Boron 9 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Beryllium 9 

(stable). Move mouse on image for Boron 9 nucleus.

Blue toruses = 9 protons
Red toruses = 5 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Be (4) = protons (9) - nuclear electrons (5)

If you like to say, Be9 contains only one neutron (= the central proton-electron pair). The other 4 neutons are not true because the 4 nuclear electrons are common with two neighbour protons each in turn.

Click on image for Boron 9 nucleus structure (half life = 8x10-19 s).

Light photon modell

Beryllium 8 nucleus Beryllium 10 nucleus



Structure of isotope Beryllium 9 atomic nucleus. Be9 nuclei with 9 proton and 5 nuclear electron inside nucleus of element Boron 9 isotope.