Oxygen 17 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Nitrogen 17 

(half life = 4.173 s). Move mouse on image for transitional Oxygen 17 nucleus.

Blue toruses = 17 protons
Red toruses = 10 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of N (7) = protons (17) - nuclear electrons (10)

Nitrogen 17 decays by electron emission of Nitrogen 17 to transitional Oxygen 17 and

subsequently a neutron emission of transitional (activated) Oxygen 17 forming Oxygen 16 stable nucleus.

In reality the electron and the subsequently emitted neutron can liberates only from one of the end position of proton nanotube (not indicated).

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Nitrogen 16 nucleus Oxygen 12 nucleus




Nitrogen 17 nuclear structure. Decay of N17 isotope nucleus by electron radiation and the following neutron emission decay transform N17 to isotope oxygen 16, a highly stable, compact, symmetrical nucleus

(natural occurence in the Universe = 10 700 ppm).