Helium 8 nucleus destabilized form
Nuclear structure of

Helium 8 

(half life = 119 ms). Move mouse on image for destabilized form of He8

Blue toruses = 8 protons
Red toruses = 6 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of He (2) = protons (8) - nuclear electrons (6)

Helium 8 decays by electron emission (from the left position) of Helium 8 destabilized, decay form to Lithium 8.

Lithium 8 decays by electron emission of Lithium 8 destabilized form through Be8 producing two He4 nucleus (stable).

Click on image for Lithium 8 nucleus

Yin-yang model of photon and matter
Structures of atomic nuclei of elements

Helium 7 nucleus Helium 9 nucleus



Helium 8 electron emission decay mechanism through Lithium 8 isotope elemental atomic nucleus and the subsequent electron emission produce two Helium 4 nuclei (= alpha particles) as stable product of Be8 decay.