Carbon 16 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Boron 17 

(half life = 5.08 ms). Move mouse on image for C16 nuclear structure.

Blue toruses = 17 protons
Red toruses = 12 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of B (5) = protons (17) - nuclear electrons (12)

Boron 17 decays by electron (left side) of Boron 17 decay form and neutron emission to Carbon 16 (half life = 0.747 s) nucleus.

Carbon 16 decays by electron emission (left side on decay form) of Carbon 16 decay form via N16 transitional
with delayed neutron emission of N16 trans to Nitrogen 15 (stable) isotope

Click on image for C 16 nucleus structure

Light photon model
Nuclear simmetry

Boron 16 nucleus Carbon 8 nucleus



Nuclear structure of isotope Boron 17 (B17) atom. Proton and nuclear electron composition of Boron 17 nuclei. Torus model.
Size proportional depiction of electron and proton in B17 nucleus as electron torus has 3 times higher diameter as proton torus. The outer surface of nuclei is higly negative and these negative charge cloud prevents electron shell of falling into the atomic nucleus.
When the charges in electron torus orbits once so in proton torus the graviton and positive charge particles orbits three times, because both has an orbital velocity of speed of light.