Beryllium 10 nucleus decay structure
Nuclear structure of

Beryllium 10 

(half life = 1.51x106 y). Move mouse on image for Be10 decay form

Blue toruses = 10 protons
Red toruses = 6 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Be (4) = protons (10) - nuclear electrons (6)

Beryllium 10 decays by electron emission (left side) of Beryllium 10 decay form to Boron 10 (stable)

Click on image for B10 nucleus.

Photon model of light and matter

Beryllium 9 nucleus Beryllium 11 nucleus



Beryllium 10 atomic nucleus electron composition. Nuclear structure of element Beryllium 10 isotope, atomic mass number = 10. Be10 has too much nuclear electron.