Boron 12 nucleus decay structure
Nuclear structure of

Boron 12 

(half life = 20.20 ms). Move mouse on image for B 12 decay form.

Blue toruses = 12 protons
Red toruses = 7 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of B (5) = protons (12) - nuclear electrons (7)

Boron 12 decays by electron emission of Boron 12 decay form to Carbon 12 (98%), or

Boron 12 decays by alpha particles and electron emission (2%) with decay through Berillium 8 unstable nucleus.

Click on Boron 12 nucleus image for stable C 12 structure.

Light photon model

Boron 11 nucleus Boron 13 nucleus



Atomic nuclear structure of isotope Boron 12 element. Proton and nuclear electron composition of Boron 12 nuclei. Electron emission decay of Boron 12 producing Carbon 12 stable nucleus where all proton pairs has an electron sticking them and the electromagnetic force between proton and electron in close proximity seems to be the fourth kind of fundamental force. But this fourt kind of force does not exist in the Nature.