Boron 9 destabilized nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Boron 9 

(half life = 8x10-19 s). Move mouse on image for Boron 9 destabilized form.

Blue toruses = 9 protons
Red toruses = 4 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of B (5) = protons (9) - nuclear electrons (4)

Boron 9 decomposes by proton emission (100%) with double alpha decay as
central proton of Boron 9 destabilized and forms two He4 nucleus (alpha particles).

After proton emission from the end of nuclear nanotube the instable B8 splitted and two alpha particles liberated.

See Be8 decay (half life = 6.7x10-17 s), two alpha particles are not stable.

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Boron 9 or B9 isotopes nuclear structure and decomposition of Boron9 nucleus into proton and two alpha particles. Decay mechanism of decomposition. The first step of decay is a proton emission from one end of nuclear rod in B9 torus model.