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These are said to be people who have been encountered at times entering or leaving an ‘alternate” or ‘parallel” existence, yet still operating within the ONE ‘reality’. It is very unlikely that more than one ‘physical reality” like ours exists, yet there is a theoretical possibility that another CO-EXISTENT ‘world” might exist on the opposite end or polarity of the electromagnetic barrier. Many humanoid and/or neo-saurian inhabitants of this ‘alternate” world if it exists originally came from our own ‘world” through some type of vortex or through hi-tech means. There are said to be four intersecting “Universes” which make up the “Omniverse”. One is the matter universe, the other is the antimatter universe. The nature of the other two is unknown (perhaps the matter and antimatter universes each have a forward and reverse time-flow phase?) No. Antimatter are in Earth, nowhere else in separate places. The protons are the antimatter for electrons alongside positrons. The protons and positrons are the same composition of matter but distinct frequency/energy. So antimatter there are here. Protons can not annihilates with electrons -with his antipairs- because the two half of light photon constituent must have the same frequency. Strictly as in case of electron-positron pair.

Each of the four universes allegedly have 11 “dimensional densities”, (No. There is no any dimension exists.) with a 12th density which is currently unfolding as a result of super-energies which are emanating from the black holes at the center of the galaxies. This multi-dimensional reality may explain various phenomena such as animals, objects, people and entire vessels which have seemingly fallen into or out of our ‘world’. It may also be possible that certain objects in our ‘world” would be invisible in the ‘other” realm or dimension (or rather the opposite polarity of our reality!?) and visa versa. For instance, one airplane pilot who had become temporarily caught up in an EM-vortex in the ‘Bermuda Triangle” SAW an island which was DESERTED, while the very same island was inhabited in the world he was familiar with. This would also explain the many accounts of people who claim to have seen or stopped at houses, cafes, hotels or other sites along remote stretches of road, only to return the same way and find that no such place ‘exists’. Since both dimensions may ‘flow-in” to each other, being part of the same electromagnetic superspectrum , such temporary displacement of objects and/or people from one ‘world” to another might occur. This is not saying that one necessarily has an alternate ‘self” inhabiting the alternate dimensions, but more a case of other ‘dimensions” or ‘universes” which were inhabited intentionally or unintentionally over a long period of time by humans, animals or ‘other beings” which were somehow transported there. This would also explain the case of Joseph Vorin, who suddenly appeared as ‘out-of-nowhere” near Frankfurt-am-Oder, Germany in 1850, spoke a broken and ancient para-Germanic dialect which the authorities could just barely understand, and claimed to be from the nation of Laxaria in Sakria (no known country by those names exists — in ‘our world’). When he suddenly appeared he seemed disoriented and dumbfounded, as if he had suddenly fallen out of ‘another” world.

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/

Humans claiming to hail from the general area of Wolf 424, some 14-plus light years distant from the Earth-Sol system, and possibly having ancient ties with the ‘Lyran” colonies in that the Ummites (from the planet Ummo) are like the Lyrans-Pleiadeans said to be ‘Scandinavian” in appearance, and therefore may tie-in with the so-called ‘Nordic” or ‘Blond” societies. They reportedly work closely with the Vegan humanoids. (Evadamic)

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.UMMO

According to Antonio Ribera, in his book ‘UFO: contact from planet Ummo,” the Ummites are the inhabitants of the planet Ummo. It revolves around a star called Wolf 424, fourteen light years away from us, in the Draco constellation(?). In the late 40’s they received radio transmissions from Planet Earth, and decided to come and investigate. They landed in Spain, somewhere in the 50’s. In 1965, they got in touch with a few selected individuals. By now, they supposedly established several bases all over Earth.

Chuck Robers claims the ummites are of Lyran /Pleiadian descent, and are members of the Federation of Planets.
Note: Lummo is another name for the star Wolf 424 around which the planet Ummo is supposed to revolve).

It should be noted that a lot of researchers nowadays believe that the whole Ummo story was a hoax, or, more correctly, a research project into human paranoia, set up by a Spanish psychologist, Jose Luis Jordan Pena. Or at least, that is what he claims.

There are, however, quite a number of inconsistencies in the explanation as a hoax. Many people therefore still believe there is truth to the story.

On the Internet I found this information on Antonia Ribera and the Ummites:
“Antonio Ribera tells in UFO: Contact from Planet Ummo, of his contacts with a group of beings from the planet Ummo who arrived in 1950, established bases, and acclimatized themselves. In 1965 they began to make contact with twenty people in Spain. Most of these people had some openness to the possibility of extraterrestrials, for they all belonged to group called The Society of Friends of Space. The Ummites said they also had contact with other groups all over the world.

They claimed that in 1948 they picked up a strange radio signal which they were unable to decipher. They eventually traced it to this solar system. The actual transmission had occurred in 1934 and had taken fourteen years to reach their planet, later Earthly investigations confirmed that the transmission had occurred.

The Ummites were surprised at there being intelligent life on this planet and decided to investigate this civilization. They first landed in La Javine in Les Basses Alpes in France. The landing was unobserved and an investigative party of four men and two women was left on Earth.

The Ummites told Antonio Ribera that their planet orbits a star astronomers refer to as Wolf 424 which is fourteen light years from Earth. The planet Ummo is quite similar to Earth. The Ummites are extremely telepathic. They very much believe in the existence of the soul and in a Creator God. At the age of 13.7, Ummite children leave their families for teaching centers where they are prepared for adult life. They make practical use of at least ten dimensions of reality and are aware of far more. They say one of the reasons they are able to travel such far distances in such a short time in their spacecraft is that they use folds and warps in the space continuum. They have sophisticated technology, and their craft can exceed the speed of light. Although similar to humans in appearance, one marked physiological difference is that their fingers are very sensitive to light and other forms of radiation. For this reason they find it difficult to use light switches and electrical apparatus of all kinds.

It was in 1967 that the group in Madrid began to receive an extraordinary member of phone calls and letters from the Ummites on Earth. They hired a typist to type all the letters and told the person they were Danish doctors. When the typist became uncomfortable with the content of the letters, the Ummites produced a tiny sphere, just an inch or so in diameter. This sphere was placed in midair, and as the typist looked into it he saw a scene that had occurred the preceding day when he had been at home with his wife. There was no logical explanation for how this could have been done unless the Ummites were telling the truth about themselves.

They eventually opened bases in eight other countries. Researchers have received over one thousand seven hundred forty pages of written material from the Ummites in Spanish and French and over six thousand in all languages combined. Their ships have been photographed six different times with scores of witnesses of each sighting. Landing tracks have been found on the ground, and metal artifacts have been recovered.

I am grateful to Antonio Ribera for recoding this information in UFO: Contact from Planet Ummo.”
(Source Of Information: Hidden Mysteries, by Dr. Stone, 5252 Coldwater Canyon, #112, Van Nuys, Calif. 91410, (818) 769-1181.)
URANTIAN According to believers the Urantia Brotherhood are benevolent teachers of the universe and are human looking. They are described as humanoid, in all shapes, colors and sizes. They were sent to help humanity to recover before the end times They will supposedly manifest before humans destroy themselves. A whole subculture of believers have formed around the Book of Urantia. Very similar to the the structure and belief of Raelians.

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