Boron 15 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Boron 16 

(half life <190 pics). Move mouse on image for B15 structure.

Blue toruses = 16 protons
Red toruses = 11 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of B (5) = protons (16) - nuclear electrons (11)

Boron 16 decays by neutron emission of Boron 16 decay form to Boron 15 (half life = 9.87 ms) nucleus.

Boron 15 decays by electron emission (left side) of Boron 15 decay form to Carbon 15

Click on image for B 15 nucleus structure

Light photon model
Nuclear simmetry

Boron 15 nucleus Boron 17 nucleus



Nuclear structure of isotope Boron 16 atom. Proton and nuclear electron composition of Boron 16 nuclei. Inside B16 isotope nuclei there are too much electron take place in proton nanotube so electrons push each other until a proton-electron pair get off from rod. The B15 stability is a bit higher and an electron can split off from the end of nuclear nanotube. C15 nucleus takes the same.