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LACERTIAN REPTILIANS A species of aquatic reptilians from these have been described as lizard-like creatures 4- 6 feet tall, with gills, scales on various colors and are of the reptilian order. Some believe they were once depicted as ancient half fish/human gods of Syrian decent. They are reported to possess telepathic abilities as well as the ability to place thoughts inside humans. They are supposedly from the constellation Lacerta, the called the lizard, which extends from the head of the constellation Cepheus to the foot of the star system Perseus. Women experiencers have described being deceived and raped as these creatures had the ability to mask as movie or rock stars in dream-like experiences. They’ve illustrated scenes of tepid enclosed rooms with warm pools of water that are used to mate with both male and female humans. There ships have been described as either wormlike or triangular.


LANG  The “fairies” of ancient lore, the Lang were some of the earliest visitors to our planet. These wee folks rarely exceed 75 cm in height and are sweet, playful beings. The last sighting of Lang en masse was in New Zealand in 2006.
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On September 15, 1977, at about 2:30 am., Paciencia, Brazil, bus driver Antonio La Rubia spied an enormous, lead colored, hat shaped object — which he estimated to be almost 250-feet across — resting in a field near his home. Perturbed by the sight, La Rubia decided to make a hasty retreat, but before he could move he was paralyzed by a brilliant blue beam of light.

Suddenly, La Rubia spotted three entities — which he described as “robots” — surrounding him. These mechanical monstrosities were about 4-feet tall, with long, spinning antennas and heads shaped like vertical footballs with a horizontal band of blue tinted mirrors extending across the middle. La Rubia further described the beings has begin covered in “scales” the color of dull aluminum, with two arms that resembled elephant trunks, which tapered into a single finger-like appendage, belts with syringes attached to it and a single leg that ended in a saucer shaped “platform.”

The frozen La Rubia watched anxiously as the three automatons hovered toward him. One of the robots held a syrince-like object, which enabled it to raise the horrified human and direct him toward the colossal craft. La Rubia entered the object and watched as the robots moved away from him in opposite directions. He claims that he felt the vehicle taking off as he was moved into a large, circular room. This rounded chamber housed two dozen robots, half of which were positioned on each side of the room.

In terror, La Rubia managed to scream: “What do you want? Who are you?” Without warning, the robots all collapsed to the floor at the sound of his voice and used their appendages to hold still the tips of their spinning their antennae. La Rubia noted — as he was once again paralyzed by a blinding light -that the entities now immobile antennae resembled the shape of a teaspoon.

At this point this already bizarre incident travels into the realm of the totally surreal as La Rubia had blood extracted from him by a spinning gadget and was placed in front of a mechanical, piano-like device, whereupon he was shown a series of strange and incongruent images. The images — which included a factory filled with robots where the UFOs were being manufactured, an old train disappearing into a tunnel, busy streets, La Rubia in the nude and a robot melting while an angry dog barked at it — appeared on the wall of the UFO whenever one of the robots would insert an object from their belts into the “piano” and press a key.

Following this odd series of events, La Rubia suddenly crashed into the road in the city of Paciencia. La Rubia noted that all of his belongings were with him and that his watch had apparently stopped. When he looked up he noticed what seemed to be the bottom of a huge, dark balloon, silently soaring skyward. Apparently the only other witness was a local drunk who confirmed La Rubia’s assertion that a UFO has ascended above the city, but this corroborating testimony was deemed unreliable by most.
LEMURIAN HYBRIDS Lemurians are a humanoid species that hale from Pleiades. They are humanoids, dark hair and olive skin, usually brown almond-like eyes and supposedly settled in India and other areas of the middle east. They are supposedly here to enlighten the consciousness and traveled here many millennium ago because of the vibrant natural resources of what they call Terra (earth). There are several groups of people who claim to be channeling Lemurians message of peace.

List of Hybrid Species

LEVERONS A non--terrestrial group that is affiliated with the Orions. Associated to the Montauk Project.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Leverons

According to Valdemar Valerian, the Leverons are an alien race that was involved in the supply of the technology that made the Philadelphia / Rainbow / Phoenix projects possible. They are part of the Orion Confederation. Their exact origin (planet; solar system) is not specified.

Sea saurian ‘sea serpents” such as the so-called ‘Loch Ness Monster’. Loch Ness has been the site of much occult or paranormal activity including UFO activity, ‘Grey” sightings, etc. Aliester Crowley, the Satanist-Illuminist founder of the O.T.O. or Ordo Templi Orientis, claimed to be in contact with ‘The Beast” of the Loch. He owned a mansion on the shores of the loch and this same mansion later became the residence of the British occultist Jimmy Page, who not only played with the British Rock group Led Zeppelin but also owned a large bookstore dealing with witchcraft and the occult. Being aquatic in nature and having lost the use of their limbs via atrophication and mutation, this branch of the “serpent race” is allegedly used for long-range ‘psychic” warfare and occult manipulation of the human race. (Draconian)

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.LEVIATHAN

In the Bible, at the outset of creation, Jehovah is said to have destroyed Leviathan, the primeval (sea) dragon. The story probably goes back to a Babylonian version in which Marduk defeats the sea monster Tiamat.

In galactic lore, there are stories of an alien saurian race of giant sea serpents. These, too, are oftern referred to as Leviathans. They would have extreme psychic powers and would be used here on Earth to influence the Collective Unconscious, as part of a psychological warfare scheme.

Some sources claim the Monster of Loch Ness would be such a Leviathan.

[I have not been able to verify how reliable these stories are, and personally have some reservations. Still, cryptozoologists at least mention an increase in the number of sightings of giant sea serpents, so their existence seems to be getting more confirmation].

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.LIZZIES

The word “Lizzies” probably was first used by Barbara Marciniak to indicate the lizard-race. Most of the Lizzies belong to the Draconian / Orion Confederation, who -very simply put- are a bunch of aliens with evil intentions. Basically, their intention is to conquer and control as much of this galaxy as they can.

The lizard-race supposedly is coming from: Thuban (Alpha Draconis) & Tiphon (Draco), Bellatrix & Rigel (Orion), Epsilon Bootes, Zeta Reticulum and Altair (Aquilla).

Physical appearance: There are several lizard races, including insectoids, reptoids, dinoids (or saurians, as some people prefer to call them), as well as cross-breeds between them. The most common species are:

  • the snake-men: these reptilian creatures are often seen by abductees. They are about six to eight feet tall, upright, with lizard-like scales, greenish to brownish in colour with claw-like, four-fingered webbed hands….Their faces are said to be a cross between a human and a snake, with a central ridge coming down from the top of the head to the snout. Adding to their serpent-like appearance are their eyes which have vertical slits in their pupils and golden irises. Some abductees describe the face as somewhat dinosaurish.
  • the winged draco or ‘moth-men’ (pteroids, pterosaurians, or winged serpents): winged Draconions that have the ability to fly, (without even using their wings). Their eyes are large and red, and supposedly have an inescapable hypnotic stare.
  • the tall Reptoids/Reptilians who control various smaller reptilian “grey” species;
  • “grey reptilians” which reproduce via polyembryony, egg hatcheries and/or cloning; (of which again, there are several species. See: greys: type C greys)
  • a particularly malevolent iguana-like dark-skinned sorcerer-priest class that is often seen wearing hooded robes and stands about 5 ft. tall;
  • and a shorter 4-5 ft. tall race of reptilian-amphibians that have been described as appearing like “frog faced lizards”.
  • Another species is The Orange: Some suggest that the ‘Orange’ are a so-called ‘hybrid’ race with PARTIAL reptilian-like features yet possessing human-like reproductive organs and even certain artificial or cybernetic features.

See also: ORANGE, THE

LUCIFERIANS They’ve been described as the demonic manifestation of the the alien races and have been depicted as looking like earth bound demons but have the ability to mask as human. Others have stated they are a dominant species with intent on taking over earth and enslaving humans and are supposedly connected to the Illuminati. Most likely they are reptilian in origin, as the description implies.
Supposing that the human inhabitants of Lyra (who are said to have a common origin with Terran humanoids) were driven out of that system several thousand of years ago, then it is likely that some of the present day inhabitants of the ‘Lyra” constellation may be of reptiloid descent. During the Lyran wars which are mentioned in several ‘contactee” accounts, a mass exodus” of humans reportedly left the system and escaped to the Pleiades, the Hyades [which are 130 light-years from earth in the Taurus constellation], and to Vega which is also in Lyra. This region, like our own system, may still be a ‘battleground” between saurian-greys, etc., and humans. (Evadamic-Draconian)
“I have read a lot about the following people and trust them. Sometimes when the Pleiadians stay away from there home planets for many years, they become renegades and have a tendency to start kicking everybody else around, but let them go back to their bases at least every two years and then they are OK.”

— JW

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/

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