Boron 9 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Carbon 9 

isotope (half life = 126.5 ms). Move mouse on image for Boron 9.

Blue toruses = 9 protons
Red toruses = 3 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of C (6) = protons (9) - nuclear electrons (3)

Carbon 9 emits positron from a source of photon decomposition, while other component of the photon,
the electron captured to central part of Carbon 9 forming Boron 9 nucleus.

Boron 9 destabilized form decays by proton emission (uniquely from central position), forming two He4 nucleus particles.

Carbon 9 may formed by decay of Nitrogen 10 nucleus

Photon model of light
Structure of nuclei of elements
Nuclear symmetry

Carbon 8 nucleus Carbon 10 nucleus




Carbon 9 beta+ decay (60%) where the absorbed electron originated from a gamma photon as a source of pair production. The milliseconds lifetime enough for catching a light before C9 emits a proton from an end position of nuclear proton rod (23%).