proton torus
Structure of


(stable). Move mouse on image for proton picture.

Blue torus = 0 proton
Red torus  = 1 electron

Atomic number of electron (-1) = protons (0) - electrons (1)

Spin = 1/2 (the spin property is an outcome of real physical circulation inside torus, not as scientists usually imagine).

Click the photo for electron and positron torus structure.
A graviton A orbits inside the electron torus and a negative electric charge fundamental energy particle (C) spiralling aroud it and shape up the torus surface.

The electron particle torus are stable because the orbiting graviton accurately go round, the path definitely circular.
If not (in case of even a tiny different frequency) the graviton-electric charge particle pair will spiralling out, the particle will not be stable.

Only two frequency can results a close circular path. The electron energy is 0,511 MeV, while the other closed structure proton has 1836 times higher mass equivalent frequency (= 938,272 MeV).

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Electron and positron torus model. Electron (or also positron) consists by an electric charge fundamental energy particle spiralling around a central graviton energy particle going round and round in a closed circle, spinon and holon. Proton structure is the same as positron but the frequency higher.