Beryllium 6 nucleus destabilized form
Nuclear structure of

Beryllium 6 

(half life = 5.0 zs). Move mouse on image for destabilized form of Be6

Blue toruses = 6 protons
Red toruses = 2 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Be (4) = protons (6) - nuclear electrons (2)

Beryllium 6 decays by 2 proton emission (left and right side protons) of Beryllium 6 destabilized form and He4 nucleus produced.

Click on image for Helium 4 nucleus (alpha particle)

Yin-yang model of photon and matter
Structures of atomic nuclei of elements

Lithium 12 nucleus Beryllium 7 nucleus




Yin-yang torus structure of atomic nuclear Beryllium 6 isotope and Be6 decays into protons and Helium 4 nucleus (alpha particle).