Destabilized form of Lithium 10 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Lithium 10 

(half life = 2 zs). Move mouse on image for Lithium 10 destabilized form.

Blue toruses = 10 protons
Red toruses = 7 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Li (3) = protons (10) - nuclear electrons (7)

Lithium 10 decays by neutron emission (from the left side) of Lithium 10 destabilized form to Lithium 9 nucleus.

Lithium 9 decays by electron emission (from the left side) of Lithium 9 destabilized form to Be 9 (stable) nucleus.

Click on image for Lithium 9 (unstable) nucleus.

Photon and matter
Structure of atomic nuclei

Lithium 9 nucleus Lithium 11 nucleus



Neutron emission decay of Lithium 10 nuclear structure. Mechanism of Lithium 10 decomposition and production of Lithium 9 isotope. Nuclear torus model. The strong nuclear force is simply a close electromagnetic interaction between nuclear electrons and protons. There is no gluons in nuclei. Nor quarks. Neutron is simply a proton-electron torus pair. Neutrons are in stabilized condition inside nuclei by parallel proton toruses.