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On the chilly evening of November 16, 1963, teenagers John Flaxton, Mervyn Hutchinson and two other friends were walking home from a party on Sandling Road in the county of Kent when they saw a silent, glowing, orb descending from the heavens.

The small, self illuminated object, hovered above a field and then settled into the shadow infested foliage of the woods at Sandling Park. While the teens were still reeling from this astonishing sight, something even more inconceivable would soon grab their attention.

Moments after the extraordinary craft landed behind the trees, the teens noticed a shaking in the brush and what emerged was one of the most unique creatures ever to be chronicled in ufology. The four shocked eyewitnesses claimed that they saw a shambling, quasi-humanoid figure emerge from the woods and waddle towards them.

The beast apparently looked like a headless bat with large webbed feet and wings protruding from its back. In Hutchinson’s own words: “It didn’t seem to have any head. There were huge wings on its back… like bat wings.”

The group, understandably overwhelmed with fear, rushed away from the freakish bat-thing and made their way to the nearest police station, where they related their tale to — what one must assume were — highly skeptical officers.

Within weeks other eyewitnesses came forth to claim that they too had seen the UFO on that fateful eve. John McGoldrick even claimed that he and a companion had discovered no less than three, 2-foot long “footprints” in the area where the bat beast was seen. When reporters descended onto the scene they claimed that the thicket was bathed in an eerie — and inexplicable — glow, which continued for some days before subsiding.

The Baavi have been mentioned by Wendelle Stevens when he was talking about giant races that visited Earth. The name refers to the name of the race. Their place of origin is unknown, or at least, not specified in the documentation. What we do know is that they belong to the ethical group of the Lyran Giants. They are said to be 2.5 to 3 meters tall, and had visited Earth in Atlantean and Lemurian times.

Home planet, whose name is BAAVI, their spacectaft which have the general appearance of flying saucers and are called vaindorges, can move faster than of speed of light. Baavian spacecraft use a system of gravitational appropriation that has nothing in common with our primitive rockets. The vaindorges of Baavi are antigravitational machines which utilize these forces of gravitational waves which are propagated at a speed greater than that of light and penetrate everywhere.
The vaindorges do not land often in the course of their reconnaiscance flights, but they sometimes hover, with the disc rotating a few feet above the ground. They have a secret base on one of the atolls of the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean, south of India, probably directly on the Equator.
The planet Baavi is half again as large as Earth and completes its orbit around Proxima Centauri every 311 days. In Earth time, each of this days has a duration of 27 hours, 12 minutes and 57.6 seconds.
Because the Baavians are theoretically immortal, strict limitation of birth has been necessary. A child is regarded as belonging to the whole population.
The propulsion system pages: 53, 54, 55, 56

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Bawwi


Member Name: Star nation of Bellatrix. (Former member of League of Orion and this sector’s Headquarters for the former Alliance.)
Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Three years ago.
Location: One of brightest stars in Constellation of Orion; it is the bright star found just to the right and above Belt of Orion.
Distance From Earth: Some 112.5 Light Years, (243 according to Skymap).
Life Form Type: Major species is Dinoid-Reptoid hybrid. Migrated from Constellation of Sagittarius about 25 million years ago.

Physical Appearance: Very scaly and bony. Upper head is surrounded by large bony crest. Large red or dull yellow eyes (that resemble those of Earth’s reptiles) are set forward just above, and to either side of, very small nose. Mouth has thin lips that run from one side of head to the other. Ears are non-existent: only sign of them is extra-smooth, 3-inch (7.62 cm) circle on either side of head and just behind eyes. Skin is scaly like a crocodile, and green, yellow, brown or red in color. Small bony crest runs up middle of the back and is connected to larger crest found on top of head.

Being is bi-pedal. Thin hand has six long, clawed fingers. Feet have five toes ending in small, very sharp, claws. Very small tail, thick like a crocodile’s, extends only to the feet. Male is shorter than female. Males range in height from 8 to 10 feet (2.44 to 3 meters): females are 8.5 to 10.25 feet (2.6 to 3.12 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted for great diplomatic and leadership skills. In charge, for past six million years, of all the former Alliance’s forces for this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 5 to 8 hours.

Language: Very coarse and guttural; filled with deep growling and hissing noises.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Scout craft look like dew drops and like beetles; they vary from 100 to 400 feet ( 30.5 to 122 meters) in length. Mother ships range from 1 to 400 miles (1.6 to 640 Kilometers) long and look like large tadpoles.

BERNARIANS Inhabitants of the ‘Bernard’s Star” system. Although not much has been written about them, it seems that human beings at least in part control this star system, along with “The Orange”. Whether the Saurians have any influence or not is uncertain, however some sources indicate a possible collaboration similar to that within our own SOL system.
The Large Nose Greys.

in 1954 the race of large nosed Gray Aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. A basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse. They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there. This led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force Base. The historical event had been planned in advance and details of the treaty had been agreed upon. Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day the President was spirited away to the base and the excuse was given to the press that he was visiting a dentist. Eisenhower Treaty

BIAVILANS Refer to Agharians

FROM: http://web.archive.org/web/20130416040105/http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Biaveh

One author, Riley Martin, in his book “the coming of Tan” mentions a non-human race called the Biiaviians. They are inhabitants of a planet called, Biaveh, 450 light years from Earth in the Taurus constellation. Together with six other races, they would have a mothership around Saturn.

Riley claims to have been in touch with Tan, one of these Biiaviians for approximately 50 years now.

In his book, he describes them as follows: The male was about four feet tall, and the female was a few inches shorter. In actual appearance, male and female differed just slightly in features. The heads were noticeably larger than normal in proportion to the body. The eyes were large, unblinking ovals. The male’s eyes were a light to deep gold color, while the female’s eyes were blue. The shades of their eyes tended to change depths, depending upon the light and perhaps the emotion.
Their arms were long, the fingertips reaching almost to their knees. Their feet looked flat and kind of splayed. Their hands were long and delicate and had only three fingers and a thumb. The forefinger was longer than the middle finger. They had no outward ear flaps, but tiny holes where the ears should be. The nose had no cartilage and was almost flat against the profile. The mouth was thin-lipped and looked like a slit on the face. The teeth were tiny and uniform, like baby teeth. The chins were sharp and receding and gave the face an egg-like shape.
The female’s skin tone was a gray white, and the male’s complexion was yellowish brown or golden. The skin colors also changed at times, not in basic color but in subtle tones. They did not look like dangerous monsters, but I could not call them cute either. They did not articulate with their mouths but communicated via telepathy.

Riley claims the Biiaviians got involved in Earth’s Galactic history when 70 million years ago, their war with the Targ spread to our Solar System. It was then that they decided to wipe out all dinosaur life forms of Targ descent on Earth.

No other authors mention the Biiaviians.
FROM: Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. See what or Who Big Foot really is - http://www.burlingtonnews.net/bigfootorigin.html
BIG NOSED GRAY IDENTITY: The name of the creature involved in “The Gate 3 Incident” was an Archquloid. A-R-C-H-Q-U-L-O-I-D The alien is described as one of the “Big Nosed Grays.” It was a 5’ 6” tall, gray or tan being with large, black, slanted eyes and a mushroom-like head, with four (4) long fingers. They have yellow eyes with vertical pupils and very large, beaked noses. They are genetically engineered by the Ebens [cloned?] and were given to the U.S. Government for observation/examination/study by the Ebens.

See Release 23 at www.Serpo.org



Pardon, She is a real blond.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Blonds

Many ET-contact stories talk about interaction with Blonds. (Sometimes people refer to them as “Nordics”, or “Scandinavians”, or “Swedes”, too.) Usually they are said to be quite benevolent.

In reality, there is no “one” Blond race, but there are several. These are the names of Star Systems from which the “Blonds” are said to hail from: Pleiades, Hyades, Procyon, Tau Ceti, and Lyra - all of which, indeed, are inhabited by Lyran Caucasian races. The DAL also are said to be Blonds, as are the Ummites.

According to Branton, all of the Lyran Caucasian blonds are member of the Federation of Planets.

It should be pointed out, however, that the Greys sometimes use people that look like blonds in their abductions, to interact with human abductees. These Blonds are NOT the Blonds mentioned above, but a hybrid Grey/human race that was artificially created by the Greys through genetic cross-breeding.

Some abductees mention that all these blonds look almost identical, and therefore speak of blond “clones.”

In the Dulce Material, Branton mentions a mixed group of inhabitants on the fourth planet of the Altair system, called Altaira. This planet would inhabited by a “Nordic” race that co-operates with a race of Greys. He claims these are not part of the Draconian Empire, but they are heavily involved in abductions and in interbreeding programs (between these Nordics and humans).

Several sources claim that Rigel originally was inhabited by a race of Blonds. When their system was being taken over by Greys, they fled to Procyon.


Blue Avians are multidimensional beings that act as guides for those who wish to protect life and grow through the path of love and life. They are architects and protectors of life, some of our strongest and most peaceful protectors.

Blue Avians would be considered a type-2 benevolent in their past. They were a race that would try to improve their neighbors, and as a result of their sometimes over-reach, they are now karmically bound with many races, including Humans, and as such limited in their own progression into the higher densities until we all get there together. For this reason, Blue Avains are powerful allies to those on the spiritual path, and because of their changing type 1 nature, communication benefits from a clear intention and openness to receive energy in new ways.

Blue Avians are very playful, known to dance and express themselves.

The Blue Avians, are a peaceful ancient race, that has come into our Solar system, inside Spherical Ships, billions of years ago. The Blue Avians extraterrestrial species exists beyond the confines of space and time. It is believed that these creatures have visited Earth for millennia, aiding in the spiritual development of humankind and helping to shift the consciousness of our species for the good of all. Corey Goode is one of the main contactees of the Blue Avians, also known as the Sphere Alliance. According to Corey, they have recently returned to our planetary system, to aid us in our ascension process. The third dimensional forms of this beings, are said to be blue and humanoid, at eight foot tall, and birdlike in appearance, with bright, indigo-blue feathers. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Blue Avians, is their higher density, and extra-dimensional abilities. While these beings do appear physically as blue, bird-like creatures, this is only one aspect of their dimensional nature, perhaps adopted to bring comfort to beings within our density. When they do choose to materialize in physical space, they appear as humanoid creatures, with bird-like heads, beaks, and blue feathers.


FROM: http://web.archive.org/web/20130416040105/http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.BLUES

Several stories mention humanoid alien races with a blue skin. These usually refer to Andromedans. The Andromedans were the “blue race” that landed in Florida in 1954, trying to persuade the US Government not to work with the Greys, but instead to join forces with “The Orbin”. Their advice was sadly ignored.

The Hopi Indians also talk about a race of blue-skinned Star Warriors. There are several indications that lead us to believe that these Star Warriors are the same Andromedans.

The Sirius system is known, too, to be inhabited by a race that has a pale skin that approaches blue.

Some dark-skinned Vegan races have a hint of a blue hue in their skin.

There also are several stories that involve a race of reptilian blue Greys. These would be one of the races that have a permanent presence on Earth, in US military bases.

The Cherokee tell of a story of a race of people that were blue skinned that they came upon when they entered the lands of Kentucky. They bragged over wiping them out, but we have recently found out that this may not be the case and they still may exist in the tunnel and cave systems of Kentucky and surrounding areas.

Last, but not least, there also are stories about a subterranean race of Earth Humans. Chuck Roberts: “A race of peaceable humans some 7-8 ft. tall, with pale-blue skin and large ‘wrap-around” eyes which are extremely sensitive to light. These people may, according to some accounts, be allied to the ‘Nordics” and/or ‘Blondes’. They claim to be descendants of Noah who traveled to the Western Hemisphere a few centuries after the deluge and discovered ancient antediluvian cavern systems and technologies which had been abandoned in the subterranean recesses. They have been encountered mostly in deep cavern-systems beneath the general region of the Ozarks-Arkansas and surrounding regions (Evadamic).” Other sources tell of encounters with this same race in the Southern States of the USA.

To find out more on this ancient race go HERE.


BOOTEANS Reptilians from the ‘Bootes” system. These, AND reptilian entities from the ‘Draconis” system are allegedly involved with the ‘Dulce” scenario as well as the infiltration- implantation-control of human society on earth in anticipation of their planned takeover at some point in the future (Draconian).
BROWNS (Greys)
Browns are rarer, like the rare blues and there are several grey species. Browns have been describes as 3 -7 feet tall, in various shades of brown to a tan color. Skin has been described in some cases a leathery, wrinkled appearance and eye size varies from a large almond shape to small and reptile like.
BURROWERS Another mutation of the saurian or serpent race that is capable of burrowing through the earth. Possibly quadrupedal as well as bi-pedal, these have been known to use their natural ‘boring” abilities to create artificial tunnels like moles, or even spontaneously produced ‘cave-ins” (the latter has allegedly been used in attempts to entrap or kill unsuspecting intruders into the underground domains). These may possess a highly-developed ‘bio-sensing” system.

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/
Another mutation of the saurian or serpent race that is capable of burrowing through the earth. Possibly quadrupedal as well as bi-pedal, these have been known to use their natural ‘boring’ abilities to create artificial tunnels like moles, or even spontaneously produced ‘cave-ins’ (the latter has allegedly been used in attempts to entrap or kill unsuspecting intruders into the underground domains). These may possess a highly- developed ‘bio-sensing’ system.


Being that dwells in spiritual darkness. The person may be intellectually developed. The Buttah are normally associated with nightmares, abductions and the taking of small children. They usually come around at night. The Grey aliens who do abductions falls into this category. The Reptilians are also part of this group. They are usually not very physically attractive. Apparently there was a visitation long ago by Buttahs called Wacshashas who were negative, powerful, aggressive beings.

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