. As we watched her-she had got about 10 feet or so away from us-we started hearing her wings flap. And it sounded, you know, like regular wings flapping. And she just started flying off and we watched her for quite a while. Morrison thought the covering on her skin was more like fur than feathers. "The skin of her wings looked like it was molded on to her hands," he said, and the movement of her arms suggested they had no bones in them.

August 31 -- Over New South Wales, Australia, a RAAF Canberra from Amberley chased an object reported "like a metallic Zeppelin" hovering low over several towns and farms. UFO then played "cat and mouse" with the Canberra before accelerating away from the bomber.

Probably the most interesting Yeti sighting by a Westerner took place on Mount Annapurna in 1970. The witness, prominent British mountaineer Don Whillans, was looking for a campsite one evening when odd cries sounded. His Sherpa companion said they were a yeti's call, and Whillans caught a glimpse of a dark figure on a distant ridge. The next day he found humanlike tracks sunk 18 inches into the snow, and that night, sensing the creature's presence, he looked out of his tent and saw, in the moonlight, an ape-shaped animal as it plucked at tree branches. He watched it for 20 minutes through binoculars before it wandered away.

A "Skunk Ape" is sighted near Big Cypress Swamp, Florida.

January -- Four Gallup, New Mexico, youths allegedly encountered what they called a "werewolf" along the side of a road near Whitewater. It managed to pace with their car, which was traveling at 45 miles per hour. One witness reported, "It was about five feet seven, and I was surprised it could go so fast. At first I thought my friends were playing a joke on me, but when I found out they weren't, I was scared! We rolled up the windows real fast and locked the doors of the car. I started driving faster, about 60, but it was hard because that highway has a lot of sharp turns. Someone finally got a gun out and shot it. I know it got hit and it fell down, but there was no blood. I know it couldn't be a person because people cannot move that fast."

January 7 -- Two Finnish ski enthusiasts reportedly encountered a mysterious luminous red "cloud" which, when it got within 50 feet of them, turned out to contain a smoke-spewing domed disc at its center. The object hovered near them, and in the light it cast, they could see a three-foot tall humanoid with a waxy, pale face and a hooklike nose but no visible eyes. The creature was standing on the ground just under the UFO. After about 20 seconds the red fog reappeared suddenly, and by the time it dissipated, both the object and the being were gone.

April -- The central Siberian uplands north of Olekminsk have been the source of numerous UFO reports, including a massive "wave" or scare that erupted in early 1970, involving disappearances of animals and humans, including one entire village. A Soviet supersonic bomber disappeared without a trace in the area on April 24, 1970, provoking a 150 plane rescue search (many of these reported gigantic space craft hovering so high that they were out of range). Soviet reconnaissance planes appeared in the skies, relentlessly photographing every inch of the terrain. Chinese citizens were terrorized by UFOnauts disguised as Russian cosmonauts and Russian citizens reported landings of Chinese or Oriental appearing UFO pilots. This confusion might have led (intentionally on the part of the "aliens"?) to World War III between China and Russia since the phenomena did result in some border clashes between the two superpowers. Reports state, "On April 29th (1970) inhabitants of these areas were awe struck as a gigantic Soviet aerial armada consisting if bombers and fighter planes passed overhead en route to a rendezvous near the desert region. This area was bombarded for hours and literally blasted from the face of the earth... reliable sources report that a secret flying saucer base was systematically liquidated, consisting of hundreds of miles of underground tunnels and dozens of 'pyramid-like structures' throughout the area."

May -- William S. English was an officer with US Army Special Forces in Vietnam. His A-Team was dispatched to locate, and if possible rescue the crew of a B-52 bomber that had crashed in dense jungle in Laos. Air Force records have no B-52 crashing in Southeast Asia between July 1969 and July 1972. This could be because the records were altered to hide the truth from the public. The plane had crashed after a hostile encounter with a UFO described as a large white light. English and his team located the B-52 by helicopter. It was lying among the trees as if it had been placed there. There was no damage at all to the aircraft, its bomb load, or the jungle. All the crew was onboard, in their seats, horribly mutilated, although there was no blood anywhere. Dog tags were taken from the bodies and code books removed and the aircraft was blown up, the bombs still being onboard. The tale of William S. English is one of conspiracy. He saw a B-52 downed by a UFO and the military then spent the next twenty years first trying to discredit him then to eliminate him to try to conceal the truth.

Summer -- Mildura, Australia. Huge ufo, like a petroleum lamp or balloon, pictures

John Keel's Our Haunted Planet discusses more Men In Black cases.

Due to the constant encroachment of white settlers or invaders into their territory, 30,000 survivors of the Ugha Mongulala tribe in Peru allegedly escaped to an ancient system of underground cities, consisting of 13 separate subterranean complexes all connected by tunnels, one of which is said to extend to Lima, and others of which are located throughout the Andes Mountain range of Peru. The Ugha Mongulala's ancestors were allegedly part of a vast empire which covered South America in ancient times. Some of these ancient people, the chief claimed, left the planet in aerial vessels to explore other parts of the solar system and beyond, leaving behind vast subterranean cities beneath the Andes mountains and western Brazil.

The Apeman called "Mo-Mo" (for Missouri Monster) is sighted near the town of Louisiana, Missouri.

Two physicians, Arguello de la Mota and Antonio Arocha, were in San Juan de los Morros, a small town not far from Caracas, Venezuela when they were startled by the unexpected arrival of two characters dressed in black who drove into the dusty town in a sporty Mustang. Unaware that they were being watched, the MIB exchanged remarks and donned orange-colored belts. Suddenly, a brilliant object appeared in the sky, descending rapidly to the surface. The physicians, swore that the object was a 60-foot wide disk-shaped craft which produced a parabolic ladder while hovering inches off the ground. The MIB entered the vehicle, which rose into the skies and vanished out of sight (no information is available on the fate of the brand-new sports car they left behind). The story was circulated worldwide by United Press International.

UFOs with stubby side wings are seen over a tea plantation in Hewaheta, Sri Lanka.

Early Spring -- Residents of a Mobile, Alabama, neighborhood claimed to have had nocturnal encounters with an extraordinary creature. "The top half was a woman," one witness said, "and the bottom was a wolf." The witness added, unnecessarily, "It didn't seem natural." The Mobile police investigated with inconclusive results.

Summer -- Near Edwards AFB, Debbie Clayton reported that she heard a loud roaring sound and then a loud crash. Outside she could see a cloud of dust several blocks away. She walked over to the crash site and while other civilians were studying the craft, the military arrived, weapons drawn. One of the civilians named Dalton was taking pictures. An Air Force officer ripped the camera from his hands and smashed it but didn't try to remove the film. The craft had no markings but seemed to be scratched. There were no windows or seams, and it appeared to be molded in one piece. It was a dark grayish color with greenish highlights. The texture was smooth. The military told the witnesses to leave or be arrested. The military covered the craft with a large canvas and lifted it with cables attached to the canvas. Once it was loaded, the military left, and there was no mention of the incident in the newspapers.

April 2 -- Kempsey, Australia. In 1971, a middle-aged man in Greenhill, New South Wales, Australia was standing in his kitchen at around 10 p.m. when he noticed a small entity standing outside. The man, an Australian aborigine, next felt a sucking force that pulled him outside, smashing him through a glass window that had an iron bar across it with a clearance of less than a foot. His wife, hearing the pane of glass breaking, entered the kitchen in time to see her 5' 2" husband disappearing horizontally through the lower pane, which was 4.5 feet from the floor. To jump through it would have been impossible, as it was only 32 inches wide and only 10 inches in height, and fronted upon the kitchen sink. The distance to the ground outside was seven feet. The man was terrified, yet he could not run from the strange being out of fear. Instead, he went towards it. He was discovered on the ground by a relative, cut and bruised, seven feet away from the smashed glass. This strange occurrence took place only hours after a number of people in nearby Kempsey had observed a strange bright light in the sky.

August -- Maria Gomez Pereira discovered a strange expressionistic image of a man's face that had appeared on her kitchen floor. A few days later she had the floor ripped out and relaid, only to find that the face reappeared in exactly the same place within a week. Before she got the chance to rip out the floor a second time, the slab was removed and preserved by local authorities. Investigations into the site on which the house was built, revealed that the site had once been a graveyard. It was decided that the floor of the house should be excavated to see what lay beneath. After digging down some nine feet, human remains were found, which were soon removed. It was decided that the excavation had been successful, and a new floor was soon installed. Bizarrely, after just two weeks, a variety of new faces had appeared on the new floor. Over the coming months, the "Faces of Belmez" attracted a huge amount of attention, but nobody was able to explain why the faces kept returning.

September 4 -- Four members of the National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica were flying in a twin-engined aircraft 10,000ft above Lake Cote, near the Central American state's forbidding Arenal volcano. A special map-making camera was slung underneath their plane. It was automatic and large-format, and every 20 seconds it took another photograph of the lake beneath. When the photographs were developed, one of the frames showed what seemed to be a metallic disc about 160ft in diameter, which had just left, or was on the point of entering, the lake. It was giving off light, and had made a sudden maneuver at the instant the photo was taken. The object showed up on neither the previous frame of film nor the one afterwards. Checks on the negative eliminated tricks of the light as an explanation. Lake Cote is extremely deep, and there have been numerous other reports of unknown submergible craft entering and leaving it. Local fishermen, out on the lake in the small hours, have seen various objects below them, giving off colored lights.

September 10 -- An Air Force F-4E fighter jet disappears without a trace over the Bermuda Triangle, 82 miles southeast of Homestead AFB.

November 2 -- A very credible UFO encounter occurred in Delphos, Kansas in 1971. Sixteen-year old Ron Johnson, along with his dog, was tending the family sheep when his attention was suddenly drawn to a mushroom-shaped UFO appearing in the night sky. Incredibly the UFO was only about 75 feet from him, and it hovered only a few feet above the ground. Ron estimated the craft's diameter at 6-8 feet and it was covered with multicolored lights across it's metallic surface. Stunned by what he was looking at, he tried to get a closer look, but the brilliant luminance of the craft did not allow him to make out any additional details. Unlike many other UFO reports, Ron described the craft as making a loud sound, "like an old washing machine which vibrates." The glow of the object's bottom increased as it began to shoot up into the sky. Ron would later state that he was temporarily blinded by the brightness of the craft as it ascended. After he regained his sight and composure, he ran back to the family house to alert the others. The bright glow was now high in the sky, as it began to vanish from sight altogether. Three family members came running around the side of the house to get a glimpse of the unusual phenomena. They arrived at the location, and were shocked to see a glowing ring in the ground, right below where the craft had hovered. Family members would later relate that the ground around the glow. "felt strange, like a slick crust, as if the soil was crystallized." Ron's mother's fingers went numb, like she had been given a local anesthetic. Seeing nothing else of the craft, the family finally settled down for the night. When dawn broke the next day, the family immediately returned to the sight of the glowing ring, and to their surprise, it was still there. The inside and outside of the ring were damp from a rain shower, but the ring itself was amazingly dry. The ring had a crusty appearance, as though the rain had simply ran off, leaving it bone dry. Slightly over a month later, after a snow fall, the white ice had melted both inside and outside of the ring, but the ring itself maintained the snow drift. Investigators experimented with the ring by removing snow from a section of it, and pouring water on the exposed part. The soil would not allow the water to pass through. Further experimentation showed the ground under the ring to be dry to a depth of one foot. The ring itself was composed of a whitish substance, which was sent to a laboratory for analysis. The findings were as follows: "(it was resolved into fibers which) were vegetal in nature and belonged to an organism of the order of Actinomycetales, which is an intermediate organism between bacteria and fungus, family actiniomycete, genus Nocardia. (and is) often found together with a fungus of the order Basidomycetes, which may flouresce under certain conditions one possible interpretation is that high energy stimulation triggered the spectacular growth of the Nocardia and of an existing fungus, and caused the latter to flouresce." The experience of Ron Johnson is still considered as one of the best documented "ground trace" UFO cases of the past century, and is considered "unexplained."

An unnamed Russian doctor met a family of Almas, according to British anthropologist Myra Shackley, who adds that their "very simple lifestyle and the nature of their appearance suggests strongly that Almases might represent the survival of a prehistoric way of life, and perhaps even of an earlier form of man. The best candidate is undoubtedly Neanderthal man."

A French company imported some uranium ore from Oklo in the Gabon Republic in Africa. Surprisingly, the uranium concentration in the ore was as low as spent uranium fuel from a nuclear reactor. The finding led scientists to believe that the uranium had already been used for energy production. This discovery shocked the world and attracted scientists from many countries to go to Oklo for further investigation. The results showed that the uranium mine was an ancient nuclear reactor. The ancient reactor consisted of five hundred tons of utilized uranium ore in six different areas. Its output power was estimated to be approximately one hundred kilowatts. The reactor was perfectly preserved and its layout was very rational. It is estimated that the reactor had been in operation for around 500,000 years. Furthermore, nuclear wastes produced in this reactor had not spread all over the surrounding areas. Instead, they were confined within the separate sections.

While strolling along the shore of a peninsula in Scotland's Western Highlands, American folk singer Artie Traum heard disembodied voices chanting "Run, man, run" in a strange harmony to the sound of fiddles and pipes. When Traum fled into a nearby woods, he heard crackling sounds and "great motion." All the while, he recalled, "my head was swarming with thousands of voices, thousands of words making no sense." The voices ceased once he found his way back to the open air.

Two flying humanoid aliens seen by a crowd in the plaza at Ixtalapa, Mexico.

Ivan Ivlov, a Russian pediatrician, sees a family of manlike creatures consisting of a male, female and a small child, standing on a mountain slope. Ivlov observed the creatures through field glasses for some time before they vanished behind a jutting rock. Ivlov's Mongol driver also sees the creatures and assures him they are common in the area.

Two farmers, Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood of Warminister, England, report a circular impression being mysteriously found in a wheat field. This is the first modern recorded incidence of the crop circle phenomenon.

Loch Ness Monster sighting by Dr. Robert H. Rines and a team of investigators from the Academy of Applied Sciences at MIT who take photographs and sonar soundings of the creature in the Loch.

The testing center at Groom Lake is shut down for two years while an underground facility is built. By the end of 1972 there are six bases (Groom Lake, Archuleta Mesa, "Sunspot", "Pietown", "Datil", and Roswell)

A Money Pit exploratory group a team sinks a dry shaft near the area. They send down an underwater TV camera and photograph what looks like logs, sea chests, and the grisly image of a severed human hand, half-clenched, its flesh preserved by the salty water and the absence of oxygen.

March 3 -- Two Loveland, Ohio police officers encountered a four-foot tall, frog-faced biped with textured leathery skin. They saw it jump over a guard rail and descend an embankment leading to the Little Miami River. About two weeks later one of the officers saw the thing again, first lying in the road, then getting up to go over a guard rail. He took a shot at it but apparently missed. A local farmer also reported seeing such a creature.

May 13, 21:40 -- Canterbury, New Hampshire. Four young boys who were camping out observed a very bright light source descending slowly. The object then descended in a sideways, zigzag manner. The object slowed its descent and began to move directly over the boys. The boys could see that the object was not a helicopter and turned and ran to the home of one of the boys. The boys, asked individually to describe the object, said it looked like an octahedron-shaped object that appeared to be tilted at a 45-degree angle. The object had four pipe-like legs with round pads affixed to the end of each leg. As the object passed directly over the boys, they observed a flashing red light on the object’s trailing side. A fiery 10-foot-long exhaust appeared beneath the object and seemed to changed colors. The boys described a number of bright, silver, inverted U-shaped cable-like things sticking into the top of the object. According to the witnesses the object passed over them at an altitude of approximately 150 feet. They described its size as between one and two car-lengths in both height and width. Thinkaboutit

July 18 -- Possible UFO crash in the Morroco Sahara Desert, three Bodies.

Summer -- At Thetis Lake, British Columbia, there were two reports of a silver-colored creature which emerged from the water, in the first instance, on August 19, to chase a couple of young men from the beach. One supposedly suffered lacerations in the hand from six sharp points atop the thing's head. A witness to the second incident, on August 23, said it was "shaped like an ordinary body, like a human being body, but it had a monster face, and it was all scaly." It had a sharp point on its head and "great big ears."

December 17 -- Among the more impressive incidents involving yeti tracks is one that happened in 1972 to members of the Arun Valley Wildlife Expedition, a multidisciplinary ecological survey of a deep river valley in far-eastern Nepal where many rare animals and plants live isolated and undisturbed. Its participants, including leader Edward Cronin, a zoologist, were open-minded about the yeti's possible existence and even looked for evidence in the course of their two-year effort, but this was not the main purpose of their endeavor. On the night of December 17, Cronin and expedition physician Howard Emery, along with their Sherpa guides, camped on a depression at 12,000 feet in the ridge of Kongmaa La mountain. The next morning, when Emery awoke and stepped outside, he was startled to find footprints of a bipedal creature which had walked between the two tents sometime in the night. Nine inches long and four and three-quarters wide, perfectly preserved, the tracks showed, Cronin recorded, a "short, broad, opposable hallux, an asymmetrical arrangement of the four remaining toes, and a wide, rounded heel." They looked very much like a yeti print photographed by mountaineer Eric Shipton in 1951. Expedition members followed the prints for some distance. The creature had come up and down the slope to the north, crossed through the camp, and proceeded over the south slope. Then it returned to the top of the ridge. Its tracks disappeared down the south slope in scrub and rock. "The slope was extremely steep," Cronin wrote, "and searching for the prints was arduous and dangerous. We realized that whatever creature had made them was far stronger than any of us."

President Nixon gives comedian Jackie Gleason access to dead alien bodies. Three separate people claim to have been told the story by Nixon (Bill Knell, Larry Warren and Beverly Gleason). The key witness of the three was Beverly Gleason, the second wife of the comedy superstar. She wrote a version of the story for the National Enquirer in 1983 four years before Gleason's death. It was a story that Beverly said made Jackie very angry. The gist of the story is that Gleason was friends with Nixon. He lived in Miami, Florida near Nixon's southern White House at Key Biscayne. Gleason saw the bodies late one night at Homestead Air Force Base, which was close to both men's homes. It was also the base where Nixon flew in on his 92 trips to the southern White House.

A UFO is shot down over the Pacific by the US Navy. A destroyer hit the craft with a SAM while heading from San Diego to Hawaii. The craft sank in 350 feet of water, and the Glomar Explorer was called in to lift it. The craft was sent by rail to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center where it was examined.

Robert Emenegger and Alan Sandler, two well connected LA businessmen are invited to Norton AFB to see a film of the Holloman UFO landing (although they are told that it took place in 1971).

It becomes obvious to the government that "thousands" of people are being abducted by Aliens who are not on the agreed upon list.

April 30 -- An educated London woman named Mary Treadgold was traveling by bus through the Highlands. Near the town of Mull, the bus pulled over to the side of a narrow road to let an oncoming car pass by, and Treadgold idly looked out the window to an expanse of peat. There, standing in front of a clump of heather, stood a "small figure, about 18 inches high, a young man with his foot on a spade, arrested (frozen like a bird or a squirrel on the approach of something alien) in the act of digging," she reported. "He had a thin, keen face (which I would know again), tight, brown, curly hair, was dressed in bright blue bib-and-braces, with a very white shirt, with rolled-up sleeves. An open sack, also miniature, stood at his side. He was emphatically not a dwarf, nor a child, nor (last desperate suggestion of a skeptic) a plastic garden gnome. He was a perfectly formed living being like any of us, only in miniature." The figure was lost to view after the bus resumed its journey. "When I got home," Treadgold wrote, "I inquired from a Highland acquaintance who told me friends of hers had seen similar small people on Mull, and that Mull was known for this. She added the small people were generally pale (I don't recall this particularly) and very bright. This last I do recollect in the brightness of the hair and clothes, and the general appearance of energy and alertness.

June 14 -- In New Mexico, a crashed UFO recovered with survivors. Area cordoned off within a half hour and DERO (Downed Extraterrestrial Recovery Operations) activated. 385 Americans witnessed the crash, all disappeared with their families. Anthrax epidemic was blamed. Some Americans near the crash site were shot by paramilitary stormtroopers. Craft removed to Coonty Mountain and then later onto Battle Mountain in Nevada and remains there.

Summer -- Residents of New Jersey's Newton-Lafayette area described a giant man-like alligator they had seen locally. Newspaper reporters wrote about an old Indian tale from the region that told of a giant, man-sized fish that could never be caught.

August 19 -- A living giant was sighted in the little village of Buffalo Mills, Pennsylvania. A man at least nine-feet tall strode down the main street of the village, dressed in strange clothing, which appeared to be made of some sort of shimmering material. He gazed at the startled townspeople in a dark, penetrating way and then loped off casually into oblivion.

Fall -- In the fall of 1973, western Pennsylvania played host to dozens of reports of strange apelike creatures, sometimes seen in association with UFOs, said to have (in one witness's words) "fire-red eyes that glowed in total darkness," and to be "seven to eight-feet tall, and to give off a strong, unpleasant odor." Another type of creature, investigator Stan Gordon noted, "was said to be between five and six-feet tall. It was described as looking just like an extremely muscular man with a covering of thick dark hair". Again in these reports, the arms were very long and hung down past the knees. This creature appeared to have superior agility exceeding that of a deer. From footprints discovered, the stride of the creatures varies between 52 and 57 inches. In these reports there was no indication of odors. Two sketches published in Flying Saucer Review (July 1974, page 5) show these creatures to bear a striking resemblance to the traditional werewolf, though neither witnesses nor investigators remarked on the fact.

October 2 -- In Derry, New Hampshire, at about eight at night, more than 20 witnesses saw two small, whitish-yellow glowing orbs, about two-feet round, performing maneuvers. The two objects then descended towards Rainbow Lake and, once above it, one of them fell straight down and splashed into the water, making an audible splash and a series of waves. The other soared upwards and vanished. The police were contacted and subsequently divers from the local fire department were called in. They searched the water, but reported near zero visibility due to the cloudy, murky conditions. Dragging the bottom with nets was considered, but apparently dragging for UFOs was not included in the small-town fire dept's budget, and no further searches were conducted.

October 11 -- The Pascagoula Incident involved two men, 19-year old Calvin Parker and 42-year old Charles Hickson, both of Gautier, Mississippi, who were fishing in the Pascagoula River when they heard a buzzing noise behind them. Both turned and were terrified to see a ten-foot wide, eight-foot high, glowing egg-shaped object with blue lights at its front hovering just above the ground about forty feet from the river bank. As the men, frozen with fright, watched, a door appeared in the object, and three strange Beings floated just above the river towards them. The Beings had legs but did not use them. They were about five-feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head. They had no eyes, gray, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw-like hands. Two of the beings seized Hickson; when the third grabbed Parker, the teenager fainted with fright. Hickson claimed that when the Beings placed their hands under his arms, his body became numb, and that then they floated him into a brightly lit room in the UFO's interior, where he was subjected to a medical examination with an eyelike device which, like Hickson himself, was floating in mid-air. At the end of the examination, the Beings simply left Hickson floating, paralyzed but for his eyes, and went to examine Parker, who, Hickson believed was in another room. Twenty minutes after Hickson had first observed the UFO, he was floated back outside and released. He found Parker weeping and praying on the ground near him. Moments later, the object rose straight up and shot out of site. Expecting only ridicule if they were to tell anyone what had happened, Hickson and Parker initially decided to keep quiet; but then, because the government might want, or ought, to know about it, they telephoned Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. A sergeant there told them to contact the sheriff. But uncertain about the reception their bizarre story might get from the local law, they drove to the local newspaper office to speak to a reporter. When they found the office closed, Hickson and Parker felt they had no alternative but to talk to the sheriff. The sheriff, after listening to their story, put Hickson and Parker in a room wired for sound in the belief that if the two men were left alone they would reveal their hoax; of course they did not. The local press reported their tale; the wire services picked it up; and within several days the Pascagoula Encounter was major news all over the country. The Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation (APRO) sent University of California engineering professor James Harder to Mississippi to investigate; J. Allen Hynek, representing the Air Force, also arrived. Together they interviewed the witnesses. Harder hypnotized Hickson but had to terminate the session when Hickson became too frightened to continue. Hickson and Parker both subsequently passed lie detector tests. Hynek and Harder believed the two mens' story. And Hynek was later quoted as saying "There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial".

October 18 -- The "Coyne UFO Encounter" near Mansfield, Ohio, witnessed by four US Army Reserve UH-1H crewmen in their helo and a family of five on the ground. The helo crew was returning to Cleveland Hopkins IAP from Columbus, OH and were near Mansfield at 11:02 PM when the crew chief pointed out to then Captain Lawrence Coyne a bright red light that was in the distance and closing on them. Believing it to be a OHANG F-100, Coyne called Mansfield tower. He got a response, then nothing. The light then closed in on their helo at an estimated 600 kts and Coyne put the helo into a dive and then leveled out - with a cigar-shaped object with a red light and a green light right over them. Coyne then tried another dive and found the helo now rising - his copilot was frantically trying to call Mansfield tower. The UFO hovered over the helo for about 15-20 seconds, then accelerated off at an estimated 1,000 kts at 4,500 ft. When the UFO departed, the radio interference ceased, and the helo flew on to Cleveland without incident. An FAA and US Army investigation found no known aircraft in the area, and the witness descriptions of the object, radio interference, etc. ruled out natural explanations. The ground witnesses were found by a private UFO group who confirmed the UFO's and helo's movements. A footnote: that Huey, 71-5144 had a perfect maintenance record prior to the UFO incident-afterwards, that helo became the unit "hangar queen."

November 6 -- Fishermen in Pascagoula, Mississippi, reported a unique encounter with an unidentified submerged object, coastguards confirmed it. There were nine witnesses. The object was circular or elliptical in shape, about 12ft long, and gave out a beam of amber light. The two fishermen who raised the alarm said it looked like "a mini-submarine" and hovered about 4ft below them in the water. It was so close that they tried to hit it with their paddles. However, each time they tried to make contact, the light would go out and reappear in another position. When coastguard officers were summoned, they, too, tried to hit the USO. They succeeded, and reported that the object, whatever it was, felt metallic. The coastguard made detailed notes. The object, they said, had a parachute-like shape and moved at a speed of six to eight knots, making steadily for deeper water. The intensity of its light varied from nothing to a glare that was sometimes too bright to look at. When a torch was shone at it, the light "turned off" until the beam was removed. "The phenomena observed were not consistent with any known fish, other marine life or known light source," concluded the coastguard report.

December 13 -- French journalist Claude Vorilhon purportedly says aliens ("Elohim") contacted him with a message in the south of France. He later forms the "Raellian Movement".

Eric Laithwaite demonstrates his antigravity machine at the Royal Imperial Technical College. It weighed 20 lbs when not running, and decreased to 15 lbs when running. It also used a "DePalma N machine" (free energy) to generate the energy it required.

A globe-shaped UFO exploded near the town of Donetsk in the northern Rostov region of Russia. Debris from the explosion were examined by many people.

Robert Galley, French Minister of Defense, says publicly, "I must say that if listeners could see for themselves the mass of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie, from the mobile gendarmerie, and from the gendarmerie charged with the job of conducting investigations, all of which reports are forwarded by us to the National Center for Space Studies, then they would see that it is all pretty disturbing."

According to the story told by the villagers near Mt. Everest, a Yeti attacked a Sherpa girl of a village while she was grazing her yaks. The villagers found several yaks killed with broken necks. The villagers believed the story told by the girl that an ape-like creature had twisted the neck of the yaks by grabbing the horns.

There is a wave of cattle mutilations across Nebraska and South Dakota.

There are multiple humanoids sighted in Argentina.

Widely reported UFO crash near Detroit. The alleged crash was announced twice by a TV station in Detroit, the first time in the morning: a UFO with four aliens aboard had been intercepted by the United States Air Force and had crashed in the area. One of their craft had been intercepted somewhere north of Detroit, engaged by the United States Air Force. People in the area never found out what happened after that. Everyone waited for the six o'clock news to tell them more. But the news crew only confirmed the landing, yet avoided being specific about its location and presented what little information they had with great caution, as if doing their best to downplay the sensational and possibly panic-causing information they were supplying, straight-faced and soberly, to their public. These were the station's regular newscasters, reputable and popular, with everything to lose by creating a hoax and nothing but brief notoriety to gain. By the time the eleven-o'clock news came around, the story had changed. The prime-time news crew had perpetrated an irresponsible and inexcusable hoax, and had therefore been dismissed from their jobs. No UFOs had landed; no aliens were in custody, dead or alive; the United States Air Force had positively not engaged or intercepted any craft whatsoever in the skies above Michigan; and that, officially and absolutely, was that. The early and 6 o'clock broadcasts are a matter of public record.

A reported UFO shot down over a USAF base near Savona, Italy results in an alleged autopsy of alien bodies.

A UFO crashes at Llandderfel, Wales. The British Army recovers two dead aliens.

May -- Possible UFO crash at Ramstein AFB, Germany. Witness states, "Sometimes we actually got lucky enough to score a hit with a missile before the UFO could take any evasive action, which an army air defense battalion did with an antiaircraft missile near Ramstein Air Force Base. The spacecraft managed to crash-land in a valley. The craft was retrieved and flown back to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada."

May 17 -- UFO crash at Chili, New Mexico. An Air Force team allegedly removed a 60-foot-wide metallic object from an impact area and moved it to Kirtland AFB.

June 9 -- JASDF F-4EJ scrambled from Chitose AB to intercept unknown contact. Visual contact revealed a oval-shaped object 75 ft. across, pilot armed his 20mm gun as the UFO made two passes on the F-4. On the third pass, the UFO clipped off the tail of the plane. Both crew ejected, but the pilot, Lt. Colonel Toshio Nakamura, died in the ejection. RIO Major Shiro Kubota survived. A/C was 17-8307, official cause of loss was "Collision with aircraft or object unknown."

August 25 -- US Air Defense radars track a UFO descending over the Northern Mexico state of Chihuahua. Curiously, a civilian plane from El Paso also disappeared over the same area at the same time, perhaps due to the UFO. With daylight the next day, Mexican authorities began a search for the missing plane. Approximately 1035 hrs there came a radio report that wreckage from the missing plane had been spotted from the air. Almost immediately came a report of a second plane on the ground a few miles from the first. A few minutes later an additional report stated that the second "plane" was circular shaped and apparently in one piece although damaged. A few minutes after that the Mexican military clamped a radio silence on all search efforts. The radio interceptions were reported through channels to the CIA. Possibly as many as two additional government agencies also received reports, but such has not been confirmed as of this date. The CIA immediately began forming a recovery team. The speed with which this team and its equipment was assembled suggests that this was either a well-rehearsed exercise or one that had been performed prior to this event. In the meantime requests were initiated at the highest levels between the United States and Mexican governments that the US recovery team be allowed onto Mexican territory to "assist." These requests were met with professed ignorance and a flat refusal of any cooperation. By 2100 hrs, August 26, the recovery team had assembled and been staged at Fort Bliss. Several helicopters were flown in from some unknown source and assembled in a secured area. These helicopters were painted a neutral sand color and bore no markings. Eye witness indicates that there were three smaller craft, very probably UH-1 Hueys from the description. There was also a larger helicopter, possibly a Sea Stallion. Personnel from this team remained with their craft and had no contact with other Ft. Bliss personnel. Satellite and recognizance aircraft overflight that day indicated that both the crashed disk and the civilian aircraft had been removed from the crash sites and loaded on flat bed trucks. Later flights confirmed that the convoy had departed the area heading south. At that point the CIA had to make a choice, either to allow this unknown aircraft to stay in the hands of the Mexican government, or to launch the recovery team, supplemented by any required military support, to take the craft. There occurred, however, an event that took the choice out of their hands. High altitude overflights indicated that the convoy had stopped before reaching any inhabited areas or major roads. Recon showed no activity, and radio contact between the Mexican recovery team and its headquarters had ceased. A low altitude, high speed overflight was ordered. The photos returned by that aircraft showed all trucks and jeeps stopped, some with open doors, and two human bodies laying on the ground beside two vehicles. The decision was immediately made to launch the recovery team but the actual launching was held up for the arrival of additional equipment and two additional personnel. It was not until 1438 hrs that the helicopters departed Ft. Bliss. The four helicopters followed the boarder down towards Presidio then turned and entered Mexican airspace north of Candelaria. They were over the convoy site at 1653 hrs. All convoy personnel were dead, most within the trucks. Some recovery team members, dressed bioprotection suits, reconfigured the straps holding the object on the flatbed truck, then attached them to a cargo cable from the Sea Stallion. By 1714 hrs the recovered object was on its way to US territory. Before leaving the convoy site, members of the recovery team gathered together the Mexican vehicles and bodies, then destroyed all with high explosives. This included the pieces of the civilian light plane which had been involved in the mid-air collision. At 1746 hrs the Hueys departed. The Hueys caught up with the Sea Stallion as it reentered US airspace. The recovery team then proceeded to a point in the Davis Mountains, approximately twenty-five miles north east of Valentine. There they landed and waited until 0225 hrs the next morning. At that time they resumed the flight and rendezvoused with a small convoy on a road between Van Horn and Kent. The recovered disk was transferred to a truck large enough to handle it and capable of being sealed totally. Some of the personnel from the Huey's transferred to the convoy. All helicopters then returned to their original bases for decontamination procedures. The convoy continued non-stop, using back roads and smaller highways, and staying away from cities. The destination of the convoy reportedly was Atlanta, Georgia. No mention is made of the occupants of the civilian aircraft. It is not known if any body or bodies were recovered. Considering the destruction of the civilian light aircraft in mid-air, bodies may well not have come down near the larger pieces. Unfortunately what caused the deaths of the Mexican recovery team is not known. Speculation ranges from a chemical released from the disk as a result of the damage, to a microbiological agent. There are no indications of death or illness by any of the recovery team. It would not have been illogical for the recovery team to have taken one of the bodies back with them for analysis. But there is no indication of that having happen. Perhaps they did not have adequate means of transporting what might have been a biologically contaminated body.

September 30 -- Langenburg, Saskatchewan, the farmer Edwin Fuhr sees 5 hovering hemisphere ufo over his field.

October 27 -- In the late night hours, an Essex, England family of five was driving home, when they were suddenly covered by a strange, green mist. Screaming in fear, the family members could see nothing, but they could feel a hard bump. Their next memory was waking in a spot about 1/2 mile farther down the same road, yet over an hour later. It would be more than two years until family members were put into regressive hypnosis. This memory retrieving procedure would recall a scenario of alien abduction. The car was "beamed" into a UFO, and a typical physical examination was carried out on the members.

November 9 -- A glowing object fell into a small lake outside Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Three teenagers saw it fall at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday. They observed a yellow-white glow under the water that shifted to a point 25 feet offshore. The boys were kept in a police car for three hours while a number of vehicles with floodlights and cranes removed a disc-shaped object and put it into a van. The following Monday, a railroad lantern and battery were recovered from the lake and officials called the whole thing a hoax. Hoax? Or cover story?

Witness account from the Thousand Oaks, California area, reported by investigator Brian Vike, "My dad and brother were at the front door going out as I came in so I followed them outside. They went down the driveway while I went over to the gate on the west side of the house to see if I could find the dogs. I rattled the gate, and still no dogs but I heard the scream again, at the edge of our property, about near the drainage ditch. I went back to the front of the house and could see my brother and dad standing on the sidewalk in front of the 2nd lot, looking up at the hill. I saw my dad and brother flinch down and the scream was thunderous. By far the loudest we had heard, and the house was blocking me. My dad and brother came running up the driveway, asking me if I'd seen the fireballs (which I hadn't). They said two blue fireballs came shooting over their heads and hit the hill and immediately the thing screamed its shriek. This was the only time in my life I saw my dad scared."

Group of top world scientists meet in England to discuss the other races on the moon that pose a threat, supposedly the malevolent Grays and benevolent Nordics.

During a spate of unexplained nocturnal killings of farm and domestic animals in Puerto Rico, owners sometimes reported being awakened by a "loud screech" and hearing the flapping of enormous wings. Several witnesses claimed daylight sightings of what one called a "whitish-colored gigantic condor or vulture."

Two farmers stopped their car along a road in the Wattagan Mountains in Australia to move a log which was lying in their path. When they attempted to move it, though, the "log" obligingly moved itself - it was a giant monitor, 30-feet long.

Senator Barry Goldwater, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says publicly, "…It is still classified above Top Secret (info about UFOs). I have, however, heard that there is a plan to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future."

An Ontario carpenter, Robert Suffern sees a UFO and an alien. He reports the sighting, and is eventually visited by US and Canadian officials who apologize for the landing.

UFO contact in South Africa leaves overwhelming evidence.

15-foot big bird sighted in Texas.

The extraterrestrial Pleidaian race first contacts Swiss man Billy Eduard "Billy" Meier, continuing to contact him for years to come. Over this time he produced 800 photographs and 3000 pages of written notes from the conversations he allegedly had with them. It is commonly believed that Billy Meier's story is a hoax.

May -- In May, two weeks after a dramatic sighting from his Piper Pa24 - a sighting confirmed on the radar screens at the Mexico City airport - a young pilot was pursued down the freeway by four black-suited, "Scandinavian-looking men in a black limousine. After forcing him to the side of the road, they warned him not to discuss his sighting; the pilot was on his way to do a television interview. A month later one of the strangers reappeared and threatened him again as he was on his way to a hotel to talk with J. Allen Hynek, the prominent American astronomer and UFO investigator. That was his last meeting with the MIB, whom he remembered as tall and strangely white; "I never saw them blink," he added.

May 10 -- Five people set out on a fishing trip on the Saint John's River in Florida. One of the five, Brenda Langley, saw a strange thing in the water, something with a long neck, horns, a downturned mouth, and "flaps" hanging from the sides of its head. The creature was also a pinkish, "boiled shrimp" color.

Summer -- An Oyster Bay, New York, science teacher named Tom D'Ercole was in his driveway about to enter his car when he took a last glance up at the sky. There, hovering above the roof of his house, he saw a small dark cloud unlike the occasional cumulocirrus clouds that were floating by at a much higher altitude. "The 'cloud' seemed to move and slightly enlarge as I watched it," D'Ercole related. "This basketball-sized 'cloud' floated back and forth across the peak of the roof, changing in shape from a small globular mass to a larger ovoid and finally becoming an abstract, multicurved, dark, vaporous 'something.' It finally measured about six feet in height and 11/2 feet in width." Stunned and unable to think of a rational explanation, he continued to watch in disbelief as events took an even stranger turn. The cloud seemed to inhale, purse its "lips," and direct a stream of water toward him and the car, soaking both. After a minute the spray stopped, and the cloud vanished instantly. After changing his clothes, D'Ercole took his wet shirt to Garden City Junior High School, where he worked, and ran a pH test on it. The precipitation was simply water.

October -- Near Milton, Kentucky, Clarence Cable reported a "giant lizard" was roaming the forests near his junkyard. Cable described the creature as "about fifteen-feet long, had a foot-long forked tongue, and big eyes that bulged something like a frog's. It was dull-white with black-and-white stripes across its body with quarter-size speckles over it." On-site field investigations by Mark A. Hall, however, indicated this "giant lizard" ran bipedally, according to other Trimble County, Kentucky witnesses.

October -- Residents of a Walnut Creek, California neighborhood saw an immense bird, over five-feet tall with a "head like a vulture" and gray wings, dwarfing a nearby eucalyptus tree. Five minutes later it flew away, revealing a 15-foot wingspan. Around the same time, in nearby East Bay, a number of persons observed the same or a similar bird sitting on a rooftop.

October -- In the 1970s, the Cold War was in full bloom. United States military installations that stored weapons of mass destruction pulled out all stops to hide their location from enemy spies and spy planes. Loring Air Force Base, located in the northeastern part of Maine, fit this pattern, housing their nuclear weapons under camouflaged huts, covered with dirt. This fenced in area was under constant watch by the 42nd Security Police Squadron. At precisely 7:45 P.M. on October 27, 1975, Staff Sergeant Danny K. Lewis was performing his normal duties of keeping a watchful eye on the hidden weapons area. His attention was diverted by the sudden appearance of an unidentified flying craft at an altitude of about 300 feet. The craft was approaching from the north, with a bright red navigation light, and a white strobe light. To Lewis' surprise, the craft entered the official airspace of Loring. At the same time, Staff Sergeant James P. Sampley of the 2192nd Communications Squadron was on duty in the control tower of the base. Sampley received a radar return from an unidentified craft, which he calculated from his radar screen as being 10-13 miles east-northeast of the base. As per his orders, he made calls via radio through all available communication bands, both military and civilian, hailing the craft. He got no response. As he kept an alert eye on his screen, the craft began to circle the base, and finally came to within 300 yards of the highly restricted nuclear storage area. The craft's altitude was now a mere 150 feet. By this time, Sergeant Lewis was notifying his Command Post that the unknown craft had penetrated the perimeter of the base, and was closing in on the nuclear storage area. The base was instantaneously put on a Security 3 alert status. Security officials contacted Sampley in the Control tower to verify the sighting via radar. Making his way to the tower, Sergeant Grover K. Eggleston began studiously watching the craft on radar. It had now began circling ten miles east-northeast of the base. The base's Wing Commander ordered a search of the grounds, and requested air support from Hancock Field, New York, and North Bay, Ontario. Neither of the bases would oblige his request at the time. The Maine State Police and airport flight services were contacted in an attempt to identify the unknown object. Again, no identification was forthcoming. The ground search also came up empty handed.
For an additional 40 minutes, the unknown craft circled in the vicinity of the base. Finally it left it's pattern, and headed toward Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Now about 12 miles from Loring, it disappeared from the radar screen. The base was quiet for the rest of the night, but the Stage 3 alert was kept until the next morning. SAC Headquarters was notified of the details of the unknown craft. Unbelievably, the next night at exactly the same time, the craft returned. Lewis was again on duty, along with Sergeants Blakeslee and Long. The craft was approaching Loring from the north, this time at about 3,000 feet. The craft got as near as three miles from the base, again showing flashing lights of orange, red, and white. All three of the men on duty witnessed the craft. Lewis reported his sighting to Command, and this time the Wing Commander came to the storage area to verify the sighting. He confirmed the findings of the three duty officers. Radar again confirmed the unknown craft.
The appearance of an other worldly craft would also be confirmed by Sergeant Steven Eickner, and others. A group of military witnesses reported an orange and red object shaped like a stretched out football, which amazingly hovered in midair. It's lights suddenly were darkened, and then the craft reappeared over the runaway, hovering about 150 feet off the ground. They also estimated the length of the craft at about 75-80 feet, solid, with no visible doors or windows, no visible means of propulsion, and totally silent. Again the base was put on full alert, and a security detail searched the base, finding nothing. Finally, the craft turned off it's lights, and vanished from view. Radar picked up the unknown craft heading in the direction of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. A second report was sent to SAC headquarters. The unsettling events of October 27 and 28 would finally get the attention of military personnel who were in a position to give support to Loring. October 29 would bring a National Guard helicopter for support, just in case. Canadian authorities were given permission to cross the border if needed. Royal Canadian Mounted Police provided an officer to ride along in the helicopter. Those who waited for another visit would not be disappointed. The helicopter was called into action, and immediately responded. Accompanying the RCMP officer were Loring Air Security officers, and an officer from the Maine State Police. The chopper followed the leads sent from radar, but even when approaching within 100 yards, they could see nothing in the skies. The next night brought an Air Force helicopter, and a crew from Plattsburgh AFB. October 30 brought more sightings from the ground, and radar confirmation. There would be more ground sightings of strange lights for the remainder of 1975 in the same area, but investigations by the USA and Canada released no findings for public knowledge. The sightings at Loring Air Force Base were only a part of a full-fledged flap in the northern region of the United States, and southern area of Canada. This sighting flap holds a credible place in UFO history.

October 30 -- A UFO incident at Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan.

November 5 -- Travis Walton was leaving the site where he worked in the mountains of Northeastern Arizona near Snowflake. He, and five others he worked with, saw a light in the woods. Thinking that is may be a crashed airplane, they drove closer. Travis was the only one to leave the truck for a closer look. The other five men in the truck saw Travis hit by a blue beam from the disc-shaped object. Travis was missing for five days. After his return, he had no memory of his abduction. Travis remembered some events that took place during his abduction over time, and was able to vividly describe them under hypnosis. He recalled seeing Grays and being given a tour of the craft. This would later be made into a movie titled Fire in the Sky with James Garner.

November 8 -- An UFO incident at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. A SAT team sent to K-7 missile site for check the violated security. As they closed to within half a mile, they were viewing a brightly glowing, orange, football field-sized disc that illuminated the missile site.
Meanwhile, targeting teams, along with computer specialists, were brought to the missile site to check out the missile, and specifically, the computer in the warhead that targets the missile. Amazingly, when the computer was checked, they found that the tape had mysteriously changed target numbers! The re-entry vehicle was then taken from the silo and brought back to the base. Eventually, the entire missile was changed.

December 27 -- A farmer at Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia, reported a monitor lizard nearly 30-feet long. The creature had a two-foot neck, a three-foot head, and stood nearly three-feet tall. As far as the farmer could tell, the lizard had four legs.

Project SIGMA reorganized as separate project from parent Project SIGN.

First sighting of the Nottingham "Lion" in England. It is followed by over sixty sightings in the next week.

Bulgarian sailors Yulia and Doncho Popasov carried out a world tour on their 8 meter ship. In late April, they saw large circles of light circles on the water surface, which were sliding past. The sailors got the impression that, from the ocean depths, a searchlight shone. Yulia even heard a moan behind her back. She turned around, and something very huge seemed to hang over her. Then she saw a large light approaching the ship. It had the shape of a ship with people onboard.

Foul smelling humanoids are seen near Baltimore, Maryland.

January 2 -- A photograph of a UFO was taken by an RAAF Serviceman at 6.15pm at Butterworth/Penang, Malaysia. The object was described as glowing in bright orange color and had several portholes lining the edge.

February 24 -- Three San Antonio, Texas school teachers encountered two large birds in the late afternoon. One of the witnesses. Mrs. Bryant, stated that she could see the skeleton of the bird through the skin.

May 12 -- Possible UFO crash in the Australian Desert, four bodies recovered.

May 14 -- A multiple-witness encounter revived interest in the Chinese yeren "wildman" and brought it international attention for the first time. Early in the morning of May 14, six local bureaucrats on their way home from a meeting spotted a "strange, tailless creature with reddish fur" on a rural highway near Chunshuya, Hubei province. Switching the headlights on high, the driver followed the creature as it tried to escape up an embankment along the roadside. It slipped and landed right in front of the jeep, which nearly hit it. The five passengers jumped out and surrounded the beast, now positioned on all fours and staring directly into the headlights. Afraid to approach it too closely, the witnesses, who were not armed, got no closer than six feet. One of them, Zhou Zhongyi, tossed a rock at the yeren's buttocks, causing it to stand briefly. At this the group retreated, and the animal lumbered away and this time executed a successful climb up the slope. The party described the creature as over six feet tall, covered in thick brown- and purpled-red wavy hair, with a fat belly and pronounced buttocks. The eyes struck them as humanlike, but the face was clearly apelike, with large ears and a protruding monkeylike snout.

July 28 -- A great earthquake destroyed Tangshan, China and killed over 650,000 people. Just before the first tremor at 3:42 am, the sky lit up like daylight. The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side, as if by a fireball. Some investigators believe these electrical effects were associated with electromagnetic plasma and ball lightning and the strange array of flashes which result from Tesla-style technology and /or HAARP-like transmissions. Was this earthquake just a test of the system, conducted on the unsuspecting people of China? It certainly does not appear that it was a natural earthquake.

August 21 -- One of the most curious abduction cases in UFO history. Artist Chuck Rak, and three friends from the Massachusetts College of Art - Charlie Foltz, and twins Jim and Jack Weiner went canoeing in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine, situated between the White Mountains and New Hampshire. Oddly enough, this was the very area where Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by aliens in September of 1961 (and also close to Loring AFB which had experienced its own share of bright, unexplained lights over its weapons facilities in early 1975). On the first day of their outing the men climbed Mount Katahdin, a place known to be sacred to the American Indians of the region, and home of the grest spirit Pomola. The following day, the men met up with their aerial connection to get them to Telos Lake accessible only by pontoon plane. After quite a trip into the dense forest region they canoed up Chamberlain Lake, camping at Mud Brook. That night, witnessed by other campers in the area, several UFOs in the form of flashing lights were seen. On the fourth night of their roughing-it, the men decided to do a little night fishing on Eagle Lake. Prior to leaving they wisely constructed a very large bonfire to act as a beacon so they could find their back in the darkness. Not more than 20 minutes out on the water they encountered a "large, bright, pulsing spherical light" ascending over the tops of the trees on the far shore. Charlie flicked his flashlight on and off at the brilliant object with three long and three short flashes. The glowing object replied by suddenly moving directly over them, hovering in complete silence. Frightened, the men paddled wildly to get back to shore. After reaching the campsite they watched the object hover for a while and then simply disappear. But something wasn't right. The bonfire they had built was nothing but nearly cold cinders; a fire which should have burned for several hours was all but dead, and yet, they were certain they had only been gone about thirty minutes. They reported the sighting to a somewhat disbelieving ranger and completed their camping trip without further incident. It was not until 1986 that Jack Weiner started having horrific nightmares that slowly revealed lost information and memory about what had happened during those missing hours on the lake. His dreams contained the classic abduction characteristics and phenomenon - the men were lifted from their boat into the UFO by some sort of beam of light, they were undressed and examined medically by beings not of this world, described as being spindly, thin and disturbingly insect-like, their memories were expunged and they were returned to their canoe. Subsequently, under hypnosis all four men recalled the same horrendous event with few variations in detail.

September 9 -- Yichun city, China. Silvery flying object like a pair of cymbals connected together and revolving on its vertical axis flew rapidly. The period of observation totalled 5 minutes.

September 19 -- Iranian F-4E jets were dispatched from Shahrokhi Air Force Base in Hamadan, Iran to pursue UFOs reported over Teheran by civilians and tower personnel at Meherabad IAP. The UFOs, which were spotted by the public, and the pilots (and subsequently confirmed by radar), outmaneuvered these jets. Every time the jets approached the crafts, their systems failed. The smaller of the two UFOs engaged one jet, causing it to break off the chase. The smaller UFO landed behind a hill while the larger "Mother Ship" disappeared into the sky. Military helicopters dispatched later to find the UFO that apparently landed reported no evidence of a landing.

Carter signs UN charter removing US sovereignty under UN military command.

Cattle mutilations in Grayson Springs, Kentucky.

The Soviet newspaper Nedelya wrote about a luminescence observed by Vladimir Vorobyov from a Soviet research ship. After having completed an ocean investigation, the team suddenly noticed a white light rotating clockwise at a distance of 150 or 200 m, which split into eight parts. A sonar device registered a depth of 170 m and showed the presence of a big mass under the keel at a depth of 20 m. After 30 minutes, the luminescence disappeared.

By 1977, the Russians had placed fission-fusion-fission Superbombs in certain deep undersea trenches around the Philippines. The source believes that the Philippines are in the position of a 'keystone' within the giant Pacific Tectonic Plate. Russia had already been setting off lower yield undersea weapons in other areas around the Pacific Ocean causing strong earthquakes. The intention was/is to relieve tensions all around the Pacific plate, except the Philippines where stresses would build to tremendous levels. Then, at a certain point, the bombs around the Philippines will be set off. It is expected that this will cause incredible earthquakes and tidal waves and ultimately devastate the American West Coast. Volcanoes erupting in the Philippines are an indication that stresses are building in the area.

A rotting carcass was dredged up off the coast of New Zealand by the Japanese trawler Zuiyo Maru. On board was Michihiko Yano, a qualified biologist and an experienced crew. All of them were puzzled by what had been dredged up. Yano took five photos and pulled a few horny hairs off the edge of the front flipper, but the carcass had to be thrown back as it was feared that it might contaminate the whole catch. Since then, there have been several articles in creationist publications, the majority of which concluded that the carcass was only that of a basking shark that had decomposed in such a way that the remains looked similar to a plesiosaur-type animal.

Ray Ravenhott, director of the population program of the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID), publicly announced the agency's goal to sterilize one quarter of the world's women. In reports by the St Louis Post- Dispatch, Ravenhott in essence cited the reasoning for this being U.S. corporate interests in avoiding the threat of revolutions which might be spawned by chronic unemployment.

New York State Conservation Naturalist Alfred Hulstruck reported that the state's Southern Tier had "a scaled, man-like creature (that) appears at dusk from the red, algae-ridden waters to forage among the fern and moss-covered uplands."

A small alien wearing a green uniform and a helmet with blinking red and white lights on it is seen by several people in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind begins an attempt to "sell" the Aliens to the public.

January 10 -- In Wakefield, New Hampshire under blizzard conditions and a temp of 5-degrees F, a farmer found a perfectly round hole presumably melted through 14 inches of solid ice on his farm pond. At the bottom of the center of this hole, he could see a black box roughly 12-inches square laying on the bottom. Subsequent Civil Defense Geiger counter readings placed radioactivity at 3 roentgens per hour of gamma radiation. (Usual readings were in the 1000ths of rph.) The place was overrun by police, investigators, and the curious, the black box disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Witnesses reported seeing state officials leaving the area with plastic bags. The NH governor's office denied the whole thing and within 24 hours, the entire surface of the pond had melted, despite single digit temperatures. In subsequent days the farmer's dog died, a photo appeared in the local newspaper of two men carrying a heavy object from the pond, and it was discovered that one of the investigators was working with a German firm on some sort of secret assignment.

February -- Broad Haven, UK was the scene of a UFO flap. There were several reported sightings; the most widely publicized was the strange visitation to a field near to Broad Haven Primary School. 14 primary children witnessed a silvery yellow cigar shaped UFO, and a few also witnessed a humanoid figure in a silver suit. Following this report there were adult witnesses to a dome shaped UFO in the same vicinity. There were several more sightings over the following months, which leveled off considerably after 1977.

March 9 -- Nelson, Lancashire. Two men in a car in the early hours and a large dark cigar shape that descended from clouds, stalling the car engine and lights and creating severe physical effects on both witnesses until it moved out of range.

April 21 -- The small community of Dover, Massachusetts entered into the crypto-zoological limelight in April, 1977, with three separate sightings of a bizarre creature, termed "The Dover Demon". At approximately 10:30 p.m. on the night of April 21, 17-year old Bill Barlett and two friends were driving down Farm Street in Dover. They were passing the Farm Street Wall when Barlett noticed movement in the loose stones of the wall. As the animal turned its head and stared into the car's headlights, Barlett saw that it was unlike anything he had ever seen. It had two huge orange eyes, a large, oval-shaped head. The creature was thin-limbed, with large hands and feet. It was hairless and fleshtone in color, with a rough texture. Bill later made a sketch of the creature he saw. About two hours later, 15-year old John Baxter saw a short figure approaching down the street. As the figure neared, it stopped and fled into woods at the side of the road. John pursued the small figure into the woods, halting at the edge of a shallow gully. He looked across the gully at a tree, against which stood the figure. Claiming that he did not know of Barlett's sighting, he nonetheless described a similar creature. The next evening, the creature was seen again by Will Taintor and Abby Brabham. They saw a monkeylike creature without hair. It was thin and sat on all fours at the side of the road. Brabham insisted that the creature's eyes were green, even after investigators told her that Barlett and Baxter said they were orange (as appeared in the spotlight).

June 6 -- Barnard Castle, Durham. A motorcyclist and a car driver both suffered impedance of their vehicles as a glowing purple mass floated next to them during heavy rain. All surface water was instantly evaporated from the bike and leather clothing, and the cyclist suffered long term physical illness.

June 21 -- The New York Times reported that a 40-ton magnet had been shipped to a group of scientists in the Soviet Union. The device could be used to generate a magnetic field 250,000 times stronger than that of planet Earth.

June 22 -- Possible UFO crash in northwest Arizona produces five bodies.

July -- Mister Lu Jiaju, an employee of the Puxing tank farm in China, was the astonished witness to a circular object composed of concentric rings, oscillating slowly over the facility.

July -- The Puebla UFO Crash. Hundreds of awed witnesses were able to behold a number of falling unidentified flying objects, some of which were even captured on film. The mobilization of the Mexican Army over the course of the following days made many realize that something significant had indeed transpired, and rumors spread about a UFO which had collided in the mountains. The town of Jopala, to the east of Puebla and in the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico, became the target of serious research. The townspeople had allegedly seen a solid craft explode into thousands of sparks: witnesses included not only the local mayor, but also a number of schoolteachers, who had been able to retrieve pieces of a rough metal. The most curious detail to the townspeople's story was that others had beaten them to recover the pieces of the unusual material - a group of persons who arrived by helicopter and were obviously Americans. The newsmedia would later report, as it often does, that "NASA scientists" had visited the area. More likely than not, these were members of the Air Force's secretive Moondust/Bluefly recovery teams. Upon analysis, one of the recovered pieces of UFO debris proved to be an unusually pure alloy, unavailable to earthly technology at the time. U.S. researchers also believed that a subsequent collision had occurred in Tabasco, and that two dead alien pilots had been recovered from the wreckage. Mexican researchers were greatly annoyed at the fact that foreign investigators had obtained access to the available data before their own research teams.

July 17 -- A large Soviet satellite called Cosmos 929 was launched. It has mystified satellite watchers because of its strange behavior in radio signals. Most observers have concluded that it is un-manned, having detected no verbal communications. Rumors have it that it is a twin satellite, consisting of a command module and a separate Particle Beam weapon module.

July 25 -- A remarkable series of events which took place in 1977 attracted wide publicity. They began on the evening of July 25 in Lawndale in central Illinois. Three boys, one of them 10-year-old Marlon Lowe, were playing when they saw two large birds come out of the south. They swooped out of the sky toward one boy, who jumped into a swimming pool to escape. They then turned their attention to Marlon, who was grabbed by the straps of his sleeveless shirt and lifted two feet above the ground. As Marlon screamed, his parents Jake and Ruth Lowe and two friends, Jim and Betty Daniels, heard him and witnessed the bizarre sight of the boy held in the talons of a flying bird. Marlon was beating at it with his fists until finally, after carrying him for about 40 feet, it dropped him. By this time Mrs. Lowe, who had headed off in pursuit, was so close to the birds that she had to back up. Then, she said, "the birds just cleared the top of the camper, went beneath some telephone wires and flapped their wings-very gracefully-one more time." They flew off toward the north and in the direction of the tall trees along Kickapoo Creek. According to the witnesses, the birds were black, with white rings on their long necks. They had curved beaks and eight- to 10-foot wingspreads. They looked, the Lowes decided after consulting books in a library, like condors. The authorities wasted no time or tact in declaring that all concerned were liars, and the Lowes found themselves at the receiving end of withering ridicule. Marlon himself suffered from nightmares for weeks afterwards, though there were no physical injuries.

August 11 -- On a farm south of Odin, Illinois a large gray-black bird flew out of the northeast and in a circle about 300 feet away, as if looking for a tree big enough to hold it. Finally it landed on one near a small pond close to the house. John and Wanda Chappell were able to watch it closely for five minutes-making theirs the most detailed report of all. "It looked like a prehistoric bird," Mrs. Chappell said. "It was really fantastic. The head didn't have any feathers, and it had a long neck, crooked, kind of 'S' shaped. The body was covered with feathers. We couldn't tell much about the feet, but it had long legs." Her husband estimated its wingspan at 10 to 12 feet, she at 14. They agreed, however, that it was four feet high; the distance from the tip of the beak to the back of the neck was eight inches. After a few minutes the bird left in a southwest direction.

September 17 -- "One who knows" says Russia started destroying US spy satellites by beam weapons.

September 17 -- Newmill, Cornwall. A young couple saw a green hazy mass that floated towards them only inches off the ground. They were subsequently struck down by severe physical effects (headaches, muscle pains and severe vomiting) and had to be hospitalised while doctors struggled to find any cause. Both recovered from the mystery illness, but this sort of case seems to offer a genuine challenge to the sceptics and might be caused by a highly energetic and rare atmospheric phenomenon.

September 27 -- Date of America's disastrous defeat by the Soviet Union in the still-secret "Battle of the Harvest Moon", where the Soviets destroyed the secret US moon base in Copernicus Crater. It was bombarded with a Soviet Neutron Particle Beam which killed all of our astronauts there. The Copernicus base was itself equipped with Particle Beam weaponry, but was defeated by the Soviet Union just before achieving operational status. This was history's first full-fledged space battle, and the Soviet Union emerged as the only possessor of the decisive new Particle Beam weapon.

November 10 -- One family claimed to have been abducted by visitors from outer space while traveling through North Wales. The family were driving near the village of Llandernog, Denbighshire. They saw a purple triangular craft which then swallowed up their car. The purple object seemed to vanish. The family had lost several hours but could remember nothing about what had taken place during that time. The man whose family were abducted was reportedly instructed by the RAF not to speak publicly about what had happened to him.

November 16, 20:59 -- Purported alien landing at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, resulting in an incident between two MPs and an Alien near a missile silo. Missile Maintenance examined the missile and warhead, and found the nuclear components missing from the warhead.

December -- Not far from Novy Georgy Island, the crew of the fishing trawler Vasily Kiselev observed something quite extraordinary. Rising vertically from under the water was a doughnut-shaped object. It's diameter was between 300 and 500 meters. It hovered at the altitude of four to five kilometers. The trawler's radar station was immediately rendered inoperative. The object hovered over the area for three hours, and then disappeared instantly.

Attempted murder of Larry Flynt in Lawrenceville, Georgia after he announces a $1 million reward for new information in the JFK assassination, and releasing the "Gemstone File" that reportedly implicates government figures in the murder. Jimmy Carter's brother Billy is investigated for making threatening remarks against Flynt several weeks earlier. Also suspected was Mitchell Werbell, inventor of the silent M-11 rifle used by the CIA, and a Soldier of Fortune with links to clandestine activity in Vietnam, Guatemala and Dealy Plaza.

Alice Hicks, suspected witch, dies mysteriously. Detective investigating her struck by bad luck in Youngstown, Ohio.

A UFO similar is shape to a fighter aircraft was allegedly shot down by the Soviet military in Western Kazahstan. UFO and its pilots were transported to Zhitkur.

The CIA begins to experiment with ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic fields and EEG Entrainment.

A series of loud noises are heard along the East Coast of the US, they continue into early the next year.

A landed cylinder-shaped UFO come 35-meters long was allegedly seized by the Soviet military somewhere in Russia and transported to Zhitkur.

Paul Bennewitz begins to see UFOs near the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility and the Coyote Canyon Test Area near Kirtland AFB in central New Mexico.

There is an altercation between Aliens and the Military at the Archuletta Mesa laboratory. 44 scientists are killed as well as 66 Delta Force/Blue Berets.

After a collision with a Soviet fighter plane, a disc-shaped object fell into the ocean off Finland, where it was recovered, with humanoid bodies, by a Soviet salvage team.

January 1 -- A dome-shaped UFO with portholes was seen in broad daylight by veteran pilot Floyd P. Hallstrom of Oxnard, California. Hallstrom had left Oxnard at about 12:35 p.m. in a Cessna 170A bound to San Diego via Los Angeles, following a friend, Jim Victor.
As Hallstrom approached Santa Monica at 7,500 feet altitude, the sky was clear and an UFO has appeared. I was able to determine that there were no wings or horizontal empennage assembly to the aircraft as a conventional aircraft. As the UFO passed about 6,000 feet to his left, he was looking down on it an angle of about 30-45 degrees. Then the true form suddenly became clear to him. There were no rotors, no tail assembly.
All of a sudden I was able to make out the complete form of a saucer shape or round object. I could see the dome, also very vividly clear, including all the windows. I observed it to be of a very bright was more of a nickel or highly polished chrome or stainless steel type of metal than aluminum because it had more of a mellow glow than if it was of the type finish on a high finish aluminum.
About 16 to 20 evenly spaced windows were visible around the circumference of the dome, located just above the base. The dome appeared to be a perfect hemisphere about 20 feet in diameter resting on the base which was about 30 feet in diameter. The UFO continued on a course of about 310 degrees (opposite to Hallstrom's course) with no sign of rotation, oscillation, pitch, roll, or yaw. Neither was there any sign of a propulsion system. The sun reflected off the dome as a bright spot as the UFO passed. After about a minute the object disappeared from view behind the Cessna. Hallstrom estimated its speed at about 650 m.p.h. uevid, ucase

January 18, 03 AM -- Possible UFO crash at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. Following a number of UFO sightings in the area, over the airfield and Fort Dix army camp, a Fort Dix Military Policeman Jeffrey Morse was pursuing a low flying object, which then hovered over his car. He described it as "oval shaped" with no details, and glowing with a bluish green color. His radio transmission was cut off. At that time in front of his police car appeared a thing, about four foot tall, grayish brown, fat head, long arms, and slender body. The MP panicked and fired five rounds from his .45 caliber pistol into the thing, and one round into the object above. The object then fled straight up and joined with 11 others high in the sky. The thing ran into the woods towards the fence line and they wanted to look for it. By this time several patrols were involved. They found the body of the thing near the runway. It had apparently climbed the fence and died while running. It was all of a sudden "hush-hush" and no one was allowed near the area. They roped off the area and AF OSI came out and took over. There was a bad stench coming from it too. Like ammonia smelling but it wasn't constant in the air. That day, a team from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base came in a C-141 and went into the area. They crated it into a wooden box, sprayed something over it, and then put it into a bigger metal container. They loaded it in the plane and took off. That was it, nothing more was said, no report made and they were all told not to have anything to say about it or we would be court martialed.

February 22 -- A US Navy KA-6D tanker plane disappears without a trace over the Bermuda Triangle, 100 miles off the Virginia coast.

April 2 -- 39 pilots in a race off Florida experience "time loss" on synchronized watches. Unexplained lights and lighted objects seen and tracked on radar over Florida.

April 26 -- In Dugway, Utah, a "leak of chemical warfare gas when truck overturned" killed sheep and other livestock and made some people sick. In truth a field experiment involving nerve gas released to determine range of open air dispersal and effects of weather on potency. 417 Americans died. Government controlled press to hush the story.

May -- The population of Villa Mercedes, Bolivia swamped its local radio station with phone calls concerning an unearthly procession of fifty UFOs across the night skies. Otto Gall, the broadcaster on duty, was able to run outside and verify the events for himself: the wedge-shaped formation of greenish-blue UFOs grew from fifty to a hundred between 10:15 p.m. and midnight. Raúl Pérez, a sergeant at the nearby Villa Reynolds air base, reported that the objects were flying at an estimated 15,000 feet, and appeared to be soundless, oval-shaped vehicles lacking any portholes or windows. Local shortwave operators were able to pick up Chilean broadcasts from across the border which announced that an enormous fleet of "flying saucers" had just entered the area. Further reports indicated that the aerial display was followed by an enormous detonation allegedly caused by a UFO which plummeted to the ground. The National Gendarmerie sent out its 210th Squadron to comb a vast area of wilderness comprising the localities of Baritú, Las Pavas and Los Toldos in an effort to find the crashed saucer. One newspaper, El Tribuno, reported that the object had gone down in a gully ominously known as "Bolsón de los Fantasmas" ("The Ghostly Depths") near Sante Victoria. However, General Víctor González of the Argentinean High Command reported that the object had fallen near the town of Orán. Argentinean commandos continued the search right up to the Bolivian border, where they learned that their neighbors were also engaged in locating another downed UFO. The Bolivian government, however, refused to discuss its search.

May 6 -- Another possible Bolivian UFO crash, this one in Tarija, Bolivia. Perhaps the best known of the crashes in landlocked Bolivia, where witnesses saw an object measuring some 20-feet in diameter fly over their heads and then collide into the sides of a nearby hill. The explosion was heard some 50 miles around, and the Bolivian military was immediately detached to the area to investigate. The Tarija incident was merely one of the events in a localized UFO flap which covered northern Chile and Argentina. The Bolivian task force reached the impact area after strong denials that NASA personnel was somehow involved with their efforts.

June 19 night -- On a lonely road in Oxfordshire, GB, a family of three adults and two small children were intercepted by a large spaceship, and were taken on board for nearly an hour, during which the flying saucer made a short trip. They saw inside the ship on film, how the Planet Janos people lived - their clothes, houses and gardens, boats, lakes, and food and vegetation.

July 5 -- After mutilated cows were reported at a ranch some 13 miles east of Dulce, New Mexico, an interesting experiment was conducted by New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez, rancher Gomez, and retired scientist Howard Burgess. They pinned up about 120 of the Gomez beef cattle and moved them through a squeeze chute under an ultraviolet light. They found a "glittery substance on the right side of the neck, the right ear, and the right leg." Samples of the affected hides were removed as well as control samples from the same animals. Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque analyzed the samples and found significant deposits of potassium and magnesium. The potassium content was 70 times above normal.

September 8 -- Researcher and scientist Paul Bennewitz discovers unusual aerial and underground activity in Jicarilla Apache Reservation near Dulce, N.M. (Archuleta plateau). Also sightings of unusual "atomic spacecraft", helicopter pads, black CIA (Nazi SS?) limos, black choppers, hundreds of armed special forces who disappear into the cliffs when approached, mini-lab vans, etc.

September 18 -- An incident took place in the vicinity of the Shahrokhi Air Force Base and involved multiple military and civilian witnesses on the ground and the aircrews of two Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantom aircraft in the air. There were radar confirmations and electromagnetic effects reported. At one point, a smaller object separated from the main UFO and approached one of the chasing aircraft, a maneuvre that caused the plane to take evasive action to avoid a collision. The object then returned to the main UFO and merged into it. The sighting was confirmed on radar.

October 21 -- Frederick Valentich, flying a Cessna 182 over the Bass Strait between Australia and Tasmania, radios that he is being followed by a huge, unknown aircraft. No trace of him or his plane is ever found again.

October -- Several dozen military pilots and hundreds of employees at Gansu airport in China were surprised by the sudden appearance of an immense cylindrical object over an open-air theatre, flying over their heads at a low altitude. A powerful beam of light shot out of its bow and a similar one issued from its stern.

November 24 -- Gerena, Spain. During a hunting trip on November 24, 1978 five eyewitnesses came across a strange object in a wooded area of Gerena Seville Spain. The craft which had the appearance of an inverted jug, measured approximately twelve feet high with a red light on top. Three silver colored landing gear legs were also identified. Multi-colored lights were seen around the mid section of the craft.

Fall - Xiao Ying, of Yuanlong, Jianxi Province, China told authorities the following: "While walking with my family along a mountain near my home, we saw a huge disk shaped object which passed right over us, spinning and giving off a bluish glow."

New Frogman sightings near Loveland, Ohio.

Discovery of a saucer landing site near Lake City, Minnesota.

There are rumors of secret US submarine bases in the Mediterranean, and US military lasers being used in European bank robberies.

Australian herpetologist Frank Gordon, searching for skinks in the Wattagan Mountains, came across a large monitor 27-30 feet in length in the forest.

A UFO crashed in the Ural region of Russia near the village of Rinburg. The wreckage was transported to the Odintsovo military base.

Newsman videotapes luminous UFOs over Keikoura, New Zealand.

Two technicians first computer enhance pictures of a face-like structure on Mars that was found in Viking photos, but not.

Barry Goldwater (U.S. Senator, Retired Air Force Reserve Brigadier General, and pilot) tries to gain entrance to the "Blue Room" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. General Curtis Lamey's answer is "Hell no, you can't go. I can't go, and don't ask me again." Goldwater claims, however, that he was told physical evidence exists confirming the existence of alien spacecraft at the airbase.

Stories of UFO sightings by astronauts become widespread.

Thomas Edwin Castello takes photos/videos/notes and flees from his position as Head of Dulce Base Security, six copies of everything is made before he goes into hiding. His wife and child are abducted by agents before he can reach them however. He never sees them again. Castello describes earlier work as a top secret photo analyst during which he developed a role of film showing an "Adamski"-type craft with a "swastika" on the side.

In Project HOMELESS, government agencies began using "expendable" homeless people for genetic experiments for chemical and biological warfare agents. Used also for psychological testing, drug experiments, and as bargaining tools with aliens. Main terminal is Indian Springs, California. Abducted from shelters, streets and hang-outs. These "invisible people" are not even missed by the general population and no mention is stated in the media.

February 17 -- Near the village of Zhigansk, in the Yakutiya republic of Russia, a disc-shaped craft with a mirror-like surface crashed into the banks of the Lena river. Alien bodies were allegedly recovered which were later autopsied at the Moscow State University.

April -- Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev commenting on a UFO sighting that occurred while en route to the Solyut 6 space station: "It followed us during half of our orbit. We observed it on the light side, and when we entered the shadow side, it disappeared completely. It was an engineered structure, made from some type of metal, approximately 40 meters long with inner hulls. The object was narrow here and wider here, and inside there were openings. Some places had projections like small wings. The object stayed very close to us. We photographed it, and our photos showed it to be 25 to 29 meters away." Cosmonaut Adanasyev made a drawing of the space ship he witnessed from aboard the Soviet orbital vessel. Afansyev also stated, "I think we are not alone, something of extraterrestrial origin has visited Earth. The alien craft turned toward ours, followed us and flew formation 25 to 29 meters away. We photographed the metallic engineering structure that was around 40 meters long. The film was later confiscated."

June 18 -- Near Quinto, Italy. An Italian Air Force G-91R pilot asked by a radar station to check out a radar target. Pilot saw a long opaque object similar to an aircraft drop tank. Pilot rolled his aircraft and took about 80 frames of films. Pilot then turned to make another pass, but the UFO accelerated away and disappeared. Case considered by Italian AF as "unidentified".

August 20 -- The American embassy in La Paz, Bolivia was informed of the collision of a small artificial vehicle on Bolivian soil. The unknown device had crashed on a large private hacienda near the village of Buen Retiro. Gonzalo Menacho, a local farmer, attested to having seen "a fireball falling from the sky" in the early hours of August 19th. After sunrise, Menacho was surprised to see a small military airplane circling the area, as if looking for something. Accompanied by a friend, Menacho discovered a lightweight sphere made of some unknown metal, roughly three times the size of a basketball. When the men tried to retrieve the object, they were prevented from doing so by government authorities. A Bolivian Air Force colonel stated that the object was not extraterrestrial, merely "a fuel cell from a satellite." A film on the recovery effort was presented to the U.S. Air Force.

November 9 -- Livingston, Scotland. Robert Taylor had gone out with his dog into the woods of Dechmont Law on foot. As Taylor see a dark grey metallic flying dome around 20 feet in diameter and 30 feet high hovering in the air of a clearing just above the forest floor. Two small spheres detached from the larger craft, which were described as having protrusions and nodules all over them and as looking like “sea mines,” and which started rapidly rolling along the ground to approach the frightened man. These mysterious spheres then “grabbed” him with sets of protruding spikes and began pulling him towards the large dome as he struggled against them. At this point Taylor apparently lost consciousness, and when he awoke he was lying face down in the clearing, which was now empty.

November 11 -- Spanish Air Force F-1 Mirage scrambled after a TAE jetliner reported a near-miss with a disk-shaped object near Valencia. Mirage pilot vectored onto three separate targets which were seen visually but not on radar. First two objects were white lights, third was a white disk. Pilot was unable to gain on the objects, which jammed his onboard radar and ruined his gun-camera film. Event considered "unknown" by Spanish Air Force, damage to film discovered after landing.

November 17 -- Spanish Air Force Mirage F-1 scrambled from Los Llanos AB after unknown radar target in the vicinity of Grenada. Pilot never had bogey on radar, but picked up three red lights in shape of a triangle over the Med. Pilot had to break off when low on fuel. Also a Spanish AF unknown.

November 25 -- There was an apparent UFO crash in Grays Harbor, Washington. At least one of the several witnesses reported that the object seen falling into the harbor was cigar shaped with brightly glowing windows. Another witness said he saw a blinding flash after he saw it fall below the timberline towards the harbor. This last witness also reported that the object had a long, blue colored tail. Although there were reports of a retrieval of some object by the military, there was also the explanation that the lights seen by witnesses were merely the lights of a logging helicopter.

December -- On the Lanxi highway, Zeijiang Province, China Wang Jianming and Wang Dingyuan, driving separate trucks, ran into two diminutive beings illuminated by a cone of light. When one of the drivers got out of his vehicle, wielding an iron bar and willing to confront the entities, these suddenly vanished and the cone of light disappeared.

William Moore begins to reveal MJ12 secrets and the Roswell mystery.

Demise of NICAP.

A worker at an experimental agricultural station operated by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences at Bulgan, encounters the dead body of a strange humanlike creature: "I approached and saw a hairy corpse of a robust humanlike creature dried and half-buried by sand. I had never seen such a humanlike being before covered by camel-colour brownish-yellow short hairs and I recoiled, although in my native land in Sinkiang I had seen many dead men killed in battle. The dead thing was not a bear or ape and at the same time it was not a man like Mongol or Kazakh or Chinese and Russian. The hairs of its head were longer than on its body"

A strange hole in the back yard of Jim and Harriet Johnson's home in Tacoma, Washington, which "devours" everything thrown into it. Cavers explored the hole and saw three cone-shaped stones that they could not explain. The Johnson's built a deck over the hole and planned to sell the house, after former owners related their own experiences. The original owner told of being lowered down the hole only to have his oil lamp sucked out of his hands, while another told of filling the hole with marble and "all kinds of stuff", but the hole "erupted" spewing stuff all over. Another filled the hole with old tires, but the hole seemed to consume the tires, which began sinking out of site.

During litigation against the CIA by Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS), a representative of the NSA admitted in a court hearing that the NSA had found a total of 239 documents on UFOs that were relevant to FOIA requests.

Four charter boats carrying 25 people observed a version of the creature "Chessie" near the mouth of the Chester River in the Chesapeake Bay.

Woman motorist abducted from her car and taken aboard a UFO in Pudasjarvi, Finland.

The arrival of a Flying Triangle UFO in Missouri and Kansas in 1980 caused concern and wonderment, as hundreds of witnesses, including policemen, watched a huge craft displaying a triangular pattern of lights, move slowly over the countryside for a period of four hours. It was seen over 22 towns and at one stage the enormous craft appeared to be dropping what a local truck driver described as satellites, which appeared to be round and emitted a bluish glow. The whole event was tracked on radar during the four hour period and must rate as one of the most awesome sightings to date. One witness described the Flying Triangle as being "as big as a football field." This event was the first indication of their presence, but within a decade, Flying Triangular craft were to be reported world wide.

Sometime in 1980, a US Navy carrier was transiting the Atlantic to the Med for a 6th Fleet cruise when a Tu-95 Bear-D came from Kola via the GIUK Gap and into the Atlantic to look for the carrier. Two F-14s and two A-7s (loaded with buddy stores JIC) were launched to intercept and trail the Bear. When they made the intercept, there was some chatter back and forth on GUARD, with the Russians asking what it was like on the carrier, did they really have swimming pools, etc. The Americans would ask Ivan if they'd really screwed up to get assigned to Kola. The A-7 lead (the squadron CO) then asked "Ivan, do you know that when you guys head for Cuba, you'll be flying thru the Bermuda Triangle?" Everyone laughed, but a Russian came up saying "The Bermuda Triangle is nothing but a tool the capitalists use to frighten the masses!" Another round of laughter followed, but the A-7 skipper said "OK Ivan, if that's how you call it, but if your instruments go out and your compasses start spinning, don't say I didn't warn you!" They laughed again and said see you later, as the Bear left the carrier and headed for Cuba. Next day, LANTFLT asked for all info on the Bear-position, course, airspeed, altitude, and any hints of mechanical problems; the Soviet Naval Attache was in Norfolk asking for help-the Bear never arrived in Cuba. Soon every Soviet merchant ship in the Central Atlantic was en route to the area, the Soviet Caribbean flotilla (four ships) headed that way, as did several Soviet subs. More Bears flew down from Kola, as did a couple in Angola, while some already in Cuba headed out as well. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard sent ships and aircraft out as well, not just to keep an eye on the Russians, but to help in the search as well; when someone goes down and is in trouble on the sea, politics steps aside and the Code of the Sea takes over. A 7-Day search-NOTHING. No bodies, wreckage, oil slicks, life rafts/vests, shark concentrations, etc. Only thing of importance found was by a USN P-3 crew: they saw what they took to be a red flare about 400 miles SW of Bermuda, as they got closer, it stopped, hovered for a few seconds, then took off at over 1500 MPH. One may assume the crew was snowed under with paperwork when they got back to NAS Jacksonville. The Bear encounter took place NE of Bermuda-en route to the Azores. Nothing unusual about the plane, everything seemed OK. They were surprised when they got the query from LANTFLT. When the carrier docked in Naples, all the CIC logs, aircrew reports and photos were removed from the ship by Naval Intelligence personnel. Officially, the Navy doesn't care about the Triangle. But unofficially.... As for that "flare" the carrier people heard about it from the P-3 crew when they flew into NAS Sigonella in Sicily several weeks later. The P-3 guys were insistent that "it was no flare...PERIOD!" When a "flare' suddenly stops, hovers for a few seconds, then takes off at 1500 MPH, you kinda know it's no flare. The P-3 guys didn't say if they'd flown to where the "flare" had come up from, though.

February 7, 21:30 -- South Australian brothers say they witnessed two UFOs in 'conflict' before 1980 Stirling crash.

March 13 -- Haselor, Warwickshire. A glowing object passed directly across the path of a car, apparently triggering excessive heating within the steering wheel. Study of the physical forces involved offer useful data about the energy levels and physical processes.

May -- A Strange Harvest, the documentary on cattle mutilations by Linda Moulton Howe, is first broadcast.

May -- Myrna Hansen of New Mexico related how after she and her six-year old son saw several UFOs in a field and one approached them. They suffered confusion and disorientation, then a period of amnesia which lasted as long as four hours. They were brought to University of Wyoming psychologist R. Leo Sprinkle, who hypnotized them and got a detailed abduction story from the mother and a sketchy one from the little boy. Early in the course of the abduction they observed aliens take a calf aboard the UFO and mutilate it while it was still alive, removing the animal's genitals. At one point during the alleged experience, the mother said, they were taken via UFO into an underground area which she believed was in New Mexico. She briefly escaped her captors and fled into an area where there were tanks of water. She looked into one of them and saw body parts such as tongues, hearts and internal organs, apparently from cattle. But she also observed a human arm with a hand attached. There was also the "top of a bald head," apparently from one of the hairless aliens, but before she could find out for sure, she was dragged away. The objects in the tank, she said, "horrified me and made me sick and frightened me to death". Later she wondered about the other tanks and about their contents.

June -- Zao Baovez and several professors at the Electronics Institute on the outskirts of Beijing witnessed an object some ten meters in diameter, which left a small wake and traveled at the speed of an airplane.

June 28 -- Jose Luis Maldonado Torres, a 31-year old pilot, was flying an Ercoupe 415-D airplane, together with a 22-year old student pilot, from Santo Domingo to San Juan, Puerto Rico's main airport. Some of the Mayday transmissions from the Ercoupe were leaked by a Federal Aviation Administration source, and the pilots' anxiety is clear: "A weird object in our course made us change course about three different times we have something weird in front of us. We are right again in the same stuff, sir." After these words, the pilots were not heard of again. A sea and air search revealed no trace. However, a tantalizing clue lies in the official report on the incident. During the Mayday alert, the American Naval Air Station at Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico was in contact with air traffic controllers at San Juan. At 8.16pm, 11 minutes after the Ercoupe's s last communication, the Americans made an intriguing comment: "It looks like we may see a few of them out there."

July 30 -- Several students at Nanking, China's Yanjiajing Institute witnessed a triangular object that emitted a blue light and traveled silently.

August -- Paul Bennewitz becomes involved in observing and filming objects which he has sighted on the ground and in the air near Kirtland AFB and the Manzano range. Reportedly his wife was also present to witness some of the first landings he filmed in the Coyote Canyon area. Subsequently he contacts Earnest Edwards of the Kirtland Security Police who, over the period of the next few months, becomes concerned and requests the guards on the Manzano Weapons Storage Area report to him any sightings of unusual aerial lights. At the beginning of August, 1980, three guards report sighting an aerial light which descends on the Sandia Military Reservation. This is the first sighting described in the complaint form signed by Richard Doty. Edwards reports the sighting to Doty unaware that Doty has already heard from Russ Curtis (Sandia Security Chief) that a Sandia Security guard sighted a disc-shaped object near a structure just minutes after the sighting by the three Manzano guards. Craig Weitzel, a Civil Air Patrol cadet, and ten other Air Force personnel see UFO near Kirtland AFB.

September 9 -- Luo Xuezhi, political secretary at a diesel engine plant in Hunan, China focused his binoculars on a cylindrical object while enjoying an outdoor theatre presentation. "All present turned their heads to look at it," he said. It emitted powerful beams of light at either end, much like the object seen at another open-air presentation in 1978.

December 27 -- The Bentwaters Case, perhaps the best UFO sighting ever. Just after midnight on December 26-27, radar installations on the east cost of England began tracking an object that dropped below radar coverage near the East Anglian town of Ipswich. Nearby were the NATO bases of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters, both leased by the Royal Air Force to the US Air Force as headquarters for the 81st Tactical fighterwing. US Air Force personnel, as well as civilians saw something descend into Rendlesham Forest which surrounded the two bases. One witness was former USAF Sgt. John Burroughs, who had been stationed at Bentwaters since July of that year. Burroughs said both he and his supervisor saw some strange lights near the base's east gate. We decided to go on down off base and kind of check the edge of the woods to see maybe what was going on because it didn't seem right. There was radio traffic back and forth and the decision was made by the shift commander that I should accompany two security guys into the woods, Burroughs recalled. Walking into the woods, Burroughs said he saw a bank of lights differently colored lights that threw off an image of like a craft. I never saw anything metallic or hard. One of the security men with Burroughs identified only as James Archer however later described an object triangular in shape with three landing legs about 10 to 12 feet in diameter and eight feet high with a blue light on top red lights and white lights in the middle and a brighter white light emanating from the underside. Archer was certain he saw something inside the craft. I don't know what but the shapes did not look human. Another witness acting security police commander Sgt. Adrian Bustinza recalled that he too was ordered to check out lights in the forest that night. When we got to point A the sightings or the object we had trouble turning the lights all on. Our truckers wouldn't run either (note car stop, common in close encounter cases). It was kind of like all the energy had been drained out of both light all units. He told researchers in 1984. We proceeded to look and in the process found kind of triangular tripods burned into the ground at three different standpoints. They were like it was a heavy object. They took radiation readings as I recall. Then I recall we were walking through the woods and we came upon the lights again. And that's when I first saw the object as a circular craft thicker at the center than the edge with a red light on top and several blue lights on the bottom. He said it was a tremendous size and kept moving about in a large clearing. USAF Sgt. Larry Warren said that as he approached the woods he saw a strange mist covering the ground. Warren said the red lights suddenly exploded in a blinding flash and a large arrowhead craft appeared. The main body was pearl white with a rainbow color effect. It was constantly distorting as I looked at it. At the bottom was a bank of extremely bright cobalt blue lights. Below that I thought I could make out dark landing gear. Covering the entire surface were what looked like boxes pipes and strange extensions. Witnesses said the craft lingered in the area for more than an hour and that other airforce personnel arrived including the Woodbridge deputy base commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt. Reportedly both the American and British authorities made both film and audiotapes of the event along with radiation tests. By 4:00 a.m. on December 27th the giant craft was joined by or divided into at least five smaller glowing objects that following a moving light display eventually disappeared into the sky. Official spokesmen denied that any audiovisual recordings were made of the event or that any official recordings existed. Freedom of Information Act inquiry resulted in the release of a corroborating official report. This might be the best UFO case out there today and deserves more investigation.

December 29 -- Near New Caney, Texas, Betty Cash along with Vickie Landrum and her grandson traveling along a dark, rural road encountered a massive, diamond shaped UFO emitting tremendous bursts of heat and light from its underside, scorching the car they were in and leaving them with severe burns and trauma. The UFO was apparently escorted by - or followed by - many "Chinook" style (dual-rotors/blade) military helicopters. Even the rural road where the incident took place was mysteriously repaved for more than two miles to cover-up any evidence of the event. Witnesses said the road crews showed up and worked at night. The object, many times larger than the car remained hovering at tree top level and sending down an occasional large cone of fire like a rocked blast. In between these blasts it would settle downwards some 7.5 meters or so only to rise up again on the next cone of fire. Over the next few hours Betty's skin turned red as if badly sun burned. Her neck swelled and blisters erupted and broke on her face, scalp and eyelids. She started to vomit and continued to do so through out the night. Later Betty has developed cancer and though treated successfully, she died of complications on precisely the same day, December 29, 1999, she had her encounter.

A creature, about four-feet tall, walking on two feet and "half humanoid-half dinosaur" was seen by grownups and children in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. One boy attempted to grab the creature from behind, which let out a squealing or screeching sound and escaped. Also, children attempted to pour gasoline on the creature and light it, unsuccessfully, before it escaped into a "sewer tunnel" nearby.

More than 300,000 Cubans were stricken with dengue hemorrhagic fever. An investigation by the magazine "Covert Action Information Bulletin", which tracks the workings of various intelligence agencies around the world, suggested that this outbreak was the result of a release of mosquitoes by Cuban counterrevolutionaries. The magazine tracked the activities of one CIA operative from a facility in Panama to the alleged Cuban connections. During the last 30 years, Cuba has been subjected to an enormous number of outbreaks of human and crop diseases which are difficult to attribute purely natural causes.

The 50 Committee (MJ-12) is renamed the PI-40 Committee.

First flights of TR-39/Black Mamba/Aurora, build with reverse engineered alien technology.

Reported by many newspapers and magazines was the case of three Texas school teachers who saw a "flaming" flying saucer cruise over their car in the desert and crash beyond a hill. Just behind this "flying saucer" was an Army helicopter, which landed at the crash site. The ladies, all respectable, reported their sighting to the police. Then, a few days later, all three of the women lost the hair on their heads. They had apparently been exposed to some kind of extreme radiation as the saucer flew overhead.

The "Beast of Truro", a giant cat-like creature is sighted near Truro, on Cape Cod.

The CIA begins to regularly utilize remote Mind Control Technology, based on the work of Doctor Strand from the late 60s.

Peruvian fighter jet gets into a dogfight with a UFO over Chosica, Peru.

January -- A huge boomerang shaped craft was seen over Arizona, with one witness proclaiming the object "was bigger than several football fields."

January 8 -- "The Trans-en-Province Saucer" Report from witness: "Yesterday, January 8, 1981, I was busy around the house as I am practically every day. I was behind the house, which is built over a restanque (raised level). I was building a concrete shelter for a water pump. Behind my house on the same level is an expanse of flat ground. It is reached through a path along the base of the house. It was about 5PM. The weather was turning colder. My attention was attracted by a slight noise, a sort of faint whistling. I turned around and saw a device in the air at the height of a big pine tree at the edge of the property. This device, which was not spinning, was coming lower toward the ground. I was only hearing a slight whistling sound. I was not seeing any flames, either below or around this device. While it was continuing to come down, I went closer by walking towards the stone cabin above my house. When I placed myself against the wall of the cabin, I could see very well over the roof, since this cabin too is built over a raised level. I was on the higher level, about 1.2 m from the roof. From that position, I clearly saw the device resting on the ground. Right away it lifted off, still emitting a slight whistling sound. Reaching a point above the trees, it left at high speed toward the forest of Trans, that is, towards the northeast. When the device lifted off, I saw four openings below, through which neither flame nor smoke were escaping. The device kicked off a little dust when it left the ground. At that instant, I was about 30 m away from the landing site. Later I went to the spot and I noticed a circle about 2 m in in diameter. At certain places along the circumference of the circle were traces like abrasions.
The device had the shape of two saucers, one inverted on top of the other. It must have measured about 1.5 m in height. It was the color of lead. This device had a ridge all the way around its circumference. Under the machine I saw two kinds of pieces as it was lifting off. They could be reactors or feet. There were also two other circles which looked like trapdoors. The two reactors, or feet, extended about 20 cm below the body of the machine.
I have not felt any disturbance of the sense of vision or hearing." Parts of the account obtained by a civilian investigator are also relevant: There (the witness) discovers a sort of ovoid vehicle, with the general shape of two half spheres of unequal volume, clearly separated by a flat ledge, extending at least 15 cm and forming a ring around the metallic mass which has a height of between 2 and 2.5 m/. The machine lifts off, making a slight amount of dust and with a soft whistling. Then it seems to tilt, exposing its underside, and it takes off at lightning speed, passing exactly between the two tall trees, at the exact spot from which it had seemed to fall.

February -- William Moore receives the famed Project AQUARIUS document.

July 24 -- Hundreds of thousands of onlookers witnessed an enormous luminous spiral which crossed the skies of several Chinese provinces.

May -- A UFO exploded on the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region. Debris was recovered by the Soviet military authorities and taken to the Monchegorsk military air base.

October 8 -- A UFO is photographed in the Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The bodies of over a thousand "disappeared" are found in Argentina.

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail is published. Its authors come under massive criticism and threats.

A drilling project on the sea floor between Panama and the Galapagos Islands breaks through to massive cavities under the ocean bedrock. The opening grew in size and is now sucking a massive and constant flow of ocean water into the crust beneath the ocean floor.

Another much-publicized sea serpent is Chessie, the Chesapeake Bay monster. It got its name in 1982, following a number of sightings in the spring and summer. As with Caddy, these have attracted the attention of scientists with cryptozoological interests. Sightings include one made by Robert and Karen Frew on May 31, 1982. At 7 P.M., while entertaining guests outside their home overlooking the bay at Love Point on the northern tip of Kent Island, at the mouth of the Chester River, they saw a strange creature 200 feet from shore in calm water only five feet deep. Robert Frew watched it through binoculars for a few minutes before securing his video camera and focusing on the enigmatic animal, which submerged and reappeared several times during the sighting. The closest the creature came was within 100 feet of shore and within 50 feet of some boys who were playing on a pile of submerged rocks. Though the Frews and their friends shouted to alert the boys (their cries and all other comments made during the event are recorded on the videotape), the boys never heard them and so apparently never saw the animal. The witnesses estimated the animal to be 30 to 35 feet long but slightly less than a foot in diameter. Much of it remained under water, but as it surfaced repeatedly, more and more of it became visible. Frew said, "The first time up, we saw its head and about four feet [of back]. The next time about 12 feet, the next time about 20." The visible part of the back seemed to have humps. Its head was shaped like a football, only "a little more round." Observers could not discern eyes, ears, or mouth. It was the odd shape of the head more than anything else that led Frew to reject the idea that the animal was some kind of snake. The Frews, familiar with a wide variety of sea life, rejected theories that they had misperceived a conventional animal.

El Salvadoran trade unionists claimed that epidemics of many previously unknown diseases had cropped up in areas immediately after U.S. directed aerial bombings. There is no hard evidence to support these charges. However, the pattern and types of outbreaks are consistent with the claims.

EBE-3 becomes a "guest" of the US government.

Brilliantly-illuminated UFO hovers over Mount Senohara in Japan.

The Hudson Valley UFO sightings in New York and Connecticut begin. New York, Hudson Valley: Thousands of reports, mostly nocturnal, of large, silent, hovering object with series of rotating lights. Reports came from many highly credible individuals including meteorologists, news reporters, and police chiefs. "Planes in formation" theory still in contention; however, videos taken by area resident of both the object and a formation of planes shows distinct differences. Intermittent sightings to this day.

On South Georgia Island is a reported base that has been fought over by Russian, British, American, and Antarctican forces, presumably the real reason for the 1982 Falkland Islands War.

June 27 -- An informal screening of the movie ET is held at the White House, with about 35 distinguished guests present. Following the movie, President Ronald Reagan leans over to director Steven Spielberg and quietly says, "You know, there aren't six people in this room who know how true this really is." Spielberg is unable to follow up as the crowd starts milling by and later Reagan would deny saying any such thing.

Larry McDonald is killed along with 268 other passengers on Korean Air Lines (KAL) flight 007, shot down over Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Japan. All bodies recovered, except the bodies of the pilot and copilot. Some of the extremely suspicious information regarding KAL 007 include: Flight was off course with plenty of fuel. Commercial flights commonly take a short cut over Sakhalin when low on fuel. Radio response in Russian airspace commonplace, with Russian pilots monitoring path of commercial planes. Russian pilots radioed KAL 007 with no response from pilots. Russian pilots fired warning shots with visible tracers past cockpit, KAL pilots did not acknowledge warning shots or tracers. Two parachutes were seen by inhabitants of Aleutian islands prior to plane being shot down. Flight recorder recovered by US. submarine, data classified by CIA.

William Moore is shown an "executive briefing paper" by one of his "contacts."

A UFO was allegedly shot down with an experimental Russian laser weapon in Kazahstan.

The "Kassimov Ball", a small (diameter some 4.5 cm) black ball of unknown origin, found in Central Russia in the depth 7 meters, in a layer of pure red clay.

Reports mention an intercept involving US, Greek and Turk fighters in 1983 over the Aegean of an unknown object picked up on radar-one of the interceptors, nationality unknown, didn't come back. SAR results were negative. The source (a NATO officer in 6th ATAF HQ) didn't get into specifics-fear of being found out, but said the J-2 and CINC-6th ATAF were cleared for the full account, he only had a sanitized summary cross his desk.

Large V-shaped UFOs seen over Newburgh, New York.

Spring -- South Molton, Devonshire, England local farmer Eric Ley lost over one hundred of his sheep in a period of two and a half months to the Beast of Bodmin Moor, a large cat-like creature. Eric noticed that the killer did not attack its victims like a dog or fox would, but rather like a lion or leopard by ripping out their throats.

February 3 -- Mobile, Alabama, US, Pat Norris saw that the woods ahead were brilliantly illuminated and she sighted a huge object estimated to be 7 to 8 stories (70 to 80 feet) high. When the object reached a point fairly close it stopped and all of the noise stopped. It was completely silent and Mrs. Norris lost all of the fear she had felt before. The construction reminds her of a ship or submarine.

February -- Linda Moulton Howe reportedly meets with an AFOSI agent at Kirtland AFB and is shown a "presidential briefing paper."

May 5 -- In the case of "The Ordzenikidze Object", the air defense units of the Trans-Caucasus military region fired a missile at a cone-shaped UFO, after being detected on radar for some time. Afterwards, a local inhabitant of the Stolovaya Mountain area, near Nalchik, claimed that he had made contact with "Aliens". Later, some adventurers from Moscow, after learning of the incident through a media report, claimed they found and entered a spacecraft there (the Daryal Gorge area). The article went on to say that senior military officers evacuated the area and the craft hauled off to the secret Mitische base near Moscow where the propulsion system was studied and scientists determined that the engine used neutrino radiation.

August 12: 1.15 -- Aldershot, GB. Alfred Burtoo saw a brilliant light descend from the sky and settle on the nearby towpath. Two figures emerged from the darkness. They were about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot and they had helmets of the same colour with a visor that was blacked out. The strangers gestured to Burtoo to accompany them.
Climbing up a set of steps into the saucer, Burtoo discovered that the ceiling was so low he had to stoop. He found himself inside a black, metallic octagonal chamber, which smelt slightly of decaying meat. I did not see any signs of nuts or bolts, nor did I see any seams where the object had been put together. What is your age? asked the entity, in a sing-song english voice which sounded like a mixture of Chinese and Russian. When he replied that he was 78, it declared: You can go. You are too old and infirm for our purposes.

November 1 -- A construction crew was working on Route 1 just north of the Golden Gate Bridge near Stinson Beach. Suddenly they spotted a creature, underwater, approaching the land. They estimated the creature's length at 100 feet and it's diameter at five. Using binoculars they watched it making coils, throwing it's head about and whipping it's body around.

A meeting is held at MJ-12's "Country Club" which sparks a factional fight over what to do about the "Alien Problem". They resolve to hold off from the original plan of full revelation by 1987 and continue to work on defensive technology.

Producer Jaime Shandera receives the MJ-12 Documents on an undeveloped roll of 35mm film.

A seismic shock wave hit the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region. An alleged UFO crash was reportedly responsible and the wreckage was later recovered and transported to the military base at Monchegorsk.

Massive UFO sited in Millwood, New York sometime in July. It looked like a floating city, about the size of three football fields. Its shape was triangular and it had different color lights, green, white, and red.

In northern Russia in the Taymyrian area of Siberia, near the Enisey river a "dolphin-shaped" craft was recovered from the river and removed to the Zhitkur base for study.

One of the documents from the Soviet "Blue Folder" describes a UFO encounter that happened in 1984 in Turkestan Military District. Anti-aircraft defense system near the city of Astrakhan "notched up" the object that flew along the Caspian Sea coast at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and was heading to the frontier. It did not respond to the interrogations. Its shape resembled a sphere. Two fighters were scrambled, but all the attempts to shoot the UFO down failed. Moreover, when the object was fired at, it descended down to one hundred meters above the ground to an altitude that made further firing by the fighters impossible. It is necessary to mention that despite the firing, the speed of the UFO did not change. During the flight the object passed above several military unit locations, and this made it possible to take photographs. When the UFO approached the town of Krasnovodsk, a helicopter was scrambled to make an attempt to shoot the intruder down, but the UFO quickly climbed and hovered at the altitude that was inaccessible for the helicopter. After the pilots had spent all their ammunition the helicopter descended for landing, whereas the UFO sharply changed its course and headed toward the open sea. Soon after, the object disappeared from sight and was lost by radars.

June -- The testimony of Alexander G. Globa, a seaman from Gori, a Soviet tanker, was published in Zagadki Sfinksa magazine (Issue # 3, 1992) Odessa,. In June 1984, Gori was in the Mediterranean, twenty nautical miles from the Straight of Gibraltar. At 16:00, Globa was on duty. With him was Second-in-Command S. Bolotov. They were standing watch at the left bridge extension wing when both men observed a strange polychromatic object. When the object was astern, it stopped suddenly. S. Bolotov was agog, shaking his binoculars and shouting: "It is a flying saucer, a real saucer, my God, hurry, hurry, look!" Globa looked through his own binoculars and saw, at a distance over the stern, a flattened out looking object (it did remind him of an upside-down frying pan). The UFO was gleaming with a grayish metallic shine. The lower portion of the craft had a precise round shape, its diameter no more than twenty meters. Around the lower portion of it Globa also observed "waves" of protuberances on the outside plating. The base of the object's body consisted of two semi-discs, the smaller being on top; they slowly revolved in opposing directions. At the circumference of the lower disc Globa saw numerous shining, bright, bead-like lights. The seaman's attention was centered on the bottom portion of the UFO. It looked as if it was completely even and smooth, its color that of a yolk, and in the middle of it Globa discerned a round, nucleus-like stain. At the edge of the UFO's bottom, which was easily visible, was something that looked like a pipe. It glowed with an unnaturally bright rosy color, like a neon lamp. The top of the middle disc was crowned by a triangular-shaped something. It seemed that it moved in the same direction as the lower disc, but at a much slower pace. Suddenly, the UFO jumped up several times, as if moved by an invisible wave. Many lights illuminated its bottom portion. The crew of Gori tried to attract the object's attention using a signal projector. By that time Captain Sokolovky was on the desk with his men. He and his Second-in-Command were watching the object intensely. However, the UFO's attention was distracted by another ship, approaching at the port side. It was an Arab dry cargo ship, on its way to Greece. The Arabs confirmed that the object hovered over their ship. A minute and a half later the object changed its flight's trajectory, listed to the right, gained speed and ascended rapidly. The Soviet seamen observed that when it rose through the clouds, appearing and disappearing again, it would occasional shine in the sun's rays. The craft then flared up, like a spark, and was gone instantly.

July 13 -- A 20-foot long, two-foot-high bulge stretched the surface of a street in Fort Worth, Texas, as if a giant earthworm was trying to come up from under the road. It seemed alive, swaying back and forth, said Charlie McCafferty of the fire department, "What spooked me was there wasn't even a crack in the road." Jackhammers were used to break through the asphalt and concrete, where they found silt layers intact and no evidence of gas buildup. Shortly after the above event a similar mound was seen on Calvin Lang's homestead at the outskirts of Fort Worth, and after prodding it with a rake it disappeared yet it had left some buildings torn apart, fences torn down, and shrubs and trees uprooted. Later Jeremy Boiter spotted what appeared to be a giant tentacle erupting from the ground in a shower of gravel and dirt about two miles away. It seized a cat and her kittens, devouring them in seconds as well as two growling dog which it swallowed in its "slick dripping mouth". His friend Phil Dewar also found scraps of birds, rabbits and other while animals among the rubble of a destroyed hut.

July 20 -- In the Baku mountains of Azerbaijan, a UFO was seen to crash into the mountains.

August 1 -- "Lindow Man" is unearthed from Lindow Moss, near Manchester, England.

September -- A high delta-winged craft soundlessly buzzed golfers in Australia, which set Royal Australian Air Force into motion. The event caused the subject of UFOs to be raised in Parliament.

Dr. Kinchloe invited to test a free energy N machine in Santa Barbara, CA, called the "Sunburst".

Maya Bykova, an assistant to Dr Boris Porshnev (yes, the same one from 1964) at Moscow's Darwin Museum, is reported to have actually observed a hominoid of unknown identity, a creature nicknamed by the ethnic Mnasi people as Mecheny, or "marked," because of the the whitish skin patch seen on its left forearm, the only part of its body not covered by red-brown hair.

An outbreak of Dengue fever strikes Managua Nicaragua shortly after an increase of U.S. aerial reconnaissance missions. Nearly half of the capital city's population was stricken with the disease, and several deaths have been attributed to the outbreak. It was the first such epidemic in the country and the outbreak was nearly identical to that which struck Cuba a few years earlier (1981).

In ruling on a case in which a former U.S. Army sergeant attempted to bring a lawsuit against the Army for using experimental drugs on him, without his knowledge, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that allowing such an action against the military would disrupt the chain of command. Thus, nearly all potential actions against the military for past, or future, misdeeds have been barred as have actions aimed at the release of classified documents on the subject.

Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee invited to Norton AFB to meet with DAVA about UFOs.

Moore and Shandera discover the "Cutler Memo" while searching the National Archives for corroboration of the MJ-12 documents.

November -- A radar station under Captain L. Valuev in the Krasnovodsk region of Russia registered an unknown object at an altitude of 20,000 meters. Its dimension was about 1000 meters! The object did not move, but after some time a small disc having a diameter of approximately five meters flew out of the large object. This smaller disc-shaped UFO landed at the Krasnovodsk spit. Patrol-boats of Kaspian flotilla rushed to the landing place of the UFO, but when they approached it at a distance about 100 meters, the UFO took off and flew away for about a kilometre. Patrol-boats approached the UFO again, and it again flew away from them. The situation was repeated five times! Finally the object went up with tremendous speed. Its mark on the radar screen coincided with the mark of the mother craft, and then the large UFO went off into Space.

Beginnings of the Gulf Breeze sightings. There will be over a thousand in the next ten years.

January 29: 19.55 -- A melted steel-colored, globe-shaped UFO crashed on height 611 on the Izvestkovaya mountain near the small town of Dalnegorsk. The object slowly ascended and descended, and its glow would heat up every time it rose up. On its approach to Hill 611 the object jerked, and fell down like a rock. All witnesses reported that the object jerked or jumped. Most of them recall two jumps. Two girls remember that the object actually jumped four times. The witnesses heard a weak, muted thump. It burned intensively at the cliff's edge for an hour. Debris was recovered and examined.
On November 28, 1987 (Saturday night, 11:24 p.m.), 32 flying objects had appeared from nowhere. Workers from the Bor quarry observed an object at 11:00 pm. A giant cylindrical object was flying straight at the quarry. Its size was like that of a five-story building, its length around 200 or 300 hundred meters. The front part of the object was lit up, like a burning metal. The workers were afraid that the object would crash on them. One of the managers of the quarry observed an object at 11:30 pm. The object was slowly moving at an altitude of 300 meters. It was huge, and cigar-shaped.

May 19 -- Brasilia/Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Several bright objects seen by tower controllers, a private jet, and confirmed by ATC and Air Defense Radars-two F-5E and three Mirage III scrambled to intercept. One F-5 pilot had visual and radar contact, while a Mirage and the other F-5 had only radar contact-zigzag movements and rapid acceleration noted by pilots and controllers. No explanation given by Brazilian AF.

July 11 -- An unusual looking aircraft was seen crashing into California's Sequoia National Park (15 miles northeast of Bakersfield). The person who witnessed this event described it as a UFO. The military came in and closed off the area. They said it was a military aircraft and released a name of the dead pilot. The type of the military vehicle was never revealed. Such sources as Aviation Week believed it to have been a Stealth Fighter aircraft, but that was only a best guess. Could this have been a test of a captured alien craft?

November 17 -- Whilst flying a Japan Airlines cargo plane from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska, the crew observed three walnut-shaped UFOs. One of the objects was enormous, many times the size of their Boeing 747 aircraft. The pilot, Kenju Terauchi, described the UFO as being twice the size of an aircraft carrier. The objects performed extraordinary manouvres and stayed with the plane for 400 miles (640km). The incident was also confirmed on ground radar. Art picture

The CIA begins to experiment with ELF "Death Rays".

Reddish-orange UFOs fly over Meishan, Sichuan province, China.

The FDA covers up old information on AZT to get it approved for use against AIDS as part of the plan to poison and kill off the homosexual population.

The MJ-12 documents are released by Shandera, Moore, and Stanton Friedman.

The Beast of Bodmin Moor, a large cat-like creature was blamed for over 200 farm animal deaths in South Molton, Devonshire, England this year.

April -- An accident at Area 51 results in a matter-antimatter explosion. Bob Lazar says scientists at S4 were trying to cut into an alien reactor when it exploded. The official explanation was an "unannounced nuclear test".

July -- Christa Tilton of Oklahoma has reported that she had an experience of missing time where she had been abducted by two small grey aliens and transported in their craft to a hillside location where she encountered a man dressed in a red military-like jump suit. She was taken into a tunnel through computerized check-points displaying security cameras. She reported having been taken on a transit vehicle to another area where she stepped on a scale-like device facing a computer screen. After the computer issued her an identification card, she was told by her guide that they had just entered Level One of a seven-level underground facility. Christa goes on relating how she was eventually taken down to Level Five. She reports having seen alien craft and little grey alien entities in some of the areas that she passed through. Christa reports going into one large room where she saw large tanks with computerized gauges hooked to the tanks and large arms that extended from some tubing down into the tanks. She noticed a humming sound, smelled formaldehyde, and was under the impression that some liquid was being stirred in the tanks. Christa has made drawings of much of what she had witnessed during her abduction.

End of August -- A rocket-shaped UFO some 14 meters long crashed near the Vyborg north-west of Leningrad. Wreckage transported to the Monchegorsk air base.

September -- 16-cycle waves are broadcast for a period of four months before the election of George Bush. The ELF waves caused entrainment of millions of Americans to occur.

Early September -- Another UFO dogfight took place over the town of Tutaev in the Yaroslavl region of Russia. The UFO eventually crashed into a bog in the Darvinskiy reserve and the wreckage was recovered and taken to Zhitkur.

September 21 -- President Reagan voiced his thoughts about aliens threatening the Earth in an address to the United Nations.

November -- The Controversial Gulf Breeze UFO Photos. Ed Walters, a resident of Gulf Breeze, Florida and building contractor, photographed in excess of 40 extremely clear and convincing "flying saucers" over the course of several years, but the greatest concentration of images between Nov-Dec of '87. Though examined by photographic experts and said not to be fakes, there still remains considerable controversy over Ed's photos. Many believe Ed used a simple reflection technique to create his UFOs. A plastic model was discovered by a teenager, Tommy Smith (who also claims he helped Ed fake the photos) hidden in the attic of Walters' home that closely resemble the strange, "tub like" space craft in his pictures. This was later disputed as being untrue and claims were made that the model was planted to discredit Walters. In Ed's book he even had a rather staged photo of himself shaking his fist at the looming UFO which hovered outside his patio window, suggesting he was plagued by the ships to the point that such a photo could have been taken. When Walter's images first came out, many people noticed that they all had a strange ghost-like qualilty to them, possibly indicating either superimposure or the image was in some way reflected onto glass. Quite a number of skeptics reproduced Ed's results almost exactly using the reflection technique. Nonetheless, experts such as Bruce Maccabbe called them authentic and even co-authored a book with Walters. As a UFO case, it simply remains unresolved. Walter's went on to capture the same UFO on video several times and sticks to his story to this day. One thing is for certain, the Gulf Breeze area has been, off and on, a hotbed of UFO activity witnessed by countless others, though no one else has ever photographed "Ed's" particular UFO to date; and yet, Ed's got a scrap album packed with the one UFO type. Ed Walters is the approximate American equivalent of Billy Meier, minus the tomes of transmitted 'knowledge' from the happy space brethren.

November 2 -- About 80 kilometres from Krasnovodsk in Turkmeniya, a UFO approximately 290 meters in diameter had landed on the water of the Caspian sea. The UFO then exploded and there was almost nothing left of it apart from an oil slick in the sea.

November 27 -- Groups of U.S. Army Rangers attempted, but apparently bungled, to enter a joint U.S.-alien facility in New Mexico.

December -- John Lear, son of the Lear jet inventor and former CIA pilot, releases a statement about U.S. government involvement with aliens.

December 17 -- A UFO in Gulf Breeze, Florida dropped a fluid on the local athletic field. Analysis showed that the fluid was of unknown origin.

B-2 Stealth bomber unveiled by the US military. This may use anti-gravity technology to achieve its "stealth mode".

A Top Secret air show is held at Norton Air Force Base, where an alien reproduction vehicle was shown off.

A joint U.S.-alien base off the Florida coast was reactivated, giving rise to the sightings at Gulf Breeze.

Supposedly Wittlich in Germany is the last town where a werewolf was killed. There is a shrine just outside of town where a candle always burns. Legend has it that if the candle ever goes out the werewolf will return. One night in 1988 a group of security policemen were on the way to their post at Morbach, when they noticed that the candle was out at the shrine, and all joked about the monster. Later that night alarms were received from a fence-line sensor. When the security policemen investigated the call one of them saw a huge "dog-like" animal stand up on its back legs, look at him, and jump over the 7 1/2 foot chain-link fence. A military working dog was brought to the area where the creature was last seen, and the dog went nuts, not wanting anything to do with tracking the creature.

Previous spacefaring vehicles were superseded by the "Nautilus", a spacecraft with a rounded delta shape built jointly by special projects divisions of Europe's Airbus Industrie and U.S.'s Boeing Corporation. Nautilus has a propulsion system which utilizes magnetic pulsing. Nautilus-type craft make twice-weekly trips up into space and back, to service the secret international space station. The Nautilus is based in Utah, the likely candidates being the Dugway Proving Ground or Hill Air Force Base Range. Nautilus-class craft were also used at the beginning of the Gulf War, to penetrate Iraqi airspace from space. Soon thereafter, Stealth aircraft took over covert penetration operations.

Milton William Cooper reveals to the ParaNet secrets that he'd learned while in the Navy. Eventually he submits a "Petition to Indict" the members of MJ-12, and especially George Bush.

In New Mexico, an antimatter weapon was developed at Los Alamos as a weapon of last resort if "the Grays cannot be pried away from the planet". The number of Grays on Earth was estimated at 20 million (?).

January -- Krill documents, World of strange, Krill Papers
o Craft from other worlds have crashed on Earth.
o Alien craft are from both ultra-dimensional sources and sources within this dimension.
o Early U.S. government efforts at acquiring alien technology were successful.
o The U.S. government has had live alien hostages at some point in time.
o The government has conducted autopsies on alien cadavers.
o U.S. intelligence agencies, security agencies, and public agencies are involved in the coverup of facts pertaining to the situation.
o People have been and are currently abducted, mutilated, murdered and kidnapped as a result of the UFO situation.
o There is a current active alien presence on this planet among us that controls difference elements of our society.
o Alien forces maintain bases on Earth and on the Moon.
o The U.S. government has had a working relationship with alien forces for some time, with the express purpose of gaining technology in gravitational propulsion, beam weaponry and mind control.
o Millions of cattle have been killed in the process of acquiring biological materials.
o Both aliens and the U.S. government are responsible for mutilations, but for different reasons.
o We live in a multi-dimensional world that is overlapped and visited by entities from other dimensions. Many of these entities are hostile. Many are not hostile.
o The basis of our genetic development and religions lies in intervention by non-terrestrial and terrestrial forces.
o Actual technology far exceeds that perceived by the public.
o The United States space program is a cover operation that exists for public relations purposes.
o People are being actively killed in order to suppress the facts about the situation. The CIA and the NSA are involved so deeply that exposure would cause collapse of their overt structure.
o Facts indicate alien overt presence within five to ten years.
o Our civilization is one of many that have existed in the last billion years.

January 20 -- Adelaide, Australia UFO Sighting (Reported by CBS Radio). An Australian family reported that their moving automobile was lifted from a road by a brightly glowing egg-shaped UFO. They said that the craft shook their vehicle violently and put it back on the road. Investigating authorities said the damaged vehicle was found to be covered by a gray ash-like substance which is being analyzed. Occupants of other vehicles in the area and a fishing boat crew also reported the UFO, and the authorities were said to be taking the reports seriously since there were so many witnesses.

March 4 -- Sheila and Henry Baker were driving home with their three children about 8:35 p.m., after going out to dinner. As they neared the waterfront, Sheila noticed something hovering over the lake and they drove down to the beach to investigate and got out of the car. The moon was bright and there was ice on the lake; Sheila could hear it cracking like claps of thunder. Plainly visible was a huge, gunmetal gray football-shaped object that was rocking back and forth, blinding white light emanating from both ends, but it was silent. Then the object began moving, swinging one end toward the shore and descending. The Bakers became frightened, ran back to their car and fled. When they got home, the object was still visible from a window that faced the lake. The object moved out over the ice and continued to descend, with red and blue lights now flashing in sequence along its lower edge. Sheila then called the Eastlake police to report a UFO, and was finally referred to the Coast Guard. Suddenly 5 or 6 bright yellow triangular objects shot out of the center of the large object and began darting around independently. Once they stopped and hovered, point up, around the parent object, then sped away to the north, turned east, then inland toward the Perry nuclear power plant. At this point Sheila called the Coast Guard, which sent a team to their house to investigate. Seaman James Power and Petty Officer John Knaub arrived towing a Boston Whaler, a seaworthy boat. When Sheila pointed to the main craft and some of the triangular objects still zipping around it, the men drove closer to the lake to investigate, accompanied by the Bakers. At the lakefront they could hear the ice rumbling and roaring. In their incident report later sent by teletype to the Coast Guard headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, the men were quoted as saying that "the ice was cracking and moving abnormal amounts as the object came closer to it." Power and Knaub gave a running report to their base via the two-way radio in their Chevy Suburban on what they were seeing. The window was down, and the Bakers overheard them saying words to the effect, "Be advised the object appears to be landing on the lake. There are other objects moving around it. Be advised these smaller objects are going at high rates of speed. There are no engine noises and they are very, very low." One of the triangles zoomed straight toward the Coast Guard vehicle, a blur of light, then veered east, straight up, and came down beside the parent object. Two witnesses in separate locations also reported seeing the triangles. Suddenly the triangles returned and one by one entered the side of the parent object as it seemed to land on the ice. The ellipse flashed a series of red, blue, and yellow lights, the light emanating from the end of the object turned from white to red, and the triangles re-emerged and hovered above it. The noise from the ice abruptly ceased, and the lights and triangles disappeared.

May 14, morning -- Near the southwest tip of Puerto Rico, under the waters of the Mona Passage, Mona island, and south of the Cobo Rojo lighthouse in the ocean pass separating Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic, there reportedly exists an active UFO base. U.S. Navy forces, investigating a massive UFO wave, sent out two F-14 Tomcat fighter jets to circle a massive UFO that had been sighted in May, 1988. One of the fighters from the BCF "starfighter" squadron aboard the USS Roosevelt was vaporized by a beam from the UFO, and photos of the incident were taken by Amaury Rivera. Some months later missile-laden fighters attempted to intercept a delta-shaped UFO but the UFO vaporized or captured one of the jets in front of thousands of witnesses.

May -- Ronald Reagan again made a speech in which he referred to an "alien threat from outside this world".

June 17 -- Near St. Dizier, France. Two French AF Mirage IIIEs chase an orange-yellow ball for several minutes. "No Comment" from French AF on story. Chase witnessed from ground.

Summer -- Residents of Bishopville, South Carolina, reported accounts of a rare breed of Bigfoot: a seven-foot tall lizard man with green scaly skin. According to witnesses, unlike other Bigfoot creatures Lizard Man has only three toes on each foot, as well as long apelike arms that end in three fingers tipped with four-inch claws. Only the second Bigfoot to have only three fingers on each hand, and the first to also have three toes on each foot. Lizard Man is the most unusual Bigfoot ever reported.

August -- The Joint Chiefs of Staff met at Pensacola Naval Air Station, and were escorted into a hangar that was under extremely high security and temporarily air conditioned. This might have been the result of a reported UFO crash in the nearby Gulf Islands National Seashore.

October -- The International Astronomical Congress adopts the protocol "The Declaration of Principals Concerning Activities Following the Detection of Extra-Terrestrial Intellegence".

November 22 -- Near Al'myakovo in the Tomsk region of Western Siberia, an unidentified object is alleged to have crashed. The official version given by the authorities was that it was a bolide meteor.

December 21 -- 270 people were murdered when Pan Am 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. Tales of suitcases of heroin recovered at the crash site by mysterious American intelligence officers point to a joint CIA/Drug Enforcement Administration operation that was fatally compromised by Syrian and Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorists. American spooks were running "controlled" deliveries of Lebanese heroin through Frankfurt airport in return for information about the whereabouts of the hostages in Beirut. The terrorists were aware of this and switched the dope-filled Samsonite case with one containing the bomb. Among those killed were Matthew Gannon, the CIA's deputy head of station in Beirut, and Major Charles McKee, a Defence Intelligence Agency officer allegedly in charge of a hostage rescue team. Some students of the tragedy have gone so far as to suggest that McKee was flying home to blow the whistle, disgusted that deals were being struck with dope dealers in order to gain intelligence on the kidnap victims.

A 285,000 square foot underground extension facility was constructed in the Manzano Mountain Munitions Storage Complex near Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. Heavy secrecy surrounds these facilities.

The Ebola Virus escapes into a Washington suburb.

A large UFO plummeted to earth just outside of the city of Omsk in Western Siberia. The object was recovered and taken to the Odinstovo air base.

Bob Lazar came forward and claimed that he had been recuited by the US Military to work at the Area 51 facility in Nevada. Lazar gave descriptions of what he had witnessed while working there, inlcuding details of his alleged involvement with captured 'Alien' technology.

Milton William Cooper, formerly with Navy intelligence, releases The Secret Government, with claims of underground bases and aliens.

February -- The US government began communications with a Reptilian species (who were advancing on this system), because they were one of the few enemies of the Grays who could get rid of them.

March -- Dracos (the reptilian bad guys) destroy American Mars colony.

May 7, 13:52 -- Famous UFO shoot-down in the Kalahari desert of Botswana. According to former South African Air Force Colonel James Van Grunen and documents he has made available, an Extra-Terrestrial Spacecraft was brought to Wright- Patterson from South Africa. In May of 1989 NORAD tracked several objects of unknown origin heading toward Africa. South African Air Force Command was alerted and a Mirage Fighter was sent up to intercept the objects. One of these crafts was shot down by Thor 2 laser cannon. The S.A.A.F. later recovered a disc-shaped object with strange markings on it, three non-human creatures (1 dead, 1 severely injured and 1 in perfect shape) and removed this material to Praetoria A.F.B. Unable to cope with the creatures or material, these were later traded to the U.S. Government for two nuclear devices (unspecified) and brought, through a third nation, to Wright-Patterson AFB.
video, video

Early June -- A UFO had allegedly caught fire and had crashed near the small port town of Nyda north of Tumen region of Western Siberia. It is alleged that live extraterrestrials were recovered and taken to the Odinstovo base near Moscow.

June -- Possible UFO crash in South Africa 2 ET Living Disc Intact

Autumn -- A small globe-shaped UFO exploded in Dushanbe, the capital of the Tadjikistan Republic, Soviet Middle Asia. It exploded in the Imonov's family yard.

September 16 -- UFO fought between themselves over the town of Zaostrovka, Perm in the Ural region of Russia. One UFO was shot down by another six UFO. It was recovered and taken to Zhitkur. This is known as the "Russian Roswell".

September 27: 18.30 -- UFO lands at a park in Voronezh, Russia. Four aliens 3 meters (10 feet) tall emerge from the craft, causing a panicky crowd of onlookers to flee.

September 28 -- A UFO crash reportedly occurred off Moriches Bay on Long Island, New York. The U.S. government allegedly shot down and recovered the UFO.

October 16 -- Information was disclosed about a disagreement between the U.S. and Soviet Union in a base on the far side of the Moon in which several U.S. scientists were machine-gunned in 1986 or 1987.

November -- Robert Lazar is interviewed by George Knapp on KLAS-TV, Las Vegas. Robert Lazar claims to be a physicist and to have been taken to Area S-4 at Papoose Lake to examine the propulsion system of a UFO.

November 4 -- Carp, Canada. On Nov. 4, 1989 at 20:00 hrs Canadian Defense Dept. radars picked up a globe shaped object travelling at phenomenal speed over Carp, Ontario. The UFO abruptly stopped, and dropped like a stone. Two AH-64 Apaches and a UH-60 Blackhawk headed for the area the following night. The Apache attack choppers soon spotted a glowing, blue, 20 metre in diameter sphere. As targeting lasers locked-on, both gunships unleashed their full weapon loads of 8 missiles each. All 16 were exploded in proximity bursts 10 metres downwind from the ship. Then the choppers gone and the Blackhawk landed. Six man strike team had entered the UFO through a 7 metre hatchless, oval portal. No resistance was encountered. At the controls, 3 dead crewman were found. The reptilian, fetus-headed beings were muscular, grey-white skinned, humanoids. The ship was partially reassembled at the underground facility in Kanata. The UFO itself is made up of a matrixed dielectric magnesium alloy. It is driven by pulsed electromagnetic fields generated by a cold fusion reactor. All offensive capabilities utilize independently targeting electronic beam weapons. In the cargo hold were found ordnance racks containing fifty Soviet nuclear warheads. The most important alien-tech. find were the 2 millimetre, spheroid, brain implants. Surgical inserted through the nasal orifice the individual can be fully monitored and controlled, they become zombies.

November 29: 17.30 -- Two Belgian police officers were on patrol on the Eupen to Kittenis road when they saw what seemed to be a dark, triangular platform with three powerful searchlights on its underside, shining on the ground below. The platform also had a central red light that changed from red to orange. The object was approximately 220 yards off to one side of the road, and approximately 325 yards above a field. The object changed direction and flew directly over their heads, noisless except for a soft humming. It then proceeded towards Eupen, stopping to hover motionlessely over the dam at Gileppe for about 45 minutes. Finally, it headed toward Baelen and Spa and disappeared. The two policemen contacted the Belgian Air Force at Bierset, which had detected the object on radar. An AWACS aircraft was dispatched from Gelsenkirchen. The event lasted a total of two and a half hours and was witnessed by nineteen police officers at a party in the area as well. Consistent reports were given by other witnesses from Eupen, Liege, Plombieres, Kittenis, Baelin, Verviers, Jalhan, St. Vith, Andrimont, Lontzen, Voeren, Herbesthal, and eastern Belgium, as well as areas of Holland, Luxembourg, and Germany. Almost an hour later, the same two police officers saw another, but much larger, triangular object appear from behind some trees. It ascended with a climbing turn, rotating horizontally as it did so. It slowly flew away, following the course of a main road at about 65 kilometers per hour.

Bob Oechsler (a former NASA Engineer and now a famous UFOlogist) was flown (by helicopter), to a NASA facility 20 miles southwest of Ellington AFB in Texas. The facility had an microgravity chamber that, Oechsler is convinced, was made using alien technology.

January -- A UFO was shot down by a Soviet surface-to-air missile near Vladivostok after being tracked on radar.

January -- Witnesses in Lancaster, California viewed a delta shaped craft, 900 feet long, fly slowly over a ten minute period. The craft was accompanied by another disk.

February 17 -- A Ukrainian astronomer detected radio emissions near Altair, which has been associated with reptilian creatures.

March 30 -- Wavre, Belgium around 11:00 p.m. the local police began receiving numbers of telephone calls reporting lights in a triangular formation over Wavre, twelve miles south of Brussels. The police in turn reported the sightings to the radar station at Glons. Glons radar confirmed the sightings of a UFO on radar at an altitude of 3,000 meters. The radar station at Semmerzake verified the Glons tracking and reported it to the Air Force. The radar trackings were compared to the 11/89 trackings at Eupen and were found to be identical. Police witnesses reported that, instead of the unidentifieds being three objects flying in formation, it was one triangular-shaped object with three lights, as had been the Eupen object. Because of the large number of reports, Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer of the Belgian Air Force decided to scramble two F-16 interceptors from Bevokom. The F-16s were vectored in by Glons radar, and they soon detected a positive oval-shaped object on their on-board radar at 3,000 meters. They could see nothing visually. When the F-16 pilots attempted to lock on to the object with their on-board radar, it reacted immediately. It changed shape on their radar to a diamond shape, increased its speed to 1,000 km/hour, and took swift evasive action. Tapes of the on-board radar of the F-16s show that the object descended from 3,000 meters to 1200 meters in 2 seconds. That's a speed of 1800 km/hour. The tapes also show the object accelerating from 280 km/hour to 1800 km/hour in a few seconds. This represents an acceleration of 46 G, which is more than a human body could withstand. It is notable that at no time was there a sonic boom. The object moved erratically, in a zig-zag path, over the city of Brussels, taking evasive action whenever the pursuing F-16 tried to lock-on. Eventually, it left the F-16s behind, disappearing at an impossible rate of speed. These objects were seen by thousands of witnesses, many of whom gave signed statements to the police. They were photographed and filmed. The objects were tracked by ground radar at several different installations, and also by the on-board radar of the F-16s. The objects took evasive action when threatened by the F-16s and were able to maneuver at speeds that are impossible for any known aircraft.

May 25 -- A giant disc-shaped object was seen hovering at an altitude of about 1,000 meters above the town of Mary in Turkmenistan, one of the Turkic republics of the former Soviet Union. The object was reddish-orange in color, with what looked like portholes on the rim, and had an estimated diameter of 300 meters. Military personnel observed it from a distance of no more than 3,000 meters. When informed about the UFO, local air defense forces fired three ground-to-air guided missiles at it. The UFO made a slight horizontal maneuver, and three beams of light which had been coming from its port side disintegrated the missiles. Two 2-seat interceptor aircraft were then scrambled, but at a point about 1,000 meters from the disc they appeared to be thrown to the ground, killing the pilots and destroying the aircraft. After the incident, investigations were suddenly halted and all information connected with the event was made secret. Even the squadron in which the four pilots had served was disbanded.

September 2 -- Possible UFO crash in Megas Platanos, Central Greece. About 03.00 hours that night, shepherds and some villagers observed a small group of 5-6 UFOs approaching the area from the North. One of them had an unstable flight and seemed to be with a problem. Strange lights came out of UFO's fuselage, but without any noise. As an eyewitness reported, suddenly the troubled UFO lost altitude and crashed to the ground at a distance of about 500 meters away from him. He didn't hear any noise but a fire started burning the bushes. Trantos Karatranjos was very afraid to get closer and stayed in his position watching the phenomenon. The rest of the UFOs in this group stopped over the "accident" spot and 2 of them landed near the destroyed UFO. In a few minutes the fire in the bushes was terminated (probably the crew of the landed UFOs stopped the fire). For the rest of the night, till dawn, there was an unusual traffic from the ground to the flying UFOs. Light spots (something like small space rafts??) went up and down, probably collecting the pieces of the destroyed UFO and the bodies(?) of the crew. They finished the collection before sunrise and after that the rest of UFOs took off and were lost in the sky! Meanwhile all the villagers had been awakened and had seen the whole operation. Early in the morning the villagers went out to the spot (where all of this occurred) and they saw on the ground a burned oval shape in the ground with a cut pine tree in the center (it is still in this place); and very small metallic pieces and pieces of wires around the tree. Some of the people, like Argyris Alevantas, collected a number of these pieces. One strange think was that at the edges of the burned oval the fire stopped like it had been cut by knife! Some hours later a team of Hellenic Air Force personnel came in the area and told the villagers that this was nothing serious, maybe a Soviet satellite crashed or a plane! They took some pieces of the UFO too and left the area. Argyris Alevantas sent a piece of the UFO to the Space Research Institute in Brussels and they replied to him that the item came definitely from space!

September 26 -- Traces of a possible UFO crash were found in the Kyzylkumy desert in the Uzbekistan Republic, Soviet Middle Asia.

November 20 -- Los Angeles TV Channel 2 announced that a separate, red, glowing, round-shaped object accompanied the space shuttle Atlantis on its latest classified military mission. That was the first public admission.

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley confessed that they had been making crop circles in English grain fields since the 1970s, they said that they had gotten the idea from reading about the Tully Saucer Nest.

January -- Possible UFO crash in Saudi Arabia during Gulf War, the craft shot down by an American F-16 with two missiles after a short dogfight. It crashed in a barren area 250 miles NE of Riyadh and was examined by a multi-national team. The remains were gathered up and shipped to America.

April 12 -- A strange explosion in Sasovo, Ryazan region of central Russia. A huge crater was later found but no debris.

June 28 -- The Russian Ministry of Defense reportedly claimed that it had arranged a meeting with extra-terrestrials which was to have taken place in Tashkent on this date. The Russians arrived but nobody came from the other side.

July 11 -- Wave of UFO sightings begins during the solar eclipse at Mexico City. The first is of a bright object that hovered over Mexico City for almost thirty minutes before, during, and after the eclipse and was videotaped by seventeen different people in different parts of the city. After enhancement, the object appears to be shaped like a hockey puck, but metallic-looking with a dark underside. It appears to be in front of the cloud cover, whereas the stars that appear during the eclipse are obviously behind the clouds. It also seems to be spinning. The object videotaped during the eclipse is not the only one shown in these videos. There is one fascinating segment of an object performing what is called a "hyperjump" in the narration. Another unusual segment show a UFO fly behind a cloud, then reverse itself and fly back in the direction from which it had come. At one point a formation of Mexican fighter jets flying over a parade is shown, with an object below them that is said to be a UFO. There are many segments showing objects and lights in the sky. The Zona Volcanica, near Mexico City, is in particular a hotspot for UFO sightings, and many of these segments were taped there. In 1991, as thousands of citizens in Mexico stared up into the sky at the eclipse, something unusual was spotted. Countless people claim to have witnessed UFO. Jaime Maussan was born in Mexico City, and he has had a 25-year career in the media and has received several awards. After the 1991 Eclipse, he received a videotape of the event that showed a strange, silver disk hovering over the city. Maussan then asked his viewers to share any unusual sightings they might have had during the eclipse. To his and everyone's amazement, 15 different videotapes, from different locations around the city and from different individuals, were produced. No one was prepared for what may be considered some of the best video evidence collected so far. Since then, Maussan has compiled over 5,000 videos and photos from eyewitnesses. This could be one of the largest collections of UFO videos in the world as a small blurry smudge in the sky.

August 28 -- If Ufologists Nikolay Subbotin and Emil Bachurin of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) are to be believed, a 600 meter long UFO lies in a gorge in the Tien Shan ("Celestial") Mountains of Kyrgyzstan near the border with China. The two Russians claim that the huge dirigible-shaped object first attracted attention on August 28, 1991 at 4:42 local time when it appeared on the radar screens of the Mangishlak Peninsula, flying from west to east at 960 km per hour and at an altitude of 6600 meters. Thinking that the object might have been launched from Kapustin Yar (A Russian version of Cape Kennedy), Mangishlak personnel contacted the Cosmodrome. Kapustin denied any knowledge of the object, although they confirmed its appearance on radar. The object failed to respond to attempts at communication on any frequency, and since it was flying near a restricted area, two MIG-29 fighter jets that were already on patrol were directed to intercept it. In addition, a third jet was scrambled from Air Station 7. The MIG pilots were directed to intercept the object, to identify it if possible, to try to make contact with it, and to force it to land at the nearest Air Station. If the object failed to cooperate, they were directed to shoot it down. The MIGs intercepted the object over the western shore of the Aral Sea at 5:12. The pilots observed the object both visually and on their radar screens, and they described it as dirigible-shaped, 600 meters long by 110 meters wide, with very little surface detail except for two round "portholes" near the front, and some sort of strange green markings near the rear. The object did not make any hostile moves or react in any way to the presence of the jets. When all attempts at contacting the object failed, the squadron leader proposed positioning the jets on either side of the object at a distance of about 800 meters and gently but firmly directing it to the Air Station. If necessary, the jets were to fire warning shots to encourage the object to cooperate. When the jets were in position around the object, however, it soon became apparent that, within 800 meters of it, the weapons systems of the MiGs shut down for no apparent cause. Worse yet, at a distance of 600 meters from the object, the engines of the MiGs began to malfunction. The object began to make zigzag evasive maneuvers and to increase its speed from 960 kms per hour to 6800 kms per hour. These maneuvers were verified by radar at Baikonur, Alma-Ata, and Bishkek. The jets backed off as it became apparent that their plan to force the object to land was not going to succeed, and the object proceeded east through Alma-Ata airspace at a slightly lower altitude of 4500 meters. Radar dispatchers at Alma-Ata, fearing a collision with a conventional aircraft, issued a general alert for air traffic to avoid the area. At 5:27, the object disappeared from radar in the area of Lake Issyk-Kul near the border of Krygyzstan and Kazakhstan. The next major development in the story occurred a month later when reports began to trickle back to Bishkek that a huge UFO had been seen to crash into the Tien-Shan Mountains 100 kilometers east of Przhevalsk near a peak known as Pik Pobeda or "Peak of Victory". The actual site lay in a gorge known as "Shaitan Mazar" or "Grave of the Devil", near the Saris Dzas River at approximately Latitude 42 degrees 11 minutes North and Longitude 79 degrees 41 minutes East. A search party of experienced climbers led by Michael Eltchin of SAKKUFON was immediately dispatched from Bishkek, but the group was unable to reach the site due to heavy early snowfalls and the danger of avalanches in the Saris Dzas Valley. An attempt to reach the site by an Air Force helicopter ended tragically with a crash that cost several lives. The search was called off until after the spring thaws. In June of 1992, a second expedition was mounted, consisting of three groups of volunteers having both a scientific background and mountain climbing experience. This expedition was headed by Major German Svechkov, director of the Kazakh branch of SAKKUFON. This expedition arrived on-site on 6/12/92 and set up a base camp 2.5 kilometers NNW from the actual crash site. The path of the object was noted to be such that it had slid 1700 meters after hitting the ground. It then exploded from within its center, blasting it into almost two equal parts and bending its internal structure outwards from the center of the explosion. Decks and interior features were visible inside the object through the gap made by the blast. The expedition immediately noticed the following unusual effects when they began to examine the object:
· They could not photograph the object because some sort of radiation exposed all film and ruined all videotape.
· Whenever a member of the party got closer than 800 meters to the object, he began to feel unusual anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.
· Within this 800 meter range, the men's hair stood on end. Instruments showed an unusually high amount of static electricity in the area.
· Compasses and magnetometers refused to function properly in the area of the object.
· Measurement devices registered no magnetic fields at all within an elliptically-shaped area centered on the object and measuring 2230 meters long and 1700 meters wide. Even naturally occurring magnetic rocks showed no magnetic field within this ellipse.
· All clocks and wristwatches stopped at a distance of 600 meters from the object.
· Anyone who approached the object began to suffer from some sort of radiation burns at a distance of 500 meters.

September -- There was footage that made its way to mainstream news organizations that clearly showed something being fired upon in space above Australia. This footage has been called the "STS-48 Footage". It was footage downloaded from NASA K-band. What is seen is up for debate however there is no question that something interesting has been caught on film. A serene capture is shown at first and then there is a flash off out of the frame. Shortly afterward, an unidentified orb or sphere changes direction abruptly, and then what appears to be a laser projectile, shoots linearly past where the UFO was drifting. The conclusion that was given as to what was seen was perhaps a "Star Wars" weapons test against a drone decoy. Other UFO investigators say that it was as a Star Wars attempt against an extraterrestrial UFO. Many investigators say that the projectile that was fired at the UFO was most definitely coming from Australia. This would have to mean that if any Star Wars weapons were being fired they could be traced to the secret Pine Gap facility or the North West Cape military facility in Australia. NASA of course concluded that that the UFO was most definitely an ice crystal, and the off camera flash was a burst from an adjustment rocket on the Shuttle. The question is if there was an adjustment firing of a rocket, why then was there no shift in the horizon on the field showing on camera? The shuttle missions of course are mostly civilian however the crew on this shuttle was military. It was after this debacle that NASA decided it was time to move their satellites and delay their broadcasts.

September -- During the Gulf War, with intense aerial activity around and over the NATO air bases in Cyprus, Turkey and Greece, there was a great spate of UFO reports, lasting approximately 6 weeks. Several sightings were shown on the PIK-ENA news broadcaster. The largest scale sighting was in Paphos where a group of black cube shaped objects were seen flying over the town, apparently one following the other in a line. One press journalist attributed the sighting to a pair of black US Sikorsky helicopters that had been in the area that day, but had landed at Paphos International Airport and were apparently not airborne at the time. A second sighting involved many witnesses in Limassol, who, during a powercut in Limassol at night, saw a bright white-blue "laser" or beam of light beam down from the night sky and illuminate part of the coastline for several minutes. Eventually the beam disappeared and the lights were restored to Limassol. At neither time did either British or Cypriot authorities acknowledge the sighting of UFO's and stated that they were likely mistaken for NATO aircraft and helicopters operating at full alert.

November -- A UFO dogfight was observed near the town of Ezibastuz, Pavlodar region of Kazahstan. Two UFOs seemed to be fighting each other with one eventually crashing.

November -- A UFO was shot down by a Russian military fighter aircraft. The UFO crashed near the town of Prohladnyi, north of Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The UFO and its ET pilots were transported to Zhitkur.

Mars orbiter destroyed enroute to Mars.

A sea kayaker viewed an amazing sight off the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California. He was four or five miles off the Peninsula when a waterspout suddenly formed some hundreds of yards ahead of his kayak. As he observed this spout, the forward motion of the funnel stopped, the curtain of light mist surrounding the waterspout disappeared and a rotating column of what seemed to be solid ice appeared. As the sun reflected off the rotating mass of ice crystals, it appeared to be a sight of extraordinary beauty. The height of the ice column was estimated at 100 to 150 feet. When the ice column collapsed back into the ocean, it created a whirlpool. After this amazing event, the kayaker paddled over to examine floating fragments of ice and found specimens of fish embedded in the frozen pieces.

April 15: 7.00 -- A former professor at Temple University in Buffalo revealed the following story regarding UFOs that are frequently sighted above Lake Ontario. A large disc shaped craft was observed coming out of the lake around 7:00 AM and flying erratically south towards Lockport, NY. The object appeared to wobble and moved lower appearing to be in trouble. Observers claim it appeared to search for a landing spot, continued to lose altitude and crashed on Campbell Boulevard (Route 270) four miles west of Lockport and ten miles north of Buffalo. The crash was similar to that seen in the movie "MIB". When the UFO crashed it managed to avoid hitting the cars traveling the road. However, the drivers of the cars stopped to examine the UFO and most waited until the police arrived. The UFO was 100 feet in diameter and 25 feet high. Military, fire and police quickly arrived and cleaned up the crash site and cautioned those there not to talk about the incident. Some how the authorities were able to keep the crash quiet and only family members of those who observed the crash site have been told.

June or July -- There was yet another strange explosion in Saovo, Ryazan region of central Russia. Again, only a crater was found and it remains as a suspected UFO crash.

June 25 -- A UFO was allegedly detected on radar flying over Moldova in the Ukraine. A Soviet MIG fighter was dispatched to intercept. Allegedly the MIG collided with the UFO both of which crashed as a result.

November 24, 19:00 -- UFO crash in Southaven Park near Shirley, Long Island. The incident happened just after 07:00pm on the night of November 24, according to John Ford, chairman of the Long Island U.F.O. Network, who said that it has taken his group six months to do a thorough investigation. It was just recently, though, that his group was able to acquire the video and the photos. "We knew that something crashed into the park that night and we have, bit by bit," said Ford, "been able to finally put the picture together." Several motorists who were traveling along Sunrise Highway that night, according to Ford, contacted his organization and described what they thought was a plane that was going down into the park. And many local residents whose homes border Southaven report that they heard loud rumbling sounds and saw strange lights. "Eyewitness accounts have confirmed that a fire was reported immediately after," noted Ford. "In addition, the roads around the park were blocked off to travel by county and park police. The next day, and for a few days after, the park was closed to the public." One local resident who lives near the park said that for a five to six day period after the incident, his house experienced numerous power surges and the phone would ring strangely without anyone on the other end. "I ride horses in the park so I'm pretty familiar with the activities there," said the 45- year-old man who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of his job ("they would fire me if they thought I believed in flying saucers"). "For the next few days there were a lot of military helicopters going over the park - and I couldn't get in." Records show that Southaven Park was closed between November 25 and 28. According to park officials, the park was closed to the general public that week because it was reserved for duck hunting. Although some of the area fire departments were initially called, they were turned back and the fire was handled by the federally controlled Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire Department, said Ford. Ford's group finally gained admittance into the park a week later. "We found an area that was burned out and some trees were bent over," Ford recalled. "A section looked like it had been plowed over by machinery." But two things were of particular interest to Ford. "We were getting a higher than normal radiation reading in the area, higher than regular background radiation, and the fence line in that area," said Ford, "had no magnetic reading." Ford explained that metal fences maintain a magnetic charge from the Earth. "Something had stripped away the magnetic charge of the fence." Ford later received what he had been waiting and hoping for: a video film of the crash. "I can't say where I got it from because these people who supplied the tape are afraid that the government will go after them." Because of the poor quality of the tape, Ford has been working with video specialists to try and enhance the quality of the picture and to produce stills. The video, a copy of which was given to South Shore Press, shows people examining a bright reddish, metallic-type object about four-square feet that appears to be emitting a white, cloudy gas, and a hissing sound can be heard - a sight and sound that resembles dry ice that has been exposed to warmer temperatures. The next shot shows what appears to be a person trying to lift up a body near a tree, but the poor quality of the film makes positive identification impossible. In a final scene, three uniformed men (wearing dark jackets and rounded caps similar to federal swat teams) are seen placing a large shiny spread (similar to mylar) over something on the ground. Ford makes no apologies for the poor quality of the video: "Things are happening fast and the guy who took the shots doesn't want to be too obvious." And he confesses that it is hard to get people to come forward and admit what they've seen. "One of the major problems in researching UFOs is that people are afraid of sounding like lunatics when describing strange, unexplained events." But an even greater fear, notes Ford, is the government. "You get involved with things that the government doesn't want people to know and they can make life pretty tough for you." What are Ford's conclusions about the Southaven incident? "We are still very actively investigating this event. We believe that an extraterrestrial craft, with aliens, crashed that night in the park, and we are out to prove it."

Various Hantavirus outbreaks.

A massive triangular object with flashing lights all around it was reported by a witness in the Ashbourne area of Derbyshire. It was very big, made no noise, and seemed to be coming down over back lane traveling towards Uttoxeter.

March -- A former British Airways pilot, Graham Sheppard, experienced a mysterious "lateral displacement", throwing him miles off course, as he was flying his Cessna 172 light aircraft close to the unique radio-telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, a natural crater turned into the parabolic bowl of a gigantic receiving antenna - the largest and most sensitive radio-telescope in the world. Sheppard, an expert navigator whose experience in the air spans four decades, and includes flying 747s, describes it as the most bewildering moment of his career. After passing over the telescope, "a feeling of unease and growing confusion came over me," he says. "Minutes went by with no idea of my position, but I was confident the west coast would soon appear at right angles to my course. I recall the shock of seeing the coastline, not at right angles to my course, but parallel. It became alarmingly clear that I was flying along the south coast. The navigation error here is enormous and should be impossible." An on-board video camera confirms that Sheppard's gyro compass was set to the correct bearing for his original course. It also confirms that he was flying at 2,200ft--yet somehow he had passed over hills up to 3,900ft high. The aircraft's instruments had appeared normal, and later weather checks ruled out a freak wind having blown him off course.

March -- A V-shaped craft was reported over New York State and Connecticut. The craft was described as being "as big as two football fields" and the craft flashed its lights on and off as though trying to attract attention.

March 27 -- A low flying saucer had appeared over a military unit in training in Siberia, before one of the soldiers fired a surface to air missile, bringing it down. Five short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes got out.
Two soldiers are said to have survived, who described how, after emerging from the debris, the five beings merged into a brilliant white spherical ball of light that buzzed and hissed. It then exploded, and as it did 23 soldiers who stood watching were turned into stone. The two survivors had been in a shaded area.
The KGB report goes on to say that the remains of the petrified soldiers were transferred to a secret research institution near Moscow. Specialists assume that a source of energy still unknown to Earthlings instantly changed the structure of the soldiers living organisms, having transformed it into a substance whose molecular structure was no different to limestone. CIA doc, CIA doc.

March 30 -- At 12:30 a.m. at the RAF Shawbury air base in England, a meteorological officer saw a triangular UFO, larger than a Boeing-747, zigzag in the sky at great speed, making a humming sound. It swept the countryside with a powerful beam of light. At the same time in Rugeley, England a family had a close encounter with a UFO that made a humming sound. They thought the object was going to crash, but instead it vanished. At RAF Cosford an aviation expert timed the flight of a UFO seen traveling between Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire. He calculated its speed at 1100 mph. According to Nick Pope, the UK Air Ministry's representative responsible for tracking UFO reports at the time, zigzagging UFOs were also reported flying over Devonshire, Cornwall, and Somerset Counties at this time.

August or September -- Another UFO was allegedly tracked by a Soviet satellite system over the Ukraine. The UFO was shot down by military authorities and crashed near the town of Nikolaev.

August 8: early hours -- Oz-Dandenong Foothills Encounter and Abduction. Kelly Cahill has become a name well-associated with UFOs and abduction. The incident appears to involve independent confirmation of a CE3 and missing time in that at least two and possibly three groups of people unknown to each other witnessed the same UFO and entities, and experienced missing time. Perhaps for the first time, independent witnesses have offered strikingly similar information, thus making a convincing case for the reality of the strange events described. This reality is further strengthened by a range of apparently related physical traces, including ground traces, a low level magnetic anomaly apparently consistent with the location of the UFO encounter, and effects on some of the witnesses. Most abduction events have little or no direct, unambiguous evidence. Implants, missing fetuses, scars, and other abduction related anomalies still have not been sufficiently substantiated.

El Chupacabra "the goat sucker" first spotted in Puerto Rico. It is hard to describe the appearance of El Chupacabra because sightings greatly differ. Most say it is either gray or green. Some say it has a large lizard-like tongue, others say it has wings. A bipedal creature (one that stands upright like a human), the Chupacabra has had many sightings where its height was reported to be anywhere from 3 and 6 feet tall. Some say it walks, some say it flies, and some say it has a kangaroo hop. Due to the distinct technique the strange animal has of killing its prey, it is very easy to tell if the Chupacabra was involved in an animals death. Animals are found with puncture wounds in their neck and most of their blood removed. Often, the victim's organs have disappeared even though the only wound is a small hole in the animal's neck. Reports of laser-like cuts on the victim's ears are also common. Although some people say they have seen the Chupacabra's tracks, in many cases there are no signs of blood or tracks around the dead animals. Like the descriptions of El Chupacabras' appearance, people's ideas of its origin widely vary. Many say it's a new species, or a relative to the panther. More eccentric scholars say it is a dinosaur or an alien. Another theory is that there is a portal to another dimension that stretches from Puerto Rico across to South America.

January 20 -- A huge, dark, disc-shaped object, reddish-brown in color, vanished suddenly in the skies over Coulommiers, France at 1:14 p.m. European time. The UFO was sighted by the crew of an Air France A320 airliner, and reported to air traffic control. Ground military radar tracked the UFO for 50 seconds at a speed of 100 knots. About one hour later, at 8:20 a.m. local time in Lancaster, New Hampshire, a diamond-shaped UFO with blunt points paused in the sky, then vanished.

March -- Discovered accidentally by filmmaker Jose Escamilla in March of 1994, what he calls "rods" are strange flying things that can only be seen on slowed-down film and videotape, and sometimes captured in still photographs. Apparently, these things - whatever they are - move too quickly to be seen with the naked eye. According to Escamilla's own definition, rods are "cigar or cylindrical shaped objects that travel at high velocities barely visible with the naked eye. They appear to be alive as they move through the air like fish swim in the sea. They appear to have fins or appendages along the torso and the torsos bend as they travel." The rods measure from just a few inches to several feet in length and there seem to be a few varieties with different kinds of appendages. They have been spotted and recorded in Mexico, Arizona, Indiana, California, South Dakota, Connecticut and even Sweden. Some have even been seen underwater. Are they some unknown species of animal? If so, why has no one ever seen these creatures at rest?

March 8 -- UFOs sighted about 11pm near Holland, Michigan. Hundreds of reports are called in.

May 15 -- Possible UFO crash in Kharkov, Ukraine. Found were the remains of a strange object that obviously originated from space (judging from its chemical composition, it is neither a meteorite, nor terrestrial space junk).

June -- Ukranian military authorities are credited with shooting down yet another UFO. This time it was 100 kilometres north-east of Kiev. The object was later recovered and transported to the military base at Herson where ET bodies were discovered inside it.

A UFO crashes near Boyle, Ireland and a NATO task force and the Irish police capture a crew of five aliens.

Movie "Stargate" released which tells of an ancient stargate found in Egypt. Scientists activate it and travel to another planet where there are pyramids and ancient Egyptian is spoken. Similar to a stargate found in Peru (in the real world).

Reports which surfaced in the first hours following the Oklahoma City Federal building bombing yet were suppressed by the national media, regarding Firefighters who told of huge tunnels that had been blasted open where they were shocked to see huge underground rooms filled with military arsenals, including missiles and missile launchers, tanks, etc. Also reports of an 18-level underground base beneath this Federal Building (and others?), with the top 5 levels being used for underground parking. To digress: Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City has been cited by some as a major New World Order preparation facility, and like many major airports, the Oklahoma City airport is intended to be used as a major transfer terminal for political dissidents once attempts are made to enforce the NWO in North America. Most major airports of this type reportedly have major underground FEMA, etc., facilities. Tinker Air Force Base is also where Cathy O'Brien reportedly met George Bush during her mind control "training".

Paul Freeman, a veteran Bigfoot hunter, Bill Laughery, a former game warden followed the sound of odd screams that were heard in the Blue Mountains of southeast Washington state. Joined by Wes Summerlin, a local resident, they hiked to an area where Bigfoot tracks had been found. In a clearing, the men found several small trees twisted, broken, and dripping sap. Caught on the trees were large clumps of long black and brown hair (see below). They then caught sight of a seven-foot ape-like creature and heard the screams of two others. They observed the creature through binoculars at a distance of 90 feet, eating yellow wood violets. The trackers also found droppings two to five inches long, full of half-eaten carpenter ants, and fallen trees that had been pulled apart for the ants inside.

January 6 -- A British Airways Boeing 737 aircraft was buzzed by a glowing triangular craft as it approached Manchester Airport.

January 15 -- Kampala, Uganda. It all started on January 15, 1995 around 1:28 AM, in Kampala. Mahmoud Yousif see a huge thing which is going to fall over Kampala, a bright light which became in seconds an enormous cylindrical object, with extremely bright light emanating from a huge (what looked like) porthole at the front hemisphere, with four or six other equally spaced portholes extending along the side of the spaceship, the bright lights becomes dimmer towards the rear. The body of the object was shiny and silvered by the full moon reflection; there were five bands of intense red light, emerging from the central part of the spaceship towards the end, where they mixed with an enormous and intense red light that emerged from the rear hemisphere and which seemed to extend beyond the full length of the spaceship.

March 30 -- Coligny, South Africa. On March 30, 1995 a local farmer (Mr. Jan Pienaar) had an encounter with a strange craft in the vicinity of Transvaal South Africa. It was around 8:30 A.M., while driving his vehicle around a curve in the road, that Mr. Pienaar noticed a strange craft parked approximately 240 feet in front of him. Immediately, the engine in his brand new truck stopped. The craft had three landing gear legs which extended across the entire length of the road. It was estimated to be approximately thirty six feet high. The exterior surface resembled a translucent stainless steel color. There appeared to be seven rectangular port holes or windows in the upper dome of the craft. A red/violet/green glow illuminated the hull, and Mr. Pienaar noticed that there was a hole of about two feet in size located on the outer edge. The strange object emitted a sound which was described as a buzzing electric beater.
At this point, Mr. Pienaar got out of his truck, but instantly realized that he could not take another step. It was as though the craft had trapped him in a strange magnetic lock. He was held in this position for approximately three to four minutes, after which the UFO suddenly rose into the air. Then, the craft sped away at a high rate of speed. Mr. Pienaar was then able to regain his mobility, and walked the few steps back to his truck. With the electro-magnetic effects of the craft now removed from his vicinity, he had no problem starting his vehicle. Mr. Pienaar returned to the location of the encounter thirty minutes after the event, and noticed that the pavement where the craft had landed was still scorching hot to the touch.

May -- Another UFO again was tracked by satellite and once again shot down in the Ukraine. Crashing into the Carpathian mountains near the border with Rumania, the wreckage was once again recovered and taken to the Herson military base.

May 25 -- A cigar-shaped object with a row of brightly flashing lights along its length was observed over the Texas panhandle by the crew of a westward bound America West B-757 airliner. Flight 564 was cruising at 39,000 feet near Bovina, Texas, en route from Tampa, Florida, to Las Vegas, Nevada. First Officer John J. Waller and a flight attendant saw, off to their right and somewhat below their altitude, a row of bright white lights which sequenced on and off from left to right. Waller contacted the Albuquerque FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center while the sighting was in progress and checks were made with military installations in the area, but no explanation could be found. As the airliner proceeded westward, the lights began dropping behind. Then they observed the phenomenon against a background of dark thunderclouds. When the background clouds pulsed with lightning, they could see the silhouette of a dark, wingless, elongated cigar-like object around the strobing lights. Though they did not know the object's exact distance, the pilot and co-pilot estimated its length to be 300-400 feet.
Next morning NORAD was told that they had tracked a very unusual target in the same general area which first was stationary, then accelerated rapidly and stopped abruptly, repeating this sequence several times. The bursts of speed were computed to be between 1,000 and 1,400 m.p.h.

August 17 or 18 -- There was a UFO crash in the Salta area of Argentina and it was all covered up. The incident occurred in the vicinity of Mt. El Crestón near Metán, Salta. Thousands of people witnessed the UFO's maneuvers, it was apparently struck by air-to-air missiles by an unknown type of aircraft (triangular?) and knocked out of the sky. Hours later a small private plane flew over the crash site and it too fell to the ground. The pilot later said that source of electromagnetic energy caused his plane to crash. According to information published in the press, a team of rescuers from the town of Rosario de Lerma, almost 150 miles from the crash site, set off to the area to initiate operations. "We had no idea it could be, but we went there thinking we'd find injured people," stated Pedro Olivera, the leader of the rescue team. Olivera went on to state that officials later told his group that "an object had exploded in mid-air" but would add nothing further. The rescue team visited Cerrillo, La Merced, Carril and other towns, and in each stop, found excited witnesses telling them about the uncanny celestial event, the subsequent explosion, and the rumbling of the earth beneath their feet. Olivera's team struck pay dirt when they reached the foothills of Mt. Crestón, a nine thousand-foot peak. They found themselves staring at an alien vista of charred vegetation and scorched rocks, and in the middle of this devastation, sat a metallic object which reflected the feeble rays of the sun. The rescuers radioed their superiors, advising them that the object had been located. Without any further explanation, the authorities ordered the rescuers to advance no further and to return to their base. August 18, 1995, villagers and townspeople reported seeing four wheel drive vehicles manned by English-speaking personnel speeding toward the crash site. The testimony of an anonymous technician of the National University at Salta is particularly interesting: apparently, the foreign personnel was accompanied by university staffers and technicians from the local nuclear power plant. The foreigners, according to this account, took with them chunks of a thin, metallic material resembling aluminum. The fragments allegedly "assumed a concave shape when joined" and had an unusual consistency. The anonymous university informer claims that all present were instructed to say that fragments of a meteorite had been found, and that pieces of rock should be shown to the press. Witnesses also say that strange corpses were found amid the wreckage, the craft was saucer-shaped, measuring some six hundred fifty feet across. Some rumors spoke of two hundred dead occupants, and still other rumors suggested that the vast number of corpses was sent to Mendoza and then to the U.S. by plane.

September 16 -- UFO crashes in Lesotho, Africa. No news reports are seen.

November -- Near Itum-Katein the Chechnya Mountains of the Chechen Republic-Itchkeria, an explosion of an unidentified and unusual aerial craft. The wreckage was gathered by Chechinian forces and all records of the event were said to have been destroyed during the was between Checinia and Russia.

December 7 -- Atlantean energy grid locks onto the earth once again.

A Finnish scientist announced he could partially "shield" objects from gravity using spinning superconductors. Although most scientists are skeptical, NASA is interested enough that it's trying to replicate the results to make an antigravity machine.

Black Eyed Kids phenomena started.

January 20 -- Varginha, Brazil. Early reports were of a box-shaped black UFO emitting smoke, seemingly having trouble and eventually crashing. Later that day in various parts of the township mutant creatures of unknown origin and ghastly odor and appearance began to pop up. Initial reports stated that townspeople cornered on of the small creatures in a ravine and stoned it to death, shouting "Diablo!" as it appeared to have horn like protrusions on its head. The number of completely unverifiable details of the Varginha case leave one wondering if this was more an event of typical South American 'schlock' pseudo-news or the real deal. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.
The raw info is as follows, as best as can be determined. An unidentified flying object was picked up on US radar over Brazil (there were no Brazilian satellites), contact was however made with the Brazilians and the information was relayed. The Brazilian Air Force was scrambled while many people on the ground saw a cigar shaped craft expelling large amounts of smoke heading for the ground. In other parts of the town there were many anomalous lights reported. The Brazilian Army and the local fire service went to the crash site in a coordinated joint operation. They go to the crash site as indicated by local eyewitness reports. On searching the area, a craft was not located, however an EBE was. It was wrapped in a camouflage net then put into a 1meter (3ft) square box before being loaded into a Brazilian Army Truck by soldiers. On the same day, three girls (Liliane Fatima Silva, her sister Valquiria and Katia Andrade Xavier) saw a creature of the following description: Brown, soft skin ('like a heart'), large, red, bulging eyes and visible veins. They ran home and told their mom, who, being more bothered about something scaring her girls than being shot with an extraterrestrial AK-47 went after the creature. All she found was a footprint with a round palm and two long straight, forward facing toes. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Army move the creature to the local hospital. It was a hot day and there were numerous townsfolk out on the streets who witnessed the military operation. By now, the press was on the trail, they were however, refused any coverage by the army, the reporters who failed to comply were scared off by soldiers. There was no identification of the creature from the hospital or the military. Some members of the Brazilian army who actually held the creature after packing it into the net gave their report on the event to UFO researchers despite being told not to talk, at risk of losing their jobs. All reports however were in agreement as far as who was involved, the equipment used, etc. The creature seen by the girls was not wearing any clothes and did not seem intelligent; maybe it was an extraterrestrial animal. After the event, a woman attending a party at a local soon saw an identical creature as the girls had seen. Dr. Leila Cabral, a member of the zoo staff report anomalous problems and five unexpected deaths of animals with inconclusive port mortems.

January 28 -- Hundreds of residents of the states of San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Veracruz and the Distrito Federal (Mexico City) were witnesses to an uncanny aerial display. An enormous brilliant light, changing colors from blue to yellowish-orange, green and red), crossed the skies over Mexico at an amazing speed. Eyewitnesses in Mexico City claimed that the light gave off smaller lights, a total of 7, which gradually lost speed and crashed against the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano. Eyewitnesses in southern Veracruz informed that this spectacular phenomenon was visible around 8:25 p.m. and immediately attracted the attention of radio stations in the city of Coatzacoalcos, Ver.. Residents of Acaycan and Oluta, also in Veracruz, were able to make out numerous colored lights in the Veracruzan skies running in a north-south direction. The townspeople of Minatitlán, Pajápan, Jesús Carranza and other communities also beheld the phenomenon.

February 13 -- An object streaking across the sky, from east to west, crashed on the west side of the Isle of Jura, off the west coast of Scotland. Many witnesses described it as a UFO (a meteor or bolide didn't come to mind).

February 19 -- Daylight saucer photographed in Turkey Karagol near Izmir, Turkey. Two young amateur mountaineers, Cem Arat and Mehmet Safak, both 20 at that time, were hiking at the Yamanlar Mountain Peak near Karagol. They had finished school and expected to go to the army soon, so they had taken a camera to take each other's picture as a memoir of that good old days. All of a sudden a UFO appeared and was floating in the air, making no sound; they were so astonished that they didn't know what to do first. "We have never seen anything like that before", they told Michael Hesemann, when he interviewed them on the Istanbul international UFO Congress in December 2001, "it was definitely nothing built on Earth. It could hover on the spot and increase to tremendous speed, shot up and down, rotated around its axis, all very fast and completely soundless." Eventually they remembered their camera and shot some pictures, before the object disappeared in a blink of an eye. The sighting lasted for about two minutes. In the following days and weeks the two youngsters returned again and again to the site, hoping that they would see the object again.

May -- A UFO apparently went down near Boyle, Ireland. One night during that month many witnessed an unusual object glide down towards the Curlieu Mountains north of Boyle. It appeared to be an aerial craft coming into land, but had misjudged its approach, clipping the tops of trees and landing in a lake. Several occupants were said to have been taken into custody by a retrieval team and much military activity (including American soldiers) continued in the area for a six-month period following the incident. Civilians were prevented from going near the scene and the local police were instructed to keep their noses out of it and their mouths shut.

June -- A sphere of light the size of a tennis ball flew into a printing factory in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. A dozen workers looked up in astonishment as the blue and white ball whizzed round inside, spinning along girders, hitting print machinery, sending sparks flying, probably ball lightning was.

June 7 -- Aer Lingus said it had, "no explanation", for an incident in which one of its passenger jets had a close encounter of an unknown kind over Hertfordshire, England. Pilots reported seeing another aircraft pass close by but extensive inquiries found no trace of another plane being in the area on June 7th.

June 23 -- Arizona: Multiple witnesses saw a white light falling out of the sky, break into three balls of light and crash into the forest. Immediately after, a raging forest fire emitting yellowish smoke ensued. The fire got within a half mile of Pinedale estates, seven miles outside of Pinedale. Pinedale is on highway 260 close to Claysprings. The following information was gathered quickly so we could put the story in this issue. Thanks to Linda Biafore and Patricia Brunner, residents of the area, I was able to piece this story together for our readers.
Within minutes of the crash, various types of government personnel were on the scene. Pinedale and Claysprings were evacuated and road blocks along route 260 were implemented. Not only is the above unheard of for a forest fire but the FBI was at the fire scene, armored vehicles were seen in Snow Flake and Show Low. A flatbed truck and alot of cement trucks were seen headed toward the fire. Oil trucks and the local fire department were dispatched as well. Linda was told that oil is used at nuclear disaster scenes. One thing for sure is that the government was well prepared and expecting this crash, weather UFO, satellite, military, your guess is as good as mine. Exactly the point, why in the hell don't they just tell us. Linda's daughter, going to visit Linda, had to pass three check points, where she was questioned as to where she was going exactly, who she was visiting etc. Residents who were allowed to go back to their homes in Pinedale were escorted directly to their door and on Monday the radio was announcing that there is a $100 fine for going back to the fire although the fire was out by Monday. The radio was giving the impression that the fire was still burning. Linda said there was absolutely no need to evacuate these two towns and block 260. The last road block was at Timberland Acres and they were letting no one through. The residents in the area told Linda the road was never closed before. This fire never came close to 260 but was shut down for miles and the police on the scene were telling people that it was due to road damage caused by the fire, that they closed the road. There were many men in the area that didn't belong there, alot of local police, security was heavy, unmarked cars, flatbeds with tarps, oil tankers, all the trappings of a big event and there was no media coverage of this other than there was a fire in the area. Perhaps they don't want to lose their broadcast license. Thank goodness for the "net" and all it's surfers because it is the only mass communication system where governments have little control.

August -- A huge UFO exploded near the village of Shirokee in the Zaporozhe region of the Ukraine. The wreckage was recovered by the Security Bureau of the Ukraine and was transported to the Herson military base.

1996 okt 5, 9:30 -- Pelotas, Brazil, Pilot Haroldo Westendorf encounters giant pyramid-shaped UFO. It was 100 meters in diameter and 70 meters high. Westendorf was able to fly around the base of the object three times, at one point coming as close as 40 meters. Then, out of an opening at the top of the craft, a smaller classic disc-shaped UFO emerged and flew off at tremendous speed. Three air traffic controllers and others on the ground also witnessed the event.

December 11 -- Yukon, CD, 22 witnesses observe a UFO larger than a football stadium. Witness Pel1 was walking his flashlight happened to point in the direction of the UFO. As if reacting to his flashlight, the UFO started speeding rapidly toward him. He instinctively cupped the end of his flashlight. As soon as he completed this gesture, the UFO stopped in its track. In a matter of less than a second, it was hovering an estimated 275 metres in front of him. Again there was no sound at all coming from the object. A beam of light emanating from the bottom of the UFO swooped the ground once directly underneath the object. The UFO then drifted slowly. There were other beams emanating from the craft as well; a greenish phosphorescent color beam shone horizontally out the front; two beams at the back rotated slowly to a horizontal position. All the beams could be seen clearly as there were ice crystals in the air.

Mel Waters tells of a "bottomless shaft" in the Madistash Ridge near Ellensberg, Washington, about ten-feet wide. Also nicknamed "Hell's Hole". One man claims to have dropped an old refrigerator down the shaft but did not hear it hit. Also reports of military men in the area, and residents who were told not to talk about the subject, also rumors that the U.S. military paid the discoverer a "fortune" to shut up about shaft and "disappear".

Colonel Philip Corso, who once served on President Eisenhower's National Security Council staff, states "When that truth of alien intervention in our planet's affairs and our ongoing contact with an alien culture is finally revealed, it won't be frightening even though it will be a shock."

The alleged discovery of an underground tunnel by a family picknicking in the suburban town of Irmo, four miles northwest of Columbia, South Carolina. Irmo having been suspected in the past of harboring U.N. fugitives. John Don Cooper and his son Wayne Dwayne discovered the opening while out foraging for branches for their makeshift lean-to. The passage led to a man-made cave. According to police spokesman Ralph Hightower, the tunnel was located in a wooded area next to the parking lot of the Irmo K-Mart, which was not heavily visited due to competition from a nearby Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. Cooper immediately called 9-1-1 and the Irmo SWAT Team responded by storming K-Mart and the tunnel. Caught by surprise, the U.N. infiltrators lost the battle, which lasted about four hours, however it was fount that the tunnel branched out to many different and still unknown locations. The tunnel at the town limits of Irmo was sealed by the SWAT Team. Hightower said: "...I don't think they'll be back 'cause we kicked their butts real good."

From the Jordan Times website: "It could be a sea monster, a rare species of fish, a creature from outer space, or a total hoax altogether. But what Mohammad Yousef Obaid, a Kuwaiti municipal employee, fished out of the sea on a family outing a week ago is definitely strange. Mr. Obaid, 35, says he found the creature floating face down in water, Aug. 8, as he was fishing in the Al Fantas area of the Kuwaiti shoreline at around 11 p.m. "First I thought it was a dead human body and wanted to call police," he recounts. "But then I thought let me determine for myself what it was and so I turned it face up with a stick." "I was shocked to see that the creature, or whatever, had a strong resemblance to humans," says Obaid. "I could see that the body was disintegrating but could distinctly spot the strange skull, remnants of eyes, ears and mouth, spinal cord and pelvis." The creature could have been dead for about a week or more, according to Mr. Obaid, who adds that as he pulled the skeleton to the shore, it broke into three pieces. He took home the skull and spinal cord (which remained attached to each other) but the rest of the creature's body was missing when he went back to get it. The skeleton is one and a half metres long; it has a big mouth, two nostrils, two eyes and two ears which jut out of the skull resembling a Chinese dragon or even the "devil" as portrayed by artists. Mr. Obaid, a father of five, says he is keeping the skeleton in a deep freezer at home. "But it has turned black by now," he said Saturday. The municipal worker says he approached several research centres in Kuwait with the story, but "no one seemed to take me seriously."

The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso is published, with claims that he released alien technology from the Roswell crash to U.S. military and industry during the 1960's.

Sometime in early 1997 a UFO supposedly crashes in the New Mexico desert. A video has recently surfaced which depicts an object careening towards the desert floor. The object bounces once before coming crashing onto the ground, exploding and sending sparks flying.

Mysterious electric cable and fine powder from digging found in Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. It appears someone is digging secretly.

On the Anomalous Images website, is a letter from a man saying he worked at the Vatican and stumbled on a letter in a top secret computer terminal talking about "Wormwood", a possible meteor which could hit the earth. No further details were given, except another letter saying an attempt on his life was made while he was in hiding.

U.S. Lance Corporal John Weygant has made statements that in 1997 he was part of a team sent to secure a UFO crash zone in Peru. It was a very large, teardrop shaped craft which oozed some kind of weird anti-freeze looking stuff. He claims that it was shot down by somebody, possibly the Peruvians. A UFO retrieval specialist team came in and relieved him of his duty at the crash site, but not before tying him up, threatening him with his life and the lives of his family members, and making him sign some secret documents to keep his mouth shut (which he apparently didn't).

The Tether Incident, STS 75. This case involves the Space Shuttle and footage recorded by NASA itself. Whilst an experiment was being performed, a 12-mile (19km) length of a satellite tether snapped and drifted into space. As the shuttle cameras zoomed in on the drifting tether, the footage captured numerous objects flying in its vicinity. The objects appear as circular light-emitting objects that at various times pass behind the tether and one has been estimated to be a mile (1.6km ) in diameter.

March 13 -- Massive UFO sighting in Arizona. Millions worldwide watched on CNN what thousands of people videotaped and were pointing at in the skies over the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. The US Air Force has responded in character, first with silence, then a "training mission" story (flares), then total silence again. Eyewitnesses saw UFO floating just 100 feet over their heads, as big as a football field, moving about 5 miles per hour, without a sound, blotting out the stars behind it, and the artificial lights without glare or glow. It appeared to be a V-shaped craft with about 5 lights on each side. It was several blocks wide and made no sound at all. Ed Dames (on Sep 17, 1997 Art Bell show) said it was hoax made with lasers.

March 15 -- Close to the town of Wegorzewo, Suwalki Province, a UFO was seen to explode in the air before crashing to the ground at 5:00 pm. Its remains were immediately gathered by soldiers of the Polish Army. The Army denied all knowledge of the incident at the time, but since then, Army spokesman Col. Zdzislaw Czekierda of the General Staff, has publicly stated that "...the General Staff of the Polish Army have had a special division which gathered and evaluated all information about UFO sightings and close encounters with aliens since the early 1980s".

March 24 -- A UFO is tracked and chased over the Peak District of Northern England. RAF Tornadoes gave chase and one was destroyed by the UFO. The RIO survived the incident.

End of March -- 39 members of the Gateway to Heaven (aka Heaven's Gate) cult kill themselves in California. They leave video testimonials saying they are aliens who are now shedding their "containers" (bodies) to meet with a mothership in the tail of comet Hale-Bopp.

April (1996 jan 20?) -- Several persons witness a ufo crash in the city of Varginha, Brazil. The local firemen, and then the Brazilian army take over. In the following days, alien beings are spotted by other witnesses, trying to escape, as they are hunted and even fired at by the military. One of the alien body is reported dead and autopsied at the local hospital, then taken away to another location. Revelations on Varginha Case are aired on Brazilian TV and reach the rest of the world. In May, 1997 a scientist accused of having autopsied the alien(s) states in a conference he will be able to speak on the subject in a question of years. In June 1997, fifteen witnesses confirm involvement of soldiers in alien capture. Another witness reports he was offered money to keep his mouth shut. The Varginha Case is unique in many ways. First of all, it's an once-in-a-lifetime shot for UFO-researchers to have a really "hard" case in their hands. Ufologists such as Stanton T. Friedman and John Carpenter, who to many represent the "famous elite". But also well renowned men like the local investigators Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Pacaccini (who were the first two to investigate and blew the case right open), and A.J. Gevaerd (MUFON's representative in Brazil). Men like Stanton T. Friedman who is an expert in the legendary Roswell-incident and knows how the secret-machine works, an insight that will be vital when it comes to finding out what has happened to the EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) that are supposed to have been transferred alive to Albrook Airforce Base in Panama.

May 6 -- Reports of a UFO crash near the town of Lajas, Puerto Rico (famous for the Laguna Cartagena incidents earlier this decade) at 3:25 a.m. erupted on the news wires and on the Internet, producing renewed interest in the island's UFO landscape, which had waned since the cessation of Chupacabras activity last year. All accounts coincided on the fact that something had happened near Lajas, producing an intense brush fire in the habitually arid region, but the source of the fire became a bone of contention: one band of ufologists claimed that a spacecraft had hurtled out of the sky and exploded, causing the conflagration along with reports of Federal agents who denied the local police access into the area. Another ufologist appeared on television denying that there was anything to the event aside from a meteor impact which triggered the fires, and suggested that the celestial event was being manipulated by a band of government-infiltrated saucer fanatics to discredit UFO research on the island. To everyone's surprise, an astronomer took the side of the pro-UFO faction, insisting that a meteor of that magnitude would have left a tremendous crater, possibly obliterating Lajas and the neighboring towns. On May 7, Univision's Spanish-language Primer Impacto program presented a dramatic roundup of the events surrounding the mysterious Lajas incident: the interviewers reported claims that the Army had reported to the area to collect debris from the impact site and that the consternation among the locals was clearly visible. It was also pointed out that unusually heavy UFO activity had been reported over Puerto Rico's southern tier, and that a woman from the city of Ponce had taken a video of a silvery, rhomboidal object crossing the skies.

July 21 -- A UFO was reported to have fallen into the Caspian Sea in the coastal waters of the Dagestan Republic. The crash was witnessed by the crew of the tug boat Szhukin.

August -- An elliptical-shaped UFO fell into the forest near Mezmay, Krasnodarsky Kray, North Causcasus region of Russia.

September 11 -- An anonymous caller to the Art Bell radio show is made by a former Area 51 employee who reveals that the Aliens are extradimensional beings intending on slaughtering and conquering humanity. The broadcast is abruptly cut off, and replaced by an old, taped show.

December 29 -- Russian scientists claim to have found Atlantis 100 miles off Land's End, near England. They plan to investigate the area in spring 1998. Little Sole Bank, which rises within 50 meters of the surface of the water, was supposedly the capital of Atlantis. This is based on a Cornish myth of a land called Lyoness, whose capital city was Lions, which had 140 temples before they sank into the ocean. King Arthur is said to have fought Mordred, who was from Lyoness.

Three Japanese fighter jets shot down by UFOs over the ocean off northern Japan.

New parts of the vast Lamprecht Cave, near Lofer, in the Salzburg mountain region of Austria, connecting two cave systems and making the Lamprechtsofe at the time the deepest cave on Earth.

Strange symmetrical rings of weather appear on weather radar in Arizona (Turret Mtn, aka White Horse) and Texas (Amarillo). A strange fireball was also seen at Turret Mountain.

Monsignore Corrado Balducci, a theologist spokesman for Vatican, has said on Italian national TV channels repeatedly in the last months that extra-terrestrial contact is a fact and that the Pope knows about it and that there is some kind of ET commission at Vatican.

Summer -- Cave explorers using scientific equipment were able to confirm that a linked cave system some 15 miles in length exists underground in North Wales.

June -- A group of scientists known as the "Sturrock Panel", in a study commissioned by Laurance Rockefeller, issues a report stating that the physical evidence for UFOs is worth studying, and may contribute to the advancement of science.

October 19 -- Four different radar stations in northern Hebei Province in China picked up an unknown moving target in airspace directly above an air base near Changzhou City. Visually, the UFO at first appeared like "a small star," then as an object with a mushroom-shaped dome on top and a flat bottom covered with bright, continually rotating lights as it descended. After it was determined that there were no known aircraft in the area, a fighter was scrambled to intercept the craft. When the jet got to within 13,200 feet of the UFO, it abruptly shot upward, easily evading subsequent attempts to get closer. Thus began a cat-and-mouse game that continued until the jet was too low on fuel to continue. The UFO then vanished before other aircraft could take off. A request by the pilot of the jet to fire on the object was denied.

November 25 -- A sentry patrolling the perimeter of the Morán de la Frontera Air Base near the city of Seville, Spain at five o' clock in the morning was startled to hear a sound he likened to "steel plate being cut" (a similarity to the metallic clangor heard by Ms. Sepúlveda in the Chilean case). The sentry shouted a challenge; when no one responded, he loaded his rifle and fired two shots in the air, while letting loose the German shepherd watchdog that accompanied him on his rounds. Almost immediately following the two loud reports, an entity described as a two-meter-tall "sort of person" emerged from the surrounding thicket. According to Spanish researcher José Manuel García Bautista, the sentry was astonished by the being's height and its fluorescent green eyes, adding that the darkness kept him from making out its physical details. With his heart pounding, the sentry fired another shot straight into the creature, to no avail. He then ordered the German Shepherd to attack; the animal charged the dark figure, but stopped short of it with a loud whimper. The highly trained guard dog cowered back to the sentry, who was at a loss as to what to do next. The entity spared him further confusion by vanishing into the thicket once more. After contacting his superiors over a hand-held radio, the sentry was taken to see the base commander, who advised him to keep the whole affair confidential and awarded him a week's leave. But before going off on his furlough, the sentry noticed that his guard dog now sported a long scar running along its left shoulder blade: physical proof of the encounter with the unknown creature.

"It was about 200 meters long, 50 meters wide and was lit up like a city in the sky. It moved very slowly across the sky, making a quiet puffing noise." This is the description of what thousands of people on the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain, New Guinea saw in the sky over the weekend.

October 9 -- Exploding UFO levels huge patch of jungle west of Sao Felix do Xingu, Para state, Brazil. Romulo Angelica said, "We found this very strange because we at least should have a crater here. But there is no crater anywhere around.

November 21 -- At 14:45Z hours our satellites caught an amazing photo of a UFO at an estimated hundred miles above the Earth off the coast of the state of Washington. The University of Colorado also keeps these photos on file for reference. One of the satellites is designed to pick up water vapor or clouds from space. When Russel Kirchner caught sight of the UFO in the display he zoomed in and could see the steam coming off a UFO. It was of the type identified as a large Mother Ship. The possibility of the object image being caused by a computer error was discussed and ruled out.

December -- "Flight of Dragons": a wave of UFO sightings occurred in China at the end of 1999 as the Year of the Dragon begins.

January 4 -- Southern Illinois police chase case. Some time before dawn, a witness in Highland saw a group of lights and contacted the local police department. The dispatcher contacted an officer in the town of Lebanon, where the lights were headed, and the officer saw what he described as a triangular dark object with lights at each corner and extended illumination across the back. This object appeared in succession to officers in Shiloh and Millstadt, in one instance making a peculiar turn. One officer took a photo with a Polaroid, and while the cold morning interfered with the performance of the camera, he obtained the image of an object with multiple lights. This series of sightings lasted about half an hour. Venus was a brilliant morning star at the time – always cause for suspicion – but did not rise until just after the first sighting. Moreover, the object passed across the sky and photographed as an extended object, not a single bright light. The Air Force denied that any military aircraft was in the vicinity of a nearby airbase, leaving only a very unusual aircraft or a genuine UFO as the answer.

August 15 -- A major UFO incident rocked the Southwest Asian nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan on Tuesday night, August 15, 2000. The fleet of UFOs was first seen at 8:15 p.m. in Kandahar, a city in Afghanistan located 200 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of Kabul, the national capital. "Eyewitnesses in Kandahar told Afghan Islamic Press that objects looking like missiles, like 'flames of fire,' moved through the air around 8 p.m. in the evening and fell" across the border in neighboring Pakistan. "'We did not know what they were,' the eyewitnesses said." "People have also observed these things in the border areas of Pakistan, Shahrkotal, and in Spin Dolbak in Kandahar province." The UFOs were "also seen in Samangan province and Urozgan province" in Afghanistan. "In Afghanistan, the Taliban (ruling Islamic party - J.T.) wondered whether the USA had come out with another cruise missile attack on Osama bin-Laden's hideouts. Frantic calls, mostly by radio and satellite, were made to Khost, Jallalabad and Kabul. By midnight, the Taliban knew and were relieved that this wasn't the case." "Taliban official Mulla Ahmadullah Ahmadi in Kandahar said, 'Some people saw the star-like objects here at 8:15 p.m. They said they made no noise like the cruise missiles and were brightly lit. Also, they said the objects were flying towards Pakistan. Then it became obvious that this was no fresh (new) U.S. cruise missile attack on Afghanistan.'" "The mystery objects, according to reports, have also been sighted in Afghanistan's Zahul province neighboring Kandahar. It is probable that they were seen elsewhere in Afghanistan, as well, but poor means of communication ensures that it will be weeks before such information reaches the media." The UFOs crossed the border into Pakistan at about 8:20 p.m., heading southwest towards the city of Quetta, in Pakistan's Baluchistan province located about 200 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of Kandahar. "Official sources in Quetta said Baluchistan's high- ranking government functionaries spent Tuesday night and the whole of Wednesday," August 16, 2000, "discussing the sighting and searching for the elusive objects." "An aerial reconnaissance was also carried out in Loralal, Barkhan and Kohlu, the places where the flying objects were sighted by many people and also where some of them reportedly fell. A (Pakistani Air Force) helicopter was sent to carry out this task but it returned empty handed." In addition to the civilian eyewitnesses, the UFOs "were also sighted by Colonel Asmatullah," chief of military security for the governor of Baluchistan, "who saw them sailing over Koh-i-Murdar mountain which overlooks Quetta." "Baluchistan Home Secretary Shahryar Khan Mahsud said he is using every means to unlock the mystery of the flying lights." Mahsud said, "We would have dismissed them as gossip if a few people had seen them at just a few places. But we are being told of sightings at several places in northern and central Baluchistan. They were reportedly seen at Chaghi, Quetta, Pishin, Qiila Abdullah, Loralal, Barkhan, Kohlu and Qiila Saifullah." A lone saucer was also seen at Dera Ghazi Khan in the Punjab.

August 27, 20:30 -- Possible UFO crash in Balochistan, Pakistan. Newspaper report UFOs and UFO crash.

October 13 -- On this day, ufologist Jim Hickman "was monitoring local law enforcement (radio channels) and at 7:31 p.m. local time, a radio call came in that four or five fighter planes were sighted by local police officers, and they were traveling to the northwest." "At the same time, an unidentified flying object (UFO) encountered the fighters and reportedly crashed into the ground north of Elk City, Oklahoma." The fighters were presumably from Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. The descending UFO, Hickman reported, "was seen by multiple witnesses as far west as Shamrock, Texas and as far east as Clinton, Okla., north to Cheyenne, Okla. and south to Granite, Okla." According to a radio transmission reportedly made by Hammond, Okla. police cruiser, the UFO "was headed north" and crashed on a farm just north of Hammond. Another eyewitness also reported seeing a strange luminous vapor trail in the lower atmosphere. Richard P. of Jenks, Okla. (population 1,100), a town 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Tulsa, reported, "There was cloud cover everywhere but to the southwest." At 7:20 p.m., "I had just stepped outside when I saw a light in the southwest sky, moving to the north. It was about 'a fist at arm's length' above the horizon. It was more like two or three lights on the front of an object that was leaving a definite trail. The trail, which had sort of a shine to it, made me question if the object was an airplane. It seemed more like a fireball that was starting to break apart. As the object moved north, it would pass behind scattered cloud cover, but I saw it for at least thirty seconds before it disappeared for good." "The trail stayed in the sky for another 10 to 15 minutes. Also, as the sky got darker, the trail got brighter! Finally, it was a beam of light, as bright as the full moon, across the southwestern sky." The Rogers Mills County Sheriff's Department also reported, "Sparks in the sky," according to Jim Hickman. On Saturday, October 14, 2000, KFOR TV in Oklahoma City reported, "It happened last night at 7:30 p.m. when a strange sight surface in the sky. Reports came into our newsroom from across the state, and many callers saw the same thing. They had seen a mysterious fireball in the sky." KFOR TV reported sightings of the UFO and its luminous trail in the cities of Elk City, Erick, Enid, Alva, Clinton, Leedy, Oakwood, Choctaw, Mangum, Ringwood and Sayre." The TV station telephoned Tinker Air Force Base, the National Weather Service and NORAD., "and we quickly learned that the object had been seen by folks from Texas to Nebraska." However, eyewitnesses in Kansas saw more than one object in the sky. "'There's one big light and around it just five little balls, just lights, just following them. And then through the sky there was just like vapors, and vapors like different colors - blues and oranges -that were just cool,' said eyewitness Arthur Davis of Valley Center, Kansas." There were also reports of "fire in the sky" from McCook, Nebraska. In Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, hundreds saw the aerial display. "Gary Bishop of South Wichita said, 'Just looked over my shoulder and right across the sky, from the southwest to the northwest, down a little bit. This was a meteor that left a trail of blue light. It was beautiful!'" "911 supervisors said they had more telephones ringing than dispatchers to handle them. They say they had around 150 calls from witnesses saying they saw everything from space aliens to a plane crash."

January 11 -- The WREX Channel 13 Television in Rockford, IL, USA, and other news media reported that they had received some 600 reports of UFOs over this city in Northern Illinois around 9:00 PM on January 11, 2001. As many as twelve lights or UFOs were reported conducting maneuvers over the city. Some reports of computer and electrical shutdowns coincided with the reports. Later that night on all three of the news stations in Rockford reported the sightings. Some people reported seeing six lights while others reported seeing a dozen yellow orange lights hovering in the sky. The light sightings were made from 8:50 to 9:00 PM. Sightings have been fairly regular in recent months over the city.

August 8 -- While on a routine training flight in a U.S.-made T-37 off the Turkish Aegean coastal town of Candarli, two Turkish trainee pilots suddenly had reason to call their home base control tower. A bright object had approached their plane at high speed and reportedly gyrated around them for about a half hour. The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet quoted their call: "Object approaching the wings. Now it's behind the plane ... now it's in front of us." They told their controller and the regional war alert center of the Turkish army that the apparent Unidentified Flying Object had an unusual shape that looked like a cross between a cone and a disc. Turkish air force sources said they were investigating. So were the neighboring Greeks. The Turks were planning to report the encounter to international bodies — especially the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. abcNEWS

August 19 -- Across from a giant radio telescope at Chilbolton in England, a crop formation appeared in a wheat field on this date. It was 75 feet wide and 120 feet long. It contained a response to a message that we humans sent out into space back in November of 1974. Dr. Carl Segan and Francis Drake created the message as part of the project for the search of extraterrestrial intelligence.

January 21 -- Bodhgaya, Bihar, India, Eva Zemanova. Suddenly I woke up and found out that I am standing on the ground. I thought that I am dreaming. I felt strange and then I saw in front of my eyes something really big, bigger than the whole city. And I recognized that I am looking at a biggest spaceship possible resting on the place. It was completely different than anything you can see on this planet. It was so big that it would take few hours at least to go around. Its surface looked like the one of stone tombs or ancient temples from large cubes of gray stone. But in reality it was not any stone and if you came closer you discovered that it was a kind of a metal not available here processed to desks covering the whole ship which had a shape of semi globe with perimeter of few miles. At the bottom there were doors, hidden entrances periodically placed on all sides and peculiar series of relief incorporated to the design of the cover. There were faces of many strange races living or extinct in the far off universe, their symbols and language signs, neither of them I could read or recognize but still I knew that they are our friends or ancestors.

March -- The UFO hacker Gary McKinnon arrested in London. JSC build8.

November 27 -- At approximately 4 pm (EST) North American Aerospace Defense Command received unverified reports of what appeared to be a contrail of unknown origin in the vicinity of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Initially, it was reported to be heading northwestward toward the United States. Commercial airline pilots later reported the contrail over Florida and later over Indiana. Thereafter, no other sightings were reported. NORAD scrambled fighter aircraft from several bases in an attempt to intercept and identify the source of the contrail. No visual or confirmed radar contact was made with the source of the contrail. NORAD continues to investigate these reports.

January -- A series of pictures was taken off UFOs in space by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a spacecraft about a million miles from earth. Mike Murray, one of the founders of EUROSETI, said: "Some of the pictures are real crackers. They are the archetypal flying saucers - disc shaped objects with some kind of glow around them. Many have a pulsing light and leave a trail behind them. They come from all angles and directions." According to Murray, the craft were said to be moving in a way that suggested intelligent control. "There's one especially which is really fabulous. It is a glowing disk with a pink disc-shaped object within the glow, and a turret on the top, Murray told BBC. "The first thing we did when we got the images was to speak to NASA, who said it was a camera fault. But by enhancing the images we proved this wasn't the case." He said NASA then suggested the objects could be asteroids or comets - but this did not explain the way they appeared to move independently and make turns.

March 5, 21.50 -- Helena, Missouri. Gigantic triangular shape ship was football field size and 6 m high. The structure resembled an old bridge truss.

November 23 -- Japanese doomsday cultists "Aum Shinrikyo" believe a nuclear war starting on October 30 will wipe out most of humanity by the end of November.

March -- In the Campeche region of Mexico, the crew of a military drug surveillance plane recorded up to 12 UFOs on their FLIR infra-red camera system. One of the objects can be seen to separate into two. The aircraft's radar also confirmed the sighting. During the incident, which lasted more than 30 minutes, the UFOs gathered around the aircraft, to the consternation of the aircrew. Unusually, the Mexican government released details of the encounter in full. They provided the footage, the crew and the Head of the Mexican Air Force for questioning by the world's media.

November -- Over the Arak nuclear facility an Iranian F-14 Tomcat tried to lock its radar on to a luminous object, only to have the radar beam disrupted. The pilot described the object as being spherical, with something like a green afterburner creating a considerable amount of turbulence behind it. The intruder then increased its speed and disappeared like a meteor.

November 8 -- An Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter jet is shot down by a UFO after being scrambled to intercept a radar contact over a valley frequented by UFO reports. The plane crashed near an airbase near Bikaner in Rajasthan state, and the pilot parachuted to safety. The pilot radioed, "I have the UFO in sight.", before his jet's electrical systems shut down.

November 11 -- Finally the birth of Blond alien Claudia Schiffer - daughter: Clementine

November 14 -- Nimitz incident was a radar-visual encounter of an unidentified flying object by US fighter pilots of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in 2004. Two F/A-18 Super Hornets pilots led by the commander of Strike Fighter Squadron 41 communicated that they saw a flying object. Radar signals were seen by United States Navy ships and aircraft in the area as well.

December 4 -- Found the Lesotho Promise diamant.

December 4 -- UK Ministry of Defence released his UFO reports between 1997-2009.

October -- the Chinese received a shipment of gold bars. When the shipment was received, the Chinese government asked that special tests be performed to guarantee the purity and weight of the gold bars. In this test, four small holed are drilled into the gold bars and the metal is then analyzed. Officials were shocked to learn that the bars were fake. They contained cores of tungsten with only a outer coating of real gold. What's more, these gold bars, containing serial numbers for tracking, originated in the US and had been stored in Fort Knox for years. There were reportedly between 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz. each, in the shipment!.

June -- Swedish diving team discovered a mysterious formation on the bottom of the Baltic Sea at 90 meters depth. Sonar imagery appeared to show a strange disc-like object 60 meters in diameter with many unusual characteristics.

December 23 -- The date of the end of the world, according to Mayan cosmology. Secret of the Maya calendar, magyarul.

March 05 -- CIA boss (previously was in a chief position) confess about UFO-s on his deathbed. Video

June 23 -- Nick Redfern: Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, and Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History. Book.

July 14 -- Russia, Kursk area - 60 000 ft. Russian military pilot reported a close encounter with two UFOs, they were filmed by on-board camera.

March 11 -- Former Area 51 engineer Bill Uhouse stats that we are working with an alien race. Videos.

Jun 1 -- Debswana Diamond. The third largest diamond found. The largest yellow diamond here.

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