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Problems about relativity

János Rohán

What is the knowledge sure enough?

1. The space is a mathematical abstraction, a geometrical construction generated by reasonable beings, does not exist physically
2. The space unbendable because space does not exist
3. Curved space then should not induce gravity
4. The space cannot arisen at Big Bang, because space not exist nowadays too, just in our mind. Likewise time
5. The space cannot inflated because space does not exist. The nonexisting space obviously fail any "structure"
6. The space is endless

Contradictory or questionable experiments

1. Hafele Keating experiment: simply a fraud
2. Michelson interferometer under (wrong directional) rotation
3. Observations of absorption of gravity (Eötvös), a logical mistake

Experiments in conflict with relativity

1. Allais effect, Saxl and Allen, Wang, Magyari
2. Silvertooth, Marinov, Marett
3. Hafele Keating No 447 clock and No 361 clock Westward trip
4. Pound and Rebka: false interpretation
5. Michelson interferometer (stationary, without turning!!!) measures cyclic fringe-shift daily and during a year

Misinterpreted experiments, false ideas

1. GPS as a prove of time dilation: NOT TRUE, no any GPS clock was bringed back, ever
2. Poincare: the Earth would be smolder and would be evaporate if aether would be exists: NOT TRUE, aether exist (= DVAG) but Earth does not evaporated !
3. The hydrogen molecule does not emits in visible and if we cannot see it then it does not exist, physicists say. That is why they fabricates wimps. Although we cannot see the molecular hydrogen from Earth surface, it is to be present in the Universe. The Dark Matter is simply H2 molecule !
4. The gravity is the most weak interactive force in the nature: NOT TRUE, it is the strongest !! Its only seems to be weak, because its absorption in matter is very very faint, the permeability of gravitons is very high.
5. The speed of light is the maximal possible velocity: this einsteinic idea based on nothing
6. Muons wouldnt reach Earth surface because its source is the stratosphere: NOT TRUE, muons arise near sea level!!
6a. Muons take much more circle in the accelerator ring as we would be expected. Yes, because they goes much higher velocity than c !
7. Heisenberg: we cannot collect simultaneously 2 kinds of information from a particle because knocking it during observation, contrarily the particle HAS this properties simultaneously.
8. Hawking: Hawking for his irrational irradiation supposed negative matter and negative energy. That I come to think now when five person are on a bus and eight getting off...
9. Accelerated Universe: based only one very remote SN perception they proclaims from the housetop of acceleration which observation accused countless possibility of errors. Nobel was a mistake.
9a. The dark energy stupid idea may go to trash together with previous point. This idea should replace by gravitone radiation that exerts an unimaginably enormous compressive force on the barionic substance. It does not accelerate the expansion of the Universe, but slows it down, since Graviton radiation is infinite. Then we can model the Universe with Planet Earth, if you throw up a rock, it will slow down and then fall back.
10. Higgs bozons: completely wrong idea: Not found. They couldn't find the coveted particle even though they tried the entire power range at CERN. The Nobel was a mistake. The mass property is given by the elemental energy particle graviton when it enters a circular orbit together with an electric charge fundamental particle.
11. Quark theory: there are no quarks. The positive charge density in a neutron is as much at 0.2 fm radius as in a proton. In neutron, the radius of the negative charge density can be measured also and there is at around 0.6 fm which corresponds to the radius of the electron torus. In proton, on the other hand, does not have a quark charge corresponding to -1/3 charges, so the quark theory is simply an illusion. The Nobel was a mistake.

Logical discrepancies

1. Singularity: does not exist. As we move closer and closer to the fictional singularity the forecast of relativity deviate more and more from true reality. Namely at site of mythical singularity the gravitational attraction become zero, and NOT infinite as relativity waiting for !!!
2. The light moves with velocity c compared ANY observer: this sentence should be memorized by all prentice physicist, in spite of logical absurdity.
3. If the age of the Universe is just 13 Gyears, so galaxies has 0 time to go from place of Big Bang to the position where light was emitted seen on Earth now. This light photons travelled 13 Gyears until reach us.
4. If space would be inflate, so it should be of atoms, galaxies and also the etalon of meter. In that ways we cannot realize the hypothetical inflation anyhow.

The opinion of NicolaTesla from theory of relativity
Higgs bozons? Not exist.

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Theory of relativity describe the reality with an infinite error. Gravity is a pushing force, the source is the graviton pair radiation, DVAG. Matter consists by only two elemental energy kvantum particles. Albert Einstein relativity theory of gravity are fals.