Carbon 8 emits 2 proton (left and right)
Nuclear structure of

Carbon 8 

isotope (half life = 2 zeptos).

Blue toruses = 8 protons
Red toruses = 2 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of C (6) = protons (8) - nuclear electrons (2)

Carbon 8 emits 2 proton from the two side position of Carbon 8 forming Berillium 6 nucleus.

Beryllium 6 decays by 2 proton emission (left and right side protons) of Beryllium 6 destabilized form and He4 nucleus produced.

Light photon model
Structure of nuclei of elements
2p decay of 8C..

Boron 17 nucleus Carbon 9 nucleus



Carbon 8 and nuclear proton and electron structure of isotope C8. Nuclear composition of Carbon 8 nuclei. C8 szén izotóp bomlási mechanizmusa és atommag összetétele. Lee Sobotka: There is a slight preference for the protons to go in the same direction.