Neodymium 142 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Neodymium 142

m (half life = 16.5 mics). Stabilized by isomerisation, transformed into stable Nd142 with 16 Tritium member ring shell.

Blue toruses = 142 protons
Red toruses = 82 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Nd (60) = protons (142) - nuclear electrons (82)

Central rod of Nd142 isotope (stable) analogous with Neon 22 (stable) nuclear structure.
The six member ring consists by 6 Deuterium nuclei.
The eight member ring builds up by 8 Tritium nuclei and
the outer 12 member ring consists of 12 Lithium7 nuclei.

Click on image for Neodymium 142m nucleus side view.

Light photon model
Nuclear properties

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