Nitrogen 12 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Nitrogen 12 

(half life = 11 ms). Move mouse on image for Nitrogen 12 transition form

Blue toruses = 12 protons
Red toruses = 5 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of N (7) = protons (12) - nuclear electrons (5)

Nitrogen 12 transforms by electron capture (into central position) of Nitrogen 12 transition form to Carbon 12 (stable)

The captured electron originated from a light photon by pair production and the rest of positron emitted.

Click on image for Carbon 12 nuclear structure

Yin-yang photon model of light
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Nuclear properties

Nitrogen 11 nucleus Nitrogen 13 nucleus



Nitrogen 12 nuclear torus structure. N12 have a half-life of 12.5 ± 1 milliseconds, and positron energy upper limit of 16.6 ± 0.2 Mev.