Boron 15 nucleus decay structure
Nuclear structure of

Boron 15 

(half life = 9.87 ms). Move mouse on image for decay structure.

Blue toruses = 15 protons
Red toruses = 10 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of B (5) = protons (15) - nuclear electrons (10)

Boron 15 decays by electron emission (left side) of Boron 15 decay form to Carbon 15
and a subsequent neutron emission (from a side position) of Carbon 15 to Carbon 14 (half life = 5700 y) nucleus.

Carbon 14 decays by electron emission of Carbon 14 to Nitrogen 14 (stable) isotope

Click on Boron 15 image for C 14 nucleus structure

Light photon model
Nuclear simmetry

Boron 14 nucleus Boron 16 nucleus



Nuclear structure of isotope Boron 15 atom, B15. Proton and nuclear electron torus composition of Boron 15 nuclei. Toruses are not the electrons and protons itself, the toroid surface only a trajectory of electric charge fundamental particles along their path around circularly moving graviton fundamental energy particle. No other elemental particles exist. Both has mirror pair, thats all.