Beryllium 8 nucleus decay structure
Nuclear structure of

Beryllium 8 

(half life = 67 attos).

Blue toruses = 8 protons
Red toruses = 4 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Be (4) = protons (8) - nuclear electrons (4)

Move mouse on image for nuclear structure of
Beryllium 8 decay form.

The nucleus of Beryllium 8 highly instable, quickly decomposes to Helium 4, yielding two alpha particles.
Magnetic forces holds together the two toroid trias of deuterium inside both He4 nucleus, but not between He4 !

Click on image for Boron 9 nucleus, an isotope producing Be8 by its proton emission decay.

Light photon model

Beryllium 7 nucleus Beryllium 9 nucleus



Structure of Beryllium 8 isotope, nuclear composition and the highly instable Be8 nuclei spontaneus decay into Helium4 particles.