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Some people call these the first humans, possibly first hybrid descendants of the Anunnaki. It is believed that the Adam / Eve theme shows up in many cultures over every continent in in many ancient texts. It is also believed that there are two races of beings within our universal locale; Draconian’s (reptiles) and the Evadamic (human) which battled for domination of Terra, or Earth. They would look somewhat middle eastern or Native American, Black, dark brown hair, dark eyes, olive eyes, in rare cases blue eyes. Or are these mythological creatures in world history?

List of Hybrid Species

They call their planet Crimea Al-Petri, located in the Lyra Constellation in Ukraina. They refer to themselves as “Afim Spiantsy” because of war they had fought against a race called “Spiantsy”. The Spiantsy race had 12 times more members and 35 time more ships and resources than the Afim, but the Afim won nevertheless. “Spiantsy” was added to their race-name as a warning to other races. They have colonized 10 planets in a non-violent way.

They are technologically advanced and can travel in their small spherical ships from their home to Earth in 20 of our minutes. The Afim are interested in what they call “Human Deviation” and Earth’s development as a potential member of the Federation.

They are smaller than Humans in stature and their skin is covered with blue spots, darker for males and lighter in females. They do not need oxygen, as their atmosphere is composed mainly of a hydrogen-mix. When they are around Humans, they can become invisible, but the humans they are near will experience a certain amount of unexplained anxiety.


A group of Asiatic or Nordic humans who, sources claim, discovered a vast system of caverns below the region of the Gobi desert and surrounding areas thousands of years ago, and have since established a thriving kingdom within, one which has been interacting with other-planetary systems up until current times. Vast cavern systems below Tibet allegedly link the Agharti systems of central Asia to “Snakeworld”, a multileveled cavern system under the southwestern slopes of the Himalayas where the “Nagas” dwell, according to Hindu legend. Here a serpent cult of human and reptilian collaborators dwells, one which is said to have had contact with the Nazi Thule society during World War II. Long ago an Asian prince is said to have led several militant followers — warrior monks — into the caves and came in conflict with this serpent cult. Following the conflict the reptilians and collaborating forces were driven out, however in recent centuries they have regained some ground.

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/
A group of Asiatic or Nordic humans who, sources claim, discovered a vast system of caverns below the region of the Gobi desert and surrounding areas thousands of years ago, and have since established a thriving kingdom within, one which has been interacting with other-planetary systems up until current times. Click Here For More Information

FROM JW: A group of Asiatic or oriental humans who, sources claim, discovered caverns and abandoned antediluvian ‘cities’ which had been taken over by reptilian entities. Several hundred or thousand years ago an Asian prince allegedly led several militant followers into the caves and came in conflict with the saurian-reptoid inhabitants of an ancient subterranean city or network known as ‘Agharta’ or ‘Agharti’, and after a considerable conflict the reptilian forces were driven out. There are indications that since that time the Reptilians have attempted an occult-retakeover of Agharta and some (not all) of the inhabitants may have succumbed to these occult manipulations. This may explain why a small percentage of the ‘MIB’ encounters involve oriental-like humans, perhaps members of a small renegade or ‘off-shoot’ group of Aghartians. Such ‘renegade’ elements may also exist in the Telosian empire and of course within the United Stated itself. There also seems to be a loose secret alliance between Aghartian, Telosian and American officials according to some sources. In all three groups there seems to be a visible government which seeks to establish and may have in part inspired Constitutional-like liberties, as well as a secret renegade ‘secret’, ‘Illuminated’ or ‘fifth column’ international or interspherial government which seeks to undermine the traditional values and liberties of all three civilizations. The Agharian ‘space fleet’ is allegedly known as the ‘silver fleet’ (Evadamic). (I don’t care for the Agharians but I do like the Telosians. The people inside Mt. Shasta do have a fleet of flying saucers and cigar type craft that are called the Silver Fleet.)

From the constellation Gemini. The members of this race caused the Human term “Martians” to be coined. They have had permanent bases on Mars for thousands of years, where they mine some sort of a gold-like material.

First recorded visit to Earth (Terra) was in Japan, 1235 BC.
Last seen near Lima, Peru in 2004.

From the constellation Ophiuchus, near Yed Prior. Considered by other races as peaceful. They are mostly nocturnal. Their ships emit a bright-orange light and are (usually) octogonal in shape.

The purpose of their visits is unknown as they do not interact with Humans or other races. It is assumed they use Earth (Terra) as a “rest stop” on their way to their real destination.

Last seen near London, England in May, 2003.


From the constellation Sextans. They have the fastest ships of any known race. One of their ships crashed outside of Varginha, Brazil in 1996. 2 of the occupants are under USA custody, after having paid billions of dollars to the Brazilian government.

Last seen near Varginha, Brazil in 2002.

From the constellation Cetus, near Deneb Kaitos Shemali. Although they are often confused with reptilian races, they do not share anything with them except their appearance.

One of the 21 races known to have more than 2 genders. This race has 8 genders and all of them can reproduce with each other.

Their height is around 2 meters (6 feet) and can live up to 350 years.

Last seen near Lima, Peru in 2004.

ALABRAM Ruth Montgomery mentions the Alabram, a humanoid species that lives on a planet that lies beyond the Andromeda galaxy. Nobody else mentions them.

[Quoted by Joshua David Stone, in Hidden Mysteries. This information was channeled.]

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Alabram
From the constellation Perseus. They are extremely agressive, and considered by other races as one of the “parasite” races. They do not like to interact with other races and, presumably, have over 5,000 ships and colonized over 100 planets.

Their abductions of Humans are frequent and on-going, with an unknown purpose. Suspected to have been involved in several airplane crashes, such as flight 007 over the USSR in 1983, for which the USSR leadership took the blame.

Last seen in Canada in September, 2001.

Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) is the alpha star of the constellation of Taurus.

The Aldebarans are a humanoid species, of the Lyran Caucasian group, and thus genetically related to the Lyrans, Pleiadians, and some of the Sirian races.They are said to frequently interact with these species.

Sources contradict each other with regard to membership to the Federation of Planets or the Draconian / Orion Empire:
  • One source, B. Frissell, claims that they are part of the UFP,
  • while others -like Branton, Matthew and cyberknight- claim they are part of the alternative 3 group. (Then again, Branton, Matthew and Cyberknight may very well be quoting each other).
  • In the Omega-files, Branton claims that a group of “renegade Pleiadians/Aldebarans” have joined the Draconian Empire.

Accordingto B. Hand Clow, the Aldebaran energy is very musical, mathematical, harmonic, and is right brain oriented.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Aldebaran

A Brief Introduction to Alien Races with some videos.
From the constellation Sculptor and descended from an ancient (now extinct) race of reptilians. Specialists at building ships and other devices needed for deep space travel. They are space-travellers searching for new raw materials.

They can live up to 230 years.

Last seen near Tokyo, Japan in 2005.

Supposedly from Jupiter or one of its moons.They were forced to leave Earth (Terra) after losing a battle against a reptilian race in ancient India (exact dat unknown), which they had been visiting for around 200 years. Their visits to Earth (Terra) resumed in 1948. Their technology is very advanced. Their ships are often invisible (to radar and the human eye) and they wear some sort of clothing that makes them invisible as well.
Megjegyezném, hogy a Jupiter gázbolygó.
A központi (esetleg szilárd) régiót sűrű, fémes hidrogén veszi körül. A fémeshidrogén-réteg fölött a folyékony és gáznemű hidrogén átlátszó rétege található. A gázréteg a felhőrétegtől körülbelül 1000 km mélyre terjed. Nincs közvetlen határ a hidrogén különböző rétegei között; a mélységgel a hidrogén állapota gázból folyékonyba megy át.
A hőmérséklet és a nyomás a Jupiter belsejében a mag felé nő. Az átmeneti régióban, ahol a folyékony hidrogén fémessé alakul, a hőmérséklet 10 000 K körüli, a nyomás 200 GPa (= 2 millió atmoszféra).
A hőmérséklet a mag felszínén 36 000 K, a belső nyomás pedig nagyjából 3000-4500 GPa (= 30-45 millió atmoszféra). Wikipédia

Last seen near Portugal in May, 2005.

ALPHA CENTAURIANS A humanoid species that has aquatic qualities such as gills, webbed feet an hands allowing them to live beneath our seas. They possibly inhabit our deep ocean depths and piloting UFO’s often seen coming out of our oceans. They have been accredited with cattle mutilations, possess such an advanced weapons systems that other specie swill not war with them. Yet others claim they are here to enlighten our consciousness. Also they’ve been described as being a luminous bluish gray in color of various height.
Reptilian beings who are said to have established colonies in Alpha Draconis. Like all reptilians, these claim to have originated on Terra thousands of years ago, a fact that they use to ‘justify” their attempt to re-take the earth for their own. They are apparently a major part of a planned ‘invasion” which is eventually turning from covert infiltration mode to overt invasion mode as the “window of opportunity” (the time span before International human society becomes an interplanetary and interstellar power) slowly begins to close. They are attempting to keep the “window” open by suppressing advanced technology from the masses, which would lead to eventual Terran colonization of other planets by Earth and an eventual solution to the population, pollution, food and other environmental problems. Being that Terrans have an inbred “warrior” instinct the Draconians DO NOT want them/us to attain interstellar capabilities and therefore become a threat to their imperialistic agendas (Draconian).

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/Refer to Els


ALT In the trilogy, The Sirian Revelations, Patricia Cori mentions the Alt as one of the four alien races whose DNA was used to create mankind. The Alt allegedly are a red skinned race from the Pleiades.
(Two other races are mentioned by name: the Engan and the Arien. No name is given for the fourth, yellow-skinned race).

Note that thus far I have not come across any other author who mentions these alien civilisations. This information was channeled.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Alt


Alleged Reptilian inhabitants of the Altair stellar system in the constellation Aquila, in collaboration with a smaller Nordic human element and a collaborative Grey and Terran military presence. Headquarters of a collective known as the “Corporate”, which maintains ties with the Ashtar and Draconian collectives (Draconian).

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Altair

Altair is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila (the Eagle). It lies at a distance of approximately 16 light years from Earth, and its color is pale yellow.

The scientific community is very interested in Altair, as it is one the locations from which radio signals were received that have not yet been scientifically explained. (The signals were first received on February 17, 1990 by a Ukranian astronomer).

Altair plays a part in the Humanoid Galactic History. Its “civilization was colonized from Vega. The Altair civilization is quiet and contemplative, given the peaceful philosophic orientation. They are not currently involved in space exploration.” (PoL)

Other sources, however, attribute it a more active role: According to Chuck Roberts and several other UFO related sources, the Altair system (also?) has reptilian inhabitants (lizzies) from the Draconian Empire. This is in line with ancient Earth teachings that also associate the Altair system with reptilians. Branton, too, consistently confirms the presence of “collectivist greys” in the Altair system. However, in the Dulce Material, he also mentions a mixed group of inhabitants on the fourth planet of the Altair system, called Altaira. This planet would inhabited by a “nordic” (or blond) race that co-operates with a race of greys. He claims these are not part of the Draconian Empire, but they are heavily involved in abductions and in interbreeding programs (between these nordics and humans).

Another source, Dr. Michael Wolf, also mentions a race of ‘human-looking’ extra-terrestrials from Altair that would be in communication with the US government.

More information: Altair must have played an important part in Egypt, too: just as the three pyramids in Giza represent the three stars in the belt of Orion, so does the pyramid of Esna represent Altair.

Usually sighted over polar regions of the earth. No name that I can find. These have shown up periodically over the last ten years. NASA is working on this. Every time they’ve been detected, all kinds of strange illnesses break out. They don’t how they can stay alive and be in outer space.
Similar to the Saurians or Reptiloids, yet being hominoid creatures with reptilian AS WELL AS amphibian-like features and are semi-aquatic in nature. May have once lived on land, yet became more aquatic over the centuries. ‘They” have been encountered near swampy regions, rivers, etc., and have been known to attack people without being provoked. It is interesting that some types of Greys AND Reptiloids are believed to be semi-aquatic, having webbed fingers and toes (Draconian).

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/Ref to Black Lagoon Creature

IMAGE: Sculpture by Cynthia Crawford — http://etsculptor.com/Anabua.html
When I first made the Anabua Being it was after have a very unusual woman appear in front of me who looked like an Eagle covered with human flesh. When she walked out of the room, I followed after — only to see that she had vanished. A month later a man in Native American clothing with this same facial features walked down an isle at a conference near my display of sculptures. Same thing happened, he, too, vanished when he left the room.

My guides gave me this information: We are the Anabua, the feather tribe of beings you call the Eagle. We came from the Orion Star system and have been on Gaia, Mother Earth, longer than mankind has existed. We are the balance of nature, eating only that which sustains us. But human’s greed has cut down and burned the forest, replacing it with cold, lifeless structures while defacing its natural beauty. Man’s greed that has lead to wars and he will eventually annihilate not only himself but all life on Earth, leaving behind a baron planet. We shape-shift now to walk amongst you, to look you in the eye and be your reflection; to awaken you before it’s too late.

We plead, put back the Earth the way you found it; live amongst us in peace the way you once did; stop your foolish ways before there is nothing left to save. We cry for the planet Earth and not for the human race.

(also referred to the ‘Els’,
short for ‘Elder Race”
or simply as the ‘Giants’) /
Referred to in ancient Hebrew tradition, this race is allegedly tied-in with a branch of ancient humans who broke-off from mainstream humanity because of their vast size which had developed over the centuries, possibly as a result of a genetic anomaly. They are said to range anywhere from 9-11 ft. and in some cases even 12 ft. in height, although in configuration they are remarkably similar to ‘International” humans. Are said to possess a means of molecular condensing and expansion which allows some of their kind to mingle among humans on the surface. They have allegedly been encountered in deep and extensive cavern systems below the western part of North America, as far north as Alaska, as far south as Mexico, and as far east as Texas. They are believed to have interstellar traveling capabilities.


ANCIENTS Supposedly the first species to come to earth and taught humankind the ability to grow crops and organize in communities. They are connected to the Phoenicians, Egypt and referenced in the Bible.
The Andromeda Council is a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of the populated and organized universe.

According to Tolec (name given to a human representative), and Andromeda Council contactee and representative, “The chaired members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve (12) distinct representative council member races.

“The Council has a non-voting Chairman from the star system Zenetae, planet Tishtae, and a non-voting Vice-Chairwoman from the star system Mirach, planet Terial, both in the Andromeda constellation. These two people, as many on the Andromeda Council, live and vibrate in a 4th dimension/density reality. There is one council member per seat.

“Many of the member races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same races that originally seeded Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of humans on the planet today. It is said these races have already been through the process of transformation, of upliftment — the elevated vibration, density, and spiritual consciousness of the 4th dimension.

Members of the Andromeda Council are from the star systems & planets listed below:“

1. Star System: Arcturus Planet: Pitolla
2. Star System: Antares Planet: Nikotae
3. Star System: M103 Planet: Legola
4. Star System: Procyon Planet: Kaena
5. Star System: Vega Planet: Percula
6. Star System: Capella Planet: Pershea
7. Star System: Polaris Planet: Ventra
8. Star System: Sirius A Planet: Toleka
9. Star System: Deneb Planet: Ritol
10. Star System: Tau Ceti Planet: Xeta
11. Star System: Alhena Planet: Degaroth
12. Star System: Betelgeuse Planet: Etorth

“Members of the Andromeda Council not holding one of the senior, twelve (12) chaired seats hold board positions of: Investigation, research, deliberation, and advisement to the Andromeda Council. They do this on thirteen (13) unique, sub, joint councils or advisory boards. There are 5-6 people on each joint council or advisory board. Collectively, these advisory boards represent in excess of 400+ representative planets from three (3) star systems including Arcturus. Therefore, the majority, the greater percentage of the advisory board members comes from different star systems & planets other than the planet where a chaired Andromeda Council member is from. There is a chairperson, or otherwise named, to each advisory board. They are as follows:”

1. Higher Dimensional Realm Advisory Board
2. Star System Membership Review Board
3. Galactic Federation of Planets Review Board
4. Exobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Sirius- Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)
5. Xenobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Procyon-Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)
6. Oceanography Galaxy Advisory Board
7. Space Travel Dimensional Flight Technology Review Board
8. Planetary Medical Advisory Board
9. Universe Education Observation & Advisory Board
10. Telepathy and Vocal Communication Observation & Advisory Board
11. Galaxy Sector Planetary Exploration Discovery & Assessment Team
12. Military Threat Level Assessment & Advisory Board
13. Spiritual & Emotional Mastery Dimensional Assessment & Dev’l Board

According to Tolec, “There are also other affiliated councils, or races, some formal members of the Andromeda Council, some not, willing to help the people of planet Earth in its process of evolution.

“One of the affiliated councils is the Galactic Federation which is a federation of star systems and planets of benevolent beings. The Galactic Federation is comprised of approximately 140 star systems, and at present 300 planets. It is lead by a Chairman from the Tau Ceti star system which itself has a formal seat, is a senior chaired member of the Andromeda Council. The Federation’s lead planet is — Xeta.

“It is expected over the course of the next few years as planet Earth adjusts to its new life in the 4th dimension — as well as being part of a greater family of intelligent life that is thriving across the cosmos — planet Earth will be invited as a single member to join the Galactic Federation.”


The Andromedan Council has ordered all extraterrestrial presences on the planet, in the planet, and on the moon to be completely out of our space. They want everything that’s ET, benevolent or not, off the planet. This will be very interesting since there are over 1,833 reptilians living in our planet and over 18,000 grays living underground and on the moon. The council would like to see how we will live with each other when we are not being manipulated by ETs, as we have been for the last 5,723 years

Species details:
Member Name: Andromedan Star Nations.
Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Approximately 3.5 million years ago.
Location: The Constellation of Andromeda.
Distance From Earth: Approximately 150 to over 4,000 Light Years.
Life Form Type: Humanoid.
Physical Appearance: Humanoids similar in appearance to Earth humans. They usually wear the traditional multicolored Galactic Federation jump suits. Andromedans consist of two basic Earth human types:

The first is a Caucasian that ranges from a so-called “Nordic” type (blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin), to a “Mediterranean” type (light to dark brown hair, gray to brown eyes, tanned-looking skin).

The second is a typical Oriental, with dark hair, dark Asian eyes and a skin color that varies from very pale brown to a dark shade of brown.

The eyes of all Andromedans are slightly larger than those of Earth humans. The lips are thin and colored almost a light pink, while the ears are fitted slightly lower on the side of the head and are slightly smaller in size. The hands and the feet are delicate in appearance with long fingers and toes.

The men vary in height from 5 feet, 7 inches to almost 7 feet (1.7 to 2.12 meters). The women range from 5 feet, 4 inches to almost 6 feet, 4 inches (1.63 to 1.93 meters) high. Andromedan women are noted for their alluring energies and their quite buxom figures.

Special Traits and Abilities: Andromedans are noted in the Galactic Federation for their mastery of all forms of scientific endeavor.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: About 2 hours per day.

Language: Andromedans speak a language whose dialects vary from a Spanish- or Italian-like sound, to one that is more tonal and gutteral in its intonation.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Andromedan ships range in shape from their traditional sombrero- shaped scout ships that measure some 50 to 65 feet (15 to 20 meters) across, to lens-shaped small atmospheric command ships that are up to a half mile (805 meters) in length


This is allegedly a secret area of operations for both human and reptilian beings. It is said by some that Aryan-Nazi scientists actually developed disk-shaped aircraft capable of very advanced aerial performance, and that swastika’s have been seen on a few aerial disks. They may be piloted by a ‘pure-bred” blond, blue-eyed Aryan race. There appears to be more than one ‘Blond” human society involved in the UFO scenarios, and especially subterranean human societies may have developed ‘blond” hair due to lack of sunlight. There does not seem to be anything more than a peripheral connection between the Antarcticans, the Telosian and the Pleiadean ‘blondes” (i.e. we will refer to the Antarcticans as the ‘Aryans’; the Telosians as the ‘Blondes’; and the Pleiadeans as the ‘Nordics” in order to discourage confusion).

The Antarcticans may consist largely of ‘batch consigned” pure- bred blue-eyed, blonde Aryans who became victims of Hitler’s obsession to create a super race, and as suggested by Harbinson and others most of these may be controlled through mind manipulation and implants, being ‘human drones” who are used to keep this hidden society functioning. A massive joint humanoid-reptiloid underground system called the “New Berlin” is said to lie below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica.

It is said by some sources that this joint human-alien force has spread terror through this sector of the galaxy, conquering and committing untold atrocities against the peaceful inhabitants of other worlds. The famous abductee Barney Hill who along with his wife Betty was abducted by “Zeta Reticulan Greys” in 1961, stated under regressive hypnosis that he had encountered an evil-eyed “German Nazi” working with the Greys on board the craft. It is claimed that the original “treaty” with the Greys was established by the Bavarian Thule and Illuminati societies as early as 1933, and this collaboration was brought into America via the CIA, which was established with the help of American Nazi fifth column agents as well as European Nazi’s who were brought into America through Project Paperclip and other operations.

aristic video

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Antares

Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpio. It is considered to be a binary star of fiery red and emerald green, and lies at a distance of approximately 136 light years. Antares is the home of higher dimensional entities, both physical and non-physical.

Often people also talk about The Doorway of Antares. Antares is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. It “is the interdimensional bridge to Andromeda from our galaxy. Some souls, upon physical incarnation, choose to pass through the Antares gateway to reactivate soul memory.” (PoL) There is no any dimension. Consequently interdimensional bridge not exist. Speculation on dimensions

Here on Earth, a lot of people that are referred to as Starseeds, actually have come through Antares (or Arcturus). They are highly sensitive, highly intellectual, usually highly empathic, withdrawn and reserved.

Al Bielek and V. Valerian mention that Antareans, who look just like “normal humans” are stationed as “observers” on the Montauk base. (See: Project Phoenix)
aristic video
Alien group that was affilitated with the Montauk Project, but only as observers. They look ‘human’
(proper name unknown)
Chris O’Brien - Mysterious Valley - with the Hopi - l Live in the Inner Earth in dense. Have crab claws on their hands and feet. They have antennas on their heads. They pick up frequency and thats how they recognize people. (We always carry the same frequency from life time to life time.)

Their only purpose is to take people to the inner earth when the earth is shaken. (Mother Earth is a sentient being. She is going to shake many people off of her back and the negativity). The world is going to split and become two worlds. There will still be a 3rd density world, but the other earth will be a higher density. But you shouldnt believe any silly sentences.

Height: 5 Feet tall.
Female Anunnaki
Click here for description and how they have influenced the human evolution

Click Here for BUFO Audio Report on the Infiltration of the Anannuki on Planet Earth

Nimrod and Iraq
Nimrod was a worshipper of Anu. Nimrod unlike Abraham did not believe in an unseen deity. Nimrod wanted Abraham to worship Anu, The Most High known as ELYOWN ELYOWN EL. Nimrod was the founder of the city of Babylon, and his most renowned architectural influence was the construction of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod also had a city named in honor of Anu. It was to be called Calneh or Kalneh (Genesis 10:10), meaning “fortress of Anu.”

It used to be an ancient city in Babylon, Mesopotamia. Calneh is often associated with Nippur, which is one of the seven cities that was inhabited by the agreeable Anunnaqi. Nippur was also known as Kodesh. It was originally called “Nibruqi” meaning “Earth place of Nibiru.” It was the city of Enlil, the Anunnaqi Eloheem, son of Anu and Antum. Not only was Calneh one of Nimrod's cities, there was Babel or Babylon, the ancient site and capital of Babylon near the Euphrates. Erek a city 40 miles northwest of Ur, toward Babylon on the left bank of the Euphrates; and Accad or Akkad — a city in North Babylon and a part of the district around it are all a part of the land of Shinar called by many “The Country of Two Rivers,” literally meaning “plains of the flatlands.”

In the land of Shinar, today called Iraq, is the place where the Ancient Sumerians came to set up an advanced civilization where you'd find pictograph cuneiform writings.

Excerpted from The Spell of Leviathan “666” (Spell of Kingu) by Dr. Malachi Z. York

Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy. Want to know what NDE’s really are? – Edgar Cayce
Click Here For Further Information

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Arcturus

Arcturus is the brightest, or alpha-star in the Bootes Constellation, and is seen as a golden-yellow or orange star. It lies at a distance of approximately 34 light years from Earth, and is one of the three brightest visible stars. Edgar Cayce called Arcturus the most advanced civilization in the Universe, the civilization that is most God-like.

Arcturus is the home of higher dimensional entities, who are dedicated to service and healing. They specialize in emotional and spiritual healing, and have mastered techniques, far beyond what we can imagine. This emotional and spiritual healing is the reason why a lot of psycho-spiritual healers have a special connection with Arcturus.

The Arcturians work together with the Sirians. Together they have established what could be called ‘the Arcturian/Sirian matrix’, or network. One source mentions that they supposedly have some bases on the moon.

Arcturus also is “an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and birth. It functions as a way station for non-physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality.” (PoL).

Arcturians are very angelic in nature. Many encounters with Angels, actually are encounters with Arcturians.

Member Name: The Arcturian Confederation.
Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Approximately 3.75 million years ago.
Location: The star Arcturus in the Constellation of Bootes.
Distance From Earth: Approximately 36 Light Years.
Life Form Type: A horse-like sentient Being.

Physical Appearance: Arcturians are a highly sentient mammaloid species that closely resemble a horse. The body is rather tall and slender with a somewhat stylized horse’s head. The skin ranges in color from a vanilla shade to a very dark brown. Arcturians possess a mane on the back of the neck and head and an extremely thin tail that is only slightly reminiscent of that of a horse.

The hands end in 4 fingers that are very long, supple and extremely thin. The arms, legs and body have a very muscular appearance. The Arcturian’s eyes are much bigger than those of Earth humans and are either pale blue or dark brown in color. The ears somewhat correspond to those of a horse, but they are smaller and more rounded than those of their earthly counterparts.

In size, Arcturian males range in height from 7 feet to almost 8 feet 6 inches (2.31 to 2.64 meters). Females vary from just below 7 feet to about 8 feet 2 inches (2.11 to 2.49 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: In the Galactic Federation, Arcturians are noted for their mastery of time (galactic calendars, etcetera) and their exceptional abilities in science and philosophy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: Usually 1 to 3 hours daily.

Language: Arcturians speak a tonal language that sounds similar to Chinese or Vietnamese.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Arcturian ships range from a diving bell-shaped scout ship that varies from about 40 to 75 feet (12 to 23 meters) in diameter, to a lens-shaped planetary command mother ship that is over 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) in length.

There is a 11th Dimensional Arcturian group, call them those related to the Oversoul of the Arcturian race. Some (by example former Joshua Stone of the I AM University) called them the Elders and gave them a description as if they have wings. In my humble opinion these are not wings but more circles of light. Megjegyezném, hogy dimenziók nincsenek, mert a dimenzió matematikai fogalom.

The 5th D Arcturians are blue skinned, do have big almond eyes and do not have hair. They belong to a group mentality, however can act as a individual. They are highly analytical but their analyses are fully intergrated with the highest order of what is for them emotionality …en-lightened- love… They are healers but different in one way than the doctors of Andromeda.

When I worked with the Galactic Federation doctors I saw the Arcturians used sometimes strange light tubes however the Andromedans only used light techniques. The 5th D. Arcturians are not tall. I think 5 feet is their size. They have 4 fingers and they do not have long fingers like the Zetis have. The top of their fingers are more round. Cynthia Crawford has a sculpture of an Arcturian that comes very close to what is my impression. Despite what people might think about the work of Anna Hayes aka Ashayana Deane her drawing of an Arcturian is also close.

Anna Hayes states: Human looking Pleiadian-Human-Nibiruian-Anunnaki hybrid “Blondes”; Nibiruian-Sirian Nephilim Anunnaki-humans (Sirian-Anunnaki); Andromite and Arcturian “Dolphin People” and from inner Earth,

Note: The Branton Material claims that the Arcturian solar system is also inhabited by a third dimensional humanoid civilization. These would have been contacted by the Draconian Empire with a plea to join them. The material, however, contradicts itself with regard to the question of whether they actually had joined, or had chosen an independent position (not tied to the Draconian Empire, nor to the Federation of Planets).

REFER TO: Sirius and Arcturian/Syrian matrix
REFER TO: EL for information on hybrid Arcturian ELS.


FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Arien

In the trilogy, The Sirian Revelations, Patricia Cori mentions the Arien as one of the four alien races whose DNA was used to create mankind. The Arien allegedly are a white skinned race from Orion.

(Two other races are mentioned by name: the Alt and the Engan. No name is given for the fourth, yellow-skinned race).

Note: Thus far I have not come across any other author who mentions these alien civilizations. This information was channeled.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.AshtarCommand

The Ashtar Command is a kind of interplanetary and interdimensional agreement of several extra-terrestrial cultures. Their goal is to assist civilizations in the process of Ascension, by offering knowledge. The Ashtar Command is under the administrative direction of Ashtar Sheran, and under the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, of whom Jesus Christ was one incarnation.

The Ashtar Command has a whole fleet of starships at its disposal. This fleet sometimes is referred to as the Galactic Command.

Many of the Members of the Ashtar Command are active on the Fifth and higher dimensional planes, though many incarnate in 3D-physical bodies on Earth today, and serve as Light-workers.

The Members of the Ashtar Command are also referred to as ‘The (Brother/Sister)hood of Light” or ‘The Great White Brotherhood.” All Ascended Masters can be considered Members of The Ashtar Command.

Some (ET–) Personalities of the Ashtar Command are:
  • Ashtar Sheran
  • Athena
  • Hatonn
  • Korton
  • Soltec
REFER TO: Association of Worlds (or Federation of Planets).

It should be pointed out, however, that according to at least three sources, the Ashtar Command has been infiltrated by “Negatively Oriented” Aliens, or at least that on more than one occasion, negatively oriented aliens have presented themselves as “members of the Ashtar Command.”

Note: Most of the information on the Ashtar Command is channeled, though corroborated by some contactees. Remote viewers, too, confirm the existence of such an organisation.


FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.AssociationOfWorlds

The Association of Worlds, or (United) Federation of Planets, “is a group of physical and non-physical beings from many realms who come together for a number of purposes. Some have called them a galactic confederation or federation. There is no hierarchical structure or authority inherent in the Association. The primary purposes for their interactions with Earth are: (1) to gently nudge humanity toward a greater awareness of itself and its place within the Association, and (2) to prevent a critical number of nuclear explosions on Earth, which can cause a rip in the fabric of space-time, affecting the galactic neighborhood. They have absolutely no intention now of evacuating anyone from Earth under any conditions. They understand the absolute necessity for the human race to become responsible for itself.”

Please note that “Association of Worlds” and “Federation of Planets” are only two ways to denominate the same organization. Being an extra-terrestrial organization, the original name of the organization is of course not an English one. Both expressions are merely two different English ‘translations’ of one and the same name, of one and the same organization.

Other and/or related names: Ashtar Command, Galactic Command.

Note: A lot of the information on the Association of worlds is channeled, though corroborated by many contactees, and by some witnesses working on covert projects. Remote viewers, too, confirm the existence of such an organisation.

ATAIEN In her book ‘The next dimension is love’, Dorothy Roeder, a channel, claims she was contacted by Ranoash, a member of a species that calls itself the Ataien.

On the Internet, on the now defunkt www.spiritweb.org, I found this information:

“This civilization, which is far in advance of Earthly civilization on both spiritual and material levels, has made physical contact with the Earth in the past. Often it has met with disaster, mostly because they don’t have the same kind of physical appearance that humans have. They look like gigantic praying mantises. The term ‘mantis’ actually means ‘divine,’ and the Greeks as well as the Bushman tribe of Africa consider the praying mantis to have supernatural powers, but that does not preclude a shocked reaction of the part of most human beings. Ranoash says that the belief stems from a race memory of a time when the Ataien physically intervened on behalf of Earth to avert a catastrophe that had to do with Earth’s being invaded by aliens from another universe in the very distant past, before humanity was physically incarnated. The Ataien used their advanced mind powers to immobilize the evil aliens.

Although the Ataien look like insects, they do not prey on other life forms as insects on Earth do. It is interesting that in Lyssa Royal’s book The Prism of Lyra, the beings she called ‘the founders’ who were the creators of all other beings, were also insect-like in appearance. Again, it is important to avoid an egotistical frame of reference and realize that humans probably look as ugly to them as they do to humans.

For a long time, the Ataien lived on plant juices. They have evolved now to the point where they can live directly off the energy of light. They still enjoy eating but it is no longer necessary for their survival. The Ataien have wings, even though they don’t need them to travel; however, they do fly for enjoyment and as meditation. They are over six feet tall. Their coloring ranges from light gray to gold. They become more and more gold as they age.

The Ataien have a strong group consciousness, but they are most definitely capable of individual thought, as well. They have learned to create together a flow of thought and feeling that results in harmony for the whole race consciousness. In this regard they are different from humans whose individualism results in separation and negative ego. However, on the positive side, humans have great diversity and creativity, and that intrigues the Ataien since they have chosen the path of group consciousness. The positive side of their path is their sharing, love, and attunement to the source on a collective level. The negative side is that they miss a little bit of diversity that humans have. In this respect the two civilizations can learn from each other.

The Ataien have developed the ability to soul travel in other dimensions. They say that they do not travel forward or backward in time be laterally. This has been one of their main interests as a culture over the past one thousand years.

They have computers that are actually biological in nature. They can record information into the computers with a type of mental telepathy. The computers, in sense, have become extensions of their own consciousness. To say that their computers are more advanced than Earthly computers is a vast understatement.

Although interested in human diversity, they definitely feel that they have chosen the right path by seeking group cohesion --in truth, that is spiritual consciousness. As everyone on the spiritual path knows, there are no separate individuals; that is an illusion. There is only one being in the infinite universe, and that is God. Now that the Ataien have achieved that ideal group consciousness, they can, in harmony with the Divine Plan, explore the creative diversity of individualism.

The Ataien are wide open to sharing their experiences and their knowledge of how to achieve the world harmony which Earth needs so badly. Humanity has begun to move in that direction but is still very far from the ideal. There is still to much separative consciousness. The Ataien can be great teachers for humans in this regard. They can also help humans to let go of their deep attachment to the Adam Kadmon form of physical body and to recognize that all beings throughout God’s infinite universe, regardless of their physical types, are brothers and sisters in God.

(Source Of Information: Hidden Mysteries, by Dr. Stone, 5252 Coldwater Canyon, #112, Van Nuys, Calif. 91410, (818) 769-1181. )”

Note: There are rumours that the US Govt. made an agreement with several alien species, one of which is said to be a race of praying mantis-like creatures. It is not clear whether these are the Ataien or another similar race.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.ATAIEN

These are humans, usually described as being benevolent by comparison to other groups, who are said to inhabit vast and complex cavern-cities beneath southern Brazil and surrounding regions. The term ‘Atlantean” or ‘Atlan” in reference to these races, has been placed upon them because of the fact that these cavern networks along the east coast of Brazil were reportedly once a part of the antediluvian ‘Atlantean” empire. The present inhabitants have no direct GENETIC relation to the ancient ‘Atlantean” society which is said to have controlled these cavern systems several millennia ago, but are referred to as ‘Atlanteans” simply because they are descendants of those who re-discovered and inhabited the ancient Atlan installations. As in North America and other continents, both common and gnome-like humans have been encountered here, some of which possessed advanced aerial or ‘disk” technology. The Telosians claim to have some connections with South America, especially the Matto Grosso region where a sister city named POSID exists in a large cavern system underground.

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